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                             FOR THE SEGA DREAMCAST
                        Written by Matt "stonedwal" Keller
                       Version 1.01 - Last Revised 09/06/01

          All Work herein is © 2001 Matt Keller unless otherwise credited

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  This document is Copyright 2001 Matt Keller.  It may NOT be reproduced nor
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  due (See the Credits Section).  Violation of the above terms will result in a
  call from my lawyer.


A Special thanks goes out to the following, who helped in some way to the

Me (drugrat@hotmail.com) - I wrote the guide.  Face it, you should admire me,
   this game is rubbish.  Well, either admire me, or have me committed.

CJayC (cjayc@gamefaqs.com) - For (hopefully) hosting this guide.  His site is
       great.  Walkthroughs for almost every game in existance, as well as
       one of the best sets of message boards on the net.  GO THERE NOW.

Tom Denton (mrtomdenton@hotmail.com) - The first guy to message me for help in
           an FAQ ended up helping me, by supplying some steps to help me
           through Gun Hunt.  Thanks Tom.


Table of Contents

    I.  Introduction
         i.  Plot analysis
        ii.  Game Features

   II.  Version History

  III.  Control

   IV.  Know Your Items
         i.  Weaponry
        ii.  Explosives
       iii.  Items

    V.  Useful Tips

   VI.  Walkthrough
         i.  Physical Training *DONE*
        ii.  Combat Training
             i.  Normal Training
            ii.  Silver Training
       iii.  Driving Training
             i.  Driving Bronze
            ii.  Driving Silver
        iv.  Mission One: RTA
         v.  Mission Two: The Jump
        vi.  Mission Three: Gun Hunt
       vii.  Mission Four: Trouble in The Park
      viii.  Gate Crasher
        ix.  Arms Breaker
         x.  Media Trouble
        xi.  Urban Shakedown
       xii.  Auto Destruct
      xiii.  Grim Gardens
       xiv.  Semtex
        xv.  Cop Killers
       xvi.  Southside
      xvii.  Psycho Park
     xviii.  Fallen
       xix.  Revenge
        xx.  Transmission
       xxi.  Emergency
      xxii.  Seize
     xxiii.  Target UC
      xxiv.  Hostage
       xxv.  Assualt
      xxvi.  Reckoning

  VII.  Cheat Codes

 VIII.  Gameshark/Action Replay Codes

   IX.  Credits

    X.  Contacting the Author

   XI.  About the Author

  XII.  To Do List

                              I.  Introduction

Well, welcome to my walkthrough for Urban Chaos on the Dreamcast.  This is my
second FAQ I've written (CJayC didn't post the other one, too many of them),
and well, it's gonna reek.  Not as bad as my Mortal Kombat II guide, but still,
in the world of FAQ writing, I guess I am a newbie (being a reviewer).  What
in the world made me do a FAQ for a game that is meant to be so bad as this
one? You tell me, I'm still trying to figure that out.  This game was high on
the request list, and I had a copy sitting around.  Why'd I buy it?  It sounded
cool.  Do I regret this? Nah, I found it pretty cheap.

                              i. Plot Analysis

So what's this sorry excuse for a game all about?  Well the website says:

'The plot revolves around the end of the millennium, as predictions for
Armageddon become more than mere fantasy. It is a mission based action
adventure starring two characters on a mission to prevent predictions made by
famed prognosticator Nostradamus from coming true. It is set in a turbulent
futuristic cityscape and includes a female lead character as well as a male
lead character.'

You take the role of D'Arci Stern, a tough rookie cop.  Later on in the game,
you will control the mysterious soldier, Roper McIntyre.  Oooh, sounds

Here's a little Game Information:

Game Name: Urban Chaos
System: Sega Dreamcast
Publisher: EIDOS Interactive
Year: 2000
Players: 1
Other: Also on PC and Playstation

                             ii.  Game Features

Urban Chaos throws you into the heart of a modern urban jungle at the turn of
the millennium. To succeed you’ll need a lethal combination of stealth,
physical agility and martial arts skills as you interact with the city around

Complete freedom to explore every area is granted and this freedom extends to
gameplay – the future is in your hands as you are drawn into an underlying
plot featuring a mysterious cult, who are intent on evil at this unpredictable
 and potentially menacing millennium period. (taken from website)

-  Play 1 of 2 main characters – D’arci Stern – an agile street-savvy female
   cop and Roper McIntyre – a mysterious ex-soldier.

-  Multiple modes of combat. You can engage in hand-to-hand fighting,
   heavy-weaponry face-offs, vehicle chases and building shoot-outs.

