Nekketsu Nikki Board Game FAQ by Joshirou

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Nekketsu Nikki Board Game Guide for Moero! Justice Gakuen for Dreamcast
Version 1.00 by Josh Rouzer

\\\\\\\\\\ Legal Stuff //////////

Copyright 2006 Josh Rouzer

Please refrain from:

-Publishing this FAQ or direct info from it on a website or in a magazine 
 without consent from the author, Josh Rouzer.
-Using direct quotes from this FAQ without giving me credit. Too much work went
 into this FAQ to be unlawfully stolen by another.
-Selling this FAQ, you probably won't get anything anyway.

Moero! Justice Gakuen and its contents are trademarks of Capcom Co.,LTD.

Neither Capcom, Sega, nor I am responsible for injuries, emotional problems, or
any other ailments that may occur from playing this game or from watching Momo
dance in the Nekketsu Nikki mode.

Also remember that throwing the controller and screaming profanities will not
help you roll a certain number with the spinner.

\\\\\\\\\\ Updates //////////

2006-07-04: Happy 4th of July! This thing is finally finished!
2006-06-24: Ten days and 15 cups of coffee later, 75% done!
2006-06-14: This faq was born!

\\\\\\\\\\ Table of Contents //////////

I. Introduction to the Guide
     A. Purpose of this Guide
     B. Contacting Me
     C. Notation

II. Creating Your Character
     A. Initial Creation
     B. Playing the Nikki
     C. Obtaining Special Moves
     D. Obtaining Super Moves
     E. Obtaining Team-Up Attacks and Partners
     F. Raising Your Parameters
     G. Strategies for Character Creation

III. Using Your Character
     A. Edit Character Options
     B. Having Fun with your Characters
     C. My Custom Character Passwords
IV. Indexes
     A. Special Move Index
     B. Super Move Index
     C. Nikki Board Map
     D. Recommended Links
     E. Special Thanks

I. Introduction to this Guide

     A. Purpose of this Guide

Down to the nitty gritty. Moero! Justice Gakuen is a 3d fighting game by
Capcom. This game is the sequel to the popular Rival Schools: United by Fate.
This game was released in the US under the name "Project Justice," but failed 
to include one of the most interesting parts of the game, the Nekketsu Nikki 
mode, where a player creates their own fighter and fights against computer or
human opponents in a "Candy Land" meets "Street Fighter" kind of fashion.
Instead the US version of the game got a whole load of characters created by
the US staff that made the game, with the mentality that the American public
doesn't want to create their own custom character (perhaps they think we lack
imagination). Many US Rival Schools fans got their hands on this great game so
they could sink their teeth in the Nekketsu Nikki mode and create their own
custom fighter, only to realize the Nikki mode is not only very culturally
Japanese, but also requires a high level of Japanese language understanding to
fully capture the feel of the game. Discouraged, many US fans sold their Moero!
Justice Gakuen disks and decided to stick with Project Justice. Interestingly
enough, I picked up the game right after someone did just that at a used video
game store near my house. Finally, that four years of Japanese comes in handy
for something other than watching Yakuza movies and listening to BoA lol.
Though this FAQ is probably a little too late for most people, the game (to me)
hasn't lost any of its luster, despite outdated graphics from two generations
of consoles ago and having to hear that damn VMU beep everytime I turn the DC
on again (I'm not buying you batteries, damnit!). After many trials and 
tribulations, I've got a pretty good handle on making some good characters and
a whole notebook full of information about the mysterious art of obtaining
special and super moves. 

This FAQ contains some essentials to getting the character you
want in the Nekketsu Nikki mode, with an especially easy to use strategy that
makes it easy to fill up your Bingo Class Schedule Board (explained later). 
This is my first full FAQ, because I don't do FAQs other people have done.
Most of the information in this guide was discovered by myself, after
experimentation and reading a few really good FAQs about the game (referenced
to later in the guide). Since this is my first FAQ, please bare with me,
because I'm bound to make some mistakes. I tried to include general information
about playing the mode, which can be found on other FAQs and sites (MGreen's 
FAQ is an especially informative one), but I'm so anxious to get much of the
new information out I might skip over some of the basic stuff (I'll try not to
though). I'll try to make this an end-all FAQ for the Nekketsu Nikki mode, but
it's always better to read from other perspectives, and once again, I highly
recommend MGreen's Nekketsu Nikki FAQ for basic information. To fully enjoy and
understand the game, I strongly recommend getting familiar with hiragana and
katakana. Hiragana and Katakana are Japanese-origin meaningless phonic symbols.
There is only about 45 Katakana and 45 Hiragana,and this can really boost your
understanding of the game. Especially the Katakana, because the japanese use
Katakana to write out english names in Japanese. Roy, Tiffany, Roberto, and 
Bowman's moves will make alot more sense with a basis (or even a chart) in
Katakana.Learning Kanji (Chinese-origin symbols that have meaning and many
different readings) would be too ambitious just for this game. Most of the 
basic Kanji are only used in the dialogues between your character and the
"Just Charas," which is usually very hard to understand if you're not a native
Japanese speaker because tons of slang and male/female specific language is
used (because, of course, the characters are school kids!). To be honest, I
seriously doubt my Japanese teacher, a native Japanese woman who has lived in
the US for quite some time, would be able to understand all of the dialogues
because of the amount of teenager slang used. Don't be discouraged, that's why
there's a save and load function ^_-. As for looking into Katakana and Hiragana
you can find some pretty nice stuff on There's a japanese native
that posts some pretty neat learning material. You'll probably inadvertedly
become familiar with the Kanji for things like Kiai, Ura, Zuki, Giri, Ken, Ha,
and a few other Kanji that are used quite often in fighting games. Once again, 
learning some basic Japanese is only a suggestion. This FAQ's purpose is to
allow a person with no Japanese proficiency whatsoever to play this very
Japanese extensive game. 

Let me just say that there isn't going to be any super killer ultra combos
listed on this FAQ, there's plenty other FAQs for that. You also aren't going
to find translations for the many many dialogues that go on between characters
and "JustCharas" in the game. I will post some of the answers to the dialogues,
but translations of the dialogues would take too long and would be too hard to
do for a non-native Japanese speaker, like myself.

     B. Contacting Me

This FAQ, especially some of the original material, like the special skill
maps, is undoubtly flawed in some parts. Please contact me if you find a
mistake, or even if you want to tell me that this FAQ worked perfectly.
My email is:
I also have an AOL IM where you might be able to catch me, it's
That's it!

     C. Notation

Just in case I'm a little ambiguous with some of my nomenclatures:

Nikki: My shorthand for the Nekketsu Nikki game mode. It means "Journal."

JustChara: These are the actualy game characters walking around in the Nikki
mode, that you can befriend, team-up with, etc.

PlayerChara: This is the actual player's characters in the Nikki mode. These
are the ones controlled by either you or the computer.

Special Move: A special move! Ex. Ryu's Hadouken or Batsu's Kiaidan.

Super Move: Aka Burning Vigor. Ex. Ryu's Shinku Hadoken, or Batsu's
Zenkai Kiaidan.

Team-Up Attack: Team Attack involving two people. Ex. Batsu's W Kiaidan.

School Attack: Team Attack involving three people. Ex. Taiyo's Final Symphony.

OTG: Literally "On the Ground." It means you can hit your opponent when they
are on the ground with this move.

SF: Stands for Street Fighter. Used when making a reference to the game. Ex.
Screw Piledriver is a move of SF's Zangief.

KoF: Stands for King of Fighters (if you've never played it, do it now!). Used
when making references to the game. Ex. Hinata's Shouyouken is a rip off of
Kyo's move from KoF.

Parameters: These are your stats that determine how much your characters takes
with attacks, how much dmg is taken from you when you block, how much life you
start with, how many super bars you start with, how fast your super bars go up,
and how well the AI plays as your character.

Stats: In this FAQ, synonymous with Parameters

Command: Refers to the button combination used to do a move. (Ex. d df f+P)

Character names may be abbreviated to the first three letters of their name.
Ex. [BAT] or [HIN] for Batsu or Hinata. Kyoko will be [KYK] so not to be mixed
up with Kyosuke [KYO], and Powered, Burning, Wild, and Demon versions will be 
noted like so: [B-BAT] for Burning Batsu, [D-HYO] for Demon Hyo, [W-DAI] for
Wild Daigo, and [P-AKI] for Powered Akira. If a special move can only be 
obtained in the Nikki mode, it will be noted with a [CUS] for "Custom."

As for doing special moves:

Attack Buttons are noted in CAPS, while direction buttons noted in lower case.

P - Punch

K - Kick

LP, HP, LK, HK - Light and Heavy Punches and Kicks

d df f - Down, Down-Foward, Foward (Ex. Kiaidan or Hadoken)

f d df - Foward, Down, Down-Foward (Ex. Guts Upper or Shoryuken)

d db b - Down, Down-Back, Back (Ex. Mikazuki Kick or Tatsumakisenpukyaku)

f, df, d, db, b - Foward to Back movement (Ex. Momo's Giant Swing)

x2 - Used for Super moves, means do a movement twice (Ex. Shinku Hadoken)

(air) or AIR - (air) means the move can be done in air as well, AIR means the
move must be done in air.

For special move names I'm using the Japanese names (this is the Japanese
version!) unless the move is english derived (Ex: Air Dynamite). The only 
exception is for air versions of ground moves. Instead of calling everything
Kuuchuu(i think that's the reading lol), I'll just say Air. So the kuchu
kiaidan is going to be called Air Kiaidan in this FAQ.

II. Creating Your Character

     A. Initial Creation
////////// Your Parameters \\\\\\\\\\

Before you choose anything, you need to know what the games stats are and how
they will affect your character in the game. The statistics are:

Attack     Willpower
Defense    Potential
Health     Intelligence

That's the exact layout, in order, of your stats when you actually play the
Nikki mode. Now to explain what they do. There isn't a huge difference between
having low attack versus high attack, but the small bit of damage added up
after every attack can be a match winner.

Attack, of course, determines how much damage you take with your attacks, 
including normal, special, and super.

Defense determines your blocking skill. Higher defense means people will take
less off you when blocking. Low defense makes blocking worthless. AI controlled
characters don't block alot anyways -_-().

Health determines the size of your life bar and difficulty of dizzying you. If
a character is created with low Health, he or she will not start with a full
life bar in fights. A character with lv 1 or 0 health will start with half or
less than half of their life bar.

Willpower determines how fast your super bar (aka Burning Vigor bar) goes up.
There's definetly a noticable difference in a character with high willpower and
a character with low willpower. Use of super moves by the CPU controlled AI
seems to be determined by number of supers, not number of super bars usually.
So if you only have one super but have very high willpower, the CPU usually
won't use that one super over and over again. To see this in action, make a
character with the Z Path (explained in "Obtaining Special Moves") and watch
him/her spam super moves.

Potential determines how many super bars you start with at the beginning of a
fight. There, of course, is a max to this, because you can only get five.
Getting your potential to 14 will garuantee 5 super bars from start.

Intelligence supposedly determines how well your character will fight when
controlled by the computer (which helps for the end of Nikki tournament or your
own CPU tournaments -- which are fun!). I haven't seen a huge difference
between characters with high intelligence vs characters with low intelligence.
I think characters with higher intelligence tend to combo and chain their
moves together more. A character with high intelligence but low everything else
isn't going to beat a character with low intelligence and high Attack and
Health on average. Of course, the CPU control of your character can be edited
in the Edit Character mode (explained in "Edit Character Options").

Try to remember what stat does what and which ones you want high, because all
your choices after this will determine your starting stats. Since I didn't
figure out what choices raise which stats and how much myself, I'm going to 
refer you to Mark Green's Nekketsu Nikki mode FAQ. I will vaguely tell you what 
choices raise what stat, but just not the number ^_-.

////////// Overview of Choices \\\\\\\\\\

So you know exactly whats going on, here's the order of what happens and when:

1. Choose Number of Players
2. 1st Player Creates Character: Choose name for Nikki mode
3. Choose name for Fighting Game mode
4. Choose Gender
5. Choose School
6. Choose Study Plan
7. Choose Personality Traits
8. Confirm Selections
9. Create Appearance
10. Other human players create thier characters
11. If playing with a CPU opponent, asks to Load or use Random character
12. Iincho places order, controller set-up.
13. Off to the board!

We'll now go into further detail on each choice, in order.

////////// Number of Players \\\\\\\\\\

This is one of the easiest choices you'll make. You can pretty much follow the
pictures, but just in case heads and TVs don't spark your intellectual light
bulb, let me explain. The Nekketsu Nikki board game can have between two and
four participants, any number of those being either player or human controlled.
Follow the number of person heads with the number of Computers to figure out
how you want to play.

If you're making a serious character for the fighting game, and aren't just
playing the nikki for the fun of it, you definetly don't want any CPU
controlled players, because they will make things difficult for you. I usually
do two human players and make one the one I will actually keep, and the other
a default character I'm going to beat up and make do my bidding. I've read
about others using 3 default characters instead of one, but I feel like this
just drags things out, because it's just as easy to get all the special moves,
fill up your bingo board with every class, and get all your stats to at least
10 or above with just one default character, and because you have to move less
characters, you'll be done quicker (usually takes me about an hour and a half,
depending on how much I reset it ^_-). Check my strategies for character
creation later in the FAQ for more info on that.

////////// Making a Name \\\\\\\\\\

What's in a name? You'll probably notice you get to name your character twice.
The first name is going to be what you're called in the Nekketsu Nikki mode and
is what name shows up when you go to Edit Character option from the main menu.
You can use Katakana or English for this (the second option on the left in blue
is English). The second name is actually going to be the name used in the
fighting game, so choose wisely. You can only use english letters for the 2nd
name, and I suggest using all caps because the actual characters in the game
use all caps. Use the A button to select, B to backspace, and the Y button to
switch between Japanese characters and English letters. Hit start whenever you
are finished.

////////// Choosing a Gender \\\\\\\\\\

The first option is male and the second option is female. Besides the obvious
changes, choosing a gender actually affects your stats. If you choose male,
your Attack, Defense, and Health will raise a little, while choosing female
causes your Willpower, Potential, and Intelligence. So is that supposed to mean
women are smarter than guys, and more prone to using supers!? 

////////// Choosing a School \\\\\\\\\\

Choosing a school actually determines alot of things about your character.
First of all, it will change your outfit. There are only five outfits per
gender, because there's only five schools available per gender. For males,
the school list looks like this:


Seijun should be at the bottom greyed out, because it's a girls only school.
I'll try my best to describe the outfits for the guys.

Taiyo: White shirt with colored pants and brown back pack.
Gorin: White collar T-Shirt and colored pants.
Pacific: Bowman-style suit. Default color is blue.
Gedo: Bruce Lee/ Kill Bill style yellow outfit with black side stripes.
Justice: Bright colored suit with shoulder pads, Hyo-esque.

Gedo's outfit is my personal fave ^_-.

As for the girls, their list should look like this:


Gedo should be in the middle greyed out, because it's a guys only school. Here
are the descriptions of the girl's outfits:

Taiyo: Long sleeve dressy outfit with skirt and brown backpack. Usually green.
Gorin: White T-shirt and short, frilly skirt. Cute ^_-.
Pacific: Bowman-style suit for girls. Default color is blue.
Justice: Another suit, orange default color with shoulder pads.
Seijun: Pretty typical japanese school girl outfit. Not very intimidating.

