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Moero! Justice Gakuen

Speech Translation FAQ v.2.0 (February 10,2001)
For Japanese Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by Capcom of Japan  
FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com]

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About this FAQ:

This is my first attempt at writing a FAQ, so I'll do my best to 
explain everything.  This is a speech translation FAQ, meaning that it 
is for those of you wishing to understand what the characters in the 
game are saying to each other before, during, and after a fight.  This 
is also to help you if you are interested in studying the Japanese 
language or wanting to memorize famous quotes from your favorite 

How this works:

The Character listings go in the order that they are in, which is 
exactly like in the Omake Voice option.  First, there is listed the 
Japanese pronunciation, which is followed by the English translation.  
(Note: I am still in the process of accurately describing the words and 
phrases, so some of the translations may be off or inaccurate.)

The Characters:

1.	Batsu Ichimonji (Imanawo)
2.	Hinata Wakabi
3.	Kyosuke Kagami (Imanawo)
4.	Iincyo (Chairman)
5.	Ran Hibiki
6.	Shoma Sawamura
7.	Natsu Ayuhara
8.	Roberto Miura
9. Nagare Namikawa
10. Momo Kuruizawa
11. Edge (Eiji Yamada)
12. Gan Ishido
13. Daigo Kazama
14. Akira Kazama
15. Zaki (Aoi Himezaki)
16. Yurkia Kirishima
17. Hideo Shimazu
18. Kyoko Minazuki
19. Hayato Nekketsu
20. Bowman Delgado
21. Roy Bromwell
22. Tiffany Lords
23. Wild Daigo
24. Powered Akira
25. Vatsu
26. Kurow Kirishima
27. Hyo Imanawo
28. Burning Batsu
29. Demon Hyo
30. What this FAQ needs
31. The Credits!

Batsu Ichimonji (Imanawo)

1.	(Before the fight) AAAAArrrrrrgggghhhhhh!  (Shouts, as if 
powering up or getting ready.)
2.	(Versus Hayato) Subeteo butukete yaruze! = I'm going to use 
everything that I have!
3.	(Versus Roy) Zuibun namateru janeka, Roy? = When was the last 
time you practiced, Roy?
4.	(Taunt) Maji de ikuze! =  I won't go easy on you!
5.	(Winpose 1) Sonakobusija doremo mamoreya shinize? = How can you 
protect anyone with your/that power?
6.	(Winpose 2) Eeee, punch dattaze! = That was a good punch!
7.	(Defeated) Oy! Konatokorode kutabattchimatte? = Oy! How can you 
lose like this?

Hinata Wakabi

1.	(Before the fight) Asobi janaiyo! = There's no more time for 
playing around/Hey! The warm up's not over!
2.	(Versus Iincyo) Ikuyo Iincyo! =  Are you ready/Here I come 
3.	(Taunt) A-a, taikutsu... = Oh, This is so boring...
4.	(Winpose 1) Nankai yatemo ishodaiyo! = The outcome is always the 
same, even if you keep fighting!
5.	(Winpose 2) Konkaiwa watashino katchidaiyo! = This time I won!
6.	(Defeated) Mo...Korekara dosenaiyo? = What are you going to do if 
you lose?

Kyosuke Kagami (Imanawo)

1.	(Before the fight) Bokuniwa katenaiyo! = You can't beat me/You'll 
never beat me!
2.	(Versus Hyo) Ni-san...bokuwa... = My...Brother...
3.	(Taunt) Sore ni sitemo gei ga nai na... = By the way, you are too 
ordinary to make this fight interesting...
4.	(Winpose 1) Hmph, hanashini naranina! = Hmph, that was a pathetic 
5.	(Winpose 2) Baka no hitotsu oboette yatsudana! = You're always 
losing because you're stupid!
6.	(Defeated) Shikarishiro Imanara madda maniayo... = Calm down; 
you're safe now...

