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I.  (1)   INTRODUCTION                                                 11intr
    (2)   STORY                                                        12stor
    (3)   CONTROLS                                                     13cont
    (4)   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                   14freq
    (5)   CHARACTERS                                                   15char
    (6)   LOCATIONS                                                    16loca
        A.   Aberdeen                                                  16aabe
        B.   Wan Chai                                                  16bwan
        C.   Kowloon                                                   16ckow
    (7)   GAME BASICS                                                  17game
        A.   Exploration                                               17aexp
        B.   Game Progression                                          17bgam
        C.   Weather                                                   17cwea
        D.   Time                                                      17dtim
        E.   Ryo's Notebook                                            17eryo
        F.   Combat                                                    17fcom
        G.   Items                                                     17gite
        H.   Money                                                     17hmon

II. (1)   WALKTHROUGH                                                  21walk
        A.   Disc 1                                                    21adis
           i.    Finding Master Tao                                    21a1fi
           ii.   The Four Wude                                         21a2th
        B.   Disc 2                                                    21bdis
           iii.  The Search for Zhu                                    21b3th
           iv.   Ren of Heavens                                        21b4re
        C.   Disc 3                                                    21cdis
           v.    Detective Work                                        21c5de
           vi.   Don Niu's Gang                                        21c6do
           vii.  The Yellow Head Building                              21c7th
        D.   Disc 4                                                    21ddis
           viii. The Road to Bailu                                     21d8th

III.(1)   MOVES                                                        31move
        A.   Starting Moves                                            31asta
        B.   Learned Moves                                             31blea
        C.   Move Scrolls                                              31cmov
    (2)   FIGHTING STRATEGIES                                          32figh
        A.   General Strategies                                        32agen
        B.   Don Niu Strategies                                        32bdon
    (3)   SAVING                                                       33savi
    (4)   MAKING MONEY                                                 34maki
        A.   Part-time jobs                                            34apar
        B.   Gambling                                                  34bgam
        C.   Pawnshops                                                 34cpaw
    (5)   ARCADE GAMES                                                 35arca
    (6)   SECRETS                                                      36secr
        A.   Bad Ending                                                36abad
        B.   Medals and the Duck Races                                 36bmed
        C.   Walkthrough Conclusion                                    36cwal
           ix.   The Journey Continues                                 36c9th

IV. (1)   CREDITS                                                      41cred
    (2)   REVISIONS                                                    43revi


Introduction                                                           11intr

Note: This guide was written using the European (Dreamcast) version of 
Shenmue II, but should be applicable to the US (Xbox) version as well.

Shenmue is a series of games created by Yu Suzuki, the man behind Virtua 
Fighter and several classic arcade games.  It takes place in Japan and East 
Asia beginning in November of 1986.  Four chapters of the game were released: 
Shenmue I is chapter 1 and Shenmue II includes chapters 3, 4, and 5 (Chapter 
2 was omitted).

Story                                                                  12stor

Can be found on page 20 of the Shenmue II Instruction Manual:

"The Year is 1986, the location is Yokosuka, Japan.  It's a usual, tranquil 
day in the life of Ryo Hazuki, but suddenly it is forever shattered by the 
unexpected arrival of unwanted visitors.  A man wearing dark green Chinese 
clothes appears at the Hazuki family home, followed closely by his black-
suited thugs.  Known as Lan Di, he uses his knowledge of the almighty kung fu 
and kills Ryo's father, Iwao, taking away a mysterious Mirror, which he 
clearly came for.

Vowing to seek revenge, Ryo embarks on a journey to find his father's killer, 
but to no avail.

Later, Ryo is given a letter addressed to his late father.  The letter was 
sent by a man called Yuanda Zhu and warned of danger, but also told of a 
person that could be relied upon if something happened.  This person was 
called Master Chen and Ryo was eager to find him.  He explained to Ryo that 
Lan Di was one of the leaders of the Chiyoumen, and based on the fact that he 
had already obtained one sacred mirror, he was likely to be in search of the 
other, as together they made a pair...

Ryo eventually found the mirror, also known as the Phoenix Mirror, but was 
still eager to seek Lan Di and avenge his father's death.  Master Chen told 
of news that Lan Di had left for Hong Kong, so Ryo decided to pursue, but an 
unknown attacker decided to make his move and punish Ryo once and for all.

Strong willed and fighting off his attacker, Ryo also came face to face with 
the Mad Angels, closely connected with the Chiyoumen.  With the help of 
Guizhang, Master Chen's son, they put and end to the wrath of the Mad Angels.  
Master Chen then gave Ryo a letter, which introduced a man called Lishao Tao, 
he would help once Ryo departed for Hong Kong.

Who is Yuanda Zhu, the sender of the letter?
What is the hidden mystery behind the Phoenix Mirror?
Where is Lan Di, the killer of Ryo's father?

Ryo arrives in Hong Kong with many questions unanswered, as he begins his 
journey to seek the truth behind these mysteries."