For the ladies, I like the Gorin outfit best ^_-.

Choosing a school has some other affects as well. Your school determines your
triple-team move. To check these out, just go to training and pick a
representative of whatever school your want and hit all four attack buttons
together. Besides appearance, schools also increase your stats. Here's what
each school raises:

Taiyo: Health, Willpower, Potential, and Intelligence
Gorin: Attack, Defense, Health, and Willpower
Pacific: Defense, Health, and Potential
Gedo: Attack, Health, and Willpower
Justice: Defense, Willpower, Potential, and Intelligence
Seijin: Attack, Defense, and Intelligence

The stat boosts are pretty small, and you can always raise your favorite
stats in the game, so I wouldn't pay too much attention to that. Your outfit
is probably the big thing here.

////////// Choosing Your Study Plan \\\\\\\\\\
The choices for study plan are, in order:

General Studies     Physical Education     Practical Studies
Economic Studies    Performing Arts

The study plan affects your special and super moves. Each study plan has many
different special moves that can be learned. Study plans will only primarily
affect your first special move choices (read Obtaining Special Moves for more
information), because after choosing your first special move you are put on its
path, regardless of study plan. I suggest comparing both this list and the list
of paths in the next section to make a wise choice for study plan. I am only
listing the d df f+P starters because it would be unnecessarily tedious to list
every single special move that can be learned under a study plan. So, in order
for this FAQ to truly help, I suggest getting d df f+P as your first special
move. Rolling a 5 or a 9 from the starting block will get you there. Some study
plans share moves, but those moves may give you different paths, so I'm listing
the special moves in this section like so:


The moves are in the exact same order you see them in when stepping on the d df
f+P block, so you don't need to know Japanese, just how to count ^_-. If you
want to see descriptions on the special moves, check the indexes at the end of
the FAQ, and to see what paths lead to what move, check the section below named
"Obtaining Special Moves." Please email me with any mistakes. 

Stepping on d df f+P as your first block should yield this:

General Studies
Kiaidan                [BAT]     Path A
Mukurorimon            [AKI]     Path A
Grapple Beat           [CUS]     Path A
Hadoken                [CUS]     Path B
Kikoshotei             [HIN]     Path B
Cross Cutter           [KYO]     Path B
Dynamite Straight      [ROY]     Path C
Seihaken               [HID]     Path C
Yamikagura             [KUR]     Path C
Miwaku no Waltz        [YUR]     Path D
Jumonjigiri            [HYO]     Path D
Rekketsu Shinai        [HAY]     Path D
Shokushin              [KYK]     Path E
Shining Save           [ROB]     Path E

Physical Education
Kiaidan                [BAT]     Path A
Cross Cutter           [KYO]     Path A
Mukurorimon            [AKI]     Path A
Chogosokyu             [SHO]     Path F
Tobikomi               [NAG]     Path F
Nyukon Serve           [NAT]     Path F
Shining Save           [ROB]     Path G
Dynamite Straight      [ROY]     Path G
Grapple Beat           [CUS]     Path H
Urarimon               [P-AKI]   Path H
Kikoshotei             [HIN]     Path I
Teppozuki              [GAN]     Path I
Musozuki               [DAI]     Path I
God Rush               [BOW]     Path I

Practical Studies
Dynamite Straight      [ROY]     Path C
Seihaken               [HID]     Path C
Shokushin              [KYK]     Path C
Yamikagura             [KUR]     Path C
Shining Save           [ROB]     Path H
Grapple Beat           [CUS]     Path H
Urarimon               [P-AKI]   Path H
Tobikomi               [NAG]     Path J
Groovy Knuckle         [TIF]     Path J
Shockwave              [CUS]     Path J
Kikoshotei             [HIN]     Path I
Teppozuki              [GAN]     Path I
God Rush               [BOW]     Path I
Uragiri                [EDG]     Path K
Hakai no Tessa         [ZAK]     Path K
Musozuki               [DAI]     Path K

Economic Studies
Hadoken                [CUS]     Path B
Kikoshotei             [HIN]     Path B
Mukurorimon            [AKI]     Path B
Cross Cutter           [KYO]     Path L
Groovy Knuckle         [TIF]     Path L
Shokushin              [KYK]     Path E
Shining Save           [ROB]     Path E
Nyukon Serve           [NAT]     Path G
Dynamite Straight      [ROY]     Path G
Miwaku no Waltz        [YUR]     Path D
Jumonjigiri            [HYO]     Path D
Rekketsu Shinai        [HAY]     Path D

Performing Arts
Groovy Knuckle         [TIF]     Path L
Mukurorimon            [AKI]     Path L
Shining Save           [ROB]     Path H
Grapple Beat           [CUS]     Path H
Urarimon               [P-AKI]   Path H
Tobikomi               [NAG]     Path J
Shockwave              [CUS]     Path J
Uragiri                [EDG]     Path M
Cross Cutter           [KYO]     Path M
Hadoken                [CUS]     Path N
Kikoshotei             [HIN]     Path N
Kiaidan                [BAT]     Path N

////////// Choosing your personality traits \\\\\\\\\\

Ah the mysterious personality traits. I've read many FAQs and posts saying that
choosing certain personality traits determined your special moves or super
moves etc, but this is FALSE. The only thing that affects your special and
super moves is your study plan. Personality traits only affect your starting
stats, and nothing else. These traits affect your stats more that the other
parameters do, so this is key to building a character for your style of play.
Think about how you play and how you want your character to play. Of course,
stats like health and attack are helpful for everyone, but do u tend to turtle
(block) alot, and do you wail on your opponent with super attacks all match?
If so, you should consider investing in Defense and Willpower respectively.
You may also consider whether you like to go all out in the beginning of the
fight, or ease into it. If you're a big starter, invest some turns in leveling
your potential, and make sure you pick some personality traits that add to 
that. And one last thing to consider is how often you're going to let the CPU
control your character. With high health and attack you're garaunteed to win
the tournament at the end of the Nikki, so intelligence will be useless after
the nikki if you don't regularly make the CPu control your character. My cousin
and I create totally CPU controlled tournaments with all of our created charas,
so it gives us a reason to beef up intelligence. Anyways, the personality trait
list is, in order, as follows:

Authority     Cruelty     Cowardice     Reason

Effort        Love        Honesty       Fighting Spirit

Initiative    Wildness    Genius        Opportunism

Modesty       Determined  Laziness      Friendship

Most traits raise all stats a little, one stat alot, and totally neglect one
other stat, so I'm only going to list the one it raises the most and the one
it neglects.

Authority: Defense Up, Potential Down
Cruelty: Health Up, Intelligence Down
Cowardice: Health Up, Potential Down
Reason: Defense and Willpower Up, Attack Down
Effort: Attack and Intellgence Up, Potential Down
Love: Potential Up, Attack Down
Honesty: Attack Up, Intelligence Down
Fighting Spirit: Attack Up, Defense Down
Initiative: Defense Up, Willpower Down
Wildness: Intelligence Up, Defense Down
Genius: Intelligence Up, Willpower Down
Opportunism: Health and Intelligence Up, Willpower Down
Modesty: Willpower Up, Health Down
Determined: Willpower Up, Intelligence Down
Laziness: Potential Up, Attack Down
Friendship: Potential Up, Willpower Down

If you play your parameters right, you can end up with a character boasting
almost max of one stat at start (max being 15). 

////////// Finishing Up your character \\\\\\\\\\

Afterwards Iincho will ask you if your selections are correct, and then you'll
move on to creating the appearance of your character. Luckily, appearance has
nothing to do with stats lol, so it's all up to your imagination now! You can
rotate the camera when creating your character with the X and Y buttons. After
all players have created their characters and all computer characters have been
chosen (you'll get to choose between random or load an existing one) the game
will start. A quick note about load characters for the computer: that character
will not have his/her stats or attacks in the game, and the CPU will have to
acquire new ones. These newly acquired moves and stats will not reflect on your
saved character data.

     B. Playing the Nikki

This information has been gone over many times in other FAQs and fan sites, so
I will try to be precise as possible. Once again I highly reccomend MGreen's
Nekketsu Nikki FAQ, it has a lot of very good information on playing this mode.

////////// The Basics \\\\\\\\\\

I suggest reading this section even if you've already learned how to play,
because there's some info not found in other FAQs. There's multiple goals in
the Nekketsu Nikki mode, but the main goal is to create the best character
possible. Other goals, like getting a JustChara as your best friend or winning
the after nikki tournament all make your character stronger, so he'll be a good
fighter. Always remember this. If you are playing against someone, remember
that your goal isn't to make your opponent's character as crappy as possible,
but to make your character as good as possible.

The Nekketsu Nikki can be played with up to four participants, any number of
those being human or computer. Basically you use cards and spin a spinner to
move on blocks that raise your stats, give you special moves, or add to your
bingo board, which will give you super moves (among other things) in a board
game style.

////////// Basics Stats \\\\\\\\\\

Basically you have your Nikki HP (which has NOTHING to do with your health in
the actual game) and your fighting stats. Your HP is just a stat that permits
you from using the big spinner too much, or getting into too many fights. If
you lose all your HP, you will lose a turn. Your HP does recover slowly each
turn, but an easy way to recover HP is to use a HP heal card, a HP hammer card,
or step on a GET special move block.

As for your fighting stats, these only affect your after-nikki fighting
capabilities and winning what I like to call Chibi battles, which are described

////////// Button Layout and Menus \\\\\\\\\\

The menus can be kind of initimidating for someone that can't read Japanese or
Chinese symbols. So, we're going to go through everything with numbers. Ok,
when it first becomes your turn here's your options:


Selecting Move will let you use your spinners (explained below).

Selecting Card will let you use your current cards (explained a little later).

Selecting Info will give you two choices:
   Status: Shows friendship levels with JustChara and Bingo Class Board
   EditChara: Shows Command List and Stats

Selecting Map will let you move around the map and check everything out. The
buttons really become helpful here, so here's your options in MAP mode:
   A Button: Opens/Closes Block Info Window(pretty much worthless)
   B Button: Cancels Map Mode
   X Button: Opens/Closes Bingo Class Board (Very Helpful!)
   Y Button: Toggles between three different camera angles
If you highlight a purple class block and press the X button it will put a
white box around the corresponding block on your bingo board (or it will leave
it blank if the block can't be used by you!).

Selecting Option will give you three choices:
   Controller: Lets you reassign what controller controls what character
   ???: I think this lets you take out characters if playing w/ more than 2.
   Save: Saves! Use this very very often!

////////// The Spinner \\\\\\\\\\

The spinner is your main movement device. You'll spin the spinner and it will
land on a number, which will be how many blocks you can move, no more, no less.
You can press the A button to stop the spinner, or you can just let it stop it
self. Since the spinner usually starts on the last number you spun, you can't
memorize the timing to get a certain number over and over.

You have two spinners, one that has number 1-6, and another with numbers 5-10.
The "big" spinner (5-10) will take an additional 2 HP when you move your char.
The big spinner is more useful than the small one because it usually gives you
MANY more destination options than using the small one, because with a larger
number you have the opportunity to circle around areas to waste steps and get
to the desired block.

There are a few special spinners that can be put on a character using cards,
these are:

Super Spinner: This uses the numbers 9-12.
Mini Spinner: This uses the numbers 1 and 2.
All or Nothing Spinner: This uses the numbers 1 and 12.

Special spinners do not take additional HP like the Big Spinner does. Movement
cards can also be used to move certain distances without using the spinner.

////////// The Blocks \\\\\\\\\\

You gotta know what you're landing on right? Here goes:

Parameter Up Blocks: These are light blue and have the english "UP" on it, 
along with the name of the stat it raises. Once you know the order of the stats
on your status window at the top left of the screen (Att,Def,Hea,Wil,Pot,Int)
you can just compare symbols. Usually these give you a roulette of 2-5, but
at the Club Area (top left of the board) you can get 5-8. The only bad thing
about these blocks is that they can sap your HP pretty quickly.

Class Blocks: These are Dark Purple and usually have two complex symbols and
a number 1-4 on it. These are for your Bingo Class Board. No need to memorize
the symbols for each subject, b/c you can just press the X button when
highlighting the block to see where it fits (or if it doesn't) on your bingo
board. If you step a Class block that was already obtained by another player
character it will give you two options: the first is to fight the player for it
and the second is to not fight them. If you step on a block that is already
owned by you, nothing happens.

Special Move Blocks: These blocks are green and have the english "GET" on it,
along with a command floating above it (which may be different for each chara).
This is explained in-depth in the "Obtaining Special Moves" section of this
FAQ, because what special moves you're able to choose from when you step on a
block depends on many different things. These also add 5 HP.

Parameter Down Blocks: These are pretty easy to pick out. They are bright red
and have the english "DOWN" on it. These lower one parameter (chosen by random)
from 1-8 points. The only use of these is the 5 HP it adds.

Parameter Switch Blocks: These are light purple and have an arrow pointing up
and an arrow pointing down. This will raise one stat and lower another by the
same number. The first stat you choose is raised, and the second is lowered.
This is literally a waste of a turn.

Get Card Blocks: These are yellow and have the english "GET" on it. You'll get
one random card from this. Cards are explained in the section below.

Get Card X3 Blocks: These blocks are grey and have a X3 on it. You'll get three
high end cards from this. You won't get any GO! Number cards, but you may get
a GO! X card. There are only two of these blocks, both on the 1F on the school.

Randomize Special Moves Block: This block is pink and is located on 3F of the
school. There is only one. This block will randomize all your special moves and
supers (if obtained). Speaking in terms of paths (explained in the "obtaining
special moves" section) it will put you on a random path and then switch out
all of you moves for moves on that path. It seems like it doesn't choose from
all paths, but only four or five.

Randomize Parameters Block: This is an orange square with two ??s located in
the club area. There is only one. This block will randomly add or subtract a
number to all of your stats. I haven't really messed with this, but by using
the soft reset I get the feeling this is a quick way to get high stats, or
at least a basis for them.

////////// Cards \\\\\\\\\\

Cards are a big deal in the Nikki, because there's alot of different ones that
can be used in a lot of different ways. I'll try my best to explain all of them
in as much depth as possible.

There's a few ways to pick up cards. You can either step on a yellow block,
where you'll get one random card, or you can step on a grey Card X3 block,
where you'll get three cards. The grey blocks will give you three cards, but
it won't be totally random, it'll be out of a pool of cards. This isn't the
whole list, but usually you'll get: Go! X, Friendship Up, Friendship Down, or
Class Steal. You can also get cards from Raizo (the principle from RS I), who
will give you cards every five turns (including the first and fourtieth).

GO! Cards: These cards feature a foot and a number on the card. The number is
how many spaces you can move with that card. These can be found in the numbers
0-6. There's always a Go! X card. The X stands for whatever number you want it
to be, from 0-6. This card can be very helpful and can save you from reseting
the game multiple times. These cards take your turn.

