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     - Version 1.0      January 30, 2001
                        FAQ made

     - Version 1.1      January 30, 2001
                        Bit of update


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Resident Evil2 on Dreamcast is not to be underestimated!  This game came out
countless years ago on Playstation, some early month in 1998 and I remember
buying it on day of release!  Prior to completion the game was finished again
and again, seven odd times before I managed to get the 4th survivor, but it was
worth it!  In terms of gameplay and graphics, it was miles ahead of Resident
Evil, the original set in a mansion, home to the vile secretive experiments of
Umbrella should be a real company, if they were then i'd work for them!  I see
no problem in the reanimation of the dead and the creation of ultimate
bio-weapons.  If only Wesker had not perished (or not as in Code Veronica).
Still the game continues and is released on multiple formats.  There was a
Resident evil on N64, but despite what people say, it was poor and had terrible
graphics even though the fools spent years compressing it.

So I'm writing a FAQ three years later? What's going on? Well I added to my
complete Resi collection the second on the Dreamcast and it's much better!
I found virtually no information anywhere on the Dreamcast version even though
there is so much to do!  All FAQs were stopped after the playstation version
was made so there is none for the Dreamcast, unfair!

Anyway, the graphics are completely amazing! Even with the original
backgrounds, the animation is super smooth and textures are better than PC!
There are still two CDs with the same storyline and everything but the entire
thing is better!  For a start the FMV cut scenes are full screen which may
sound like nothing, but they look amazing when you watch them again (or for the
first time) especially the one with the Umbrella troopers which in my opinion
is the best.
As a bonus the combined two CDs contain tons of extras in the special option:

-All of the cut scenes for both characters viewable in a FMV viewer
-Rough sketches of the original game ideas, zombie pics and everything!
-Illustrations of the characters which are high quality
-3d models of all characters you meet, alas you can't zoom in on them :(

And if that isn't enough there are enough game modes to play:

Orignal Resident evil2 is the original Playstation version with enhanced
graphics and fixed annoying problems like glitching and ammo storage.  There
are three modes of play compared to the PSX two:

-Easy 		(mode for amateurs and grannies)
-Normal 	(normal playing for Resi soldiers)
-Hard 		(super hard version for hardcore fighters)

Arranged Resident evil2 is even cooler with the original japanese version
enhanced a bit.  Sounds exactly the same eh? Well for a start the zombies are
easier to kill, they take 3 shots to drop.  There are even some new camera
angles!  I've only spotted one in the police hallway, but I will find more (I
keep dying as i play on expert!) and will post them.  Hallegedly there are some
more items that are in different places and some extra notes (maybe some films
to be developed?) and then that would be cool, something to do eh?  As well as
this the handgun makes the zombie heads explode like melons like the enhanced
director's cut 92fs beretta! only not as much, 1 in 20 shots i'd say.  The
modes are:

-Rookie 	(super-easy, gives you machine gun with inf. ammo)
-Hard 		(Hard? why are all japanese game versions easier anyway?)
-Expert 	(AAAArgh, Ok this one isn't easy, I can last 10 mins!)

The expert mode has super nails zombie that take 20 odd shots to kill (no
lies!) and when they come after you, they move at running speed (on caution!)
so it's quite difficult one could say.  I played expert and found brad vickers,
i shot him 40 times with a pistol, he didn't even sway with the shots, he just
took them and then killed me............ >8-(


Hunk is the coolest character in the game.  All this nonsense about him being
Wesker is lies though, and has been proven by Resident evil 3: last escape. 
Still he is one tough mutha and can take more pain than Leon and Claire.  He
hsa the G-Virus and must escape the Police station to suceed in his mission. 
All of his team mates are dead, but he will survive and continue to serve
Umbrella in their nefarious research!  This game is harder than all of the B
scenarios combined so you need skills.


Please understand that I have written this FAQ for Hunk differently to everyone
else as most of them are time ones and are not concerned with survival.  The
majority of them are too difficult and are usually....

This room is filled with ten zombies, turn to the left, then right, walk a bit,
hug the wall and run rings around the last one and then out the door.

This never works and if you want to complete this quickly then it's easier to
decide how to avoid the creatures yourself.  To survive the Hunk missions you
have to use ammo and will get chowed so it's impossible to avoid it.  I will
add a Tofu one when I figure out how to write one that isn't just "run away".

Hunk weapons:

HKVP70 9mm Handgun and 150 rounds
Desert Eagle 50AE Magnum and one clip
Remington M1100 Shotgun and 15 shells
Two Green/Blue herbs

Room1: The entrance

No monsters in here so just jump up onto the ledge from the water and go up the
stairs, turn left and through the door.