Controls                                                               13cont

L Trigger          - Zoom (Run if changed in the options menu)
R Trigger          - Run (Zoom if changed in the options menu)

Analog Thumb Pad   - Look (Walk if changed in the options menu)
D-Pad              - Walk (Look if changed in the options menu)

A Button           - Initiate Conversation
B Button           - Cancel / Place Navigation Mark
X Button           - View Notebook / Perform Action
Y Button           - View System Menu / Initiate Conversation about Money

Start Button       - Display Help Screen

Frequently Asked Questions                                             14freq

1.  When was Shenmue II released? 

Japan - On Dreamcast, September 6, 2001
Europe - On Dreamcast, November 30th, 2001 
USA - On Xbox, October 29, 2002


2.  Will I be able to use my saved data from Shenmue I? 

If you are playing the NTSC version (from Japan) then you will not be able to 
use save data from the US version of Shenmue.  If you are playing the PAL 
version (from Europe), you will need a PAL save file.


3.  When do you start if you don't have a VMU with saved data? 

The opening sequence begins at 12:00 PM on February 23, 1987.  Gameplay 
itself begins at 12:30.


4.  I never played Shenmue I.  Will I be able to understand the story?

It is not required that you play Shenmue I, and you can understand Shenmue II 
without playing it.  To assist you however, there is a 14 minute "digest" 
movie included with the game that depicts the events in Shenmue.  Ryo also 
sums up some of the important events in his journal, which you can read at 
the start of Shenmue II.


5.  Where can you buy move scrolls?

Wise Men's Kung Fu in the Wise Men's Quarter of Wan Chai, and the Thousand 
White Building in the Thousand White Quarter of Kowloon.


6.  Why can't I get the Bronze Medal?  The door is boarded up.

Getting the Bronze Medal can only be done on Disc 2. (See the Secrets 


7.  Are Lan Di and Ziming (Xiuying's Brother) the same person?

It is commonly accepted that Lan Di and Ziming are not the same person, and 
are each one of the four leaders of the Chiyoumen.

Characters                                                             15char

Ryo Hazuki

-> Ryo is the main character and hero of this story.  He was raised at the 
Hazuki Dojo in Yokosuka by his father after his mother died of an illness 
when Ryo was three.  Ryo began training in the Hazuki style of jujitsu when 
he was very young, and at age seven he began to seriously study the martial 
arts under his father's guidance.  Ryo is polite but impatient, and has 
little tolerance for street thugs.



-> A young woman who can be found riding her motorcycle throughout the game 
in Aberdeen, Wan Chai, and Kowloon.  Everyone seems to know and fear her.  
This may be because her father is a "big shot" at the harbor.



-> A kid from the Beverly Hills Wharf who hangs out with his adult friends 
and drinks beer.  Wong respects Ren and his gang.  At heart he is a good kid, 
but he is a thief and pickpocket, as well as a prolific locksmith.



-> Delin moves crates with Ryo at the harbor.  He teaches Ryo the Brawler's 
Uppercut.  A nice guy but a little quirky at times.



-> An elderly man who practices Tai Chi in Lotus Park.  He is helpful to Ryo 
and spars with him.



-> The Master of the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green Market Qr.



-> Master Zhoushan's student before he was expelled.  He now lives the life 
of a street performer, though he has not forgotten the ways of the martial 


Xiuying Hong

-> She works at the Man Mo Temple and prays for her brother, Ziming who ran 
away to seek revenge for their father's murder when they were young.  She has 
a great deal to teach Ryo about patience.


Fangmei Xun

-> A girl of fifteen who assists Master Tao at the Man Mo temple.  She works 
hard to please those she cares about, and she has a crush on Ryo.



-> "Ren of Heavens" is the leader of the Beverly Hills Warf gang, the 
Heavens.  He is easily bored, and is quick to solve his problems by fighting.  
He gambles often and tends to win.


Don Niu

-> A giant of a man.  Though powerful, he is fairly slow--mentally and 
physically. Ryo finds himself running away from Don Niu often.



-> Yuan is the leader of a gang of Chinese thugs, but is a coward herself.  
She always tells others to fight for her or, failing this, chooses a deadly 
weapon to fight with.  She is extremely rude and makes unreasonable demands 
of Kowloon's shop keepers.

-> Note: The character of Yuan was altered for the US and European versions 
of the game.  The original character was actually a male who dresses and acts 
like a woman.  The reason for this alteration for non-Japanese versions has 
not been officially disclosed.


Shenhua Ling

-> A mysterious girl who grew up in a small, isolated village in China.  She 
appeared in many of Ryo's dreams while he was in Japan, and his fate will be 
deeply influenced by her.


Locations                                                              16loca


   A. Worker's Pier - Where Ryo begins.  It is home to many stand owners, 
      fishermen, and arm wrestlers, and includes Pigeon Park.

      Important Places:  Free Stay Lodge, Arm Wrestling, Pigeon Park

   B. Fortune's Pier - Pier of warehouses used for storage, gambling, and 
      gang hangouts.  Jobs are available for workers to move crates.

      Important Places:  Fortune's Office

   C. Queen's Street - Road to Wan Chai from Aberdeen, filled with various 
      shops and restaurants.

      Important Places:  Big Catch Tackle Shop, Ling Ling Porridge

   D. Beverly Hills Wharf - The domain of the Heaven's, Aberdeen's local 

      Important Places:  Wong's Boat


   A. Green Market Qr. - "Market" says it all.  Most of the shops in this
      quarter are food related.  This is the quarter Ryo stays in while he is 
      at the Come Over Guest House.