Warp Cards: These cards will warp you to a random block in various areas of
the board. Where these cards will warp you depends on what area the card says,
which can be hard to explain for people with no Japanese language background.
Check the map of the board in the index section to see where each area is.
-Pool: 3 symbols, the middle one is a horizontal line.
-Rooftop: 2 symbols, the 2nd is upside down T/F thing.
-School Building Floors: Will have a 1F, 2F, or 3F on it.
-North Grounds: 5 simple symbols with 6th symbol consisting of two vertical
 lines with little slanted lines sticking out of them.
-South Grounds: 5 simple symbols with 6th symbol being complicated, kind of
 resembling a little building.
-Club Rooms: Easily confused with Gym. 3 complicated symbols, the first looking
 like it contains a funny looking B on the right side of it.
-Gym: Easily confused with Club Rooms. 3 complicated symbols, the first looking
 like a stick beside a tree (use your imagination).
After using the card it will ask you who you want to warp, the first option is
player characters, and the second is JustCharas. These do not take your turn.

Partner Card: These cards show two green figures looking at each other. These 
cards allow you to pick a JustChara to be your partner. Unforunately, only 
works on JustCharas in the same area as you. Check the map in the indexes for 
the areas. Using this card will raise a characters frienship with you a little
bit. These cards do not take your turn.

Heart Card: This shows a red heart on it. These cards raise your frienship with
a character, usually to the next level of friendship. These can be used on any 
JustChara, not just ones in your area. These cards do not take your turn.

Broken Heart Card: These cards show a blue broken heart on it. This takes down
the friendship level of a character with one of your opponents. You will first 
choose a JustChara, and then a player to use it on. These cards do not take
your turn.

Mad Face Card: This card shows a pissed off face on it. Use this on a JustChara
to piss them off, which will not allow anyone to speak with them for a number
of turns. Does not take your turn.

Happy Face Card: Use this to undo the mad face card. Does not take your turn.

Stat Up Cards: These cards raise a stat temporarily. They show an arrow 
pointing up, with the stat name under the arrow. Does not take a turn.

Stat Down Cards: These cards lower a stat of an opponent temporarily. They show
an arrow pointing down with the stat name under it. After using, it will let
you choose which opponent to use it on. Does not take a turn.

Heal HP Card: This card shows a red cross with HP on it. It will restore 20 HP
(full life). Does not take a turn.

HP Hammer: This card says HP on it and shows a hammer. This will leech life
from your opponent and give it to you. Does not take a turn.

Battle! Card: Automatically lets you chibi battle a player. This will take your
turn. Read about the chibi battles for more info.

Spinner Cards: There's three of these bad boys. Just look at the description
when you highlight the card to figure out which one it is. The choices are 1-2,
1-12, or 9-12 These cards are easy to pick out b/c they have a spinner on em.

Class Snatch Card: Snatches! This takes a class from an opponent. Unforunately,
it has a 50% chance of not working (that's the roulette that spins when you
use it), and you don't get to choose which class you steal. The card shows a
hand snatching some crazy yellow thing.

STOP Cards: These cards show a red circle with a line through it. They will
restrict movement by player and Justcharas through or to that space. These are
used on the spot your standing.

One Way Cards: These cards show an arrow pointing left or right. They will put
a arrow sign on the spot your standing on, and JustCharas and Player charas
will only be able to go one way when passing through that block. Used on the
block you are standing on.

////////// Bingo Class Board \\\\\\\\\\

Your bingo class board is a great way to pick up some nice bonuses. This can be
checked by clicking on your status or hitting X will in map mode. You must
obtain 5 classes in a row to get bingo (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).
Getting bingo can give you a super move, +5 friendship to all JustChara, or +1
level to all of your stats. There's two of each of these rewards, so there's 2
ways to get any of your four supers. Unfortunately, getting the same super 
twice won't change the super or give you a new one. The good thing is that you
can get the +1 Parameter and +5 Friendship bonuses twice, which do stack. If
you're planning to skip a super, always skip two (even if you want one of them)
b/c winning the tournament at the end of the Nikki will force you to obtain
another super move, so if you only skipped one, you'll be forced to get that
one anyway!

////////// Chibi Battles \\\\\\\\\\

Chibi battles are when both your characters go to a different screen and duke
it out Friday Night Sissy Fight style. Three roulettes roll for each character
and the person controlling each character must stop the three roulettes on a
stat. These stats are then added up into a big green bar. Whoever has the
biggest green bar wins. There's plenty ways to initiate Chibi battle. You can
use a Battle Card, move to the same block as an opposing character (the first
option is fight, the second is do not fight) or you can step on a class block
owned by another character and fight them for it.

If the fight was initiated by either stepping on them or using a battle card,
you get to choose your reward after winning. The choices are:

Impress a JustChara
Steal a Class Block
Steal their Partner
Steal a Card

You can only impress a JustChara that your opponent has had contact with,
either by stepping on the same block as that JustChara or using a partner card.
The rest is pretty self-explanatory. If you have Nagare as your partner, he'll
give you an extra card at the end of the battle (this, I believe, is a random
card, NOT one of your opponent's). The loser will also lose 3 HP after the

Having a partner will give you various stat bonuses. This can be viewed under
the "Obtaining a Team-Up Attack and Partners" Section.

     C. Obtaining Special Moves
This is going to be a LONG section, bare with me.

Obtaining special moves is pretty easy, obtaining the special moves you
actually want is NOT. Basically, to get a special move you have to land on one
of the green GET! blocks. These blocks allow you to learn a special move
according to the command floating above the box. For instance, the green box
that's 5 spaces up up and left from the start position lets you learn a
special move for the basic d df f+P manuever. Now to get into more complicated

Most, but not all, special moves will be available to you from the start.
The pool of skills you can learn as your FIRST (and first only!) special move
is decided by what study plan you've chosen. The list can be found in the above
section: Choosing and Raising Your Parameters.

Choosing a beginning special move can be difficult because, in true capcom
fashion, things can get unneccesarily complicated. Remember what Study Plan
you've chosen, because choosing a special move under one study plan may just
put you on a different path than choosing it under a different study plan. For
instance, choosing the Cross Cutter on the General Studies plan will put you on 
Path C, while choosing the Cross Cutter under the Art Plan will put you on Path
M. The cross cutter, dynamite straight, and kiaidan are infamous for this.

Choose your first special move VERY wisely, because it will affect all your
other available mobes. The first special move obtained puts you on a "skill 
path." You will NOT be able to change what path you're on after selecting
your first special move, even if you go back to that same block and change
your move to something else. To witness this, trying moving back to the square
you learned your first special move on, and you'll notice that the list has
dwindled quite significantly. That's because you're on the path for that first
special move you selected. After selecting your first special move, order no
longer affects what special moves appear. 

There is a small exception to the never changing your path rule. If you step
on the block that randomizes all of your special moves it will change your
path, but you won't regain any of your old special moves, so you can't cheat
the system.

You may also notice, if you're playing with a friend, that some of the exact
same green blocks will give you two different commands. I guess to limit the
number of special moves a custom character has, a certain path may not allow
you to learn a special move for a certain command. For instance, choosing the
Kyosuke's Cross Cutter d df f+P as your first special move will not allow you
to learn a move the good old dragon punch command, f d df+P, so you can't learn
Kyosuke's Raijin Upper. This may also have been implemented in the game to 
prohibit making carbon copies of certain characters. In theory, you could
create a character with Demon Hyo's specials and then give out the password for
him, which will make it so people don't have to unlock Demon Hyo. The fault to
that is his supers will be wrong, and he certainly won't look like D-Hyo.

Another interesting thing is that choosing the same move in air or for a
different command can totally change your path. For example, choosing the
Enbukyaku [HIN] will give you a different path than choosing the Air Enbukyaku.
An example of the command thing, is if you choose Dynamite Straight [ROY] to
d df f+P you'll be put on the C Path, while choosing the Dynamite Straight as 
your d db b+P move will put you on the A path. This is one reason why I'm only 
listing the d df f+P starters.

The Path lists here are in the EXACT order that they are when stepping on
a green block in the game, so no Japanese is needed, you just have to be
able to count. I've only listed the d df f+P starters, because these will open
up any path. This shouldn't be much of a problem, since there's little reason
to skip out on getting a hadoken command special move.

Also note not all paths can be opened up in all five study plans, most paths
are exclusive to one or two study plans. Also be aware that learning a move
on the ground will not allow you to use it in air as well, you must learn the
air version of the move seperately. This is not true for Super moves, unless
you're on Path Z.

Of course, there's always secrets to be found, in any mode. This secret isn't
that "secret" but it's a path that certainly isnt gained in conventional means.
I've named this Path Z. This path lets you obtain various super moves for your
special move commands (so you can get the Shinku Hadoken for d df f+P). This
sounds great, but those super moves still take super bars, so it really isn't
that special, though an AI-controlled character with high stats can be pretty
beast with this path. This path is also mapped out at the end of the normal
ones. To get this path, you just have to get a super move before getting a
special one. So, just fill up a bingo board row that gives you a super before
hitting that first special move block and enjoy.

If you aren't sure about a special move check the special move index at the
end of this FAQ. This can help immensely because it describes all the moves for
every character and is in alphabetical order for easy look up.

Here's a few things to take into account:
-Some moves aren't from an exisiting Justice Character, these are marked with
 [CUS] for custom.
-If you get Hyo's Iaigiri on your custom character, the custom character will
 not be able to to do Hyo's second slash, thus making this move less useful.
-There's a few kanji readings I just had to guess on (sorry!).
-I pretty accurately misspelled all of Yurika's music words, except for Waltz,
 I think.
-I make mistakes pretty often, please email me and tell me what I screwed up!

////////// Path A \\\\\\\\\\
Path A can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

General Studies
Kiaidan [BAT], Mukurorimon [AKI], Grapple Beat [CUS]

Physical Education
Kiaidan [BAT], Cross Cutter [KYO], Mukurorimon [AKI]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Kiaidan [BAT]
2. Cross Cutter [KYO]
3. Mukurorimon [AKI]
4. Grapple Beat [CUS]

d df f+K
1. Genei Kick [KYO]
2. Groovy Wheel [TIF]

d db b+P
1. Dynamite Straight [ROY]
2. Touchdown Wave [ROY]
3. Burning Elbow [B-BAT]
4. Kaiten Recieve [NAT]

d db b+K
1. Mikazuki Kick [BAT]
2. Enbukyaku [HIN]
3. Exciting Kick [TIF]
4. Sliding Kick [ROB]

f d df+P
1. Shoyoken [HIN]
2. Jicchokuken [HID]
3. Twister Upper [ROY]
4. Raijin Upper [KYO]

f d df+K
1. Beautiful Spin [TIF]
2. Overhead Kick [ROB]

f df d db b+P
1. Screw Piledriver [CUS]

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Kiaidan [BAT]
2. Genei Wave [KYO]
3. Air Dynamite [ROY]

AIR d df f+K
1. Air Genei Kick [KYO]
2. Air Groovy Wheel [TIF]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Enbukyaku [HIN]
2. Air Exciting Kick [TIF]

I: Zenkai Kiaidan [BAT]
II: Super Raijin Upper [KYO]
III: Dynamite Justice [ROY]
IV: Double Screw Piledriver [CUS] 

////////// Path B \\\\\\\\\\
Path B can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

General Studies
Hadoken [CUS], Kikoshotei [HIN], Cross Cutter [KYO]

Economic Studies
Hadoken [CUS], Kikoshotei [HIN], Mukurorimon [AKI]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Hadoken [CUS]
2. Kikoshotei [HIN]
3. Shokushin [KYK]
4. Cross Cutter [KYO]
5. Mukurorimon [AKI]

d df f+K
1. Hyakuretsukyaku [CUS]
2. Senshubu [AKI]
3. Genei Kick [KYO]
4. Long Shoot [ROB]
5. Musogeri [DAI]

d db b+P
1. Tenkohadoken [CUS]
2. Shussekikakumin [KYK]
3. Kogai [RAN]

d db b+K
1. Mikazuki Kick [BAT]
2. Enbukyaku [HIN]
3. Kaishin [KYK]

f d df+P

f d df+K
1. Rising Kick [CUS]
2. Beautiful Spin [TIF]

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Hadoken [CUS]
2. Genei Wave [KYO]

AIR d df f+K
1. Air Genei Kick [KYO]
2. Raieishu [HID]
3. Enkyakudan [HIN]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Enbukyaku [HIN]
2. Air Kaishin [KYK]

I: Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
II: Shinku Tenkohadoken [CUS]
III: Senretsukyaku [CUS]
IV: Rasen Ebukyaku [HIN]
V: Shimazuryu Raieishu [HID]

////////// Path C \\\\\\\\\\
Path C can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

General Studies
Dynamite Straight [ROY], Seihaken [HID], Yamikagura [KUR]

Practical Studies
Seihaken [HID], Shokushin [KYK], Dynamite Straight [ROY], Yamikagura [KUR]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Dynamite Straight [ROY]
2. Seihaken [HID]
3. Shokushin [KYK]
4. Yamikagura [KUR]

d df f+K
1. Long Shoot [ROB]
2. Yashaguruma [KUR]
3. Zenhotenshin no Kata [IIN]

d db b+P
1. Genei Breaker [KYO]
2. Touchdown Wave [ROY]
3. Kiai Knuckle [HAY]
4. Perfect Catch [ROB]

d db b+K
1. Yamikake [KUR]
2. Kaishin [KYK]
3. Exciting Kick [TIF]

f d df+P
1. Guts Upper [BAT]
2. Shoyoken [HIN]
3. Jicchokuken [HID]
4. Roppuzuki [KUR]

f d df+K
1. Rising Kick [CUS]

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Dynamite [ROY]
2. Air Seihaken [HID]

AIR d df f+K
1. Air Yashaguruma [KUR]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Kaishin [KYK]
2. Air Exciting Kick [TIF] 

I: Shimazuryu Shin Jicchokuken [HID]
II: Zenkai Guts Upper [BAT]
III: Ankoku Yamikagura [KUR]
IV: Rasen Enbukyaku [HIN]

////////// Path D \\\\\\\\\\
Path D can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

General Studies
Miwaku no Waltz [YUR], Jumonjigiri [HYO], Rekketsu Shinai [HAY]

Economic Studies
Miwaku no Waltz [YUR], Jumonjigiri [HYO], Rekketsu Shinai [HAY]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Miwaku no Waltz [YUR]
2. Jumonjigiri [HYO]
3. Nekketsu Shinai [HAY]

d df f+K
1. Spin*Smash [MOM]
2. Musogeri [DAI]
3. Genei Kick [HYO]

d db b+P
1. Shukku [D-HYO]
2. Shinkugiri [CUS]
3. Iaigiri [HYO]

d db b+K
1. Mikazuki Kick [BAT]
2. Senshubu [AKI]

f d df+P
1. Oryuzan [HYO]
2. Shinen no Menuet [YUR]
3. Daikaitendabo [SHO]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Tenraizan [HYO]
2. Air Nekketsu Shinai [HAY]

AIR d df f+K
1. Kaiten Shinai Otoshi [HAY]
2. Raieishu [HID]
3. Air Genei Kick [HYO]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K

I: Mugenryu Ankoku Shogekizan [D-HYO]
II: Jiai no Requiem [YUR]
III: Nekketsu Kazaguruma [HAY]
IV: Ankoku Geneishu [HYO]

