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 1)  M E M O S

 2)  F A Q S

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|  |   1)  M E M O S    |  |
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10:00 AM
Dr. Kirk's Lecture:
"The Future of the Stabilizer"

New Employee Education (Email)
Please inform the new employees assigned to this department about the "DDK"
system as follows:
The Digital Disc Key or DDK, is a system that secures our most important areas
with an advanced locking device.
To release the locks protected by the DDK, prepare and set the following two
data discs at the locking device near the door:


The type of the DDK you need is identified on the door: "A", "B", etc. If the
DDK type you use does not match, you cannot release the lock.
Before operating the system, make sure that your DDK type matches the door
you wish to unlock.

Journal of the Guardsmen
Before tonight's experiment, the chief and Dr. Kirk will be having a meeting
at the 2nd floor lounge from 1:00 p.m. Those who are scheduled to guard should
keep a preponderant eye on the area in front of the Chief's Room, and the
surrounding vicinity. Before taking positions, be sure to re-supply your
ammunition in the custody room. The weapon storage in the custody room can be
opened with the combination, "0426". Also, we have received information that
spies have sneaked into the facility recently. If anything happens, you may
have to enter the rooms of the chief and the professor in order to ensure
their safety. You will find the disk that contains the information you will
need to access their rooms on top of the locker. That's all for now.

The File of Personnel Changes
"Personnel Changes of Researchers"
Section: Special Aircraft Experiment Room
Section: Third Energy Physics Laboratory
Registration Number: 57036
Name: Mark Doyle

Chemical Manual
New Product Descriptions:

*Recovery Aid
*An. Aid

The four chemicals listed above feature our company's latest advancements.

They are designed to perform exceptionally, particularly on the front lines,
where only the minimum amount of equipment is accessible.

By mixing chemicals, the following 2 types of supplies can be created:
*Recovering Type:
It quickly recovers lost vitality.
*Anesthetic Type:
Applied to the head of a bullet or needle, it can put the target to sleep.

Supplies that are produced by chemical mixing can be made even more effective
with additional mixing.

Memo from an Antenna Operating Engineer
As a result of tonight's experiment, a strong magnetic storm may occur.
Consequently, the Communication Department will close at 6 PM.
At that time, the antenna will be temporarily stored.
To prepare for the emergency, be sure to check the weapons storage
locker in the lounge. You can unlock it with the combination, "8159".
Recently, inexperienced guards have been assigned here, and a common
problem is that they do not know how to use the DDK. Here are some points
that may not be clear in the manual.
Make sure that your staff becomes familiar with this important information.
After you set the DDK to the door's locking device, you'll be asked to
enter the password code. You will then need to derive the code by using the
basic elimination rule. Eliminate the key letters to reveal the correct code.
Be sure to try this out by setting an actual DDK to the door locking device.
For example,
In the above case, the correct password would be "OPEN".

Memo on the Whiteboard
The change of personnel documents for this individual have not been turned
in yet:

Paul Baker
Pager Number: 1123

Researcher Personnel Changes:

Section: Special Aircraft Experiment Room
Section: Third Energy Stabilizer Experiment Room
Registration Number: 58104
Name: Paul Baker

File Containing Notices Writen to the Staff
Three years have passed since the tragic disaster. The performance of the
newest Stabilizer will be tested in tonight's experiment.

Three years ago, the Third Energy destroyed the facility and killed as
many as 150 personnel, just from a single overflowing accident. So, to
prevent a similar disaster from happening, we will take every possible
precaution to reinforce our security.

One more thing...
We recently has a case in which someone used the terminal in this room
and forged a fake ID to gain unauthorized access.

Today, we are going to have a meeting in the strategy room on how to cope
with the problem. In any case, all personnel should protect the security
of the terminal. Anyone leaving this room unattended should lock the door
without fail.

Dead Man's Memo
"Today's to do"

Prepare the DDKs needed to enter the Laboratory Area.

Tomorrow I have to go to the Computer Room to do maintenance on Dr. Kirk's

But I think I left a DDK at the Large Size Elevator Control Room when I
went there yesterday to do the elevator maintenance. I'll have to check
it later today.

As for the other DDK, I think the rookie guy Tom, who was recently assigned
to the Laboratory Area, has it. I'll have to borrow it from him.