Iincyo (Chairman)

1.	(Before the fight) Yosh, Ganbare nakutcha! = Alright, Let's 
2.	(Versus Hinata) Hinata-san, Watashi ganbarukara! = (Talking to 
herself) (Hinata), I'm going to do it!
3.	(Taunt) Yoisho,tto...Yoooshi! = ('yoisho' is often used 1) when 
you pick up heavy thing 2) when you start moving 3) when you 
stretch your body, etc. ) Yoshi! = Okay!
4.	(Winpose 1) Yatta...ittatatatatata... = I did it...ouch(repeats.)
5.	(Winpose 2) Yatta...(coughs) Ureshiku nanka naiywaiy! = I did 
it...but don't look at me! (Iincyo is trying to hide her 
happiness from her victory.)
6.	(Defeated) Onegai taskete; onataga inaiyto watashi... = Please 
help me; If you're not close to me then...

Ran Hibiki

1.	(Before the fight) Kyoukoso shinsouo kikasete moraou! = Today I'm 
going to get this scoop!
2.	(Versus Kurow) Korega Kuromaku kirishima Kurow! Dai scoop! = He's 
the boss! This will be a great scoop!
3.	(Taunt) Ii neta nai kana? = Is there anything better for my 
4.	(Winpose 1) Shouri no kansou wa? Saikodesu! = (Interviewing 
herself) How do you feel after this fight? Great!
5.	(Winpose 2) Shizai kyouryoku kansha shimasu! = Thanks for helping 
me with my report!
6.	(Defeated) Choto! okinasaiyo madda skoop toredo naiyndakara! = 
Wake up! I didn't get the scoop yet!

Shoma Sawamura

1.	(Before the fight) Play boardo Ikimoska! = Let's play ball!
2.	(Versus Natsu) (Natsu) Ni waruiga kokowa uzurane'! = I'm sorry 
about this Natsu, but I can't lose this fight!
3.	(Taunt) He! Ichikoro daze! = Ha! The next one is enough to 
destroy you!
4.	(Winpose 1) Ooh Abene', moiotaiyja washineze'! = Ooh! That was so 
close, I won't retire after this!
5.	(Winpose 2) Miteroyo aniki oira wayaruze'! = (Speaking to his 
brother) I'm going to make it all the way!
6.	(Winpose 3) Oiyraga ikumade' materoyo koushien! = Just wait until 
I go pro! (or) Just wait until I make it to the pros!
7.	(Defeated) Chance wamada aru kani akiramerunjanayo! = We still 
have a chance, Why are you giving up?

Natsu Ayuhara

1.	(Before the fight) Itsudemoyde! = Come when you're ready!
2.	(Versus Shoma) Kono ishiatama! = You knucklehead/You stupid 
stereotype! (Natsu means that Shoma is the stereotypical baseball 
3.	(Taunt) Junnbi unndou wa owari dayo! = Okay, I've finished 
warming up!
4.	(Winpose 1) (Breathes heavily and holds up the victory sign with 
her fingers.)
5.	(Winpose 2) Eeee! Asay kaitaya! = Eee! That was a good workout!
6.	(Defeated) Shikari Shinasai! Anata nara dekiru hazuyo! = Wake up! 
You can do it!

Roberto Miura

1.	(Before the fight) Kick off! Ha hey! = Kick off (laughs)
2.	(Taunt) Side ga gara aki da! = (Your) side is wide open! (This 
can have different meanings because "side" could refer to your 
"side" or it could be a soccer term.  Anyone want to enlighten 
3.	(Winpose 1) Oreni torenai barawani! = There's no shot that I 
can't block!
4.	(Winpose 2) Mattaku saiwa yakasenaiyo! = Oh God, don't make me 
work harder!
5.	(Winpose 3) Losu timu day kayshou goarutte tokodana! = It looks 
like I got in a goal at the last minute!
6.	(Defeated) Daijobuka? Kizua asaimadda ikeru! = Are you okay? This 
injury doesn't look so bad!

