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"The Best 2D Fighter Ever Created"

The most beautiful 2D Fighter to date. Finally someone makes the jump to high-res in the 2D Fighting world. And they make the jump flawlessly. Animations are near perfect and the effects are stunning. It has never been done this good in a fighter ever before. Words can't even describe the beauty of this game. I'm speechless, well except for the whole previous paragraph.
Rating: 10

Very tight control. Very responsive. And from what I think is a very good controller design it fits the system well. You can make the moves come out very fluid. I always talk about playing a fighting game with grace and this is one of the best examples. And I absolutely love fighting games that can be played with grace. It makes the game very immersive for me. And not one character cannot be controlled with grace. Very nice job.
Rating: 9

Game Play
The gameplay in this game is awesome. This being my first import title, I am very glad that I started importing. I have played Last Blade 2 and all its greatness but I have to say that I find Guilty Gear X alot more fun. The characters seem more well rounded and the animation just looks to me like it is smoother. This is a wise choice for anybody that is considering importing it. Some could even argue that this surpasses the whole Street Fighter series in terms of gameplay. But for the sake of classics I'll say I cannot compare the two games because they are not in the same part of the 2D Fighting Genre. Weapons based 2D Fighting at its greatest
Rating: 10

Awesome hard rock tunes. The sound effects are very well put together too. Nothing to really complain about here. You probably won't listen to the soundtrack that much because you will be too into the gameplay. But when or if you ever listen to the music you will not be displeased at all.
Rating: 9

Replay Value
I will never put this game down. Probably because I am a very hardcore 2D Fighter fan. But even if you aren't you will definitely get your money's worth out of this game. The Survival mode can get very challenging and getting Guilty Gear mode will take some practice too. And this is just the Japanese version. If the Us version ever comes to be then I will surely pick it up just so I can get all the secrets in the US Version and to be able to understand the endings. But understanding the endings does not take away from the game's experience at all. And maybe eventually someone will translate the endings and we won't even have to worry about it. But I will still be picking up the domestic version.
Rating: 10

Buy or Rent
If this is your first Import then I have to say you have made a very wise choice. It is well worth the 50-60 dollars you paid for it. I recommend this game to anybody even if they aren't traditional 2D Fighter lovers. Everybody can find something good that they like in this game. Whether it be the characters, the shear beauty of the game, the fighting system, or whatever you choose to be the reason you buy this game. Get this game now. It is worth it. If I didn't like Shenmue so much I could easily say that this is by far the best game that has been released on the Dreamcast to date.

Overall: 10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 01/23/01, Updated 01/23/01

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