////////// Path E \\\\\\\\\\
Path E can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

General Studies
Shokushin [KYK], Shining Save [ROB]

Economic Studies
Shokushin [KYK], Shining Save [ROB]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Shokushin [KYK]
2. Shining Save [ROB]

d df f+K
1. Groovy Wheel [TIF]
2. Zenhotenshin no Kata [IIN]
3. Katayoku no Kamae [KYK]

d db b+P
1. Shockwave [CUS]
2. Genei Breaker [KYO]

d db b+K
1. Yamikake [KUR]
2. Hobu [AKI]
3. Shinenkyaku [HID]

f d df+P
1. Sho'oken [CUS]
2. Sliding Recieve [NAT]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P
1. Giant Swing [MOM]

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Shining Save [ROB]
2. Daisenbu [GAN]

AIR d df f+K

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K

I: Shi no Kaigo [KYK]
II: Imawanoryu Mozu Otoshi [B-BAT]
III: S Groovy Wheel [TIF]
IV: Groovy Screw [TIF]

////////// Path F \\\\\\\\\\
Path F can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Physical Education
Chogosokyu [SHO], Tobikomi [NAG], Nyukon Serve [NAT]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Chogosokyu [SHO]
2. Tobikomi [NAG]
3. Nyukon Serve [NAT]

d df f+K
1. Groovy Wheel [TIF]
2. Long Shoot [ROB]
3. Hyakuretsukyaku [CUS]

d db b+P
1. Iaigiri [HYO]
2. Perfect Catch [ROB]
3. Kaiten Recieve [NAT]
4. Jinkokokyu [NAG]

d db b+K
1. Sliding Kick [ROB]
2. Niagara Drop [SHO]
3. Mikazuki Kick [BAT]

f d df+P
1. Daikaitendabo [SHO]
2. Racket Rocket [MOM]
3. Sliding Recieve [NAT] 

f d df+K
1. Overhead Kick [ROB]
2. Rising Kick [CUS]

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Chogosokyu [SHO]
2. Air Tobikomi [NAG]
3. Air Nyukon Serve [NAT]

AIR d df f+K
1. Bicycle Kick [ROB]
2. Ryusei Kick [BAT]
3. Raieishu [HID]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K

I: Bunshin Makyu [SHO]
II: Momo Crash [MOM]
III: Bakuretsu V Goal [ROB]
IV: Super Tobikomi [NAG]

////////// Path G \\\\\\\\\\
Path G can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Physical Education
Shining Save [ROB], Dynamite Straight [ROY]

Economic Studies
Nyukon Serve [NAT], Dynamite Straight [ROY]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Nyukon Serve [NAT]
2. Shining Save [ROB]
3. Dynamite Straight [ROY]

d df f+K
1. Long Shoot [ROB]
2. God Defense Foward [BOW]
3. Zenhotenshin no Kata [IIN]
4. Hiraoyogi Kick [NAG]

d db b+P
1. Kaiten Recieve [NAT]
2. Kashiwade Yaburi [GAN]
3. Shockwave [CUS]
4. Kogai [RAN]

d db b+K
1. Niagara Drop [SHO]
2. Sliding Kick [ROB]
3. God Defense Backward [BOW]

f d df+P
1. Sliding Recieve [NAT]
2. Sho'oken [CUS]
3. Guts Upper [BAT]

f d df+K
1. Overhead Kick [ROB]
2. Kiai Kick [HAY]
3. Beautiful Spin [TIF]

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Shining Save [ROB]
2. Air Nyukon Serve [NAT]

AIR d df f+K

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K

I: Tenjo Serve [NAT]
II: Midare Sakura [CUS]
III: Cho Bata Ashi [NAG]
IV: Chosatsujin Sliding [SHO]

////////// Path H \\\\\\\\\\
Path H can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Physical Education
Urarimon [P-AKI], Grapple Beat [CUS]

Practical Studies
Shining Save [ROB], Grapple Beat [CUS], Urarimon [P-AKI]

Performing Arts
Shining Save [ROB], Grapple Beat [CUS], Urarimon [P-AKI]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Shining Save [ROB]
2. Grapple Beat [CUS]
3. Urarimon [P-AKI]

d df f+K
1. Buchikamashi [GAN]
2. Zenhotenshin no Kata [IIN]
3. Hiraoyogi Kick [NAG]

d db b+P
1. Double Lariat [CUS]
2. Daichizuki [DAI]
3. Kiai Knuckle [HAY]

d db b+K
1. Double Shido Kick [HAY]
2. Shiden no Kata [IIN]

f d df+P
1. Guts Upper [BAT]
2. Raijin Upper [KYO]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P
1. Screw Piledriver [CUS]
2. Oarashi [GAN]

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Shining Save [ROB]
2. Daisenbu [GAN]

AIR d df f+K

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K

I: Fire Grapple Beat [CUS]
II: Double Screw Piledriver [CUS]
III: Nadare Otoshi [GAN]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

////////// Path I \\\\\\\\\\
Path I can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Physical Education
Kikoshotei [HIN], Teppozuki [GAN], Musozuki [DAI], God Rush [BOW]

Practical Studies
Kikoshotei [HIN], Teppozuki [GAN], God Rush [BOW]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Kikoshotei [HIN]
2. Teppozuki [GAN]
3. Musozuki [DAI]
4. God Rush [BOW]

d df f+K
1. Musogeri [DAI]
2. Aranamishiko [GAN]
3. Katayoku no Kamae [KYK]

d db b+P
1. Kashiwade Yaburi [GAN]
2. Daichizuki [DAI]
3. Kiai Knuckle [HAY]
4. God Hook [BOW]

d db b+K
1. Niagara Drop [SHO]
2. Double Shido Kick [HAY]
3. Buchikamashi [GAN]

f d df+P
1. Shoryu no Kata [IIN]
2. Musouraken [DAI]
3. Roppuzuki [KUR]

f d df+K
1. Kiai Kick [HAY]
2. Rising Kick [CUS]

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Kikokai [DAI]
2. Genei wave [KYO]

AIR d df f+K

AIR d db b+P
1. God Lariat [BOW]
2. Air Kogai [RAN]

AIR d db b+K

I: Midare Teppozuki [GAN]
II: Heaven's Cross [BOW]
III: Kokikokai [DAI]
IV: Tengoku eno Kaidan [KYK]

////////// Path J \\\\\\\\\\
Path J can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Practical Studies
Tobikomi [NAG], Shockwave [CUS], Groovy Knuckle [TIF]

Performing Arts
Tobikomi [NAG], Shockwave [CUS]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Tobikomi [NAG]
2. Groovy Knuckle [TIF]
3. Shockwave [CUS]

d df f+K
1. God Defense Foward [BOW]
2. Koko no Pride [ZAK]
3. Shiden no Kata [IIN]

d db b+P
1. Kuonsaki [KUR]
2. Kogai [RAN]
3. Fugekishu [AKI]
4. Double Lariat [CUS]

d db b+K
1. Yamikake [KUR]
2. Sliding Kick [ROB]
3. God Defense Backward [BOW]

f d df+P

f d df+K
1. Kiai Kick [HAY]
2. Hiraoyogi Kick [NAG]

f df d db b+P
1. Screw Piledriver [CUS]

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Tobikomi [NAG]
2. Air Dynamite [ROY]

AIR d df f+K
1. Kanzen Block [NAT]
2. Ganseki Kudaki [CUS]

AIR d db b+P
1. Air Kogai [RAN]
2. God Lariat [BOW]

AIR d db b+K

I: Super Shockwave [CUS]
II: Tenjo Serve [NAT]
III: Kojin Medore [NAG]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

////////// Path K \\\\\\\\\\
Path K can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Practical Studies
Uragiri [EDG], Hakai no Tessa [ZAK], Musozuki [DAI]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Uragiri [EDG]
2. Hakai no Tessa [ZAK]
3. Musozuki [DAI]

d df f+K
1. Bato [EDG]
2. Koko no Pride [ZAK]
3. Musogeri [DAI]

d db b+P
1. Taiku'uragiri [EDG]
2. Dokuja no Tessa [ZAK]
3. Daichizuki [DAI]

d db b+K
1. Hakai [EDG]
2. Gankogeri [ZAK]

f d df+P
1. Kuho no Tessa [ZAK]
2. Musouraken [DAI]
3. Yosu Saiken [P-AKI]
4. Grapple Beat [CUS]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Uragiri [EDG]
2. Air Hakai no Tessa [ZAK]

AIR d df f+K

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Hakai [EDG]

I: Sozetsu na Uragiri [EDG]
II: Fire Grapple Beat [CUS]
III: Hissatsu Inazuma Gankogeri [ZAK]
IV: Shin Otoko no Senaka [DAI]

////////// Path L \\\\\\\\\\
Path L can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Economic Studies
Groovy Knuckle [TIF], Cross Cutter [KYO]

Performing Arts
Groovy Knuckle [TIF], Mukurorimon [AKI]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Cross Cutter [KYO]
2. Groovy Knuckle [TIF]
3. Mukurorimon [AKI]

d df f+K
1. Katayoku no Kamae [KYK]
2. Senshubu [AKI]

d db b+P
1. Shusekikakumin [KYK]
2. Groovy Punch [TIF]
3. Genei Breaker [KYO]
4. Hiren no Serenade [YUR]

d db b+K
1. Yamikake [KUR]
2. Hobu [AKI]

f d df+P
1. Sliding Recieve [NAT]
2. Raijin Upper [KYO]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P

AIR d df f+K
1. Enkyakudan [HIN]
2. Ryusei Kick [BAT]

AIR d db b+P
1. Air Kiren no Serenade [YUR]
2. God Lariat [BOW]

AIR d db b+K

I: Kakusan Cross Cutter [KYO]
II: Jiai no Reqiuem [YUR]
III: Wonderful Kick [TIF]
IV: Sekkyokogeki [IIN]

////////// Path M \\\\\\\\\\
Path M can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Performing Arts
Uragiri [EDG], Cross Cutter [KYO]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Uragiri [EDG]
2. Urarimon [P-AKI]
3. Cross Cutter [KYO]

d df f+K
1. Yashaguruma [KUR]

d db b+P
1. Shukku [D-HYO]
2. Taiku'uragiri [EDG]
3. Jinkokokyu [NAG]

d db b+K
1. Yamikake [KUR]
2. Hakai [EDG]

f d df+P
1. Roppuzuki [KUR]
2. Raijin Upper [KYO]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Uragiri [EDG]
2. Tenraizan [HYO]

AIR d df f+K
1. Air Yashaguruma [KUR]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Hakai [EDG]

I: Sozetsu na Uragiri [EDG]
II: Kirishimaryu Shinku Anran [KUR]
III: Kirishimaryu Kyojureppa [KUR]
IV: Imawanoryu Mozu Otoshi [B-BAT]

////////// Path N \\\\\\\\\\
Path N can be initiated by choosing any of these  d df f+P as your first
special move:

Performing Arts
Hadoken [CUS], Kikoshotei [HIN], Kiaidan [BAT]

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Hadoken [CUS]
2. Kikoshotei [HIN]
3. Kiaidan [BAT]

d df f+K
1. Zenhotenshin no Kata [IIN]
2. Koko no Pride [ZAK]
3. Genei Kick [KYO]

d db b+P
1. Tenkohadoken [CUS]
2. Genei Breaker [KYO]
3. Perfect Catch [ROB]

d db b+K
1. Enbukyaku [HIN]
2. Shinenkyaku [HID]
3. Niagara Drop [SHO]
4. Kaishin [KYK]

f d df+P
1. Sho'oken [CUS]
2. Jicchokuken [HID]
3. Guts Upper [BAT]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Hadoken [CUS]
2. Air Kiaidan [BAT]
3. Kikokai [DAI]

AIR d df f+K
1. Ryusei Kick [BAT]
2. Air Genei Kick [KYO]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Enbukyaku [HIN]
2. Air Kaishin [KYK]

I: Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
II: Tenko Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
III: Midare Sakura [CUS]
IV: Haru Ichiban [CUS]

////////// Path Z \\\\\\\\\\
Path Z can be initiated by getting a super move by using your bingo class board
before gaining a special move.

These moves will be available by stepping on the respective GET block:

d df f+P
1. Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
2. Midare Teppozuki [GAN]

d df f+K
1. Haten Mueishu [AKI]
2. Double Genei Kick [KYO]

d db b+P
1. Zenkai Guts Upper [BAT]
2. Dynamite Justice [ROY] 

d db b+K
1. Rasen Enbukyaku [HIN]
2. Shi no Kaigo [KYK]

f d df+P
1. Shimazuryu Shin Jicchokuken [HID]
2. Super Raijin Upper [KYO]

f d df+K

f df d db b+P

AIR d df f+P
1. Air Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
2. Nadare Otoshi [GAN]

AIR d df f+K
1. Zenkai Ryusei Kick [BAT]
2. Air Double Genei Kick [KYO]

AIR d db b+P

AIR d db b+K
1. Air Rasen Enbukyaku [HIN]

I: Denjin Hadoken [CUS]
II: Funkazan [GAN]
III: Haru Ichiban [CUS]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

If you don't obtain any special moves throughout all fourty turns of the Nikki,
right before the tournament you'll get this move list:

Special Moves
d df f+P: Shippu no Kata [IIN]
d df f+K: Bato [EDG]
d db b+P: Groovy Punch [TIF]
Super Moves
d db bx2 +K: Groovy Screw [TIF]

Unfortunately, this is the only known way to get the Shippu no Kata.

     D. Obtaining Super Moves

Obtaining the super moves you want can be damn near impossible, so you usually
have to stick with what ya get. First off, to obtain a super move you can
either fill up a bingo row that yields a super attack (explained in "playing
the nikki"), or win the end of the nikki tournament. The first way is the
preferred way, where winning the nikki should be a last resort, because if you
have all four of your supers when you win the tournament, you'll be rewarded
with a boost to your stats instead of a super.

The super moves you can obtain are, just like your special moves, controlled
by the path you've chosen (that's why in the special moves section it lists the
supers for each path). Unfortunately, you do not have a choice with your
supers, you're just given what they give you. Your only choice is to not obtain
a super(which is a viable option for ppl wanting to follow a gimmick or trying
to create a character from another game). To do this, just purposely don't get
the bingo row that goes with that super. You can check what bingo rows lead to
what by checking your status. You can also check what class blocks show up in
what row by hitting the x button in map mode. The only time you get a choice
of what super you want, is when you win the end-nikki tournament, but your only
choices are the four you would have obtained anyway. You could also obtain a
super and then go to the edit character menu and make your character not use
the move often, and then just not use the move yourself in battle.
Unfortunately, changing the AI of the character doesn't always work, because
my character Shiro still used the Jiai no Requiem quite often, despite telling
him to use it not often in all cases in the edit character menu. Be careful if
you're skipping a super, because there's usually two bingo rows that yield a 
super. You can tell which rows lead to what by checking your status and
looking at the symbol at the end of the reward. Highlight the symbol and their
should be either 1) Some japanese symbols with a +5 2)Some Japanese symbols
with a +1 or 3)Some complicated symbols (kanji!) with a number 1-4. The 1-4 
number is the one your looking for. The number corresponds to the super number, 
viewable in the special move list above, or the super move list below. When you
obtain the move, its listed with roman numerals on the status menu, so I'm 
using the roman numerals for this list. The other bingo bonuses are explained 
in "playing the nikki."
The roman numeral supers are with these commands:
I: d df f (x2)+P
II: d db b (x2)+P
III: d df f (x2)+K
IV: d db b (x2)+K

If a super move can be done in the air, you don't have to obtain that one
seperately like you do the special move. However, in air only moves are, from
what I've seen, learned as fifth super moves.