Nagare Namikawa

1.	(Before the fight) Announcer: "Daichino kasu: Nagare-kun!" = 
First Course: Mr. Nagare!
2.	(Taunt) Shakes head left and right trying to get the water out of 
his ear.
3.	(Winpose 1) (Breathes heavily.)
4.	(Winpose 2) (Breathes heavily.)
5.	(Winpose 3) Iaine' wa hatachdana! = Next year, I'll be 20!
6.	(Defeated) Madda ikiwa aru shikari shiro! = You're still 
breathing, so you can do it!

Momo Karuizawa

1.	(Before the fight) Nun-nun-talalala! = (Momo sings to herself.)
2.	(Before the fight) Senpai, Asobo! = Play with me big people! 
(Apparently, Momo IS a little girl.)
3.	(Taunt) Yowai, yowaaai! = (You are so) weak, WEAK! (This, coming 
from a little girl?)
4.	(Winpose 1) Hy! Hy! Katta, Katta... = Yes! Yes! I'm Winning, I'm 
5.	(Winpose 2) Tuyoi kawaii Momo-chan dessssuuuuu! = I'm a cute girl 
named Momo!
6.	(Defeated) Hey! Nani tendeska? = Hey! What are you doing?

Edge (Eiji Yamada)

1.	(Before the fight) Nigen naiyo! = Don't run away/Are you scared?
2.	(Before the fight) Kyoukoso ketchaku tekeyouze skayouze'! = Let's 
finish this today!
3.	(Taunt) Yaruki? ann no ka? = Is THIS all you have/are you 
fighting seriously? Is it/are you really?
4.	(Winpose 1) Nanka monku annoka? Eh? Eh? Eh! = Do you have 
anything to say to me? Eh? Eh? Eh!
5.	(Winpose 2) (laughs) Eee, Kakkodaze! = (laughs) Eeee, you look 
good dead!
6.	(Defeated) Nante' zamadaiyo mattoku tsugi honkii dasaneto shouchi 
shineze! = What the hell are you  doing? If you aren't better the 
next time, I'M going to beat you up! (Imagine Edge telling 
himself that he's going to beat HIMSELF up!)

Gan Ishido

1.	(Before the fight) Wahino aitega tsutomarukano? = Are you strong 
enough to fight me?
2.	(Before the fight) Jikki banchoubu no zawa washija! = I'm the 
next challenger!
3.	(Taunt) Hara goshirae ja. = This is what I'll give up. (He is 
eating rice ball.)
4.	(Winpose 1) (laughs) Ware' nagara appare jano! = (laughs) (I'm 
embarrassed to say this), but that was a good fight!
5.	(Winpose 2) Hara ga heteway ikusawa dekinzoi! = I can't fight 
well if my stomach is empty!
6.	(Defeated) Ora, Onigirija mayo samasankai! = C'mon, This is your 
lunch! Wake up!

Daigo Kazama

1.	(Before the fight) Kobushide kattate mero! = Let's talk with our 
2.	(Versus Akira) Akira Eee yuujino mottana! = Akira, you have good 
3.	(Taunt) Sorega omae no seigi nanoka? = Are you saying that this 
is your form of Justice?
4.	(Winpose 1) Jibune hajiru tokkoro wa naika yoku kangairo? = Is 
there anything that you think is pathetic about yourself?
5.	(Winpose 2) Kobushide kattaru jingimo aruka... = I see that we 
can speak with our fists...
6.	(Defeated) Kokode subeteo akiramette' sorrode manzoku datto 
eunoka? = Are you going to forget everything and stop here?

Akira Kazama

1.	(Before the fight) (Shikari Shinakya)...Ikuyo! = (Stop 
shaking)...I'm coming!
2.	(Versus Daigo) Ni-san...Aite datto tsui honkini Natchouna! = 
Brother...whenever I fight you I always get stronger!
3.	(Versus Wild Daigo) Ni-san, Kanarazu tasukette meseru! = Brother, 
I'm going to save you!
4.	(Taunt) Chotto matte ne! = Oh, please wait just a second!
5.	(Winpose 1) Chotto, yari sugita kamo! = Oops, maybe I overdid it!
6.	(Winpose 2) Gomenasi, Imawa jikanga naiyno! = I'm sorry, but I 
don't have any time to waste!
7.	(Defeated) Ne meyo! Samshide chikara o awase layba kitto daijobu 
dara! = Hey, wake up! If we combine our powers then everything 
will be okay!