I have no idea how that jerk approached Kirk, but he seems to have gained
his complete trust.

It's weird how nobody knows his past history...

Memo Addressed to the Doctor on Duty
Dr. Sherwood,
The ID Card on the desk belongs to one of my patients. Please hand it to
Colonel Clay when he shows up. He told me that he was going to hold a
meeting in the Strategy Room on the 1st floor to make preperations
for tonight's experiment.

Please make sure to hand the card to him since one is required to enter
the Strategy Room.

Data File for an Operation Meeting
Subject: Reinforcement of ID Management

Earlier in the week, there was a case in which someone used the terminal
that rewrites the ID Cards to gain unauthorized access.

This person acquired the fingerprint data from the corpse of another staff
member who had died in the accident. He forged the dead man's ID by using
the fingerprint data, and entered the laboratory area by way of elevator.
The problem is that the Fingerprint Collecting Device can acquire usable
fingerprint data, even from a corpse. Since we will be having an
experiment today, there will be many outsiders visiting this facility.
When creating the ID Cards for the guests, keep a careful eye on the

Security Manual Vol. 1
"DDK", the electronic lock system of this facility, has been updated.
A more intricate code system has been introduced, and the security level
has been improved.
You will need to be aware of the following information when entering the
Number-Based "KEY" Decoding, Part 1.

In a case where numbers are written instead of letters in the "KEY"
field, the numbers could represent the codes for the corresponding

Here is an example of a corresponding chart between the letters and the
code numbers.

A=1, B=2, C=3......

Computer Terminal Display
"Lock Code: 7248"

Researcher's Journal

"Third Energy"...
It is the system that can produce infinite energy from the air. The
completion of this system will signify the end of one of society's
greatest problems.
...It is true that the system was initially developed for military
use, but we took part in the project because there is a silver lining
in it for our future.
But something is terribly wrong. The military has been giving us
excessively favorable treatment for the simple development of a
fundamental energy system. I must discover the true purpose of this
project, before irreparable harm is done. What on earth is that kid
planning to do...?


...I haven't found any clues in the past month. He is indeed a genius.
He seems to have noticed our secret investigation activities. I heard
that he established a secret lab on this floor somewhere. The only
way to learn of his true intentions, will be to find that lab.


At long last, Mike has found a clue pertaining to the location of
the secret laboratory. He said that he hid the clue in our secret
place inside the Library Room. Kirk has been meeting frequently
with Colonel Clay, the leader of the project, in the Computer
Room lately. What are they up to...?

Security Manual Vol. 2
"DDK", the electronic lock system of this facility, has been updated.
A more intricate code system has been introduced, and the security level
has been improved.
You will need to be aware of the following information when entering the
Number-Based "KEY" Decoding, Part 2.

In a case where numbers are written instead of letters in the "KEY"
field, the numbers could indicate the rows to be deleted.

For example, if "2" is in the "KEY" word, you should delete all of the
letters from the second row of the "CODE".

Memo on the Whiteboard (2)
Adding another gas to one with a poison level under 30 may neutralize
the gas.

Red gas neutralizes the poison in green gas.

Blue gas neutralizes the poison in orange gas.

Green gas neutralizes the poison in purple gas.

...Remember these rules when mixing the gasses.

Memo in Data Storage
Dear Paul,

I finally found the clue. This is the key card that you need
to enter his secret lab. The only chance to enter it is during
tonight's experiment. Obtain the other key card without hesitation.
The other key card is in the Chief's Room. I heard the secret codes
for the hidden safe are written on the Panel Keys. Now, if we find
out where the laboratory is, everything will be solved. I'll leave
that to you. Good luck.

Doctor's Journal
It is easy to unleash any kind of power. The real task is keeping
the power under control. The improvement of the "Initializer"
ignition device has enhanced energy efficiency to the maximum.
Despite that progress, we have been unable to advance the
development of the "Stabilizer" safety valve since the accident
that happened three years ago. The "Third Energy Theory" will
surely alter human history drastically. But as long as there is an
uncertain element regarding the control of this power, even if it
is only 0.1% of a probability, my work will be nothing but a
terrible failure.

The restraining power of the "Stabilizer" we used in tonight's
experiment was insufficient. The area affected by the excess
energy is estimated to be a radius of 3,300 feet.