Room2: The Chess plug room

There are quite a few zombies in here so you need to kill them unless you want
to try your luck at avoiding them.  Use the HK VP70 pistol to shoot the crazy
zombie woman infront of you until she drops to the ground.  Then shoot the
zombie standing on the bridge unless he is looking the other way and then run
past him.  When on the other side, slot the two zombies guarding the door to
the next room.  You need to drop them both and will probably use up more than
one clip alone in this room.

Room3: Sewer hallway

Immediatly equip the Remington M1100 Shotgun and shoot up the zombies infront
of you.  This is not necassery, but gives you more time to get to the door. 
The zombie scum to the right of where you come out pose no threat unless you
hang around to long.  After you shoot the zombies (you don't have to) then run
up to the door directly ahead and aim upwards to explode the two other zombie
heads.  You should be able to decapitate them both if you are a true commando. 
Before you leave the room, equip the Desert Eagle 50AE Magnum.

Room4: Skegfest Sewer

There are some grisly bugs down here so make sure they don't touch you or else
you will have to use up a health potion (as they poison you).  With the magnum
equipped, move down the tunnel until you hit the wall.  If you have auto-aim
feature on (which is quite useful in some situations) then use it and you
should turn to the enemy off the screen which is to the right.  If not then
point your gun down the long sewer and aim downwards.  When the big hairy
spider comes along then shoot it.  Fortunatly no ickle spiders come out as they
drown presumably.  Then after you shoot the spider, pace it down the tunnel
until the screen shows you the end, aim up and look down till you see the ol'
hairy spider legs poking round the corner.  Then when the beast comes out then
shoot him dead.  Then it's around the corner and up the ladder.  Get ready to

Room5: Kennel room

As soon as you come out of the sewer, run forwards but turn right to avoid the
scampering zombie dogs.  The trick is to always be moving right so that they
jump and miss.  Basically you don't need to shoot any of them, I wouldn't even
try unless you want to be eaten.  Instead run forwards with a little cheeky
dodge and turn right when you hit the wall.  I occasionally get bitten once on
the arse by a dog, but it never really matters.  Hunk can take the pain.  After
that, through the door, easy.

Room6: Prison hallway

This room is pretty hard so equip the Remington M1100 Shotgun again and move
right upto the zombies sleeping on the floor.  If you have auto-aim on then you
should point offscreen to the left where some explosive fire zombies are coming
from.  You don't really want to be shooting them up so turn around at the floor
surfing zombies and shoot the one crawling towards your foot.  One shot should
be enough to kill them both.  Then run round the corner, use the shotgun to
knock the two close proximity zombies guarding the door.  You shouldn't need
any more than two rounds to do that, but if you split one in two by accident
then give him some more shotgun.  Move quickly though cos the zombies round the
corner will bust you up.

Room7: Parking lot pimpin

This room is very easy if you just run forwards and then veer of to the right. 
When you do this the crazy mongrel with leap at you and miss.  Then you can
swerve back onto the track and peg it up to the door to escape.  The doberman
dogs will give chase but hunk is a quality runner and should outpace them.

Room8: Crowfest basement

Equip the ol' HK VP70 pistol and walk (or run) around the corner.  Aim down the
hallway and gun down the evil crows that infest the place.  Make sure that you
are far from the first line of crows so that you don't have to aim downwards. 
Then open fire and keep on shooting until you hear 7 odd squawks followed by
multiple thuds and then you can escape up the stairs.  One lone crow or a few
will not be able to peck you up if you run in a straight line and don't stop or
aim to shoot.

Room9: Abandoned hallway

With the pistol, walk so you are parallel with the corridor and aim down it and
keep shooting every second or so.  Don't use the shotgun or magnum as the dogs
in this hallway will be hard pressed to get anywhere near you.  Begin shooting
down the hallway.  The sound should go something like... "squeek, squeek,
squeek, squeek, arf!" so keep firing until you hear 3 dogs yelp.  They should
be right at the bottom of the corridor in pools of blood.  Then run out the
door before equipping yourself with the Remington M1100 Shotgun.

Room10: Detective office

With the shotgun loaded with multiple shells, walk down the hallway until you
can see down it.  There is a scummy looking zombie ahead, ignore him and turn
into the office.  move quickly down past the desks and the office with the safe
(do not turn right into the zombie) and stop when you see the two zombies.  I
believe one is infront and one to the right.  Assess the situation and explode
the zombie head infront of you and the one on the right if it poses as a threat
or if you like zombie brains.  Then run upto the door and there and shoot the
last zombie in the head so it explodes like a can of tomato soup.  Quickly
access the inventory and reload the shotgun, you should have used 4 shotgun
shells at the most in this room.  Go through the door and prepare to get cained
by zombie.