Zaki (Aoi Himezaki)

1.	(Before the fight) Atai tou yaroute nokai? = Are you sure you 
want to fight me?
2.	(Versus Hideo, Kyoko or Hayato) Senkou nihamasu kotto nanuka 
naiyno! = You don't have any say in this, "Teacher!"
3.	(Taunt) Annta ja aite ni nann nai yo! = You'll never satisfy 
me/You can't put up a good fight!
4.	(Winpose 1) Atai no kusari sonani kinitano kai? = Do you like 
getting hit by my chain?
5.	(Winpose 2) Taku kagatsuru maiyni kaiyna! = Go home before you 
get hurt!
6.	(Defeated) Okina konna hanpanamane ataiga yurusani karana! = Wake 
up! If you're defeated like this, I won't forgive you!

Yurika Kirishima

1.	(Before the fight) Ikyoku go shomo kisara? = Do you wish to taste 
my violin?
2.	(Versus Kurow) Kurow, konno mini kaitemo anatau tomeru! = Kurow, 
I will stop you, even if I lose everything.
3.	(Taunt) Arasoi nannte munashii mono ne... = Fights are 
4.	(Winpose 1) (Plays song) Otowa kokorode kikumono, desu wa? = You 
have to listen with your heart, understand?
5.	(Winpose 2) Korega anatani okura Requiem des wa! = Listen to my 
Requiem for you! (*A Requiem is a song played in honor of someone 
who has died.)
6.	(Defeated) Watashi womo mayoi masen dakara anatano chikaraga 
hitsuyou nanodesu... = I won't be fooled again...

Hideo Shimazu

1.	(Before the fight) Kotto bade wakarano nara... = If you don't 
understand what I'm saying, then...
2.	(Versus Kyoko) Anatawo taosane ba naranai towa...! = I don't 
understand why I have to defeat you...!
3.	(Taunt) Bouryoku wa ikann! bouryoku wa na. = Violence should not 
be praised!
4.	(Winpose 1) Daijobuda; Tekagenwa shiteo ita! = It's okay; I 
didn't hit you that hard!
5.	(Winpose 2) Atatata! Mo muchawa ikemasen na! = Ouch! I shouldn't 
do such foolish/childish things!
6.	(Defeated) Kui wa nainoka madda tatta kairu hazuda! = Are you 
sure that you don't want to fight; you can fight!

Kyoko Minazuki

1.	(Before the fight) Shinsatsu shite ageruwa... = Let me examine 
2.	(Versus Hideo or Hayato) Tsuyoku nakare ba ikite ikemasen wa! = 
To live as a teacher, we have to be strong in everything that we 
3.	(Taunt) Watashi no aite ni wa hayasugita wa ne. = You are 
obviously foolish to fight against me.
4.	(Winpose 1) Chotto, Daijobu nano? = Oh, are you okay?
5.	(Winpose 2) Zen chi san kagetsu tetoko kashira... = It takes 
three months to heal...
6.	(Defeated) Tachinasaiy, madda chika tsukiru toki dewanarawa! = 
Get up, this isn't bedtime!

Hayato Nekketsu

1.	(Before the fight) Jibungama Bushize! = I'm so bright, I can't 
even see myself!
2.	(Versus Batsu) Iika, Shinkinshobudaze! = Hey! Don't go easy on 
me, fight with all your strength!
3.	(Taunt) Butsukatte koi! = Come on!
4.	(Winpose 1) Makke-kara nanikau tsubami tore ina! = (In a 
commanding tone) Learn something every time you lose!
5.	(Winpose 2) Tarine! Tarine! Kiga Tarine! = Not Enough! Not 
Enough! You're too weak/you don't have what it takes!
6.	(Defeated) Kyou yaranede itsu yalutsumorida, eh? = If you don't 
try today, then when will you?

