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                             SHENMUE 2x FAQ        
                    (c) Adam Doran (awdoran(AT)msn.com)  


This is for all the new guys who ask questions on the message boards,
Since the game has been out many of these questions have been asked
repeatedly so I thought I'd just collect them all and put them here.

Please be aware that this guide may spoil the game for you a bit. It's
recommended that before you read on, you should have completed the game

Have fun!                                                        Adam

This is all the questions in the FAQ, check to see if your question is
here before you spend ages looking through the whole guide. *NEW* means
that the question marked has been added in the last revision of the 

Where can I find the four sticks for the Buddha statue?          *NEW*
Is there an in-game soft reset option?                           *NEW*
What's the best way to make money?                               *NEW*
OMFG!!1 I heard you can get a gun, Where it be man!?             *NEW*
I can't find the street performer in the mall, where is he?      *NEW*
I want to say goodbye to Joy, where is she?
Can I exchange my Slot Maching Tokens for Cash?
How do I see Shenmue on the SEGA Saturn?
Neo Darts wont show up in the collection, how do I get it?
Can I find the Crow which stole Fangmei's laundry?
What is the fastest way to get Fangmei to call you Ryo?
How do I wind the Duck Races?
Why does the QTE fail when I press A at Zhangyu's Barber shop?
How do you catch the leaves behind Man Mo Temple?
Where can I buy move scrolls from?
How do I defeat .... ?
What happens and how do I get the Bad Ending?
What does Joy say outside the Come Over Guest House?
Is Gui Zhang in Shenmue II?
Where can I find Wang's brother?
How do I win the Challenge stand on Dragon Street?

Q. Is there an in-game soft reset option?
There sure is, press the Back and Start buttons together for 5 seconds
and it will take you to the title screen.

Q. Where can I find the four sticks for the Buddha statue?

Snake Tortoise - This is the one Zhang gave you.

Dragon         - Behind the desk on the wall is a framed wallscroll 
                 with some Japanese text on it. Take this off the wall
                 and you'll find the dragon stick behind it.

Phoenix        - This stick is found in a pot on the top of the shelves
                 to the right of the window.

White Tiger    - To the right of the buddha statue is a small draw.
                 open that and you'll find the Hazuki martial arts 
                 uniform. Ryo will pick it up and the stick will fall

Q. What's the best way to make money?
Gambling is the best way to earn money, but that depends
on your own personal preference. I personaly play Big Or Small when
I need big cash, most of the time the outcome of the game is 1 of 2
things, big or small (duh) so there is 50/50 chance of winning when
not including Wai Sik or any other unique rule that some of the stands
have. Bet wisely. If you have $500, don't go and bet the whole lot,
bet like $400 so if you lose you still have $100 left so you atleast
have a way to get back into gambling without lifting crates at workers
pier. Lifting crates almost always gets you $60 (providing you don't
drop too many crates) but it's time consuming. If you want to risk it,
you can go bet a whole lot on the duck races (see my Secrets FAQ) and
come away alot better off if you bet on duck with high odds and it

*nOOb method*

Go to a Big Or Small stand with some money then save the game. Bet it 
all on whatever you like, if you win then save your game. If you lose
then reload your save and bet again until you win. If you sucomb to
this nOOb method, you are ruining the game though. Part of Shenmue is
to live Ryo's life and he shouldn't just be able to warp back in time
when something bad happens, think about it. Ryo's dad wouldn't be dead
if he could do that...

Q. OMFG!!1 I heard you can get a gun, Where it be man!?
LOL. There is no gun in Shenmue which Ryo can pick up and use against
his oponants. Why would they include a gun in Shenmue? If there was one
it would completly destroy the martial arts aspect of the game, which
we all love so much. Lan Di would of had a cap popped in him by now,
many of us would have shot Fuku-san and all those NPC people would be
walking around with bullet holes in them. This is not GTA. Simple isn't

Saying that though, if you want to see the closest thing then wonder
around any of the tall buildings in Kowloon and check out some of the
apartments. You'll find some of them have boxes which apparantly 
contain sub machine guns and sometimes you'll even see a revolver on
the tables. These are there just for show though so don't even try to
pick them up, you can't.

Q. I can't find the street performer in the mall, where is he?
He is in there so don't worry. As you enter the mall, hug the wall to 
the right and follow it around until you see a spikey haired guy with
a yellow jacket laying on the floor facing the wall. That's him, he is
a tramp.

Q. I want to say goodbye to Joy, where is she?
You can't say goodbye to Joy unfortunatly, She meets up with you in
Kowloon though so you haven't seen the last of her yet.