The result of tonight's experiment may please the military
people in a sense. The giant creatures that emerged just
after the experiment have given me much inspiration.

The most important thing to do right now is to leave here safely.
As soon as I finish analyzing the data, I'll evacuate via the
bottom floor.

Memo of a Recorder
The antenna will be stored temporarily at 9:00 PM tonight due to the

Dead Man's Memo (2)
Where the heck did these monsters come from?! I managed to slip away,
but I've been cornered here in the basement ever since. The only way
I can get out is through the port on level B3. I should be able to
find a boat or something used to transport research materials.
The only problem is getting there in one piece...

Staff Memo
Attention: Alan

The weapon container at the General Weapon Storage will be carried out
from the port next week. Please finish the maintenance of the crane
within the week. I will hand you the DDK to enter the port so that you
can finish the job. Make sure that you keep it on you at all times.

File of Notice Messages
Since we are going to move the experimental Generator outside today,
we expect to see external staff within the test area. As a final
reminder, if the "overload" occurs in this laboratory, it will mean the
obliteration of the entire facility. If you don't want to be evaporated,
guard the area with extreme caution today. The staff has been working
double overtime recently. Dr. Kirk in particular has locked himself in
his private quarters for nearly a week. Nobody has seen him. Take good
care of the researchers and remember that the experiment's success
depends upon their ability to think. Recently the credibility gap of
Dr. Kirk has been varied among the staff. Keep your eyes on the ID
Rewriting Device here to prevent illicit use. There has been an instance
of someone abusing the Rewriting Device on the first floor. Keep your
eyes open.

File Book of Notice Messages
Those who attend the activation of the Generator for the first time in
tonight's experiment should remember the following procedures:

To activate the Generator, the following two devices have tto be set
in advance.

The functions of the two devices are as follows:

Generates the necessary energy for the first reaction when activating
the Generator.

The Third Energy reaction takes in the air and generates the energy in
a chain reaction. This keeps the reaction under a certain level.

You will find the models of the two parts in the case set at the center.
If you have not seen them, be sure to check and see what they look like.
If you split the numbers that you use when obtaining the Core Parts and
add "0" to the each of the split numbers, they will give you the pass
numbers you'll need when obtaining the other two protective parts.
Be careful when handling the pass numbers of the Core Parts.

Notice by the beds
Be sure to make the bed after using it.

Researcher's Journal (2)
The kid pointed out the mistake in my calculations of the estimated value.
The simulation of the Stabilizer, I mean. It seems I miscalculated the
timing of the energy reaction at its critical point by 6 nanoseconds.

I admitted that I made a mistake, but he has a serious attitude problem.
He doesn't seem to understand we're all exhausted from having to work all
day and night on a regular basis.

                                               Written by: M

To M,

Everyone feels the same way about Kirk as you do. It's time to let him
know how we feel. I heard that you could create a lethal poison by mixing
certain drugs together.

They said you have to mix the strongest anesthetic with something else.
...Well, that may be going a bit too far, I suppose...

                                               Written by: K

To K,

You are pathetic. Can't you see Dr. Kirk devotes himself to the experiment
without a care of anything else? Blaming others for your mistakes only
exemplifies your cowardice.

I hold all of you responsible should the experiment go wrong thanks to
your blundering. Maybe you should be the one watching your back in case
someone should "accidentally" inject you with poison.

                                               Written by: ???

Generator Instruction Manual
"How to activate and control the generator"

1. Prepare to activate the Generator by operating the main panel on
the upper floor of the Control Room.

2. Move to the B3 area of the Generator to set an Initializer.

3. Operate the panel near the Initializer to connect the "inhale shaft"
to the Generator.

4. Move tot he B2 area to set a Stabilizer.

5. Activate the Generator.

6. Go back to the Control Room and adjust the output on the lower floor.

*When activating the Generator, make sure the doctor is present. To avoid
accidents, the Generator cannot be activated without Dr. Kirk's ID Card.

Researcher's Journal (3)
Since I was assigned to this department, all I've done is sample the
simulation data of the Generator. Even a college student could handle
these tasks. Why doesn't Kirk want us to operate the Generator?
Doesn't he trust our ability and skill?

                                               Written by: O

To O,

I don't think the problem is so simple. Because his ID card is required
to operate the Generator, once an accident occurs, Kirk is the only
person who can stop it.