      Important Places:  Come Over Guest House, Guang Martial Arts School

   B. South Carmain Qr. - A poor neighborhood with lots of buildings under 

      Important Places:  Yin Tan Apartments, Lotus Park

   C. Wise Men's Qr. - This is home to many "Man Mo" shops and restaurants.  

      Important Places:  Man Mo Temple, Da Yuan Apartments, Man Mo Bistro, 
                         Wise Men's Kung Fu, Collect Antiques

   D. Golden Qr. - The upscale quarter of Wan Chai, right along King's Road, 
      and home to the Grand Hotel and the Golden Shopping Mall.

      Important Places:  Golden Shopping Mall

   E. Lucky Charm Qr. - This quarter contains mostly restaurants and 
      electronics stores.

      Important places:  Complete Clothier, Zhangyu Barber's, Dou Jiang Diner

   F. White Dynasty Qr. - This quarter has no large shops and plays only a 
      minor role in the game.

      Important Places:  None


   A. Dragon Street - This is a street leading to Kowloon that is filled with 
      many shops, stands, and gambling houses.

      Important Places:  Ren's Hideout

   B. Thousand White Qr. - This quarter contains restaurants, street 
      fighting, and places where Ryo can make money carrying crates.

      Important Places:  Great View Building, Thousand White Building, Ghost 
                         Hall Building, Cafe Anna, Yellow Head Building

   C. Dimsum Qr. - Home to many restaurants and diners, as well as the Lucky 
      Hit Museum.

      Important Places:  Tea Break Building, Phoenix Building, Nihao 
                         Teahouse, Yellow Head Building

   D. Stand Qr. - Filled with stands and places for street fights.  

      Important places:  Black Heaven Building, Dancing Dragon Building, 
                         Small Dragon Garden, Star Gazing Point, Blue Dragon 
                         Garden, Yellow Head Building

Game Basics                                                            17game

Shenmue II is a game with several mechanics, so what follows is a series of 
tips to help you get started.  It is recommended that you read this before 
you begin with the walkthrough in the next section.  More specific 
information can be found scattered throughout the walkthrough for individual 
areas of the game that require special attention.

EXPLORATION                                                            17aexp

The world of Shenmue II is filled with many characters.  These individuals 
can have information important to your journey--a single conversation will 
often get you going on a new path.  If you are ever lost or need help, ask 
someone.  Shopkeepers can be very adept at giving directions, and many people 
you find walking in the streets will actually take you to where you want to 

There are also many places to visit and explore.  Take some time to look 
around and enjoy the environments.  Nearly all buildings are accessible and 
most objects can be looked at or manipulated.  To do this, use the L trigger 
and look around with the D-pad.  If you see something of interest you can 
lock onto it.  If you can somehow use an object, the X button will appear in 
the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Pressing it will initiate the 
appropriate action.

GAME PROGRESSION                                                       17bgam

There is no specific pace you need to keep while moving through the game.  
You can zoom through it as fast as you can, or take time to enjoy every 
moment of it.  It's entirely up to you.

Remember though that the game is relatively linear and there is an order to 
most things.  Doing one event may cause you to miss being able to see a 
different event, for example.  Sometimes you can accidentally trigger 
something unexpected by simply talking to someone you saw on the street.  
This is why it is great to play the game many times and see all the different 
events that are possible.  Playing more than once also allows you to see 
things you missed and make different decisions to see the effects they have.

WEATHER                                                                17cwea

The weather in Shenmue II changes with the passage of time.  This may not 
seem important, but it can have an effect on the game.  Photographs taken on 
rainy days look different than those taken on sunny days, and some events may 
not even occur when it is raining.

TIME                                                                   17dtim

Time passes in Shenmue II at the rate of 1 hour of game time to 4 minutes of 
real time.  This usually gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want 
during the day, but if Ryo is out after 11:00 PM he will be automatically 
sent back to wherever he is staying to make sure he gets a good night's 
sleep.  Ryo gets up at 8:00 AM most days, giving you up to an hour of real-
life playing time for each day that passes in the game.  This is not always 
true however because some events may use up extra time, or even skip the 
whole day.

RYO'S NOTEBOOK                                                         17eryo

Ryo's Notebook contains everything he learns while on his quest.  He writes 
down all the clues he gets from conversations and events, allowing you to 
flip through it and refresh your memory on any topic, whenever you want.  
While exploring, press the X button to access your notebook.  This is helpful 
when you leave the game because when you come back it is easy to find out 
where you were and what you need to do next.

COMBAT                                                                 17fcom

Combat is an important part of Shenmue II, and without good fighting skills 
it will be difficult to complete the game.  There are three fighting modes 
you will need to master: the free battle, the QTE, and the Command QTE.  For 
more on fighting, see the "Moves" and "Fighting Strategies" sections.

In a free battle you use fighting moves that Ryo is familiar with in an open-
ended battle against one or more opponents.  Simply press the main buttons: X 
to punch, A to kick, B to throw, and Y to dodge, in combination with the D-
pad, and you will perform various moves on your opponents.

QTEs (Quick Time Events) can occur at almost any time during the game and 
require you to press the correct controller button within a certain time 
limit.  Most QTEs require the use of the Left, Right, A, B, and X buttons, 
though others may be required as well.  The correct QTE combinations for each 
event are listed throughout the walkthrough.

Command QTEs are new to the Shenmue series and were not a part of Shenmue I.  
These require you to press the correct button combinations, not just a single 
button like regular QTEs.  For example, the game will freeze for a moment and 
display the controller combination: (Down, X).  You must then quickly press 
Down followed by X to complete the Command QTE.  The important thing to 
remember is to wait until the correct sequence has been displayed before you 
start pressing buttons.  Doing it too quickly will get you a buzzer sound and 
you will fail the CQTE.