Room11: Zombiefest lounge

Aaiiieee, after you cry, equip the shotgun (you should have already done that)
and aim upwards to the sky.  Immediatly blast when any zombie gets within
range.  I wouldn't move at all, it's possible to run through them without
firing a shot and without getting bled, but requires Tofu style skill.  Anyway
you should either get the one infront or the two the right.  If there is time
then aim forwards (not looking up) and fire multiple shots into the crowd of
three to the left where the door is.  This should drop them all.  If there are
still zombies left then you will probably get bitten from behind, but this
doesn't really matter.  Run out the door.

Room12: Police hallway

Unfortunatly this room is empty so there is nothing to kill.  Take this time to
reflect on your ammunition supply.  You need at least 10 rounds or so with the
Remington M1100 Shotgun to deal with the last few rooms.  Then you want lots of
Desert Eagle 50AE Magnum rounds, about 8 or so.  You should be loaded with HK
VP70 pistol rounds, 100 ish if you are good.  Anyway you should probably have
well over that amount for all of the weapons unless you have been going Rambo
with the ammo.  The most important ammo is the shotgun so make em' count
As for health, you needs to be having quite a lot as the next rooms will
certainly take it out o you.  If you are poisoned at this stage then you are
stupid and should have realised earlier.  Basically ur screwed if you have used
up one health thing and are on caution or less, so start again and use more
sense.  When you have finished, reload ALL guns and move into the next room.

Room13: Reception website (arf arf)

You're probably a bit sweaty now.  This room has two spiders.  I had struggles
with this room until i found out how to beat it.  Equip the Desert Eagle 50AE
Magnum immediatly and slot the spider straight ahead as soon as you enter. 
There is no need to look down or aim much (unless you have no auto-aim) and
then run around a bit to squish up the little arachnoids.  I usually brick it
and pace it around the scary spiders and slot the big hairy spider around the
corner with the Magnum between the eight of it's eyes before it can come around
to see me.  This usually results in me getting bitten several times by little
arachnoids, but i can take the pain!  Run quickly into the door to escape.

Room14: Licker hallway

I don't like this room , it contains lots of lickers which are most definety my
leasy fav. enemies as they are strong, fast and deadly (just like me) so you
can either run or shoot them in the face before they can tongue you.  I usually
run as well to cut down on time, but it results in my getting stuck in the
corner surrounded by three lickers and then get cut up some before I have the
sense to shoot them.  So, shoot them, but only with the magnum so you get quick
efficient kills.  Remember to kill them all or else you will get stuck up in a
traffic jam of lickers.  Then run past the remainder (if you can) and through
the next door.

Room15: Boarded hallway

This is another room that i had problems with.  So equip the magnum again and
run down the corridor until you get to the right turn.  Don't follow it around
though or else you will eat acid, wait for the plant to give chase (you can't
see it so just assume that it can smell you) and then pace it back up to the
entrance.  Then make sure you can get a clear shot down the hallway and run
until you are far away and shoot it three times with the magnum.  It should
die.  Follow it around the corner and stop (not on the plant because they can
still lash you with dying tentacles) and shoot the other one three times.  Then
exit the room, BUT FIRST, equip the shotgun (unless you have around three shots
left) and exit the do.

Room16: Staircase hall

IMMEDIATLY run right.  Don't turn and run, just run right as soon as you enter.
 This should avoid the acid of the two super red plants.  Then run until you
hit the end where the grey door is, quickly spin around and fire of three
shotgun shells.  This should hopefully kill them both at the same time.  If not
then finish them off with magnum/pistols and run over their bodies (bodies?)
and up the stairs.  Remember to check your status if you are poisoned.  Avoid
their acid at all costs.  Run up the stairs.

Room17: Statue corridor

Don't hang around on the stairs to long or else you will get trapped.  You can
expect the Mr. X to bust around the corner and mash you up with some fatal
combos so run into the corner which is in the top left of the screen.  Wait
here and face the T-103.  When he is within a decent distance by which i mean
distance that you can run from (not knife distance) then run in a wide arc
around his side and off down the corridor.  Mr. X is pretty slow so he can't
catch you.  I wouldn't recommend shooting him as he is INVINCIBLE, well not
really but you can try, it will just result in you losing all of your ammo and
DYING.  Ok, through the next door it is.

Room18: S.T.A.R.S. hallway

Easy room, equip the HK VP70 pistol and walk up to every zombie and shoot them
3 odd times in the head.  This should kill them all.  There are a few undead
crawlies, don't be tempted to let them chow you (although hunk's football kick
is ill) and just shoot them ALL.  Then make sure you are ready for some stress
and go through the door.

