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"I... uh... like it..."

The other reviews for this game gave it a 1 and 3. Ouch. It's actually not so. After reading those reviews I was expecting the worst, though I was actually pleasantly surprised when the game arrived. Here are my thoughts on it...

Story: I really wish I could follow what's going on, as the story seems interesting enough, though unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge of Japanese to make heads or tails of the events in the cutscenes, so it really wouldn't be fair to give this category a rating.

Gameplay: Gameplay seems to be the focal point of many people's complaints about this game, though I didn't find it to be all that vexing. As with all Macross games before it, in M3 you have the ability to change your Valkyrie from Mech, Jet, or Gerwalk modes, though I don't really see any differences between the different modes, besides the jet being faster than the other two. People seem to think that the Valkryies are cumbersome and difficult to handle in battle, not so, I was able to maneuver it quite easily while in battle, and the ability to target the nearest enemy while in mech mode is an invaluable tool whilst engaged in battle. As for the difficulty level... I found the game to be quite easy, the only way that I was able to lose was by running out of time (more on that later) before completing a mission, so, I wouldn't say it's an exceptionally difficult game, though it does still present a challenge. Now, on to my only major qaulm with the gamplay aspect: You have to complete the missions within a set time period. This gets quite annoying, as I'm someone that likes to play games at my own pace and not have to beat the clock. Though, with some practice, and good use of the targeter on mech mode, you can easily accomplish missions within the set amount of time. One last note... TWO FRICKIN' MISSILES!?! Gimme a break...

Gameplay Score: 7. Some room to improve here, but overall not too bad.

Now, on to the visual and aural aspects of the game...

Audio/Video: Many complaints have been voiced over the graphical quality of this game, though the graphics look like standard Dreamcast stuff to me, and not as bad as people seem to think. The sounds consist of standard action game stuff: machine guns, explosions, etc, etc... They don't set a new par for sound in gaming, but they get the job done. Music... Nothing spectacular, though again, like sound, it gets the job done.

Audio/Video Score: 6.Nothing great in this category, though like I have said before, it get's the job done.

Replayability: Not much, as far as I know, you don't get any extras for beating it. Though the game is pretty good, so you may find yourself occasionally popping it into your DC after beating it.

Replayability Score: 4. Pretty bare in the replay category, though I don't hold that against the game.

To Buy or Rent? Well, unless you happen to be located in Japan, I doubt you'll be able to rent this, so, my conclusion is... If you're a Macross fan, then I suggest importing this, just make sure you have Mod Chip/DCX/GameShark before doing so. Others: Macross M3 is a good game, though not without it's flaws, so unless you're a Macross fan or a die-hard action game fan, then I suggest looking elsewhere.

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 07/09/01, Updated 07/16/01

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