Combo FAQ by Hallie J2X

Version: 1.32 | Updated: 05/20/02 | Printable Version

                  N E K K E T S U  S E I S Y U N  N I K K I

System: Arcade, DreamCast
No. Of Players: 1 or 2
Game Type: Fighting
Makers: CAPCOM

About This FAQ:

AUTHOR: Hallie J2X
Version: 1.32 (5th Release)
Date of Release: May 20, 2002


       ______   ______    ______      _____ ______  ______  _________ 
      /  __  \ /  __  \  /  __  \    /_  _//  ___/ /  ___/ /__   ___/ 
     /  /_/  //  /_/  / /  /  / /     / / /  /__  /  /       /  /    
    /  _____//  _   /  /  /  / /___  / / /  ___/ /  /  __   /  /    
   /  /     /  / \  \ /  /__/ //  /_/ / /  /___ /  /__/ /  /  /    
  /__/     /__/   \__\\______/ \_____/  \_____/ \______/  /__/    
               _____ ___  __  _____ _________ ___  ______   ______   
              /_  _//  / / //  ___//__   ___//  / /  ___/  /  ___/  
               / / /  / / //  /__    /  /   /  / /  /     /  /__   
         ___  / / /  / / / \___  \  /  /   /  / /  /  __ /  ___/  
        /  /_/ / /  /_/ / ___ /  / /  /   /  / /  /__/ //  /___  
        \_____/  \_____/ /______/ /__/   /__/  \______/ \_____/ 


 1. History of Revision
 2. Author's Note
 3. What's New
 4. Added/Removed Characters
 5. Side Characters
 6. Combos
 7. Tricks
 8. FAQS
 9. Website Usage Terms
10. Credits

 ~ History of Revision ~

  Version 1.32
  Date of Release: 0050202002  
        - Revised some parts of this FAQ
        - Added New Combos
        - Edited some Combos
        - Fixed the last Version
        - New Tricks
        - Added the Side Characters (DreamCast Only)
        - How to unlock Hidden Characters
        - Edited Tricks Section

  Version 1.31
  Date of Release: 0090202001 
        - Added New Combos

  Version 1.25
  Date of Release: 0070202001
        - Added New Combos 
        - New Tricks
        - Added New Credit 
        - Corrected some combos

  Version 1.20
  Date of Release: 0050202001
        - Corrected Spellings
        - Added New Combos
        - Completed Character Names
        - Added Website Usage Terms (WUT)
        - Added Copyright
        - Removed Tips

  Version 1.01 (First Release)
  Date of Release:0040192001
        - Combos for some characters

 ~ Author's Note ~
	I find Project Justice really hard if were talking about combos.
Unlike the Rival School's One, I can make lots of combos with all the 
characters. At first, I can't make combos and openers with this game but 
as what I have discovered its not really hard at all. You may get a hard 
time with this combos but if you practiced them all you may perfect it. 
Never forget " Practice Makes Perfect". I got some combos here from my 
friends from the mall and some I did all by my self......or I may say I 
discovered them!

	Some characters have just only few combos that I had.....its
because I dont use them often.  I just use some characters that I want 
and my favs. May this list of combos help you a lot and I advise you to
make your own combos.  If you already have your own, you can e-mail it to
me and I'll just give you a credit.

	You may find that some combos in a one character may be also 
effective and the same with other character or there might be a little
change. I did not include in this FAQ the number of hits of each combo
and their damage it's because some of the combos are not mine, they are 
just given to me.

	This is not an official list, so you can post this to your
webpage but don't forget the credit and the author's code ok? it is "J2X" 
or simply "Hallie".  And if you already  posted this to your webpage don't
forget to inform me through e-mail. 
	I also find that there's few FAQS on the Net so I make my own.....

 ~ What's New ~

	These are just what I have observed with Project Justice, unlike 
the first Rival School it is much slower but the graphics is good. First,
you will select a game type you want, a story mode or a free mode. On the 
story mode, characters are already in set, they are in their respective 
schools and groups. Another, you can see the map and the location of each
school. I find the story good but they all have the same ending.....they 
all fight Demon Hyo. On the Free mode, you can select three characters 
(the Rival Schools one has only two) you want. At the Final Chapter, you
still fight Demon Hyo but he has a company unlike the story mode. You can
also select Demon Hyo on the free mode, he will appear at the lower left 

	In this game some characters were added, and some has lots of 
personalities and new super attacks. I'll give them to you later. Also 
some characters in Rival Schools one were removed. If you were playing a
story mode...and someone challenges you....the computer allows you to
select a new character in challenge mode.