ITEMS                                                                  17gcom

There are hundreds of different items is Shenmue II and while most of them 
aren't essential to your quest, they can be fun to collect.  You can find 
them lying around, get them from your friends, or buy them from a store.

MONEY                                                                  17hmon

Ryo has converted his Japanese Yen to Hong Kong Dollars at an exchange rate 
of 30 Yen to 1 HK.  Your starting money may vary if you used a saved Shenmue 
I file, but the default is $596.  How much money you have really doesn't 
matter too much however, because it's relatively easy to obtain if you need 
some (see the "Secrets" section).


Walkthrough                                                            21walk

Please Note:  This guide does not provide a direct path through the game, as 
it includes many optional events that are not required to complete your 
quest.  The walkthrough is divided into discs (for Dreamcast players), and 
then into several Sections per disc, based upon the main theme or quest 
involved in each section.  You will notice three main designations for each 
paragraph below: "Scene" indicates an event that is required for progression 
through the game.  "Sub" indicates a sub-quest or other scene that is not 
required for game progression.  Finally, "Talk" indicates a conversation the 
player would engage in, which may or may not be necessary for game 

DISC I WALKTHROUGH                                                     21adis

Your adventure begins on a pier in Hong Kong.  It is up to you, Ryo, to 
avenge your father's death and bring his killer to justice...

SECTION 1 - Finding Master Tao                                         21a1fi

Scene 1 - Street Musicians
After the opening cinematic, walk forward along the pier and you will be 
stopped by some performers playing a song to bring luck to travelers.  If you 
donate some money ($10) the man will point you in the direction of Wan Chai, 
your next destination.

Scene 2 - Welcome to Hong Kong
Continue along the pier until you are solicited by some tour guides and a 
photographer.  You brush by them and speak with a woman and her daughter, 
Xiaomei, who you met on the boat.  The woman warns you to be careful, as not 
all people can be trusted in Hong Kong.  She also tells you about the Free 
Stay Lodge where, fittingly, you can stay for free.

Sub 1 - The Free Stay Lodge
Enter the lodge and have a look around.  Here you can talk to a homeless man 
who asks you why rivers flow.  You can choose to give a number of insightful 
answers, but the correct one is "Ocean".  He will then tell you to go to the 
south towards the fountain.  While you are here you can pick up the winning 
can at the back of the room, which will automatically be replaced with a 
capsule toy.  You can also pick up a blue forklift on the bed nearby.  You 
can sell these items at a pawnshop later to make some extra money, along with 
the other collectables Ryo brought with him from Japan.  Pick up the Honest 
Pawnshop Flier from the table before you leave, then follow the path onto 
Worker's Pier.

Sub 2 - Arm Wrestling
You will be stopped and asked to arm wrestle Jimenez Garcia for a bet of $10.  
You do not have to compete, but it is easy money and the man will point you 
in the direction of Wan Chai if you win.

    QTE: Press A repeatedly and press the D-pad when prompted.

Scene 3 - Meet Joy
Next, you will be nearly run over by Joy, a girl with orange hair riding a 
motorcycle.  She warns you that there are a lot of bad people in Hong Kong 
and points you in the direction of Wan Chai before riding off.

You should have a pretty good idea of where to go next.  Go along the 
waterfront and continue south, past the stands.  If you get lost, ask someone 
for directions.  The hostess at the Fu Hoi Diner, Meiming Yu, can be helpful 
with many questions, now and in the future.

Hint: By buying Zippo lighters and collectables from the stands you put your 
money in a safer form.  Though these items will receive less than the value 
you paid for them when they are pawned, you don't run the risk of your money 
being stolen.

Scene 4 - Robbed!
A kid and three thugs tricked you into leaving your bag unguarded and they 
stole it from you.  It is imperative that you recover the bag because it 
contains the Phoenix Mirror, an item vital to your quest.

Talk 1 - Who stole your bag?
If you ask Meiming Yu at Fu Hoi Diner, she will tell you about the Poison 
Brothers who moved here recently.  They are often seen at the porridge shop.

Scene 5 - The Poison Brothers
Follow the road onto Queen's Street and look for the Ling Ling Porridge shop 
on your left.  Approach the two men sitting out front, Haohai Du and Bangzhuo 
Du, and you will initiate a fight that is broken up by Joy.  These aren't the 
thugs who stole your bag, but Joy will tell you that she saw the boy who 
stole your bag hanging around Pigeon Park.  His name is Wong...

Scene 6 - Confronting Wong
When you confront Wong, he will run.  During the ensuing QTE chase, you can 
choose whether or not to follow Wong when he crawls under the fence.  Either 
way you will have a free battle, but by missing the last QTE command, (A), 
you can get into other fights, which are detailed below.

    QTE: A, Left, Right, A, B, Left, Left, Right, A, Right, Down, A.

If you fail the QTE chase with Wong:  Go behind the Fu Hoi Diner and you will 
find Wong with some of his friends.  You will then have a shortened QTE 

    QTE: Right, Down, A.

If you jump over the fence:  You will have to fight Wong's accomplices in an 
abandoned area with some boxes.

If you climb the fence but are stopped by the security guard, or lose the 
free battle:  Go back to the Lai Lai Eatery (you passed it during the QTE 
chase) and get into a fight with the guys who stole your bag.  While you are 
here you can apologize to Zhenji Teng, the waitress you ran into during 
Wong's QTE.