-  Command a variety of vehicles. You can take control of police cars, vans,
   motor-bikes, hang-gliders, ambulances, trains and helicopters.

-  3D volumetric fog, rain, snow, night and day simulation, wall-hugging
   shadows and real-time simulation of crashes enhance the atmosphere and
   action of the game.

                            II.  Version History

Version 1.0  (NA/NA/NA) - FAQ started on Thursday, 26th of July, 2001.  First  

Version 1.0a (07/31/01) - ASCII Art changed.  Guide started.

Version 1.01 (09/06/01) - It's been way too long since I have done anything.
                          Physical Training walkthrough done, Control added,
                          About the Author added, format changed a little.

                                 III.  Control

Please Note: This section is not yet fully complete, as there are some aspects
of the game I have not yer seen for myself.  Expect more to appear as I
progress through the game.

**Controlling D'Arci**

D'Arci is the first character you will control in Urban Chaos.  She is a real
pain in the arse to control too, it's not her fault though, it's EIDOS' fault.
Blame them.

Analog Stick - Moves D'Arci around

Left Trigger - Kick

Right Trigger - Punch

A Button - Action Key

X Button - No Function

Y Button - Jump

B Button - Select Weapon

Start Button - Pause the game

Of course, as I move through the game, I'll present all the various combos and
special moves that D'Arci is capable of.

**Controlling Vehicles**

During the game, there will be points where you have to, or can opt to, control
a vehicle.  So far, I have seen Police Cars and Trucks.  Thanks to EIDOS' crap
control method, controlling a car is too damn difficult.

A Button - Get in/out

L Trigger - No Function

R Trigger - No Function

Y Button - Activate/Turn off siren

X Button - No Function

B Button - No Function

Analog Stick Up - Accelerate

Analog Stick Down - Brake/Reverse

Analog Stick Left - Turn Left

Analog Stick Right - Turn Right

                            IV.  Know Your Items

                                i.  Weaponry

Knife - For basic hand to hand situations.  Despite its short range, it can be
        very deadly in the hands of an experienced user.

Baseball Bat - No violent street is without a Louisville Slugger.  Another hand
               to hand weapon, the baseball bat is used to stun or knock down

Pistol - Standard Issue weaponry for a police officer.  Decent range, with a
         quick firing rate.

Shotgun - Always a tough gun close up, the shotgun suffers from slow reloading
          and is completely arse at a long distance.

Assault Rifle - It wouldn't be an action game without an automatic rifle.
                The best gun for combat, with its long range, excellent fire
                rate, and superb accuracy.  Definitely a weapon of choice for
                one wishing to bust some arse.

                              ii.  Explosives

Well, techincally explosives are weaponry but they pack so much more punch, I
gave them  a category of their own.  Got a problem with that?  Write an email.

Hand Grenade - Nothing beats these standard issue explosives.  Press the Action
               button once to prime the grenade (pulling the pin).  You have 6 
              seconds to press the Action button again to throw the grenade,
               or it will blow you into a thousand pieces.

Timed Explosive - Feel like becoming your own demolition company?  Get a time
                  bomb.  Pressing the Action key will prime to bomb.  You have
                  5 seconds to get away.  Being too close to the blast will
                  hurt you.  Don't waste these however, they are usually part
                  of an objective.

                                iii.  Items

Medikit - Increases your Health by 50%

Stamina - Increases your Health to full, and extends your health meter over

Reflexes - Builds up skill through the game.  Eventually your character's
           reaction times and accuracy will increase.

Strength - Builds up your character's power, eventually increasing the amount
           of hits you can dish out and take during combat.

Speed - Gives you a short term speed burst, as well as a gain to your overall
        speed.  Overall speed and running distance of your character will
        increase over time.

                               V.  Useful Tips

Whether these tips are useful or not is quite debatable, but I advise you to
take not of the following while you are playing the game, they could very well
save your miserable little life.

-  Bad guys can kick the weapon out of your hand, be careful.

-  As fun as it may be, try not to harm the innocents.

-  Conserve ammo, use the melee weapons where possible.

-  Remember to let go of the grenades :)

-  Take corners slowly

-  Use the guide if you get stuck :P

                              VI.  Walkthrough

The section we've all been waiting for, or at least, the section you've all
been waiting for (walkthroughs are a pain to write at times).  Urban Chaos
contains 3 types of training, and 23 missions, meaning this walkthrough will
take some time.  If you have any particular questions about an area of a game
check this section before emailing me.