You can only obtain four supers in the nikki mode, but it seems like some of
them come in little two packs. Obtaining the Shinku Hadoken will give you the
air version of the move (which registers as a totally different move, unlike
most air versions) and getting one of the path B supers unlocks the Shimazuryu
Raieishu (my guess is either getting all four or getting the Senretsukyaku). I
haven't quite figured out how the fifth super phenomenom works, but it seems it
only occurs for certain paths, and just obtaining all the supers is your best

I don't remember where I read the information, but I remember reading something
about getting a JustChara as your bestfriend (meaning they meet you at the camp
fire after the nikki) will let you learn one of their super moves. This is, 
to my knowledge, FALSE. I've tried every which way to do so, and it just 
doesn't happen. The only rewards for getting a bestfriend is playing around 
with their chibi model in the Omake menu, and seeing the ending (which is 
worthless to most of you who read this, because it's very japanese extensive).

Only the super moves that are obtained from using the bingo board for Path Z
(explained in the special moves section) will be listed here.

You can see descriptions of the super moves in the super move list in the index
section at the end of this FAQ.

Here's the list:

////////// Path A \\\\\\\\\\

I: Zenkai Kiaidan [BAT]
II: Super Raijin Upper [KYO]
III: Dynamite Justice [ROY]
IV: Double Screw Piledriver [CUS]

////////// Path B \\\\\\\\\\

I: Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
II: Shinku Tenko Hadoken [CUS]
III: Senretsukyaku [CUS]
IV: Rasen Enbukyaku [HIN]
(V.) Shimazuryu Raieishu [HID]

////////// Path C \\\\\\\\\\

I: Shimazuryu Shin Jicchokuken [HID]
II: Zenkai Guts Upper [BAT]
III: Ankoku Yamikagura [KUR]
IV: Rasen Enbukyaku [HIN]

////////// Path D \\\\\\\\\\

I: Mugenryu Ankoku Shogekizan [D-HYO]
II: Jiai no Reqiuem [YUR]
III: Nekketsu Kazaguruma [HAY]
IV: Ankoku Geneishu [HYO]

////////// Path E \\\\\\\\\\

I: Shi no Kaigo [KYK]
II: Imawanoryu Mozu Otoshi [B-BAT]
III: S Groovy Wheel [TIF]
IV: Groovy Screw [TIF]

////////// Path F \\\\\\\\\\

I: Bunshin Makyu [SHO]
II: Momo Crash [MOM]
III: Bakuretsu V Goal [ROB]
IV: Super Tobikomi [NAG]

////////// Path G \\\\\\\\\\

I: Tenjo Serve [NAT]
II: Midare Sakura [CUS]
III: Cho Bata Ashi [NAG]
IV: Chosatsujin Sliding [SHO]

////////// Path H \\\\\\\\\\

I: Fire Grapple Beat [CUS]
II: Double Screw Piledriver [CUS]
III: Nadare Otoshi [GAN]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

////////// Path I \\\\\\\\\\

I: Midare Teppozuki [GAN]
II: Heaven's Cross [BOW]
III: Kokikokai [DAI]
IV: Tengoku eno Kaidan [KYK]

////////// Path J \\\\\\\\\\

I: Super Shockwave [CUS]
II: Tenjo Serve [NAT]
III: Kojin Medore [NAG]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

////////// Path K \\\\\\\\\\

I: Sozetsu na Uragiri [EDG]
II: Fire Grapple Beat [CUS]
III: Hissatsu Inazumi Gankogeri [ZAK]
IV: Shin Otoko no Senaka [DAI]

////////// Path L \\\\\\\\\\

I: Kakusan Cross Cutter [KYO]
II: Meifu no Nocturn [YUR]
III: Wonderful Kick [TIF]
IV: Sekkyokogeki [IIN]

////////// Path M \\\\\\\\\\

I: Sozetsu na Uragiri [EDG]
II: Kirishimaryu Shinku Anran [KUR]
III: Kirishimaryu Kyoju Reppa [KUR]
IV: Imawanoryu Mozu Otoshi [B-BAT]

////////// Path N \\\\\\\\\\

I: Shinku Hadoken [CUS]
II: Shinku Tenko Hadoken [CUS]
III: Midare Sakura [CUS]
IV: Haru Ichiban [CUS]
(V.) Air Shinku Hadoken [CUS]

////////// Path Z \\\\\\\\\\

I: Denjin Hadoken [CUS]
II: Funkazan [GAN]
III: Haru Ichiban [CUS]
IV: Nekketsu Yase Gaman [HAY]

     E. Obtaining Team-Up Attacks and Partners

Partners can really mean the difference between win and lose in any fight,
nikki or otherwise. Getting a temporary partner in the Nikki is pretty simple,
the first time you talk to a character, there is a chance (it's not based on
any condition, it really is a random chance) that the character will join you.
The chance is about 50/50. The other way to get a partner is to use the quite
abundant partner cards. These cards show two green figures on it. Partner cards
can be used to get a chara in your map area (areas are explained in "playing 
the nikki" and the board map in the indexes), so even if Momo is one block away
from you, if you're in the pool area and she's in the south grounds area, she
won't be able to join you. Of course, you can always use teleport cards to
bring you favorite character to you (also explained in "playing the nikki").

Some other things could also happen at the first contact with a JustChara. He
or she may just have a conversation with you and nothing will happen, or he/she
will give you a personal bonus block. You'll know when the character gives you
a bonus block to reach, because the camera will move to that block and point at
it. If you land on the block your friendship with that person will go up. Whats
friendship do? At the end of the nikki, if your friendship with a character is
at the highest level, then that character will show up at the campfire to speak
with you, where he/she will have a lengthy conversation with your character,
and you'll unlock that ending in the Omake menu, as well as their chibi nikki
sprite to play around with (get Momo!). Also, a character with high friendship
will stay as your partner longer in the nikki mode, and they might show up at
the end of the nikki tournament. Having a partner can help wonders because your
character will be able to use the team-up attack (which pretty much interupts
anything, and the AI seems to find easier to connect than supers) and even if
you didn't acquire any supers in the nikki, you character will have this to
use super bars on. You can check your friendship level with a character at
the status screen. Blue is the lowest level, Red is the highest.

Here's a list of all the cool things partners do with them in nikki chibi
battle mode:

Character        Effect
Akira            -8 Attack to Opp
Batsu            +10 Potential to you
Bowman           +10 Defense to you
Edge             -8 Defense to Opp
Daigo            +10 nikki points if you win
Gan              +10 Health to you
Hayato           +10 Willpower to you
Hideo            Subtacts random number from Opp power bar
Hinata           Adds random value to your power bar
Hyo              -8 HP to opp (ouch!)
Iincho           Subtracts random value from Opp power bar
Kurow            -2 to all Opp's stats
Kyoko            +2 to all your stats
Kyosuke          -8 Intelligence to Opp
Momo             -8 Potential to Opp
Nagare           Gives you a random card with Victory
Natsu            Subtracts random value from Opp power bar
Ran              +2 Friendship to All JustChara
Roberto          -8 Attack to Opp
Roy              -8 Willpower to Opp
Shoma            +10 Attack to you
Tiffany          Restores 4 HP to you
Yurika           +10 Intelligence to you
Zaki*            ?

I'm really not sure about Zaki. Another FAQ said she gives you a random bonus,
but I have yet to see this. All she does for me is stand there and look like a
bad mortal kombat character. To my knowledge, she does NOTHING.

On a quick note, when I say first contact with the person, this is first
contact when they are at the lowest level of friendship.

There's plenty of ways to gain friendship with a character, some easier than
others. First off, completing certain bingo rows (indicated by a heart on the
status screen) will give you +5 friendship with all characters. From what I
understand, it takes 10 friendship to raise a level (or at least from the
lowest level to the next), so, if you finish your whole bingo board, you should
be on the green level with all characters, and at least the yellow level with
characters you've fought with for a decent amount of time. Another way is to
get that character to join (partner card or otherwise) and simply win nikki
battles (friday night sissy fights I like to call em ^_-) with them by your
side. I'm not sure what the number value after each fight is, but it adds up
pretty quickly, especially if you fight often. You can also use Friendship up
cards to make a person like you more (these cards have pink hearts on them),
which automatically bumps a character to the next friendship level.
Unfortunately, these are a bit rare. The easiest way to pick them up is to land 
on the grey X3 card square on the ground floor of the school area. These can 
not only land you some friendship cards, but also some Move X and Class Steal
cards. Another easy way to gain popularity with all characters (one I almost
forgot!) is to have Ran as your partner. If you win a chibi battle with her as
your partner she'll blabber her mouth all around campus and tell all the Just
Charas, who'll all get +2 friendship. This can get annoying because some charas
you don't like will start liking you.

The last, and least recommended way, is to land on the same square as
your desired character and talk to them. They'll have a conversation with you
(usually about really trivial stuff, Natsu complains about Momo, Hinata just
annoys you to death) and then you'll be prompted with three choices. Generally,
one choice is good, one is bad, and the other is neutral. The good choice will
raise your friendship with them pretty substantially (usually a whole level),
the neutral choice does nothing (waste of a turn!) and the bad choice lowers
your friendship with a character (also pretty substantially!). There's three
conversations you can get in one nikki for each character, so you can almost
get the character to the highest friendship with just these. Despite this, this
way is the least recommended because you're stuck trying to hunt down your fav
character instead of gaining stats or moves and it can be difficult to land
right on the square you want. The higher your friendship the higher chance the
character might just stop you in your tracks though. If you walk past them they
might just bump into you (on purpose!) and start a conversation with you. Make
sure to save before walking past a buddy, because you don't want them to bump
into you and then give them the wrong answer and have them hate your guts. This
can get quite annoying if you fill out your bingo board, because characters you
don't even like will bump into you and stop you from going somewhere. If a
particular character is blocking your way you can either: Use a Frown card,
which will make it so the character won't talk to anyone for a certain amount
of turns, or use a broken heart card, which will lower their friendship with
you. To save you from bumping into characters you dislike, try to focus your
friendship efforts on one or two characters, and very rarely team-up with any
others. Having half of the JustCharas at the yellow level can be a huge pain
in the butt. I'm compiling a list of responses to help out friendships or
purposely hurt them. I'm only listing the best and worst responses (not the
neutral) because they are the only useful ones. To make a great edit character,
you can't waste turns!

Here's the list, let me explain what's going on. Character is the character's
name, conv # is the number of conversation. This number only counts
conversations with CHOICES! So the first conversation you have with the chara
or talking to them to gain a team-up attack does NOT count! So not to totally
confused ppl, I'll use roman numerals for the CONV #. Best and Worst numbers
are the number of response to get either friendship up or frienship down. The
first choice being the one the cursor starts with, at the top. This list is
probably flawed, because my notes were super sloppy. Also note that in many of
the earlier dialogues (like the first one) there are two different good
choices. I'm only listing one. Please email me with mistakes or additions.

Akira           I         3         ?
Batsu           I         2         3
Batsu           II        ?         2
Bowman          I         1         ?
Diago           I         1         ?
Edge            I         2         3
Gan             I         ?         1
Hideo           I         3         1
Hinata          I         3         2
Hyo             I         1         ?
Iincho          I         1         ?
Kurow           I         2         ?
Kyoko           I         ?         1
Kyosuke         I         1         ?
Momo            I         3         1
Nagare          I         1         ?
Natsu           I         2         1
Natsu           II        1         2
Ran             I         2         3
Ran             II        1         2
Roberto         I         2         1
Roy             I         1         2
Shoma           I         1         2
Tiffany         I         2         3
Tiffany         II        1         ?
Tiffany         III       3         ?
Zaki            I         1         ?

Obtaining your team-up attack could be one of the easiest attacks you get, if
you know when to do it. TO acquire a team-up attack, just land on a space with
the character who you want the team-up attack of, and then choose the second
option. Just in case you forgot the team-up attacks for everyone, I'll list
all the ones you can get. Because certain characters have objects edit charas
just can't get (camera, tennis racquet, violin, etc), not all characters' team
up attacks are learnable. I'll also make a list of the ones not learnable below
the first list.

The easiest way to go about getting your team-up attack is know exactly which
one you want at the beginning of the game and hunt that person down first. Why?
Because if you wait until later in the game you might run out of turns and have
to settle for a bad team-up attack, or that character might like you, and
instead of letting you initiate conversation with him/her, she/he will bump in
to you and initiate conversation with you, which won't give you the choice to
learn a team-up attack. This can be a total pain. If you don't get a team-up
attack from a JustChara, you will still have one. To my knowledge it's random,
but it seems like Edit Characters start with either the W Sky Attack, Ningen
Daiho, or the Ai no Hado. Ai no Hado is not the full name of the move, b/c
I couldn't read the first few kanji in it (sorry!).

Akira         Kyusorengekishu             Series of flip kicks to kikosho blast
Batsu         W Kiaidan                   Both charas shoot kiaidan projectiles
Bowman        W Power Buster              Double mexican stretch buster ^_-
Daigo         Otoko no naka no Otoko      Daigo takes hits and uppercuts opp
Edge          Jigoku                      Double slash through with knives
Gan           Katsu Kazan                 Opp is thrown down like a rug 
Hayato        Nekketsu Kiaiho             Hayato beats yo ass,you shoot kiaidan
Hideo         Shimazuryu Soryu Seihaken   Shoryuken to in air double hadoken
Hinata        Guts Hyakubai               Hinata encourages you, guts up!
Hyo*          Zankokuzan                  Hyo slashes up you and opp
Iincho        Iincho's 1 Point Advice     Iincho's teaches you stuff,HP+Guts Up
Kurow         Kirishimaryu Jumonjisappo   Air attacks to double X kick
Kyoko         Kyukyoku no Kyuseiju        Kyoko gives you a massage, HP up!
Kyosuke       Last Symphony               Double kyosuke-style combo
Nagare        Synchronized Attack         Synchronized swimming attack
Natsu         Fight Hyakubai              Natsu encourages you, guts up!
Roberto       Trap W Shoot                Kick-up to double soccer kick
Roy           W Rising Tornado            Double rising shinryuken attack
Shoma         Grand Slam                  Spike to baseball bat smash
Tiffany       Love and Peace              Tiffany kisses you, HP up!
Zaki*         Kantsuke 120%               Zaki smacks opp with your body
EditChara     W Sky Attack                Double jumping splash on opp
EditChara     Ningen Daiho                Ally tosses you head first into opp
EditChara     Ai no Hado                  Very feminine double heart blast
*- Attacks that hurt both your character and the opponent

Team-Up Attacks you can't get:

Burning Batsu's W Kiai Beam
Momo's Ningen Kabeuchi
Powered Akira's Rengekienbu
Ran's Itadaki Scoop
Wild Daigo's Otoko no naka no Kyuki
Yurika's Gekirei no Concerto

Just in case you forgot, triple team moves are automatically assigned when you
choose a school, check the "Initial Creation" section for that!