If you lose the free battle in the Eatery:  Go to the park and free battle 
once again.

If you lose at the park:  Go back towards the place where you arm wrestled 
earlier, and you will beat up the guy with the boom box.  Ultimately, Wong 
will show you where your bag is hidden.

Scene 7 - The Money's Gone
Wong will show you where your bag is hidden and return it to you, but Larry, 
Sam, and Cool Z have gambled all your money away.  To repay you, Wong draws a 
map showing you how to get to Wan Chai.  He tells you to enquire at the Come 
Over Guest House in the Green Market Quarter.

Sub 3 - Wong's Photo
When you return to Queen's Street take a moment to stop in at The Big Catch 
Tackle Shop.  The owner there will talk to you about Wong and give you a 
photo of him for your collection.

Scene 8 - Joy's Discount
While walking through the Green Market Quarter you will meet Joy once again.  
She too tells you to seek out the Come Over Guest House, where she claims you 
will get a discount for mentioning her name.

Scene 9 - The Come Over Guest House
When you arrive, Joy prompts you to enter the hotel, and tells you to be 
ready at 8:00 AM tomorrow so she can take you to get a job.  With some 
persuasion, the hotel owner, Ren Dan, gives you the key to room 203.  Go 
upstairs and enter the room, where you will place your bag in the cabinet.  
Pick up the Green Market's Pawnshop flier from the desk.  If you look outside 
the window opposite the door you will see the pawnshop.  Open and look out 
the other window to see two cats sitting on the ledge of your building.

Talk 2 - Ren Dan
Come back downstairs and the owner will tell you that the rent is $38 per 
day.  Since you don't have any money, you will need to acquire some.

Sub 4 - Green Market's Pawnshop
Enter Green Market's Pawnshop (to the right when you exit the Guest House) 
and pawn everything you can.  At minimum you should get a good $80-$90.

Talk 3 - The Lucky Hit Stand Owner
Go back past the Come Over Guest House and use the Y button to talk to the 
lucky hit stand owner at the end of the street (before the road turns to the 
right).  Ask him about a part-time job and he will ask that you run the stand 
for a while.  Accept his offer.  When you have made some money, return to the 
Come Over Guest House and sleep.


When playing Lucky Hit, you drop balls down a wooden board with pins on it, 
the goal being to get your ball into a box with a bull's-eye, and not an X.  
You play 3 drops each, taking turns, and if there is a tie, the rules of 
sudden death apply until a winner is found.  While running the stand the 
games cost $50 each for people to play, and if you win, you get to keep half 
of your winnings.  So if you win 3 times, and make $150 from the players, you 
get to keep $75.  If you lose money or fail to make money from the gamblers 
then you won't receive any pay for your work.

Scene 10 - Joy's Job
When you come downstairs the next morning the owner will ask for the rent.  
You do not have to pay him--ever.  Joy will take you back to Aberdeen where 
you can get a job moving crates.  Work with Delin until the supervisor tells 
you to stop.


You must move as your partner tells you or you will drop the crate.  When he 
says "left" you push Left on the D-pad, and when he says "right, right!" push 
Right on the D-pad twice.  It seems simple but it can be difficult if you are 
not careful.  Keep pushing forward unless he tells you otherwise and push 
down when prompted to lower the crate.  You will receive $10 for each crate 
you carry, and you can work multiple shifts throughout the day.  Just talk to 
the supervisor to see if you can work for him/her again.  You can expect to 
make $50-$60 per shift if you don't make too many mistakes.

Sub 5 - Photo Opportunity
Walk towards Queen's Street from Fortune's Pier (walk to the left of the 
park) and you will be stopped by the photographer who took your picture when 
you got off the ship.  Joy will arrive and tell him to take a picture of you 
and her together.  She gives you the new picture and keeps the original.

Sub 6 - Sign Straightening
Return to the Come Over Guest House and then turn around and walk back the 
way you came. You will be stopped by a man who is trying to get the sign for 
his store straight.  Help him out by telling him to move it up or down with 
the D-pad until it is horizontal, and then press A to confirm its position.  
As a reward he will give you directions to South Carmain Quarter.

Scene 11 - Jianmin
Enter Lotus Park in South Carmain Quarter and approach the man doing Tai Chi.  
His name is Jianmin and he asks you to spar with him.  He shows how one can 
attack with Tai Chi, and asks that you come and spar with him again soon.

Talk 4 - Where are the Yin Tan Apartments?
Ask Jianmin about Yin Tan Apartments and he will tells you to go right at the 
fork in the road ahead.

Scene 12 - Yin Tan Apartments
Find Yin Tan Apartments in South Carmain Quarter.  As you enter, an old woman 
will call you a land shark.  Despite her raving, she mentions that she knows 
Lishao Tao, so it seems you are on the right track.

Talk 5 - Lishao Tao isn't here?
Knock on the door of room 205.  The man who answers will tell you that Master 
Tao moved away.  Pay him the minimum ($20) and he will tell you that Master 
Tao moved to a place called "Man Mo something."  You can pay him more but he 
will give you the same information.

Talk 6 - Man Mo Antiques
You can find various "Man Mo" building in the Wise Men's Quarter.  The first 
you will see is Man Mo Antiques, where you can enquire about Lishao Tao.  The 
woman will refer you to the Man Mo Bistro.