I don't see what the military is planning to do with this conniving
nonsensical procedure...

                                               Written by: N

I have an idea. It's about that guy Tom who was recently assigned to
the B1 area. He often comes to me to ask about our job...
I guess he can't resist my charming personality.

Why don't we invite him into our group and have him spy on Dr. Kirk?
This should work as he is good at gaining the confidence of other

                                               Written by: B

To B,

Don't be so simpleminded. Have you already forgotten how you'd been
trying to get Kirk's attention until recently? Learn to think a bit
more logically first.

At any rate, the male researchers here don't seem to know much of
anything beyond research. Maybe you ought to try showing the next one
you become close friends with the wonders of shampoo and the washing

                                               Written by: C

Researcher Memo
Kirk has been hiding everything from the researchers recently.
In a demonstration of solidarity, the B1 lab area staff have decided
to investigate what Kirk and the military personnel are up to.

As a start, we managed to set a wiretapping device at the Parts
Storage area where they've been holding meetings. The device is sound
activated and records automatically. It can also play back the

It may be the best way to come up with some clues. We need Kirk's
ID Card to check the Generator. We already know his registration
It is 31415.
All we need now to forge his ID Card is his fingerprint data...

Memo written in Blood

Notice to the Staff from Dr. Kirk
Preparing the Stabilizer and the Initializer

Make sure these two devices are ready in time for the experiment.

Each of these two devices consist of the following three parts.

Core Parts
Protect Part A
Protect Part B

This means six parts are needed in all.

These parts are separately stored in the Experiment Room, the
Design Room room and the Parts Storage Room. Once you have acquired
all 6 parts, you can assemble them in the Experiment Room. The
Weightless Manipulator must be operated by staff of level A class.

Part of an Old Document with Dr. Kirk's Signature on it
"Third Energy as the Final Weapon"

            by Edward Kirk

If the Third Energy reaction exceeds the critical point, it evokes
the "overload" phenomenon.
When this happens, we can't control it. The huge amount of energy
creates chain reactions and begins to disintegrate the surrounding
air. The ensuing explosion will vaporize anything in the near vicinity.

If we could control the area where the "overload" occurs, the
Third Energy will literally become the "Ultimate Weapon."

The power of the weapon depends on how much energy we can restrain
before the explosion occurs. In other words, the capability of the
Stabilizer is the key to everything.

The Third Energy was supposed to be the project of the development

"Create the basic power source for the Permanently Stationed

If we change the policy of the project here and now, this government
will be able to obtain the most deadly destructive device in the world.

However, our current budget is comletely out of the question. You'll
find my estimate of the budget in the next chapter. Please review and

File of the messages from Dr. Kirk to the Staff
Preparing the Stabilizer and the Initializer

Make sure these two devices are ready in time for the experiment.

Each of these two devices consist of the following three parts.

Core Parts
Protect Part A
Protect Part B

This means six parts are needed in all.

These parts are separately stored in the Experiment Room, the
Design Room room and the Parts Storage Room. Once you have acquired
all 6 parts, you can assemble them in the Experiment Room. The
Weightless Manipulator must be operated by staff of level A class.

Third Energy Basic Theory Written by Edward Kirk
"Third energy Basic Concept"
The technology to extract energy from the ions in the atmosphere.
That is the heart of third Energy. If you control the flow of ions
by ionizing the constitution of the air, then you can extract the
resultant electron movement as energy.

The basic concept is simple. The electrons from which energy of
movement was extracted, combines with ions to once again form the
original constitution.

However, due to the current level of technology, it is impossible
to return it to 100% of the original constitution. the waste
constituent yields a peroxide that is simular to ozone as a

However, it is not at a level high enough to threaten the concept
of the proposed "Clean Energy" source.

Danger: Explosive Materials

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|  |    2)  F A Q  S    |  |
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Q) I noticed some bad spelling/grammar in this FAQ. Don't you
know your spelling and grammar?

A) Yes I do, however I just wrote what I saw. It's bad
spelling/grammar on Capcom's part. The game was originally
made with the Japanese language, then simply translated to
English for the non-Japanese releases, but not translated

Q) Where are these Memos found in the game?

A) They're scattered around throughout the whole game and provide details
   on what happened to the facility and often contain helpful information.

             Dino Crisis Memo FAQ By Cybiolink8000