Room19: Room of death

There are some super-fly eight figga lickas in here, they can drop you in three
seconds and cut up.  So don't try shooting them, even with the magnum they can
take a round to the eye so just get ready for some skills.  The first one is
pretty easy so turn on the spot to the right and run down there.  Don't be
tempted to run as then you won't turn fast enough and will end up running into
him and then he'll cut you, your exit will be blocked, you reach for the gat
but you end up six feet deep.  So just avoid the first and run into the door to
exit the room.  There is another one in your way and he'll probably slice you a
bit, but they always stop for a bit and give you time to run around.  If one
jumps then make sure you turn or else you lose your head, ya heard?

Room20: Library

Another chill room.  It doesn't matter if you have no ammo for the magnum cos
you won't be using it.  All you need is lots of pistol rounds and 8 odd shells
(at the least) for the last rooms or so.  If your health is at caution, wait
until you finish the next room before you recharge with some green herb.  Load
out the HK VP70 pistol and on into the next room.  By now you should be feeling
some pressure and your heart is pounding like Mr X.

Room21: Police upper hallway

Nice and easy if you remain focused.  Use the pistol to attack the red plants
from long range.  The one off screen you can hear by the impact noise the
bullets make.  The first one is always on screen.  With auto-aim this part is
easy.  The plants take multiple shots to destroy, around twenty so be careful. 
When running across the balcony to the next doorway, be aware that there the
dead vines of the plant can lash out sometimes so always run.  Before you go
into the next room it is urged that you use you last (or not last) if you are
on caution.  This last room is always hard and requires skills.  Equip the
tactical Remington M1100 Shotgun and reload it with as many shells as you have.
 Enter the do.

Room22: Waiting room

This room will almost certainly get you bitten if not once, then eight times. 
The room contains eight zombies all looking directly at you, they are
surrounding the door, to the left, the right and tons ahead.  I guess this is
the hardest room in the ENTIRE game so be cool and hack it.  There are two ways
to do this.  There are really three, but the third involves weaving through the
entire crowd which is possible as there is a nice wide path through the
zombies, but the camera makes it hard unless you know the route very well.
So the first tactic is to let the first zombie chow you, then chuck him off and
let the second zombie chow you, then the third and then the fourth.  After this
you will be bleeding like fresh roadkill but will have time to either use your
last healthpack (if you have none then you will die) and then use the shotgun
to explode the zombie heads like a melon shooting contest.  This requires lots
of ammo and lots of health.
If you have no health left (although you need to be on "fine" to survive) then
just run into the first zombie ahead to get bitten.  Although this sounds
crazy, you only get bitten once, or twice so you can shoot the rest up with the
shotgun by aiming forwards and then you can escape.
Anyway you do this, you will get bitten so don't complain.  You need the
shotgun or else this level is not passable.

Room23: Helicopter hallway

More zombies for you to face, 1 very close on the left, three on the right and
two by the chopper.  As you start explode the skegfest zombie on the left. 
Then run away from the crowd by the door (but only a little bit to avoid the
others) and turn and shoot them up with 3 odd shotgun rounds to the abdomen. 
The other undead explosive fire zombies can be shot for fun with the pistol or
remaining magnum rounds, but by now you will be afraid of zombies so just leave
the room.

Room24: Crow hall

No crows alas, but a Mr. x back to dish out some prime beats.  He starts off
quite far away but it makes no difference.  You should play it safe and empty
clip loads of bullets into him before you have no other chance to run, but this
is pointless if you are relying mainly on pistol rounds.  You need several
magnum rounds to drop him.  If you have to run, which you always will then
don't run straight into him, wait until he charges up a shot and then commando
roll through his legs, hit him with a low blow and run out the door.  If you
are on caution then the same applies, you can take a punch and then he will
follow it up with the double axehandle smash so you have a chance to run even
on "danger".
Even if you are on "danger" to begin with you still have a chance.  Don't
bother shooting him as he will catch up to quickly.  You can wait around the
corner where the crow victim lies, when the T-103 makes a tight turn, cut
around the outside and run along the outer wall to avoid him.  If you try this
and die, then you could have considered walking backwards slowly and then when
he punches, run, but don't say i didn't warn you.

Room25: Helicopter site

The escape for the 4th survivor.  Watch the end sequence and then get annoyed
with your crap ranking.  I can only manage a "D" at the moment, but I have yet
to see if it unlocks anything more.  I believe the Dreamcast version has
ranking and Playstation doesn't, but I'm not certain, I'm probably wrong.  But
anyway, i'm sure that the mode will unlock even more secrets when you get an A
grade, infact i'm positive! But to get an A grade you probably need to complete
the game in 3 minutes or something crazy.  I'll keep trying though!

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