      F. Raising Your Parameters

No matter how many cool special moves, team-up attacks, or supers move a chara
has, they will be damn near worthless without a decent amount of stats. Though
stats seem like the easiest to do, because more than half the board is stat up
blocks, getting high stats is actually harder than it seems, especially if you
are also trying to get a best friend, many special moves, and fill out your
bingo board. 

When your stats go up in the nikki mode two things happen. The point value you
get from the roulette is what is added to your actual stat for the real game,
while, depending on how much your stat went up, the stat level will go up,
which is what's used in nikki chibi battles. Of course, the level is based off
of how much the actual value of it in the real game. I'm not positive about
this, but it seems like your nikki level will go up every 3 points. That would
explain why sometimes getting a 2 added to your stats doesn't give you a level
up, and adding an 8 to your stats sometimes gives you three levels up.

Your stats for your character outside of the Nikki is a bit different from the
stats inside. It seems like they are still measured with numbers, but if you
check the status in Edit Character mode, it will say things like Very high,
high, normal, low, or very low for your stats. Generally, you've got to have
at least a 13 to get very high, but it varies for each stat. It seems attack
power is least likely to go very high, b/c I had a character at Lv11 attack in
the nikki, who, after I saved it, ended up with "Normal" for her attack rating.
14 seems to be the lowest level for all stats to achieve the very high ranking,
and for potential to start with all 5 super bars. However, this rating seems to
be just that, a rating. Your actual attack/health/defense etc. seems to still
be governed by the actual number. 

Here's a few tips to getting high stats:

Pick and Choose. Find the stats that are most important to you and really beef
those up. Try to hit lv10 with all stats, and then level your favorite ones
past that.

The max is Lv15. After hitting lv15 in the nikki mode, your level will not go
up, but it seems to still take stat increases into your actual value. Unless
you want a character to have uber attack and totally neglect everything else,
just stop around 14 or 15. I'm not even sure if added stats after lv.15 really
do add up, because I have not tested this.

You can get +1 to all stats at the end of the nikki tournament. If you've got
all the supers you want and win the nikki tournament I suggest getting the +1
to all parameters. If you have all four of your supers already, Iincho will
automatically give this to you. I believe this gives you +3 to your actual
stat values, but I'm not sure. The parameter lv. +1 choice seems to be faded
out if you already get both of the parameter level +1s from the bingo board,
but you'll still get the level boost is you get all four supers, no matter if
you got the two parameter up rows as well.

Use the club area. The club area is the area to the left top of the screen,
which is a seperated strip of blocks with some little houses to the side of
them (one of them says Tennis, can't remember if it says it in japanese or
english though lol). Using stat up blocks here can get you majorly leveled up
pretty quickly here, because instead of the usual 2-5 roulette, you get a 5-8
roulette. Your stats levels can go up from 1 to 3 in just one roll. On the down
side, there's only one block for each stat, so you have to roll an exact number
to get the stat you want. Then again, that's what soft reset is for right?

Check the Strategies for Character Creation section below for more tips!

     G. Strategies for Character Creation

Most of these strategies can and should be all used together.

////////// Soft Reseting \\\\\\\\\\

To perform the infamous soft reset, just hold all four attack buttons and
press start. This will take you back to the title screen of Justice Gakuen.
Uses of this will be explained in the following strategies.

////////// Embracing the Default \\\\\\\\\\

If you're planning to make the best character possible for the regular game,
don't play against the CPU in nikki mode! They are a huge pain in the butt!
Instead, play against another human opponent that you're controlling. Use
this character to pick up class blocks and useful cards that he/she will
purposely lose in chibi battles. To make your default character truly useful,
you might want to hit a few stat down blocks every once in a while, just to
garauntee losing to you on a normal basis. Make sure this character NEVER hits
a stat-up block and try to avoid getting partners. I've noticed its helpful to
collect two or three of the class blocks with your main character and then
leave the area. Let your default character collect the rest of the blocks, and
then step on the ones you've already collected to fight you. After a few fights
it will be really unlikely if you roll a big number that you won't be able to
land on a block that will let you fight. I've read that many ppl use three
default characters in a game with their main. In theory this will help, but
using only one keeps things simple and doesn't prolong the nikki to past maybe
an hour or two. Moving two extra characters can easily make the nikki longer
than it really has to be. I find it amusing to save these default guys after
the nikki and then let them fight it out in CPU tournaments, to see who's the
King of Default.

////////// Save, Save, Save! \\\\\\\\\\

Save before every single turn, including those of a default character! You
never know when something odd will happen or you roll a really bad number.

////////// Make Goals \\\\\\\\\\

At the beginning of the game, your goal should be to get all the special moves
you want and fill up your bingo board. Don't waste your time using stat levels
unless it will put you in a position to use a move card to get what you want.
If you roll a number that doesn't let you get a special move or class block,
just soft reset and try again. Leave the stat ups until later, when you can
focus on it and use the club area to level your stats.

////////// Don't Waste Turns! \\\\\\\\\\

You only get 40 turns, so you can't waste a single one. If you land on a block
that isn't what you're looking for, then just reset it. Don't waste turns
leveling your stats on normal stat blocks when you can use the club area later.
Don't waste turns getting cards either, because you can just as easily let your
default character get the cards and fork them over after beating them.

////////// Friends are not mandatory \\\\\\\\\\

That's right, having a best friend in no way makes your character a better
fighter in the real game, so, if you really are trying to make the strongest
character possible, just skip the whole buddy system. Use partner cards to get
a character you like, so his/her face will show on your status screen when you
save you character in the main game, but don't waste turns trying to get the
character to the highest level of friendship unless your goal is to unlock
all the chibi sprites or nikki endings.

////////// Use Teleport Cards \\\\\\\\\\

Those teleport cards you keep getting can be annoying at first, but these are
one of the best ways to get around because they dont't waste a turn, and a
default character can even use one on you. Always save a club or north grounds
area teleport card for the end of the game, so you can level up your stats at
the club area. Gym and Pool teleport cards also are a big help for getting
special moves and classes respectively.

////////// Save your Parameters for the End \\\\\\\\\\

Get all the special moves and bingo classes first, because these will define
your character's fighting style. Try to be done with these by turn 30. Then use
the remaining turns to level your stats up at the club area. That way, your
character will be your character no matter what, and how fast you obtained
everything will determine how high your stats get.

////////// Don't be afraid to Remake \\\\\\\\\\

Don't be afraid to remake a character. As you play through the nikki, you will
get better at making very strong characters, and you may find you need to
recreate your early characters because they are inadequate to the new ones.

////////// Purposely skipping moves \\\\\\\\\\

You can purposely skip a command for a special move if you look at the list and
notice you don't want any of the choices on the list. This is especially
important when making characters from other games. You can also skip a super
move by purposely not getting one of the blocks needed to complete that bingo
row. You don't want your Akuma character to have groovy wheel do ya? Remember
purposely skipping a block gives you an extra turn to level your parameters.
As for skipping supers, make sure to skip one more super than you want to skip.
So if you want to skip one super, skip two. Why? Because Iincho will force you
to choose a super at the end of the tournament and you'll be once again stuck
with the one you didn't want if that's the only one you skipped. The easiest
way to skip a super is to see where both rows for that super cross and just
skip the specific block. This will allow you to get all the other bingo goodies
and skip only that super.

////////// Use this FAQ \\\\\\\\\\

You can literally use the lists here to plan out a character before you even
start a game in the nikki mode. Find out what you want and what you want to
skip. I suggest printing the whole thing out, though it may be kind of big.
If you want to print just the lists and charts out, highlight and copy the
whole list, then paste it into a word processor. Change the font to Lucida
Console to make sure all the rows are placed right. I printed out my own FAQ
^_^. Never be afraid to break out a notebook and write down everything you
want to get with your character. This can keep you focused on your goals.

III. Using Your Character

     A. Edit Character Options

This is an in-depth explanation of all the options you have when selecting the
"Edit Character" option from the main menu of the game. First off, when you
first enter the Edit Character Menu, you'll get these choices:

Character Data
Copy Character
Delete Character
Download Character
Password Entry
Back to Main Menu

////////// Character Data Menu \\\\\\\\\\
Selecting character data will bring you to a new menu. This menu is the bulk of
your options in the Edit character mode. First, you must choose a VMU slot to
load from, then all your characters' names should show up, click on the desired
one and this menu will pop up:

CPU Edit
Command List

CPU Edit is the most interesting of these options. This will let you designate
how often the AI should use certain moves in certain situations when using your
character. There should be four tabs. These tabs, in order are: Very Close,
Close, Medium Range, and Far Range. Under each tab is a list of all the super
and special moves (including aerial versions) that your character has. By
clicking on a move, you'll get four options. By not hitting left or right and
pressing A again, you'll leave the move on the default, which is Normal. This
means the character will use the move a normal amount of times when you're at
whatever range you have selected. Pressing right once will give you "Often"
which of course raises the use of that move in that range, now right one more
time will give you "Very Often" which can increase the frequency of the move
use even more so than often. Finally, pressing right a third time will give you
Not Often, which will make your character use that move much less often than
usual. Once again, here's how many right presses equal what:

-> x 0: Normal
-> x 1: Often
-> x 2: Very Often
-> x 3: Not Often

Of course this doesn't help since you can't read the special move names right?
Wrong! Luckily, there's an order to how the special moves are listed, and the
only hard part is to remember which commands your character doesn't have a move
for. If your character does not have a move for a command, that command is
skipped (so there's not blank spot on your move list). Here's the list:

d df f+P
d db b+P
f d df+P
f df d db b+P
d df f+K
d db b+K
f d df+K
d df f x2 + P
d db b x2 + P
d df f x2 + K
d db b x2 + K
Air d df f+P
Air d db b+P
Air d df f+K
Air d db b+K
Air d df f x2 + P
Air d db b x2 + P
Air d df f x2 + K
Air d db b x2 + K

No one has a move for every command, so remember to skip the ones you don't
have. Exit with the B button, and then press the A button to save what you did.

The CPU Edit for my Shiro has him spam the Shinkugiri, which makes him nearly
untouchable sometimes (he has gotten perfect victories in AI battles, which is
VERY rare). This CPU edit made him an awesome mid-range fighter, which is great
for fighting characters that constantly need to get close.

The Edit Character Status Screen shows information about your character. At the
left top is your name and gender, with your closest friend's face picture right
under it. On the right from the top, is your Health, Super Bar Stock, Attack,
Defense, Willpower, and Intelligence. Of course, these aren't rated by number,
but instead rated from very low to very high (of course, this is in Japanese).
If you know what your stats were when you beat the Nikki, this information is
wothless to ya, because this is just a reiteration of that. You have to have a
14 or 15 in a stat to get the Very High rating.

Pressing the A button from Status goes to your command list,
but you can also select it from the main menu. This is pretty self explanatory.

Selecting the Password option brings up the password people can enter in to get
your character on their VMU, without having to trade in person. The password
function uses English Letters, Numbers, and Japanese Katakana. Since I'm not
using Japanese in this FAQ, I'm going to just number the Katakana for
passwords. The symbols, in order, are refered to like so:

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)
(6)  (7)  (8)  (9)  (10)
(11) (12) (13) (14) (15)
(16) (17) (18) (19) (20)
(21) (22) (23) (24) (25)
(26) (27) (28) (29) (30)
(31) (32) (33) (34) (35)
(36) (37) (38) (39) (40)

This will be used in the section where I give passwords for my created chara,
and also if someone wants to submit their own character to me to put on this.

Unfortunately, it seems passwords don't save CPU Edit AI, so you may also
submit the reccommended CPU Edit for your character.

As for Copying, Deleting, and Using Passwords, it's mostly self-expanatory. The
only tricky thing with using passwords, is you have to pick a slot to put that
character in on your VMU (seems like alot of ppl got stuck doing this). Make
back ups of your characters on another VMU before messing with delete and copy.
I'm not exactly sure what the Download Character function does, but I have a
feeling it was used with the Moero Justice Gakuen website. My guess is you
could download characters straight to your VMU as a save, and then use this
function to upload them into the game. This is just speculation, though.

     B. Having Fun with Your Characters

This isn't really an informative section, but more like suggestions for using
your characters. The obvious use for your Edit Character is versus mode, where
you can use your glorious creation to lay the smacketh down on all who oppose
ye. There's nothing quite like beating your friend's Hyo with a created chara
wielding a bamboo sword. Depending on how your stats came out, your character
may be too weak or even a little stronger than the main characters. One of the
easily noticable differences is with high potential you can start with 5 super
bars stocked, while normal characters start with 3. If this is your main use
for your character, I suggest skipping out on leveling your Intelligence.

Totally CPU controlled Tournaments and League Battles can be a blast. This is
where you put in all created characters and make them all controlled by CPU
and let their AI battle it out as you watch. If you plan to do this, which is
my favorite thing to do with my pplz, you should make sure to beef up
intelligence a bit. It seems like higher intelligence makes AI controlled
characters more likely to hit big combos (i'm not sure if it really makes em
smarter though -_-;). You should also make sure to do their CPU Edit from the
edit character menu, that way they won't try to use Giant Swing from two miles
away. My suggestion when doing the CPU edit is try to program it like you play
the character. Tournaments and League battles are also great b/c your charas
don't have to have high stats to be effective, as long as all the ppl in the
tournament have similar stats, the tournament will be fair. The only bad thing
is that you have to have a large number of characters (at least 8) to have fun
with this. League Battle can be done with as little as two characters though.

My last suggestion is to submit your character to me, so I can post the pword
and other people can use it. When submitting it to me, try jotting down the
movelist and get creative with it, give the moves new names that fit your
character's gimmick, and maybe even write a short profile about him/her. You
can also submit the CPU Edit you created for your character.

    C. My Custom Character Passwords

When entering in passwords you have Japanese katakana on the left and english
letters and numbers on the right. Since I'm not using Japanese symbols in this
FAQ, I'm going to use this system for the Katakana:

(1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)
(6)  (7)  (8)  (9)  (10)
(11) (12) (13) (14) (15)
(16) (17) (18) (19) (20)
(21) (22) (23) (24) (25)
(26) (27) (28) (29) (30)
(31) (32) (33) (34) (35)
(36) (37) (38) (39) (40)

(1) being "a" sound (looks like a vertical line and an arrow head facing right)
and (40) being "ro" (its a box). Parenthesis are used so not to confuse normal
numbers with katakana. Since all four sections of the password couldn't fit
horizontally, they are organized like so:

1  2  3

////////// Burning Ryu \\\\\\\\\\
Burning Ryu is a character based off of Ryu from the Street Fighter series. He
uses the Z path, so he has no special moves, only supers. All his supers are

 (7)  P    5    (5)      3   (36) (28)  (2)      A    9   (13)  L
 9    9    H   (20)      9   (17) (24)  9        (7)  A    M   (19)
(22) (15) (19)  J        B   (36) (19)  H        B    B    Q    T
 N    C    A    P       (36)  B    C    H        A    P    B    P

                         A   (25)  (2)  (4)
                         (9)  L    Q   (36)
                         P    (1) (36) (36)
                         B   (36)  P    B

IV. Indexes

     A. Special Move Index

This is an index of all the special moves obtainable in the Nekketsu Nikki
mode. This includes a description of the move as well as what character the 
move originates from and what paths this move can be found in. A * after the 
move name means there is added info on the move at the end of the list.