Q. Can I exchange my Slot Machine Tokens for cash? If you can't then 
what is the point of the tokens?
A. You can't exchange those tokens won on the slot machines for
anything. They do have a reason for their existance though, when you
get certain amounts of tokens the people who work there will reward you
with cool certificates. These are hard to get so only try for them if
you know you have the patience to get all those tokens. These are the
amounts you need for the certificates:

[ ] 3,000 Prize       Win 3,000 Tokens
[ ] 10,000 Prize      Win 10,000 Tokens
[ ] 50,000 Prize      Win 50,000 Tokens
[ ] 200,000 Prize     Win 200,000 Tokens
[ ] 500,000 Prize     Win 500,000 Tokens
[ ] 1,000,000 Prize   Win 1,000,000 Tokens

Q. How do I see Shenmue on the SEGA Saturn?
Complete the game, then enter the Shenmue Collection through the title
screen. Select your completed game save and then you'll find the Saturn
footage in there.

Q. I played Neo Darts in the arcade, but it wont show up in my 
Collection. How do I get it?
A. You can't. Neo Darts just isn't part of the Collection for unknown
reasons. Only way you can play that game, is if you get ingame and go
down to the arcade or something :(

Q. Fangmei mentioned that a crow flew off with her laundry and Ryo says
he'll look for it. Is this a red herring or something you can actually
A. It's a red herring, you can't go off chasing crows looking for
Fangmei's underwear :P

Q. What is the fastest way to get Fangmei to call you Ryo?
When you walk near her she will initiate a conversation with you, which
she starts by saying "Hazuki-san..." She will ask you questions
sometimes where you need to select an answer, be careful what you say
here and remember you need to make her feel special. Don't say Xiuying
is beutiful, say she is strong instead, but do say that Fangmei is your
friend when she asks about people in Hong Kong. After the conversation
is over, walk a short distance away and then return for more questions.
Eventually she will stop initiating conversations, but that is ok, 
there can only be 4 questions from her per day. You will need to keep
trying on the following days until she calls you "Ryo" instead of

TIP: Get to the temple as quick as you can at the start of the game so
you have plenty of days to do this before her birthday.

Q. How do I win the Duck Races? I have my own Duck and everything but
I keep coming last and I want that Gold Medal!
A. Keep racing! The more you race, the more your duck improves.
Seriously, you just wont win on your first lot of attempts, you need
the time and the money to keep on racing until your duck is strong
enough to finish in first place. Try not to use all the energy too 
fast aswell, press the R button about half way so that the duck
runs at a steady pace without draining the energy too fast. When your
duck gets alot better you'll notice if you take the stairs (going down)
at full speed the duck will jump and then glide down, instead of walk
down the stairs. Try to avoid contact with the other ducks too, they
can be quite nasty and bump you into the walls or barrels.

Q. Why does the QTE fail when I press A at Zhangyu's Barber shop?
A. Your not supposed to press A. If you listen (or read) what Zhangyu
says he tells you not to move. Pressing A makes you move and therefor
failing the QTE. Just don't press anything and let the button A flash
on the screen until it ends.

Q. How do you catch the leaves behind Man Mo Temple?
A. Ok first thing you do is start by looking up, that way you can see
the leaves fall for longer. Don't keep looking left and right to try
and follow the leaves, just have Ryo center on a certain spot and wait
for a leaf to appear on your screen. slowly follow the leaves, you can
drift off a tiny bit but if you go off too much you'll lose focus so
stay as close as possible. It really helps if you follow a cluster of
leaves too, because even if you miss one leaf in the cluster, chances
are that there is another leaf close by which you can deflect to. Hell
it's even possible to catch like 4 leaves in 1 go, maybe more but 4 is
the most I've ever done. When your ready and close enough to catch one,
the screen will go slightly blurry and you'll hear a chime. Whack the
A button quick and you can see how many leaves you caught by looking
between Ryo's fingers.

Q. Where can I buy move scrolls from?
In Wanchai you can buy Move Scrolls from the Wise Men's Kung Fu, in
the Wise Men's Qr. Check the maps to see where abouts it is if you
can't find it.

In Kowloon, you can buy Move Scrolls from the Thousand White building.
Enter the building on the 1st floor and look oposite the Knife shop to
find a store with the scrolls to the right on the shelves. You can also
go nextdoor to here and buy scrolls from there aswell. Machine Gun Fist
is a good one ;)

Q. How do I defeat .... ?
Eileen isn't as tough as the later fighters, but she can still be a
threat to people. She is an allround fighter, with throws, punches, 
kicks etc. She is pretty agile aswell so keep on your toes (Y button)
You can do all sorts of moves to her, even throws but if you want to
stay on the safe side stick to punch combos. Try to get around her
moves and then combo her when your by her side. She shouldn't prove
that hard, but if she does then read the Izumi strategy below as she
is like a lesser version of Izumi.