Bowman Delgado

1.	(Before the fight) Koremo Shiren Nanoka? = Is this my 
tribulation? (Makes sense for a Preacher's assistant.)
2.	(taunt) Kore ijou wa mueki desu. = Isn't this enough? There is no 
reason to keep fighting.
3.	(Winpose 1) Kami-yo, oyurushi kudasi... = God, please forgive 
4.	(Winpose 2) Shin Batsudesu! = This is God's punishment!
5.	(Winpose 3) Tsumiyo tsugane futodaki monome! = Confess your sins 
you sinner!
6.	(Defeated) Mistettewa Inaiyzo Tatsunda! = Get up, God is 

Roy Bromwell

1.	(Before the fight) Konokaywa yoi sitaka? = Did you bring your 
2.	(Versus Tiffany) Onanako wa Oshitoyaka na hoga kawaiize! = Girls 
are pretty when the're quiet!
3.	(Taunt) Dakara kimitachi wa... = That's/This is why you (Japanese 
people) are... (Roy REALLY hates Japan and anything that has to 
do with it!)
4.	(Winpose 1) Mittome Taku maimonodana! = I don't even want to 
think about you!
5.	(Winpose 2) Buzamadana Makenu te Yatsuwa! = That was pathetic you 
6.	(Winpose 3) Sono Zama ja tsugino taipisen wa moratteze! = I'm 
going to win the next fight too! (Sometimes I wonder if Roy is 
Ken Masters' younger brother. hmmm...)
7.	(Defeated) Shikari Shiro! Kokode watte manzoku nanoka? = Wake up! 
Aren't you mad that you lost?

Tiffany Lords

1.	(Before the fight) Yoiwa ii desuka? = Are you ready?
2.	(Versus Roy) Doe Roy? Me no koto minowshite? = Did you see me 
Roy? Don't you see that I'm better than you?
3.	(Taunt) Oshiri pennpenn ne! = come on!  (This is an old-fashion 
way of saying it.)
4.	(Winpose 1) You tachi makaynu desho! = You guys are the losers! 
(*Note: Tiffany mixes some English with Japanese in this one!)
5.	(Winpose 2) Yahoo! Minna Arigato ne! = Yahoo! Thank you so much!
6.	(Defeated) Ne, okiteyo watashi hitoride doshtara inoyo? = Wake 
up! What can you do by yourself

Wild Daigo

1.	(Before the fight) (Growls like an animal.)
2.	(Versus Akira) AAAAKKKKIRRRRAAAAA!!!!
3.	(Taunt) (Howls)
4.	(Winpose 1) Atta mage! Aaaaarrrrgghhhhhh! = Oh the pain!
5.	(Winpose 2) (Growls while clutching his head in pain.)
6.	(Defeated) Ninmu Zokkou Chuda taoreru kottawa yirsure na! = The 
mission isn't over, so you don't have the right to lie down! 
(Talk about harsh!)

Powered Akira

1.	(Before the fight) (Shouts in Kung-Fu stance.)
2.	(Versus Wild Daigo) Omoydaze...Aniki! = Big brother...Remember 
who you are!
3.	(Taunt) Muda na agaki da! = It's pointless to fight me/Your 
struggle is useless!
4.	(Winpose 1) (Shouts in Phoenix-like stance)
5.	(Winpose 2) Makerarenai Minna no temenimo... = For my friends, I 
cannot lose...
6.	(Defeated) Tatte! Omaiyno tchikarawa sonanoka? = Get up! Is this 
your best?


1.	(Before the fight) Mezowari nann daiyo! = You disgust me, now get 
out of my way!
2.	(Versus Batsu) Douchiraga homonoka kimeyoze! = Let's see who's 
the real one!
3.	(Taunt) Doushta? Kakatte koi yo! = What's wrong? Come and fight 
4.	(Winpose 1) (laughs) Jyunchou daze! = It's all going according to 
5.	(Winpose 2) Doushta? Oreno namaiyo itemiro! = What's wrong? Say 
my name!
6.	(Defeated) Maddada, Kiyouku tsukiru madde tattakte marou! = Not 
yet! I'm going to make you fight until you're wasted!