Talk 7 - Man Mo Bistro
Ask the hostess at the Man Mo Bistro about Lishao Tao and she will tell you 
about Man Mo Temple.

Scene 13 - The Wude
Climb the stairs to the Scarlet Hills and enter the temple.  You will be 
instructed that you cannot see the master until you know Wude...

SECTION 2 - The Four Wude                                              21a2th

Scene 1 - A Mysterious Woman
Go back down the steps to the Wise Men's Quarter. where you will be 
confronted by the woman you saw in the temple.  She explains that she goes to 
the temple to have a single wish granted.  She surmises that you have a wish 
as well.  She claims that any martial artist of true virtue knows Wude, so 
you should seek a martial artist.

Talk 1 - Highquality Antique Shop
Ask the woman outside the Highquality Antique Shop nearby about martial 
artists and she will tell you about the dojo in Green Market Quarter, the 
Guang Martial Arts School.

Scene 2 - Guang Martial Arts School
Find the Guang Martial Arts School and enter.  The guards allow you to enter 
at the master's request.

Talk 2 - Master Zhoushan Xuan
Ask the master about Wude.  He tells you that he has no right to talk about 
Wude since he has ruined a man's life.  That man was once a student of his, 
but he was expelled and is now a street performer in the Golden Quarter.  
Talk to him again and he will tell you that the man works in the Golden 
Shopping Mall.

Scene 3 - Break the Rock
Find the Golden Shopping Mall in the Golden Quarter. and approach the man 
lying on the floor on the right-hand side.  He enlists you to help in his 
street performance by breaking a rock with his hand.  To do this, wait until 
the first meter fills up and press A, then as soon as the next meter fills, 
press A again.  You will break the rock and learn that this is Zongquan, 
Master Zhoushan's former student.  He gives you a letter to deliver to his 
former master.

Scene 4 - Delivering the Letter
Return to Guang Martial Arts School and give the letter to Zhoushan.  As a 
reward he teaches you the first Wude: 

    JIE - Judge yourself without conceit and do not show or use moves 

Talk 3 - Finding Other Martial Artists
Talk to Master Zhoushan about martial artists and he tells you to go see 
Jianmin in Lotus Park.

Scene 5 - Cover the Ground
Go to see Jianmin.  After a sparring session he will teach you a new move: 
Iron Palm, (X+A).  You must then practice the move on a tree until the ground 
is covered with its leaves.  To do this, wait until the meter is full or 
nearly full, and then press X and A at the same time to strike.  If you do it 
well, eventually Jianmin will teach you the second Wude:

    GON - Practice everyday without neglect.

Talk 4 - Another Martial Artist
Talk to Jianmin about other martial artists and he will tell you about 
Zhangyu the barber, who has a shop on Three Blades Street in the Lucky Charm 

Scene 6 - Zhangyu's Shop
Find Zhangyu's shop in the Lucky Charm Quarter and enter.  If it is closed, 
wait until tomorrow.  He will offer to trim your hair while he tells you the 
third Wude.  Do as he says and no matter what happens, do not move.  DO NOT 
press the A button when prompted to do so.  If you react, you will fail the 
test and have to do it again the next day.  When you succeed, he will tell 
you the third Wude:

    DAN - Be brave and stay calm to make the right decision.

Talk 5 - Who else knows about Wude?
Ask Zhangyu about other martial artists and he will refer you to the Bloom 
Tailor because many martial artists go there to get their uniforms made.

Talk 6 - Bloom Tailor
Talk to the tailor and he will tell you that the only other martial artist he 
knows is Guixiang, who lives in the Yin Tan Apartments in South Carmain 

Scene 7 - Clash with the Land Sharks
Head to Yin Tan Apartments to find a group of land sharks there harassing the 
old woman you met before.  Defeat them in a free battle and the old woman 
will reveal herself as Guixiang and teach you the fourth Wude: Never hesitate 
to do what is right.  She can't remember the name however, so you will have 
to go to Man Mo Temple and ask Master Mo.

NOTE: Once you have helped Guixiang, you can return to the Yin Tan Apartments 
later and she will teach you a new move, the Hind Blow, (Y+B).

Scene 8 - Getting Inside
Go to Man Mo Temple and you will find one of the monks sweeping outside.  He 
tells you that you may not enter the Temple because they are cleaning now.  
Choose "Intrude" and hurry into the temple when he goes to ask his master.

Scene 9 - Cleaning the Soot
Upon entering you will meet a monk who is upset that he is the only one 
assigned to clean the soot off the walls.  When he asks you to give service, 
select "Yes".  Clean away the soot ahead of you and work your way around the 
temple counterclockwise.  You will reveal the signs of two of the Wude that 
are inscribed in the wall, and then reveal the fourth Wude, YI, which is at 
the back of the temple.

Scene 10 - Lishao Tao
The woman you met at the temple earlier reveals herself to be Master Lishao 
Tao.  She challenges you to attack her if you can, initiating a free battle.  
You will find yourself unable to hit her, as she easily dodges all of your 
attacks.  After the fight she will reveal her real name, Xiuying Hong, and 
tell you to follow her to the Da Yuan Apartments.

Scene 11 - Da Yuan Apartments
Follow Xiuying to the Da Yuan Apartment building and up to room 207.  This is 
where you will be staying for the time being.

DISC II WALKTHROUGH                                                    21bdis

Ryo has found Lishao Tao of the Man Mo Temple.  Now he must do as she 
instructs if he wants her to divulge any information about Yuanda Zhu...