	If you finished the game in free mode the computer will grade your 
ability in fighting as characters, this is cool is'nt it?....but the score
is not pretty good ...cause in Rival Schools one, I can make at least ten
million using Sakura and Hyo but here, I can make only at least one million.
Another disadvantage, I may say is the longwait for the appearance of other
characters in the free mode......You'll need to unlock hidden characters
(are they special?) so you may you them as you play the game. And here's 
another, as I have noticed there is no timer during the selection of the 
character and during the game. But the computer will warn you if the time
is running out (First warning: 10 seconds left; Second: 5 seconds left then
count 4, 3, 2, 1, then Time Over). Who wins? I don't know!

~ Added/Removed Characters ~

	Here are the list of characters added and removed in Project Justice.
In Playstation some characters were already present, but were talking of
arcade system, ok?


* VATSU - a new personality of Batsu with a color of white in his hair. He 
      disguise of Kurow in story mode. His moves were the same with Kurow.

* BURNING BATSU - another personality of Batsu, his upper garment is really
      cool. His move is the same with ordinary Batsu, but his Super attacks 
      were different.

* YURIKA - She uses a violin in fighting. She has pretty face but make less 

* NAGARE - He is a the swimmer, he is funny. His double team attacks are 
	cool and he's good in challenge mode.

* KUROW - Yurika's brother. He is the main enemy here but do great attacks
      and nice moves.

* HAYATO - The man with a wooden sword. He appears in the Playstation so 
      you might know him already.

* MOMO - She has a tennis racket and she's funny. She is cool and I like
	 her combos. By the way she's also has a cute face.

* CHAIRPERSON - She got a beautiful face and she is good in double team.
       She is the Club Manager. You will see her at the end of the game
       in Free mode.
* DEMON HYO - Hyo in Evil type. He has 2 swords and cool hair. He has no 
       upper garments and his moves were pretty cool.

* ZAKI - She wears a mask and uses a chain in fighting.

* RAN -  She uses a camera in fighting, she usually in blue skirt and I
	 love her attacks.

* DAIGO - Akiras brother, he is pretty big and strong.........he is slow I 
	 think but he makes great damage.

* WILD DAIGO - Daigo having a flame in his eyes.........he is much stronger 
	 than normal Daigo. 


* RAIZO - The Old fat man usually in seventh chapter.

* SAKURA - My favorite character.

      Note: Sakura was not really removed from Project Justice. In DreamCast
system U.S. version, if you play arcade non-story mode for a few hour (maybe
3 hours or less). The more you beat the arcade free mode, there would be a
additional character. Keep on playing until you unlock Hillary- a carbon
copy of Sakura, all except the appearance and the tag team attack.

	Also, not all characters are ready to be selected. Some characters
will appear in a given time(that I don't know) are the list of the 
characters that will appear in the box with a question mark [?].

	Now I know, you have to unlock them by finishing the story mode. Some
characters will appear in the story mode you may use them and when you 
finished the game, you've already unlocked them. You can now use them in free

* WILD DAIGO - Select Gedo Kokou Team (Edge, Gan, Daigo). While in battle 
        against Wild Daigo, finish him with triple team. 

* POWERED AKIRA (Akira with helmet) - Use Seijyun Gakuen Team. When in battle
        with Wild Daigo using Akira, do not finish him with triple team instead
        or just finish him with normal attacks. Continue playing until you 
        come to select between Akira and P-Akira. Edge will give Akira his
        brother's helmet. Use P-Akira to unlock her.
* VATSU - Finish the story mode of Gorin Kokou Team (Natsu, Roberto, Shoma).

* BURNING BATSU - Play the Taiyo Gakuen story mode. When Batsu is the leading
        character matched against Akira, Yurika, and Zaki (Seijyun Jyogakun 
        team, lose for one round and you may use anyone in the team to finish
        the fight. After it, Batsu will run away and be replaced by Iincho.
        Continue playing until Batsu comes back as Burning Batsu.

* HYO - Finish the story of any group or school.

* DEMON HYO - You have to finish ALL the braches of the story in story mode.