MOVENAME(PATHS)       [CHARA]   Description
////////// d df f+P \\\\\\\\\\
Chogosokyu(F)         [SHO]     Shoma's baseball throw.
Cross Cutter(ABLM)    [KYO]     Double Proj. Starts seperated and then joins.
Dynamite Straight(CG) [ROY]     "I Got It!" lunge straight punch. Burn Knuckle!
God Rush(I)           [BOW]     Boxer high punch combo.
Grapple Beat(AH)      [CUS]     Chara grabs opponent and punches them back.
Groovy Knuckle(JL)    [TIF]     Low side-spin to backhand. Can be charged.
Hadoken(BN)           [CUS]     Duh! j/k Sakura-style charge-up Hadoken.
Hakai no Tessa(K)     [ZAK]     Zaki's foward chain strike. Can be charged.
Jumonjigiri(D)        [HYO]     Horizontal to Vertical slash knockback combo.
Kiaidan(AN)           [BAT]     Batsu's double-fisted projectile.
Kikoshotei(BIN)       [HIN]     Hinata's palm flower blast, doesn't leave hand.
Miwaku no Waltz(D)    [YUR]     Side-step to backhand sword strike.
Mukurorimon(ABL)      [AKI]     Kung-Fu style step-in uppercut.
Musozuki(IK)          [DAI]     Daigo's power punch combo.
Nekketsu Shinai(D)    [HAY]     Beat-yo-ass sword combo. Very slow recovery.
Nyukon Serve(FG)      [NAT]     Natsu's volleyball serve.
Seihaken(C)           [HID]     Ryu/Ken-style Hadoken. Got shotokan?
Shining Save(EGH)     [ROB]     Jumping lunge with glowing soccer ball.
Shippu no Kata*       [IIN]     Dash foward traditional karate punch.
Shockwave(J)          [CUS]     Sound wave blast from mouth.
Shokushin(BCE)        [KYK]     Chara grabs opponent and kicks them repeatedly.
Teppozuki(I)          [GAN]     Sumo hand-slap combo. Dosukoi!
Tobikomi(FJ)          [NAG]     Nagare's pool dive attack.
Uragiri(KM)           [EDG]     Edge's double knife throw.
Urarimon(HM)          [P-AKI]   Kung-Fu elbow to stomach. VF Akira's move.
Yamikagura*(C)        [KUR]     Three hit claw combo. Custom charas just punch.
////////// d df f+K \\\\\\\\\\
Aranamishiko(I)       [GAN]     Sumo leg lift stomp. Dosukoi!
Bato(K)               [EDG]     Edge's dirt kick move.
Buchikamashi(H)       [GAN]     Shoulder ram to headbutt lift.
Genei Kick(ABDN)      [KYO]     Kyosuke's flip kick. Identical to Geneishu.
God Defense F*(GJ)    [BOW]     Boxer dash foward with punch.
Groovy Wheel(AEF)     [TIF]     Tiffany's humorous cartwheel kick.
Hiraoyogi Kick(GH)    [NAG]     Nagare's flipper kick attack.
Hyakuretsukyaku*(BF)  [CUS]     Chun Li's legendary tap k repeatedly move.
Katayoku no Kamae(EIL)[KYK]     Counter to scissor kick.
Koko no Pride(JKN)    [ZAK]     Flying foward kick or sweep. Can be charged.
Long Shoot(BCFG)      [ROB]     Roberto's soccer ball kick.
Musogeri(BDIK)        [DAI]     Sloppy three-hit kick combo. Slow recovery.
Senshubu(BL)          [AKI]     Three-part sweep/roundhouse spin kick combo.
Shiden no Kata(J)     [IIN]     Flying foward kick. Can be charged.
Spin*Smash(D)         [MOM]     Momo's humorous spinning racket attack thing.
Yashaguruma(CM)       [KUR]     Orb of darkness surrounds hovering character.
Zenhoten...*(CEGHN)   [IIN]     Roll to other side of opponent. Name too long!
////////// d db b+P \\\\\\\\\\
Burning Elbow(A)      [B-BAT]   Double flame rising uppercut attack.
Daichizuki(HIK)       [DAI]     Ground punch earthquake attack.
Dokuja no Tessa(K)    [ZAK]     Low chain strike. Can be charged.
Double Lariat(HJ)     [CUS]     Zangief's spinning lariat move.
Dynamite Straight*(A) [ROY]     "I Got It!" lunge straight punch. Burn Knuckle!
Fugekishu(J)          [AKI]     Flip over opponent with optional kick.
Genei Breaker(CELN)   [KYO]     Iori-style lunge foward-down punch.
God Hook(I)           [BOW]     Right to left hook punch.
Groovy Punch(L)       [TIF]     Tiffany's wind-up punch.
Hiren no Serenade(L)  [YUR]     Music note projectile.
Iaigiri*(DF)          [HYO]     Sidestep to iaido draw-out attack.
Jinkokokyu(FM)        [NAG]     Nagare's grab to CPR attack.
Kaiten Recieve(AFG)   [NAT]     Roll to volleyball set-up.
Kashiwade Yaburi(GI)  [GAN]     Gan clap attack. Use only for laughs lol.
Kiai Knuckle(CHI)     [HAY]     Charge up to lunging down punch.
Kogai(BGJ)            [RAN]     Ran's anti-air newspaper toss. Not recommended.
Kuonsaki(J)           [KUR]     Kurow's step back claw swipe.
Perfect Catch(CFN)    [ROB]     Roberto's counter move.
Shinkugiri(D)         [CUS]     Double sword slash projectile.
Shockwave(EG)         [CUS]     Sound wave blast from mouth.
Shukku(DM)            [D-HYO]   Three part dash-through sword slash attack.
Shussekikakumin*(BL)  [KYK]     Side-step to backhand attack.
Taiku'uragiri(KM)     [EDG]     Anti-air knife throw.
Touchdown Wave(AC)    [ROY]     Ground punch attack ala KoF Terry. Power Wave!
Tenkohadoken(BN)      [CUS]     Anti-air version of Sakura's hadoken.
////////// d db b+K \\\\\\\\\\
Buchikamashi(I)       [GAN]     Shoulder ram to headbutt lift.
Double Shido Kick(HI) [HAY]     Lazy version of KoF Ryo's Hien Shippu Kyaku.
Enbukyaku*(ABN)       [HIN]     Flaming triple gale kick.
Exciting Kick(AC)     [TIF]     Jump back to angle-down lightning kick.
Gankogeri(K)          [ZAK]     Double axe kick combo with eye flash.
God Defense B*(GJ)    [BOW]     Boxer dash-back to optional punch.
Hakai(KM)             [EDG]     Jump-foward knife dive attack.
Hobu(EL)              [AKI]     Grab and toss up in the air.
Kaishin(BCN)          [KYK]     Spinning triple gale kick.Enbukyaku w/ no fire.
Mikazuki Kick(ABDF)   [BAT]     KoF Terry-style crack shoot kick move.
Niagara Drop(FGIN)    [SHO]     Jump foward to down stomp.
Senshubu(D)           [AKI]     Three-part sweep/roundhouse spin kick combo.
Shiden no Kata(H)     [IIN]     Flying foward kick. Can be charged.
Shinenkyaku(EN)       [HID]     Lazy version of Ryu/Ken Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.
Sliding Kick(AFGJ)    [ROB]     Side-step to sliding sweep kick.
Yamikake(CEJLM)       [KUR]     Counter to Akuma-style teleport behind.   
////////// f d df+P \\\\\\\\\\
Daikaitendabo(DF)     [SHO]     Spinning homerun smash, hits multiple times.
Grapple Beat(K)       [CUS]     Chara grabs opponent and punches them back.
Guts Upper(CGHN)      [BAT]     Flaming Uppercut attack. Doesn't leave ground.
Jicchokuken(ACN)      [HID]     Ryu/Ken style Shoryuken.
Kuho no Tessa(K)      [ZAK]     Anti-air chain strike.
Musoraken(IK)         [DAI]     Super Pimp Smack.
Oryuzan(D)            [HYO]     Run-of-the-mill rising sword attack.
Raijin Upper(AHLM)    [KYO]     KoF Benimaru-style lightning bolt attack.
Rocket Racquet(F)     [MOM]     Momo's rising racket attack.
Roppuzuki*(CIM)       [KUR]     Slow lunging stomach stab attack.
Shinen no Menuet(D)   [YUR]     Fencing-style stab combo with sword.
Sho'oken(GN)          [CUS]     Sakura's run-in shoryuken move.
Shoryu no Kata*(I)    [IIN]     Iincho's shoryuken attack. Should be charged.
Shoyoken(AC)          [HIN]     KoF Kyo/Iori rip off! "Moete!"
Sliding Recieve(FGL)  [NAT]     Sliding Dive to ankle smack lol.
Twister Upper(A)      [ROY]     Rising tornado uppercut attack.
Yosu Saiken(K)        [P-AKI]   Kung-Fu uppercut to headbutt.
////////// f d df+K \\\\\\\\\\
Beautiful Spin(ABG)   [TIF]     Rising version of Cammy's Cannon Drill.
Hiraoyogi Kick(J)     [NAG]     Nagare's flipper kick attack.
Kiai Kick(GIJ)        [HAY]     Angle rising dropkick type attack.
Overhead Kick(AFG)    [ROB]     Knee to sommersault kick, turns chara backward.
Rising Kick(BCFI)     [CUS]     Rising Knee to lift kick. Kyoko-style move.
////////// f df d db b+P \\\\\\\\\\
Giant Swing(E)        [MOM]     Chara grabs opponent by the legs and lets go.
Oarashi(H)            [GAN]     Toss around to power bomb.
Screw Piledriver(AHJ) [CUS]     Zangief's spinning piledriver. No 360 motion!
////////// Air d df f+P \\\\\\\\\\
Air Chogosokyu(F)     [SHO]     Air baseball throw.
Air Dynamite(ACJ)     [ROY]     Horizontal or Vertical power hook.
Air Hadoken(BN)       [CUS]     Angle down air hadoken attack.
Air Kiaidan(AN)       [BAT]     Air double fist projectile.
Air Hakai no Tessa(K) [ZAK]     Air chain thrust.
Air Nekketsu Shinai(D)[HAY]     Air sword combo.
Air Nyukon Serve(FG)  [NAT]     Air volleyball serve.
Air Seihaken(C)       [HID]     Double ryu/ken hadoken attack. Got Akuma?
Air Shining Save(EGH) [ROB]     Jump foward with shining soccer ball.
Air Tobikomi(FJ)      [NAG]     Nagare's dive attack from the dive board!
Air Uragiri(KM)       [EDG]     Flipping knife angle down knife throw.
Daisenbu(EH)          [GAN]     Wind-up air throw.
Genei Wave(ABI)       [KYO]     Small horizontal power wave attack.
Kikokai(IN)           [DAI]     In air long range ki blast.
Tenraizan(DM)         [HYO]     Vertical Down stab. Slow recovery.
////////// Air d df f+K \\\\\\\\\\
Air Genei Kick*(ABDN) [KYO]     Air flip kick.
Air Groovy Wheel(A)   [TIF]     Mid-air cartwheel. Looks ridiculous.
Air Yashaguruma(CM)   [KUR]     In air dark orb hover thing.
Bicycle Kick(F)       [ROB]     Air power kick attack.
Enkyakudan(BL)        [HIN]     Your character's shoe becomes a projectile.
Ganseki Kudaki(J)     [CUS]     VF Kagemaru-style drop on your head.
Kaiten Shinai...*(D)  [HAY]     Air grab to spinning sword throw.
Kanzen Block(J)       [NAT]     Volleyball block. Unknown use.
Raieishu(BDF)         [HID]     Angle-down lightning thrust kick. Very useful.
Ryusei Kick(FLN)      [BAT]     Angle-down kick, harder to connect than Raiei.
////////// Air d db b+P \\\\\\\\\\
Air Hiren no...*(L)   [YUR]     Air music projectile attack.
Air Kogai(IJ)         [RAN]     Ran's newspaper toss in air. Useless.
God Lariat(IJL)       [BOW]     Spinning Lariat in air.
////////// Air d db b+K \\\\\\\\\\
Air Enbukyaku(ABN)    [HIN]     Air flaming gale kick/sakura hurricane kick.
Air Exciting Kick(AC) [TIF]     Angle-down lightning kick.
Air Kaishin(BCN)      [KYK]     Air triple gale kick.
Air Hakai(KM)         [EDG]     Air roll to diving knife stab.

Special Move with *s
-Shippu no Kata: Yes, there is purposely no path listed for this move, b/c you
 can't get it in a path. You have to not obtain any moves throughout the whole
 Nikki, and you'll get this, along with the Groovy Punch and Bato.
-Yamikagura: Since custom characters don't have claws like Kurow, they use 
 their fists to do this move, making it look extremely sloppy.
-God Defense F: F stands for Foward.
-Hyakuretsukyaku: Since there is no "tap k repeatedly" moves in Rival Schools,
 this move requires you to first press d df f+k and then tap K repeatedly.
-Zenhoten...: Stands for Zenhotenshin no Kata, but the name was so long it 
 didn't fit in the chart.
-Dynamite Straight: That's right, there is two commands you can get Dynamite 
 Straight for d df f+P or d db b+P. This is not the only move that has two.
-Iaigiri: Custom characters can't do Hyo's slash follow up to this move, so 
 custom character just kind of poke the opponent with this move, decreasing the
 usefulness of this move.
-Shussekikakumin: Since custom characters don't get a clipboard, this move can
 come off kind of sloppy looking.
-Enbukyaku: Everybody has probably played as Hinata, but just in case you didnt
 the weak version of this is a KoF Yuri/SF Sakura style hurricane kick.
-God Defense B: B stands for Backward.
-Roppuzuki: Once again looks dumb because custom characters lack of claws, and
 because (to my knowledge) you can't get Kurow's super follow-up to this, this
 move is pretty much worthless.
-Shoryu no Kata: Yes, this is a shotokan shoryuken type attack, but unless you
 are making a joke shotokan character (like Dan), I suggest not using this b/c
 this move won't even knock the enemy down unless it is charged up.
-Air Genei Kick: No, custom characters can't get Kyosuke's air genei kick
-Kaiten Shinai...:Stands for Kaiten Shinai Otoshi, once again wouldn't fit.
-Air Hiren no...: Stands for Air Hiren no serenade, it wouldn't fit.

     B. Super Move Index

This is an index of all the super moves obtainable in the Nekketsu Nikki
mode. This includes a description of the move as well as what character the 
move originates from and what paths this move can be found in. A * after the 
move name means there is added info on the move at the end of the list. Because
the names are much longer for the supers (even longer than Zenhotenshin no 
Kata!), I'm going to set it up like so:

For Path Z all super moves that can be assigned to special move commands are
listed here like normal supers.