Sorry Folks...but the walkthrough is currently work in progress.  Throw all the
vegetables and things you want, but I'd rather have something decent down than
a piece of crap I threw together in 10 minutes to get this version out.

                           i.  Physical Training

After watching the decent introduction (the best bit of the game so far :P),
you'll be presented with a fairly crude interface.  After setting the game to
your liking, you can then start the game.

You'll be presented with the Level Select Menu, so select Physical Training,
and start.

Location: The Police Training Course
Criminals: None
Time: 1 Minute and 30 seconds
Items: None
Objective: Run through the Training Course, and press the button on top of the

At the start of the level, there willbe a fly through movie of sorts, which
will show you the level, and then Officer Dean will begin the following

Officer Dean: Okay Stern, this is your physical, I want you to negotiate the
assault course within the time limit.

For this test, you will be restricted to the course track, you will not be
allowed to take short cuts.

...At the end of the course, you MUST press the switch to stop the timer.  Good

Okay Stern, you ready?

Stern: Let me at it!

Officer Dean: Go for it!!

Now you will regain control of D'Arci.  You will be facing Officer Dean, so
straighten your view up.  The course is relatively easy to navigate, but made
quite hard by the absolutely terrible control method.  Mistakes are costly, and
controllers might be broken :P.

The first series of obstacles are quite simple run, jump or climb up jobs.  So
run over the first one, climb onto the second (or jump over it), and then jump
onto the final one.  You can do a running jump onto the second, and then onto
the third which will save some time.  Once you have landed on the third block,
do a running jump onto the ground and proceed up the stairs.

There will be a large wall with a step at the top.  Climb, step up the step,
and do a running jump over the gap.  You will see two ladders on the next
platform, take your pick (I chose the right one, but either will do), and jump
on to it.  Jumping will shave a few seconds off the time.  At the top, there
will be a chain link fence.  This time, there is no reason to jump into it,
because no matter where you hit the fence, D'Arci will start at the bottom.
Is it a bug?  Who knows.  Anywho, climb up and over the fence.  Now, you will
see a big stack of storage crates.  Ignore the first of these, and climb up the
stack at the point where the boxes make an L shape of sorts.

       _  _
       X |_|

X - Climb here

Jump up the the next level of crates, then jump down to the bottom of the
stack.  Run down the stairs into the small passageway.  Officer Dean will buzz
you on the radio...

Officer Dean: Jump up to grab that cable...

Do what Officer Dean tells you.  If you grab the cable, you will slide down it,
kinda like a flying fox.  Miss, and you will suffer a fair amount of damage,
and you'll lose a bit of time having to scurry over the chain link fence.  You
have to be fairly unco-ordinated to miss, so don't worry, you'll more than
likely make it.  After dismounting from the wire, you'll see a set of stairs.
Run up the stairs and jump over the two lots of crates, then take a running
jump, so that you hit the climbing wall at a decent height, and save yourself
a bit of time.  Proceed up the wall.  Once you have reached the top, you will
see two towers of storage crates, so jump onto the first tower.  Don't bother
jumping to the second, instead, jump from the first tower to the crate on the
ground, and use that to boost yourself up the wall.

A-top the next platform will be a series of catwalks.  Thanks to the hopeless
control method, these are a real bitch to navigate.  Be careful when running
across, as one mistake will be very costly, time-wise.

Here's a small map to help you...
                             |  |
           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |  |
          |                     |
          |     _ _ _ _ _ _ _   | End of Catwalks
          |    |             |  |
          |    | (C)         |__|
          |    |_ _
          |        |
          |_ _     |
              |    |
           (B)|    |
       _ _ _ _|    |_ _ _ _
       |                   |
       |_ _ _      _ _ _ _ |
             |    |
          (A)|    |
             |    |
        _ _ _|    |_ _ _
        |               |
        |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

           Start Here

Points (A), (B) and (C) have been marked out for the daring.  At these points,
a well timed jump can spare you a few seconds.

Anyway, after negotiating the catwalks, you should arrive at a crude looking
tower of sorts, with about 45 seconds left.  Now cross the bridge.  Climbing
the tower is done in a spiralling motion, you run along the outside until you
find a point at which you can jump to the next level.  Do this until you reach
the top of the tower.  Once you get to the top, Officer Dean will radio you,
and tell you to hit the button.  Once you do so, you will hear him yell 'Stop
the clock!!'.  The level is now complete.

Note:  The rest of the walkthrough will be coming in time.  Don't worry just
because it took me 4 weeks to get off my ass for this release doesn't mean it
will take as long for the next release :P

Coming soon......(I Hope)

                              VII.  Cheat Codes

Hehe, it would be nice if there were some cheat codes, seeing this game is a
bit of a tedious load of fecal matter, but alas, we're out of luck.