SECTION 3 - The Search for Zhu                                         21b3th

Scene 1 - Fangmei
You are awakened by Fangmei, Xiuying's 15-year-old assistant.  She tells you 
that you need to hurry to Man Mo Temple.

Scene 2 - Carrying Books
Xiuying instructs you to carry the books out of the library as your service 
to the temple, which will last until noon each day

Carrying the books out gets harder each day.  A good strategy is to walk when 
you have the books and run when you don't have them to make up some time.  As 
you are walking you will have to press the D-pad when you start to lose hold 
of the books.  If you run, this will happen more often and it will be harder 
to correct yourself.  You do not have to get all the books out, but if you 
are careful you should do it on the first day without any problems.  If you 
do manage to get all the books out of the library you will get some move 
scrolls for your trouble.

Talk 1 - Fangmei
Look for Fangmei.  She can be inside Man Mo temple, by the front gate 
sweeping, in the back sweeping, or occasionally talking to the fortune teller 
across the street.  The goal in this event is to get Fangmei to initiate a 
conversation with you (as opposed to you starting a conversation with her) a 
total of four times.  To do this, first start a conversation with her.  You 
should ask her about Yuanda Zhu.  Then walk away and return.  She should 
start a conversation with you when you get close enough.  Get her to start 
the conversation this way three more times.  If she moves to another area you 
may have to start a conversation to get her to start talking to you again, or 
if you cannot start a conversation (no lips appear at the bottom of the 
screen) and she won't talk to you, you may have to leave the area completely 
and then return.  You know you are done when she asks why you came to Hong 
Kong.  Select "Talk" and you will admit that you are looking for Lan Di.  
This may seem pointless now but it allows you to take part in other events 
later on.

Talk 2 - Highquality Antique Shop
Talk to the woman at the bottom of the steps from Scarlet Hills about Zhu and 
she will tell you that he founded the Five Stars Corporation and wrote a book 
entitled Wulinshu.  Wise Men's Kung Fu might have a copy...

Talk 3 - Wise Men's Kung Fu
Ask the owner about Wulinshu and he tells you that it is now kept at Man Mo 
Temple.  When you return to the temple library the doors will be locked.  
Choose to wait until tomorrow.

Sub 1 - Learn From Hanhui
If you managed to carry all the books out, you will exchange moves with 
Hanhui.  You show him your style of martial arts and in return he shows you a 
move, the Lunging Strike.  This is performed by pressing Right, (X+A).  It 
replaces the Twin Hand Waves move on your technique scroll.

Scene 3 - The Locked Case
Search the back left-hand corner of the library and you will find the 
Wulinshu.  You can't retrieve it however, because the case is locked.  You 
will need to see if Xiuying has the key.

Scene 4 - Catch the Leaves
Xiuying comes around the corner and refuses to let you see the Wulinshu.  As 
a demonstration of her skill she deftly catches two falling leaves while you 
fail to catch even one.  She says that she will only discuss the Wulinshu 
when you have shown you can catch a falling leaf.  To do this, look up high 
and search for a single leaf.  Stay focused on it as it falls, and when the 
picture gets slightly blurry and you hear a musical sound, press the A button 
to catch it.  The key to this is just what she says, stay calm and focused, 
putting all other thoughts out of your mind.  When you have succeeded once 
she says you must catch three consecutively.  Do this and she will reward you 
with the key.  Retrieve the Wulinshu from the library and examine it.  Inside 
you will find a mysterious scrap of paper that has strange symbols on it.  
Who can tell you what these symbols mean?

Talk 4 - Fangmei
Once again, get Fangmei to talk to you four times.  You will know you are 
done when she asks if you think she can be like Xiuying.  She can easily get 
jealous so watch what you say and be sure not to hurt her feelings or make 
her mad.

Sub 2 - Learn From Zhoushan
When you approach the Guang Martial Arts School you will be stopped by one of 
the guards.  He says that Master Zhoushan wants to see you.  Enter the dojo 
to learn a throw move, Wild Throw: (B) followed by any direction.  You only 
get one chance to do the final practice correctly or you will fail to master 
the move.  Move forward to grab your opponent and then press in the direction 
of Master Zhoushan to throw him at the master's feet.

Talk 5 - Meet Eileen
Head to Aberdeen and strike up a conversation with the woman in Pigeon Park 
who is practicing Kung Fu.  Her name is Eileen Edelweiss.

Talk 6 - Who Knows About the Symbols?
Find Collect Antiques in the Wise Men's Qr. and talk to the owner.  He tells 
you the symbols are Chawan Sign, a way that martial artists communicate with 
each other.  He tells you that if you want to know about Chawan Sign, you 
should go see Guixiang.

Scene 5 - The Chawan Sign Explained
Go to Yin Tan Apartments and knock on the door to room 101.  Guixiang answers 
and tells you about Chawan Sign.  You must make the pattern with the cups in 
order to contact associates of Zhu.  It lets them know that you are his 

The correct sign using the cups is:

     o   o


Scene 6 - Xiuying's Brother
When you return to the Da Yuan Apartments, you find the door to room 207 
slightly ajar.  You peer through the opening and see Xiuying crying over a 
picture.  She notices you and storms out, but drops the picture on the floor 
by mistake.  You pick up the photo and discovers that it is a picture of 
Xiuying and someone named Ziming when they were young.  In the morning he 
asks Fangmei, who reveals that Ziming was Xiuying's brother, and that he ran 
away when they were little.  Fangmei grew up at the same orphanage as Xiuying 
and Ziming.