SUPERMOVENAME(PATH)                                            [CHARA]
Ankoku Geneishu(D)                                             [HYO]
     Two genei flip kicks followed by a tenraizan (air vertical stab).
Ankoku Yamikagura(C)                                           [KUR]
     Kurow's super claw combo. Custom charas just pummel opp to death. Sloppy.
Bakuretsu V Goal(F)                                            [ROB]
     Super soccerball kick.
Bunshin Makyu(F)                                               [SHO]
     Super baseball throw.
Cho Bata Ashi(G)                                               [NAG]
     Splash kick combo thing.
Chosatsujin Sliding(G)                                         [SHO]
     Character dives head first into opponent baseball style.
Denjin Hadoken*(Z)                                              [CUS]
     Lightning Super Hadoken ala SF3 Ryu, chargable.
Double Genei Kick(Z)                                           [KYO]
     Two Genei flip kicks followed by a Genei wave.
Double Screw Piledriver(AH)                                    [CUS]
     Zangief-style double spinning piledriver.
Dynamite Justice(AZ)                                           [ROY]
     Charging shoulder ram followed by a straight punch. Very nice.
Fire Grapple Beat(HK)                                          [CUS]
     Chara gut punches opponent and ignites them on fire.
Funkazan(Z)                                                    [GAN]
     Super KoF Chang-style slam combo.
Groovy Screw(E)                                                [TIF]
     Chara jumps on opponents head and spins with hearts. Hard to connect.
Hatenmueishu(Z)                                                [AKI]
     Back leap to flying cannon drill-type attack. Slow start-up.
Haru Ichiban(NZ)                                               [CUS]
     Sakura's series of sweeps followed to a back kick.
Heaven's Cross(I)                                              [BOW]
     Super Spinning Rising Lariat.
Hissatsu Inazuma Gankogeri(K)                                  [ZAK]
     A series of axe kicks to a foward flying kick.
Imawanoryu Mozu Otoshi(EM)                                     [B-BAT]
     The legendary spinning ninja drop! Diffcult to hit, but very cool!
Jiai no Requiem(D)                                             [YUR]
     Fencer-style sword combo that leads to knock-up. Easily blocked.
Kakusan Cross Cutter(L)                                        [KYO]
     Chara shoots multiple cross cutters. Easy to connect, fast start-up.
Kirishimaryu Kyojureppa(M)                                     [KUR]
     Kurow's dash through attack. Little black orbs follow chara. Easy to hit.
Kirishimaryu Shinku Anran(M)                                   [KUR]
     Chara shoots a big immobile tornado a few steps away. Doesn't hit close.
Kojin Medore(J)                                                [NAG]
     Rising Swim Backstroke combo.
Kokikokai(I)                                                   [DAI]
     Super air palm blast. Only usable in air.
Meifu no Nocturn(L)                                            [YUR]
     Yurika's dash foward with music notes attack. Looks ridiculous on edits.
Midare Sakura(GN)                                              [CUS]
     Ken/Akuma/Sakura style super shoryuken (shoryureppa!). Shotokan essential.
Midare Teppozuki(IZ)                                           [GAN]
     Super Sumo Hand Slap combo.
Momo Crash(F)                                                  [MOM]
     Momo knocks you up and does a super spin smash.
Mugenryu Ankoku Shogekizan(D)                                  [D-HYO]
     Long range sword ground blast. Low damage but easy to connect.
Nadare Otoshi(HZ)                                              [GAN]
     Super wind-up throw.
Nekketsu Kazaguruma(D)                                         [HAY]
     Foward Psycho Crusher style charge with a sword.
Nekketsu Yase Gaman(HJZ)                                       [HAY]
     Grants super armor for a limited time.
Rasen Enbukyaku(BCZ)                                           [HIN]
     Hinata's spinning gale kick super, flying at an upward angle. Also in air.
Sekkyokogeki(L)                                                [IIN]
     Chara fusses out opponent. Hard to connect, must be blocked low.
Senretsukyaku(B)                                               [CUS]
     Chun-Li's super kick super. Small damage but knocks opp up for air combo.
S Groovy Wheel(E)                                              [TIF]
     Ridiculous looking cartwheel combo.
Shimazuryu Raieishu(B)                                         [HID]
     Super version of hideo air lightning kick. Hits three times if opp in air.
Shimazuryu Shin Jicchokuken(CZ)                                [HID]
     SF III Ryu-style uppercut to super shoryuken move.
Shinku Hadoken*(BNZ)                                           [CUS]
     Shotokan-style ryu/ken/sakura/akuma super hadoken. Useable in air.
Shinku Tenko Hadoken(BN)                                       [CUS]
     Anti-air version of the super hadoken.
Shi no Kaigo(EZ)                                               [KYK]
     Your character breaks necks for respect.
Shin Otoko no Senaka(K)                                        [DAI]
     Chara crosses arms and brush fire rises from ground beneath. Very Close!
Sozetsu na Uragiri(MK)                                         [EDG]
     Character throws multiple knives. Good damage, easily blocked.Also in air.
Super Raijin Upper(AZ)                                         [KYO]
     Kyosuke's super lightning bolt blast, will miss if used to close to opp.
Super Shockwave(J)                                             [CUS]
     A super version of the sound wave mouth blast.
Super Tobikomi(F)                                              [NAG]
     Super version of Nagare's dive attack.
Tengoku eno Kaidan(I)                                          [KYK]
     A series of rising scissor kicks.
Tenjo Serve*(GJ)                                               [NAT]
     Super flaming volleyball serve.
Wonderful Kick(L)                                              [TIF]
     Two odd vertical up kicks followed by a vertical cannon drill type attack.
Zenkai Guts Upper(CZ)                                          [BAT]
     Super version of Batsu's guts upper. Slow startup, but long range.
Zenkai Kiaidan(A)                                              [BAT]
     Batsu's super kiaidan. Also usable in air.
Zenkai Ryusei Kick(Z)                                          [BAT]
     Super version of Batsu's air missle kick.

Super moves with *s:
-Denjin Hadoken: Just in case you haven't played SF3, let me explain this. The
 Denjin Hadoken is like the shinku hadoken, except it can be charged. Charging
 it is just like Iincho's Shoryu no Kata, where the longer you charge it the
 more times it hits the opponent. This move is also unblockable no matter how
 long it is charged, but has a somewhat smaller range than the shinku hadoken.
-Shinku Hadoken: For some reason this and the in air version of it counts as
 one move for Path B, but as two different moves for Path N. The Air Shinku
 Hadoken is not seperately put in the list, b/c even seperated it's still
 obtained when you get the ground shinku hadoken.
-Tenjo Serve: Oddly enough, the name of this move is different from Natsu's.
 Natsu's super move is called (in the instruction manual) the Makyu Tenjo Serve
 while, when obtained with a Edit chara, it's just listed as Tenjo serve.

     C. Board Game Map

It was a slight bit difficult replicating my hand drawn map into ASCII, but
I'll try to make it look nice and keep it as simple as possible. Here's what
I did: the board is 17 x 27 blocks big, but many are just empty spaces. So,
all empty spaces are denoted by an X, while actual blocks are numbered. To see 
what a block does, just look up the number in the list below.

   X   X   X   X   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   X   X   X
   X   X   X   X   X   11  X   X   X   X   X   X   12  X    X   X   X
   X   X   X   X   13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22   X   X   X
   X   X   X   X   X   23  X   X   X   X   X   X   24  X    X   X   X
   X   X   X   X   25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34   X   X   X
   X   X   X   X   X   35  X   X   X   X   X   X   36  X    X   X   X
   37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47  48  49  50   51  52  X
   53  X   54  X   X   55  X   X   X   X   X   X   56  X    X   57  X
   58  X   59  60  61  62  63  64  65  66  67  68  69  70   71  72  X
   73  X   74  X   X   75  X   X   76  X   X   X   77  X    X   78  X
   79  X   80  X   X   81  X   X   82  X   X   X   83  X    X   84  X
   85  X   86  X   X   87  X   X   88  X   X   X   89  X    X   90  X
   91  X   92  93  94  95  96  97  98  99 100 101 102 103  104 105  X
  106 107 108  X   X   X   X   X  109  X   X   X   X   X    X  110  X
   X   X  111  X   X   X   X   X  112  X   X   X   X   X    X  113  X
   X   X  114 115 116  X   X   X  117  X   X   X   X   X    X  118  X
   X   X  119  X  120  X   X   X  121  X   X   X  122 123  124 125  X
  126 127 128  X  129  X   X   X  130  X   X   X  131  X    X  132  X
  133  X  134  X  135  X   X   X  136  X   X   X  137  X   138 139 140
  141  X  142  X  143  X   X   X  144  X   X   X  145  X   146  X  147
  148  X  149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159  X   160  X  161
  162 163 164  X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   165 166 167

The areas of the board are as follows:

Rooftop Area: 1-10
School 3F: 11-22
School 2F: 23-34
School 1F: 35,36,41-50
North Grounds: 39,40,51,52,54-57,59-72,74-78,80-84,86-90,92-105
Club Area: 37,38,53,58,73,79,85,91,106,107
South Grounds: 108-125,129-132,135-137,143-145,150-153
Gym Area: 126-128,133,134,141,142,148,149,162-164
Pool Area: 138-140,146,147,160,161,165-167

This list will list the starting points of all the justcharas, and what all the
blocks are. For GET special move blocks, I'll use the command that shows before
you've chosen a path.

1. Get Card, Daigo Starting Point
2. Art Class 2
3. Get d df f+P
4. Intelligence Up
5. English Class 2
6. Parameter Switch
7. Defense Up
8. Society Class 1
9. Willpower Up
10. Health Up, Hyo Starting Point
11. Defense Up
12. Potential Up
13. Japanese Class 1, Hideo Starting Point
14. Potential Up
15. Intelligence Up
16. English Class 4, Bowman Starting Point
17. Get Card
18. Randomize Special Moves Block
19. Math Class 2
20. Get d df f+K, Edge Starting Point
21. Intelligence Up
22. Music 1, Yurika Starting Point
23. Parameter Down
24. Get Card
25. Health Up
26. Parameter Switch
27. Math Class 3, Batsu Starting Point
28. Attack Up
29. Get in air d df f+P, Kyosuke Starting Point
30. Willpower Up
31. Society Class 2
32. Intelligence Up, Akira Starting Point
33. Defense Up
34. Art Class 3
35. Willpower Up
36. Parameter Switch
37. Randomize Parameters Block
38. Get f d df+P
39. Defense Up, Iincho Starting Point
40. Potential Up
41. Cooking Class 3
42. Defense Up
43. Attack Up, Ran Starting Point
44. Japanese Class 4
45. Intelligence Up
46. Parameter Down, Raizo Starting Point
47. Get Card X3
48. Get Card x3, Hinata Starting Point
49. Intelligence Up
50. PE Class 3, Kyoko Starting Point
51. Potential Up
52. Get d db b+K
53. Potential Up ++
54. Health Up
55. Intelligence Up
56. Attack Up
57. Willpower Up
58. Defense Up ++
59. Intelligence Up
60. Attack Up
61. Parameter Down
62. Willpower Up
63. Health Up
64. Get d df f+P
65. Potential Up
66. Get Card
67. Potential Up
68. Willpower Up
69. Intelligence Up
70. Defense Up
71. Get in air d df f+P
72. Cooking Class 4
73. Parameter Down, Momo Starting Point
74. Music Class 2
75. Get Card
76. Defense Up
77. Parameter Down
78. Get Card
79. Attack Up ++
80. Potential Up
81. Society Class 3
82. Willpower Up
83. English Class 1, Roberto Starting Point
84. Attack Up
85. Intelligence Up ++
86. Defense Up
87. Get Card
88. Attack Up
89. Parameter Switch
90. Parameter Switch
91. Health Up ++, Gan Starting Point
92. Willpower Up, Tiffany Starting Point
93. Attack Up
94. Get in air d db b+K
95. Potential Up
96. Attack Up
97. Intelligence Up
98. Parameter Switch, Player Starting Point
99. Health Up
100. Defense 
101. Attack Up
102. Willpower Up
103. Potential Up
104. Get d db b+P
105. Health Up, Roy Starting Point
106. Willpower Up ++
107. Parameter Switch
108. Defense Up
109. Willpower Up
110. Japanese Class 3
111. Defense Up
112. Potential Up
113. Defense Up
114. Math Class 1
115. Willpower Up
116. Get Card
117. Cooking Class 2
118. Get in air d df f+K
119. Intelligence Up
120. Get Card
121. Health Up
122. Society Class 4
123. Parameter Switch
124. Health Up
125. Attack Up
126. Get in air d df f+P
127. Defense Up
128. Health Up
129. Intelligence Up
130. Get f d df+K
131. Get Card
132. Parameter Down
133. PE Class 4
134. Get f d df+P
135. Get Card
136. Intelligence Up
137. Potential Up
138. Willpower Up
139. Cooking Class 1
140. Health Up
141. Parameter Down
142. Parameter Switch
143. Art Class
144. Attack Up
145. Health Up
146. English Class 3
147. Math Class 4
148. Get d df f+P
149. Get d db b+K
150. Potential Up
151. Defense Up, Kurow Starting Point
152. Attack Up
153. Get in air d db b+P
154. Health Up
155. Parameter Switch, Hayato Starting Point
156. Willpower Up
157. Attack Up
158. Get f df d db b+P
159. PE Class 1, Shoma Starting Point
160. Parameter Switch
161. Get d df f+K
162. Get d df f+K, Natsu Starting Point
163. Music Class 3
164. Attack Up
165. Japanese Class 2
166. Parameter Down, Nagare Staring Position
167. PE Class 2

     D. Recommended Links

There's some really great places to get basic information that I might have not
went into as much depth about. Here you go:

If you're reading this, you've probably already been there. I strongly
recommend MGreen's Nekketsu Nikki FAQ. This is a great FAQ to get ya started.
The Move List FAQ by PTsai is also good if you want to look up descriptions of
special moves (other than mine) and you can see the actual Japanese names for
some of the moves.

Justice Network
It seems like this site doesn't work anymore, though it did work when I started
this FAQ (which wasn't but a few weeks ago). This was a great site with lots of
pictures that explained the basics of the Nikki. Maybe it will be brought back

The Instrucion Manual!
That's right! You can look up the Japanese characters for most of the special
and super moves for each character. If your copy didn't come with a Japanese
instruction booklet, I suggest using PTsai's Movelist on Gamefaqs.

     E. Special Thanks
============================================== for being the best place to find game tips and for posting my 

My cousin Keith for playing this game with me and not complaining too much when
my maxed out stat having characters always win tournaments.

My friend Eric for pushing the completion of this thing back 3 days because he
was on the damn computer all day! Yeah, thanks!

MGreen, PTsai, and the people at the Justice Network webpage for making great
guides that demystified the nikki for me.

My Dreamcast for actually working after all these years!

Capcom for making this great game, and Sega for making this great system.

BoA, M-Flo, and all the other Japanese and Korean artists I listened to while
playing this game. That same nikki music over and over can get very annoying.

And, of course, my mom for being a cool cat and not complaining about all the
noise the game makes when I was playing it at 4:00 in the morning.