Kurow Kirishima

1.	(Before the fight) Kurushimu himanado atairuka! = There won't be 
enough time to suffer!
2.	(Versus Batsu) (laughs) Imanawo Ichizokuga dore hodono monoka! = 
Is this the power of the Imanawo Family?
3.	(Versus Yurika) Yurika-yo, shitagawanu nonara kuchi hatero! = 
Yurika, if you don't join me, you will die!
4.	(Taunt) Hunn! = 
5.	(Winpose 1) (laughs) Sorega kisama niwa oniaida! = Losing fits 
6.	(Winpose 2) Konochikara warenara osoroshi! = This power scares 
even me!
7.	(Defeated) Omaiyo sinjida konoko watashino shisakuda shinitaku 
nakere ba shinukide okiro! = It was my fault for listening to 
you! If you don't want to die, the GET UP!

Hyo Imawano

1.	(Before the fight) Shi ni esoguka? = You're anxious to die aren't 
2.	(Versus Kyosuke) Kyosuke, watashio koeyte-uke! = Kyosuke, go 
beyond me!
3.	(Taunt) Watashi wo tomete miro! = Do you think you can you stop 
4.	(Winpose 1) Kudaran Yokyouda! = That was a pathetic attempt/show!
5.	(Winpose 2) Miru beke tokoro mo naiy jikano muddada! = This is a 
waste of time!
6.	(Defeated) Kisani Rokosareta jikanwa wazukada you kuri yasunde 
iru himanado naiy! = The time you have is short, you can't sleep 

Burning Batsu

1.	(Before the fight) Yeeeeaaaaarrrrgghhhh!!! = (Shouts as if 
powering up or getting ready.)
2.	(Versus Kurow) Tame dake wa yurusane! = I can have mercy for the 
others, but I won't forgive you!
3.	(Taunt) Maji de ikuze! = I won't go easy on you!
4.	(Winpose 1) Orewa mo ipomi hikane! = I won't hold back (Sounds 
like he had a little run-in with Ryu!)
5.	(Winpose 2) Omaiyno honki taskani uketotaze... = I see your true 
6.	(Winpose 3) Migurushize otonashku kaichimai! = Just go away!
7.	(Defeated) Makeru kotowa hajijane, sa, moechide tatchiaga roze! = 
You won't be shamed by losing!

Demon Hyo

1.	(Before the fight) Mezowarida...SHINE! = I don't want to watch 
you...just die!
2.	(Versus Batsu or Burning Batsu) Raizo-no Kosegare...Messeyo! = 
The son of the foolish Raizo...disappear!
3.	(Taunt) (Howls)
4.	(Winpose 1) Konotedo dewa mitasade nuwa! = This won't satisfy me!
5.	(Winpose 2) (Laughs maniacally.)
6.	(Defeated) Okinka, maddawa tewa oran... = Aren't you going to get 
up? This isn't over!

Things needed for completion:

1.	I'd like to add the main menu and options translations, so if 
anyone's willing to help I would greatly appreciate it!
2.	There's still some in-game speech that I didn't get (i.e. What 
the announcer says and what your team mates say after you do a 
large combo or super,) and I would like to add that.

Other than that, that's about it!

The Credits!

   I'd like to thank:

1.	Capcom, for creating this awesome game!
2.	Kenta Sato (My true KOF/SF rival!), for translating everything 
for me!
3.	Eric Pang (Kami Kaze no Kami) and his friend Yuki, for additional 
help and suggestions on the translations!  (You rule man!)
4.	GameFAQs, for posting my FAQ!
5.	John "Puar" Nguyen, for creating his Movelist FAQ, which inspired 
me to write this!
6.	The Rival Schools Network, for posting my FAQ! 
7.	YOU the reader, for being interested in the FAQ!

(All characters, likenesses, and the Rival School Logo are all 
Copyright  of Capcom of Japan, 2000.)