* KUROW - Finish once all the schools in the story mode then in story mode
        will appear Dark Side's story (Kurow, Momo, Yurika). You have to 
        finish Dark Side's story to unlock Kurow.

* ROY AND TIFFANY - Use Pacific High Schools Team (Iincho, Boman, Ran). 
        Continue playing until you are able to select Roy and Tiffany.

~ Side Characters ~
	Side characters are the characters that can only be found in 
DreamCast system, Versus mode. They are in the lower left corner of the
Character Selection Screen. They have no specific identity and you cannot see
their real faces when selecting them. But in battle, you can now see thier 
faces. You can only identify them through their names. I call them side 
characters cause they don't really appear in Arcade mode of DreamCast nor in 
real arcarde system. These side characters (as what I have observed) are 
combinations of other character's moves, super attacks, double team and 
tripe team attacks in Project Justice. They are pre-edited charecters in
DreamCast U.S. version.

Here are the list of some S-Characters:

      * Mark - He look's like a hippie, with a sun-glass. He has a curly 
               hair???, and he dressed like from 60's. His super attack 
               were like to Hideo and Batsu. If you chooses him as a double
               team partner he'll do the same as Roberto.

      * Barbara - Her moves were taken to Hinata and she also wears her bag.
               She has Kyosuke's Fire (I don't know what is that called).
               Her super attack were the same with Sakura, but her second
               S-attack was much looks like from Chun-Li (Hundred Kick).
               If you chooses her as a double team partner she will do the
               same as Hinata. 

      * Eliza - She looks and acts like Kyoko, but does'nt wear any glass nor
               holds any paper. Her super attack were taken from Natsu and
               Nagare. She'll have a double team like Hinata.

     * Nancy - Her face were like to Momo and she usually hold a Big Baseball 
               Bat unlike Shoma having it at his back.

     * Tony
     * Alec
     * Peter
     * Therma
     * David
     * Grace
     * Claudia
     * Frank
     * John
     * Anna
     * George
     * Hillary

      Here is an effective combo for them:

      * LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP or +HK



      * NOTE: I have'nt tried all of these combos, some are just contribu-
              tions of my friends, so I'm not so sure if all these works!
      This lists plays in FIRST player (1P):


	U - Up                           LP - Light Punch
	D - Down	                 HP - Heavy Punch
	L - Left	                 LK - Light Kick	
	R - Right	                 HP - Heavy Kick	
	UL - Upper Left
	UR - Upper Right
	DL - Lower Left
	DR - Lower Right
      Arcade Configuration:

       =                                         =
       =      UL  U  UR           LP    HP       =
       =        \ | /              O    O        =
       =     L -  O  - R            LK   HK      =
       =        / | \                O    O      =
       =      DL  D  DR                          =

Some can be associated with JUMP+HP or JUMP+HK at the start 




      *  LP-LP-(D)HP-(DR)HK-JUMP-LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP




      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(R)+HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HK

      *  LP-LK-HP-(DR.D.R)+HP-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HK


      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LK-HK-(D.DL.L)x2+HK

      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DL.L)x2+HK



      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-(D.DR.R)+(LP)x4 


      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HP-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  (D)+LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HP-*JUMP-LK-LK-HP-HK-(R)+HP-(R)+HK

        Note: Jump pointing to your opponent and repeat on the line with 
            (*), this makes you hit your opponent again and again unless
            she does'nt recovered yet. Effective during challenge mode, but
            the number of hits do not count continiously. 


      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


	Note: Repeat the line with (*) when the last button hits. This makes
            Chairperson hits her opponent AGAIN when she jump immediately. 
            Effective during challenge mode, but the number of hits do not 
            count continiously.


      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HP-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(DR.D.R)x2+HP




      *  HK-(D.DL.L)+LP-JUMP-LK-LK-LP-LP-LK-LK-LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP      




      Note: Repeat the line with (*) when the last button hits. This makes
            Natsu hits her opponent AGAIN when she jump immediately. 
            Effective in any mode, but the number of hits do not count 



      Note: Run to you oppent immediately and bring him on air by executing
          the line with (*). This makes you damage your opponent AGAIN. 
          Effecttive in challenge mode.


