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"The most innovative and unique game since the first one."

Before we begin, let me first say that it is true that this game is not a true sequel to Resident Evil 2. The first half takes place before Resident Evil 2, and the second half takes place afterward.

Because of this, many people have simply swept RE3 into the side-story category, not willing to play it because it is not a true sequel. However, RE3 manages to rise above such dreck as Survivor and Code Veronica and is actually an excellent game.

Story: 10/10 Unlike it's predecessor, RE3 focuses on STARS member Jill Valentine. Due to growing frustrations with the police's inability to accept her story of what went down in the events of RE1, Jill starts to head out of the now zombie-controlled Raccoon City. Standing in her way, though, is one unstoppable foe. STARS hunter extraordinare: Nemesis.

Graphics: 10/10 The graphics in this game are truly good. They're the best of any Resident Evil so far, complete with individually detailed eyes, noses, mouths, and other little details. The backgrounds are even better than before, far more detailed and fluid than in RE2. The FMVs, while not as flashy as in RE2's, are also well done.

Sound: 10/10 Once again, very well done. The voice actors are on about the same level as RE2's, if not better, and some of the music is extremely creepy. Nemesis himself even speaks, even if it only is one word (STARS). And you'll be hearing him a lot.

Gameplay: 10/10 Easily the most unique of the Resident Evil games thus far. There are several new points, so let me list them for you:

- Nemesis. The zombie big enough and bad enough to get his picture on and inside the CD booklet, this guy is relentless, like Mr. X (from RE2) on steroids. Whereas X would only attack you in one room, Nemesis relentlessly pursues you from room to room, eliminating any zombie who gets in his way. Nemesis even carries a Rocket Launcher at certain points in the game, making for highly dangerous encounters.

- You have the ability to dodge. This is great for quick enemies like zombie dogs and Nemesis, and also makes dealing with zombies easier.

- Certain objects in the background are interactive. Oil drums, C4 explosives, and others can all kill multiple enemies if your timing is right.

- You have the ability to create your own ammunition. By collecting and mixing various gun powders, you will create different types of ammunition. This is great if you want to stock up on Magnum bullets or Grenades but can't find them lying around.

- The new ''Live Selection'' feature. When this occurs, the screen fades into black and white and gives you two ways to deal with a hazardous situation. Choose wisely, and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.

All in all, the gameplay is excellent.

Control: 8/10 The control is the same as it ever was, except now you have the ability to dodge and to perform a quick 180-degree spin. This is essential if you want to avoid getting eaten alive by groups of 7 or 8 zombies.

Gore: 9/10 Not as sticky as RE2, mainly due to the lack of death animations, but the game is still very gruesome. Explosions, electrocutions, severe flesh wounds caused by sulfuric acid, and what has to be the record for the most zombie heads popped at once.

Weapons: 10/10 Awesome. We've got a Combat Knife, 3 Handguns, 2 Shotguns (not upgraded, but actual seperate guns), Assualt Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Magnum, Mine Launcher, Gatling Gun, and both an old fashioned (one the player uses) and modern RE2 fashioned (the one Nemesis uses) Rocket Launcher.

Replay Value: 10/10 With the Live Selection coice, and 3 endings, this is a very replayable game.

Rent/Buy: BUY. Even it you don't like Resident Evil, it's still an incredibly fun game.

That's really all there is to say. Why in the name of all things holy are you still reading this review?! I TOLD YOU TO GET THE GAME, DAMNIT! NOW GET TO IT!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 03/22/03, Updated 03/22/03

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