There is a small hint however.

Apparently if you place your GD-ROM in a PC CDROM drive, and enter the folder
Folder Padding 1, there will be a .ZIP file.  Open the zip to find various
screenshots of the game.

Pretty lame, huh.

                           VIII.  GameShark Codes

Even though I don't own a GameShark, and cannot be ****ed buying one, these
codes are pretty much useless to me, but I hope you can get some enjoyment out
of them.

Infinite Health - Combat Gold          428A0487000000C8

Infinite Health - Combat Silver        50376C19000000C8

Infinite Health - Combat Tutorial      F8F98DCB000000C8

Infinite Health - Gun Hunt             8B03967A000000C8

Infinite Health - Nitro Car            9FB81165000000C8

Infinite Health - Physical Traning     F5698D88000000C8

Infinite Health - RTA                  5DD76C23000000C8

Infinite Health - The Jump             88B3968B000000C8

Infinite Health - Trouble In The Park  AB534ACF000000C8

Infinite Time - Driving Bronze         73F5C84700002E22

Infinite Time - Driving Silver         B60621D100002E22

Got more GameShark codes?  Contact me, and I'm sure we can reach an agreement.

                                IX.  Credits

Me - I wrote the guide.  Face it, you should admire me, this game is rubbish.
     Well, either admire me, or have me committed.

CJayC - For (hopefully) hosting this guide.  His site is great.  Walkthroughs
        for almost every game in existance, as well as one of the best sets of
        message boards on the net.  GO THERE NOW.  www.gamefaqs.com

Tom Denton (mrtomdenton@hotmail.com) - The first guy to message me for help in
           an FAQ ended up helping me, by supplying some steps to help me
           through Gun Hunt.  Thanks Tom.

Want your name here?  You'll have to contribute something.  If you wish to be
ridiculed as I will be for being the Author of this guide, contact me with the
information provided below.

                          X.  Contacting the Author

Before I give you my contacts, let me get a few things straight.  Check whether
your question can be answered in the guide first.  Second, speak in proper
English.  That means:

-  No l33t text
-  No BiG LiTtLe Text
-  Punctuation and Grammar are appreciated

Also, I don't want any spam.  I don't need your herbal viagra.  I don't care if
Janey can put a log up her....(snip - Ed).  Just questions and feedback please,
anything else, and I will hunt you down.  Also, if you sign me up to newsgroups
prepare to face the full extent of my power.

E-Mail - drugrat@hotmail.com
         stonedwal@yahoo.com (Only use this if I don't respond)

AOL Instant Messanger - stonedwal

ICQ - 17659303

MSN - drugrat@hotmail.com

YIM - Don't use it.

Excessive idiot flames will be handled, so expect a witty letter to cut down
your stupid accusations.

                           XI.  About the Author

I doubt anyone will read this, and it will be classed as filler, but heck, if
you wanna know something about me, and see what other works I have done, this
is the place.

Matt "stonedwal" Keller is 17 years old (18 in about 10 days, w00t!!!).
He currently resides in the moutain town of Toowoomba, in the state of
Queensland in Australia.  He lives with his parents, only for the reason that
he was struck with Hodgkin's Disease in late 2000.  stonedwal's dream is to
be a writer for a games magazine, which is mainly why he writes reviews and
guides.  stonedwal loves to write, as it takes his mind off some of the crap
that happens around him.  stonedwal has been playing video games since a very
early age, and some of his friends reckon he knows almost everything there is
to know about games.  stonedwal currently owns a Master System, Genesis,
Nintendo Gameboy Colour, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, and Sony Playstation 2.
He intends to pick up a Gamecube as soon as possible.

Other works by the Author:

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Streets of Rage II - FAQ/Movelist/Walkthrough (Work in Progress)
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Cancelled/Lost works

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Works with other Authors

WWF Royal Rumble w/ Psycho Penguin (Coming Soon)

Want to see all of stonedwal's works, including 57 reviews?

Check out his GameFAQ's contributor page:


                               XII.  To Do List

Looks like bugger all, but there is plenty to do:

-  Finish the game myself (up to Gatecrasher)
-  Get down a bare boned walkthrough
-  Find secrets

In Progress

- The Walkthrough, Physical Training is done.
- Control Section, D'Arci and Vehicles are done.

Please bear with me people, I have all the time in the world, but you must
understand that this game is quite crap, and I'd like to focus on my other
major projects (one is crap, one is good).

Thanks for reading!

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