      *  LP-LP-(D)+HK-(R)+HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HK-JUMP-LK-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+LP



      *  LP-LP-HP-(R)+HK-(R)+HK-(DR)+HP-JUMP-LP-LP-LK-LP-LK-HP-(D.DL.L)x2+LP

	 Select any Final Move for this Combo: (to be executed FAST!)
         a. LP-LP-(D.DR.R)+(HP)x5

         b. LP-LP-(D.DL.L)x2+LP

         c. (D.DR.R)+(HP)x5



      *  LP-LK-(DR)+HP-LK-LK-LP-LP-LK-LK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LK-HP-(R)+HP-(D.DR.R)+HP

      *  LP-LK-(D)+HP-JUMP-LK-LK-HK-(D.DR.R)+LP

      *  LP-LK-HP-(R)+HP-JUMP-(LP+HP) (Grab on Air)   


      *  LP-LK-HP-(D)+HK-(DR)+HK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(R)+HK

      *  LP-LK-HP-HL-(D.DR.R)x2+HK

      *  LP-LP-HP-HK-(R)+HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DL.L)x2+HP

      *  LP-LP-(DR)+LP-JUMP-LP-LP-HP-(D.DL.L)+HP



      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP
      *  LP-LP-HP-(DR)+HK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+LP



      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


      *  LP-LP-HP-HK-(L)+HK-JUMP-LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


      *  LP-LP-HP-(L)+HK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP 


      *  LP-LK-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


      *  JUMP-(D.DR.R)+HK-LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)+HP

      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HK or

      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DL.L)x2+HK

      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(DR.D.R)+LK-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(DL)+(HK)x4








      *  LP-LK-(D)+HP-JUMP-LK-LK-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)+(HK)x4

      *  LP-LK-HP-(D.DL.L)x2+LP-(D.DL.L)x2+LP-LK-LK-HP-(D.DR.R)+(HK)x4

      *  (DR)+HK-(DR.D.R)+LP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP (Needs fast execution!)

      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP



      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP




      *  LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HK

      *  LP-LP-HP-(L)+HP-JUMP-LP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP




      *  LP-LP-HP-(D.DR.R)x2+HP


      *  LP-LP-HP-HK-(DR)+HK-JUMP-LK-HP-HK-(D.DR.R)x2+HP

      *  LP-LP-HP-HK-(R)+HP-(D.DL.L)x2+HK

~ Tricks ~

~ CHARACTER COLORS (Free mode only)
      I thought it would be easy to know the colors for the characters. But 
as what I have tried for many times, its not!. It vary upon their position
and their partners. I just tried some of them and here they are:
      If you were about to select a character, move the pointer to the
character you want then  press a button combination. Also, they would be 
in their desired color if they have the tendency to be on it.
      FOR RED: Press (LP+HP+LK) together. I have tried this trick to some 
characters but I don't know if this work's with other. I have tried this with 
Kyosuke, Natsu, Roberto and Demon Hyo.

      FOR YELLOW: Press (LK+HK) together. Tried with Natsu, Chairperson,
Tiffanny, Boman and Kurow.

      FOR BLACK: Press (LK+HK) together. Tried with Demon Hyo, Natsu and

      FOR WHITE: I've tried only with Kurow and it's really effectice. Just
hold Start and press HP when selecting Kurow.

Press (LK+HK) together in each character.


2nd        NATSU         YELLOW
3rd        BOMAN         YELLOW
1st        KYOSUKE       BLACK
2nd        NATSU         BLACK
3rd        DEMON HYO     BLACK
2nd        NATSU         MAY VARY 
3rd        DEMON HYO     BLACK

       Note: This is just an assumption and not proven effective. If you have 
your own assumption you may send it to me and i'll give you a credit.


	I call this a cheat but this can be opposed by a grab even if your 
opponent is under your character. You can also grab your enemy but needs

      * JUMP-(D.DL.L)+(LK+HK), this means hit LK and HK at the same time.

	If you want to be much higher, do this several times. But remember
once your opponent hits you, this will be cancelled. And some attacks cannot
hit the enemy while in this position. You can go back to the ground by 
jumping. I've tried this in DreamCast (Finally!) but sorry for all DreamCast
players, this won't work.


        Have you ever heard or used HINATA2 or SHOMA2? If not, this should 
do the trick. On the character selection screen place the pointer to HINATA 
or SHOMA theN hold start and press any button. HINATA2 wears a long sleeved 
uniform and also SHOMA2, there's no changes in their moves and super attacks.
They are just a little bit cute and cool. That's all!