Izumi is a tough fighter. Probably the toughest fighter in the game.
She has some very fast and devestating throw moves, and one mega cool
move where the screen goes black and she starts saying "Viva Sakura 
Festival"...Don't ask me what that means I have no idea either. Main
aim here then is to avoid her throws, press Y and the direction buttons
when she gets close. She also performs combos which merge into throws
too, but if you manage to evade those she becomes open to attack, which
is were Ryo's fist steps in. Yeah she's a girl, but if you don't put
her down she will go for your balls (no kidding) keep on your toes
and use small punch combos when you have the chance, throw moves can
work too and usually take off an orb of energy each time you can get
one in. During the fight you'll no doubt encounter her QTE attack, 
which has 2 outcomes. 1, you fail the QTE and she fucks you up. 2. you
get the QTE right and reverse her move against her. She will use this
QTE attack quicker and quicker near the end of her energy bar so be 
ready. The QTE command is X+B, Y+A.

Master Baihu:
As always in this fight the Y button is your friend. Get used to 
dodging attacks and then counter attacking when Baihu is prone. He
does a few throw moves which can deal some pretty good damage to you
if he does too many of them though, your going down. He also has a 
habit of ducking when you want to punch him, which you can get around
by using low kicks. Don't be affraid to punch him though, the Tiger
Knuckle is the most used and fastest move in the game and you need to
get in those 3 hit punch combos when you can. Don't do any more than
3-4 hits on him as the later enemies always do something about that,
they can't let you perform lengthy combos on them now can they? 
Baihu can be thrown if your in the right position, especially from 
behind or by the side. I found that the machine gun fist move hit him
alot too, which is performed directly infront of him so try that too 
if you can.

This guy is big as you can see, so he isn't the most agile fighter
you'll come across. The idea here is to use quick, less powerfull
attacks, small punch combos etc. You can try kicks, but they generaly
take that little bit longer and sometimes Dou Niu will just brush your
leg aside. Don't try to use throws on him either, he is too big and he
will always knock your arms away leaving you open to attacks. Listen
to Wong and Joy in the background, they warn you when Dou Niu is about
to perform a grab. When this happens tap Y and back to back off, or
if you prefer, Y and up/down to move to the side (usefull to land a 
few punches in after he has missed you. Keep your finger over the Y
button mostly, and then wait for an opening or when he is standing
sideways. The QTE's after the fight will be in this order:

Left, Y
Left, Left, Y
Down, Left, Up, Y
Right, X+A (X and A at the same time)

Q. What happens and how do I get the Bad Ending?
Ryo wakes up in a pitch black room and takes the Phoenix Mirror out.
It starts to glow bright but then all of a sudden the light goes out,
like as if it has died or something. Then Ryo hears footsteps and turns
around to find Lan Di. The camera rushes torwards Ryo's face as if to 
say Lan Di attacked him. The screen fades and then we see Shenhua on 
the mountains in Guilin, praying she says "The dragon calls the dark
clouds and hides the morning star. The path is closed and the hope of
meeting is lost" The wind then blows and things go quiet, then Lan Di
comes into the scene with the Phoenix Mirror in his hands (which he got
from Ryo) and says "I shall take your power for the CHI YOU MEN" That's

If you want to see this scene yourself, then you must reach day June
31st, 1987. A quick way of reaching this date is by failing the
Zhangyu Barber QTE, this makes a whole day go by each time you fail.
You could also try downloading the movie file of it which can be found
at http://www.planetxbox.com/shenmuedojo/

Q. What does Joy say outside the Come Over Guest House?
She says "How was your dream?" but obviously not in English.

Q. Is Gui Zhang in Shenmue II?
I know where you got this from, in the first game Gui Zhang is supposed
to come to Hong Kong with Ryo, but Chai hurts his leg by dropping a 
girder on it (lol) and instead he tells Ryo he will catch up with him.
Even though he said that, Gui Zhang doesn't show in Shenmue 2 and Ryo
has just gone and left for Guiling so who knows if we will ever see him

You can actually hear a conversation between Gui Zhang and Joy 
(who are related) by going back to the tape recorder and fast 
forwarding all the way to the end, after the Dou Niu stuff.

Q. Where can I find Wang's brother?
Wang's brother stands on the top floow of the Yan Tin Apartments, the
same building Guixhang lives in. Head up the stairs to the top and then
down the end of the hallway torwards the back window. You can have a
chat with him about Wang and everything. Watch Ryo's eyes hehe.

Q. How do I win the Challenge stand on Dragon Street?
Ahhh the Challenge stand on Dragon Street...what a bitch eh? I don't
think you have problems with the first 2 stands, it's just that last 
one right? Well there is no surefire way of winning it, just don't do
anything stupid like dropping the ball down the far sides of the stand.
Aim down the middle, but to the right down the first little gap and
sometimes it will bounce into the middle set of pins. When it goes down
there it's all up to lady luck. Just keep trying, and trying...
And then try some more.

These are the people I'd like to thank for helping with this FAQ:

bell             (GameFAQs Message board)
birdhouse skater (GameFAQs Message board)

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