       Same as Hinata2 and Shoma2, do the same procedure above. Only 
difference is that Boman2 has no upper garments so you can see his muscled
body and he wears a sun glasses. No changes in his moves and attacks.


       If you have made your opponent down (lying on the floor) move beside
him immediately and as long as he does'nt recovered yet you can take him on 
air by executing (DL)+HK. Follow him on air and do any attack. This is also
applicable in challenge mode.

  (Free Mode Only)

       This trick is maybe a bug. If you are using Shoma or Shoma2 execute
(D.DL.L)+(LK+HK), this makes him tease his opponent and say "Dididi..Dididi"
. Also your opponent won't attack you even they are closed to each other. 
I haven't tried this with all characters but I think this won't work with 
Kurow and haven't also tried in story mode.


       This works better if your team includes Nagare or Ran or anyone that has
a double team that may consumes time. You must have enough power level to do 
this, about 3 or more. While on the game release 1 or 2 angel ball then make a 
double team with Ran or Nagare or anyone you choose. If you succesfully hit your 
opponent, you will see Natsu's angel ball while having a double team attack. 
This does nothing in the game, and does not make additional damage. I just 
want to watch this funny trick.


       This is not really a trick, but since I can't find a better opener for
this I put this in this section. You can also find this in Kurow's combo 
section. This move needs timing and fast execution, and here's how it should
be done.

     1. Execute (DR.D.R)+HP (Hold HP, Kurow should act like he is charging)
     2. Release HP
     3. At the time he hits his opponent, immediately execute (D.DR.R)+HP,
        he will absorb his opponent's life with just one hand. 

~ FAQS ~

	I really don't accept questions, I don't know if I can answer them 
cause even I do not know the answer. I just ask my friends if a see another
moves and tricks. Just wait for another release of  this list just check out
ok? Or just e-mail me if you want or if you have questions and i'll try to
answer them as hard as I could on the next release ok? Just keep on looking 
for updated version of this FAQ at

	Note: For those who are sending their combos as well as questions,
please supply your name (full name) so I can give you my full thanks and 
credits directly and not on your E-mail address.

~ Website Usage Terms ~

     To all Webmasters that are planning to post this ComboFAQ on their
Website please follow these instructions:


       1. E-mail me to ask permission.
       2. Supply your address.

       1. Post this FAQ without permission from me.
       2. Edit this FAQ and change in other form.
       3. Sell this FAQ cause this is free!   
       4. Compare this FAQ to others!

Here are the lists of Websites where you can find this ComboFaq:


~ Credits ~

	I can never make this FAQ without the help of my friends and other
 classmates. I'd like to give a very special thank's to the following:

  - Criselda Abanes (KISS)( She inspires me to do this. 
        I love you so much!
  - Ian Cruz ( - He is my Master in Hentai, he 
        thought me the combos in Rival Schools One using Sakura.
  - Rommel Morales ( - My Adviser in making this FAQ. 
        He also contributed a lot of combos in this FAQ.
  - Editha - For waiting paitiently while I'm playing this Game.
  - Darryl - My Buddy Playing this Game.
  - Brix Bernardino - For not lending me his playstation unit.
  - ADA - I've learned Natsu's combo from him (her?). 
  - CAPCOM - For making such a wonderful game!
  - YOU - Who reads this FAQ and supports Rival Schools Project Justice.

I'd also like to thank these people:
  - Leena (
  - Maria (
  - Benilda (
  - Clarisil (Clars@noadd.come)
  - Anzlyh Faye (
  - - For the Info about Hillary

     Please don't e-mail those addresses listed above,they have just contri-
buted some combos and personal reason. Please don't bother them cause they 
won't help you in any way.

     You are free to e-mail me to ask questions and submit combos. If your 
combos are already listed in this ComboFAQ I won't give you a credit and your 
combo will be deleted. I'll try to answer your questions but don't expect that 
I can answer them all and immediately.  If you don't see any answers to your
question on the next release it might means that I don't know the answer and
don't wait for any answer!

     Please don't copy anything from this guide without my permission or by
any means. Editing and changing this ComboFAQ in anyform is illegal and
punishable by law. It took me a lot of time for making this FAQ and took me 
so long to gather and make combos for this FAQ.

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( AllRights Reserved 2002!

~ END ~