Sub 3 - Tea Break
While carrying out the books, Fangmei appears and offers you some tea.  You 
say she reminds you of a cat that lived near your house.  This offends 
Fangmei and she storms off.  This break can make it tougher to get all the 
books out of the library by noon. 

Talk 7 - Eileen and Fangmei
Head to Man Mo Bistro and you can talk to Eileen and Fangmei who are sitting 
at a table together.  It seems that Fangmei has been teaching Eileen to speak 
Chinese several times a week.  They will leave at 1:00 PM.

Sub 4 - A Mysterious Note
Do the Chawan sign at Man Mo Bistro or the Heavenly Tea Shop in Green Market 
Quarter.  You will receive a note telling you to go to the Come Over Guest 

Sub 5 - A Mysterious Phone Call
Wait at the Come Over Guest House.  At 7:00 PM the owner will receive a phone 
call telling you to go to Man Mo Park.  Note: If you were already told about 
the Dou Jiang Diner, this event will never happen.

Sub 6 - Ambush
Go to Man Mo Park and you will be ambushed and have to do a QTE followed by a 
free battle.  If you win they will tell you about the Dou Jiang Diner.

    QTE: Right

Sub 7 - Yuan's Thugs
Alternatively, you can go to the White Dynasty Quarter and do the Chawan Sign 
at the restaurant table.  You will have to save a little kid from a band of 
thugs.  There is a short Command QTE to defeat them all.  They will run off 
to tell someone named Yuan.  The boy will tell you about the Dou Jiang Diner.

    CQTE: (A, X, B).

Sub 8 - Poison Brothers Return
You can also do the Chawan Sign at Ling Ling Porridge or the Canton Cafe in 
Green Market Quarter where you will be attacked by the Poison Brothers.  
Defeat them in a short QTE and they will tell you about the Dou Jiang Diner.

   QTE: B, A.

Scene 7 - Another Note
If you do the Chawan Sign at the Dou Jiang Diner, you will be given a note 
telling you to be at the diner at 8:00 PM.

Talk 8 - Fangmei
Find Fangmei at Complete Clothier on Three Blades Street.  Have four more 
conversations with her.  The last one should be about how long you plan to 
stay in Hong Kong.  Remember not to make her jealous or angry.

Scene 8 - Brawl in the Alley
If you wait at the Dou Jiang Diner until 8:00 PM, a man who works for Zhu 
will arrive.  Before he can tell you anything useful however, you will be 
interrupted by some thugs.  Defeat them in a free battle to discover that 
while you were fighting they kidnapped Zhu's associate.  The owner of the 
Diner tells you they ran into the White Dynasty Quarter.  Now you must 
complete your first major QTE battle to save Zhu's contact.  After you rescue 
him he will tell you that his name is Zhang.  He informs you that Yuanda Zhu 
is currently hiding from the Chiyoumen, and cannot be contacted for now.  
However, a man named Don Niu is also looking for Zhu, so his rival may have 
some information for you.  You will need to find Ren, the leader of a gang 
known as the "Heavens."  You must return to Aberdeen...

    QTE: B, A, A, A, B, X.
    CQTE: (Down, Down, X).
    QTE: B, A, B, B, B, A, B, A, X, A, B, X.
    CQTE: (Down, Right, A).

SECTION 4 - Ren of Heavens                                             21b4re

Scene 1 - Xiuying's Warning
The next morning you return the Wulinshu to Xiuying.  When you admit to 
looking for Ren, she warns you that you are taking an unnecessary risk and 
placing yourself in great danger.

Talk 1 - Detour
Talk to the woman blocking the entrance to the Wise Men's Quarter.  
Evidently, you will need to go around because of construction.

Scene 2 - Return to the Guest House
While walking through the Lucky Charm Quarter, Joy rides up and asks you why 
you stopped staying at the Guest House.  You agree to move back there.

Sub 1 - Fangmei's Photo
If the weather is good, go back to Man Mo Temple and look along the path 
leading to the library.  You can see Shiquan peering around the far corner 
with a camera.  Approach and you will startle him.  It turns out he was 
spying on Fangmei and trying to take a picture of her.  Fangmei notices him 
and asks to get her picture taken with you.  Shiquan takes two pictures 
before running out of film.  You can choose one to keep for yourself.

Sub 2 - Save Fangmei
Go to Man Mo Bistro and you will find two thugs beating up the owner and 
demanding compensation for their bad meal.  Fangmei jumps in and tries to 
prevent the owner any more harm.  Perform a short Command QTE followed by a 
QTE to save her.

    CQTE: (Down, X)
    QTE: A

Sub 3 - Fangmei's present
Fangmei should be having lunch with Eileen again today.  After they leave at 
1:00 PM Fangmei will go to Complete Clothier on Three Blades Street.  Once 
she arrives and begins looking through the shop window, you can approach her 
for a short scene. (Note: For this to occur it must be between February 27 
and March 2, you must have met Eileen, and you must have either done the 
prior talks with Fangmei or lost the fight at Man Mo Park).  She is startled 
by you and then rushes off to an important errand.  You notice the piece of 
jewelry that Fangmei appeared to be eyeing through the shop window.  Go 
inside Complete Clothier and ask the owner for the jewelry.  You can 
eventually persuade him into giving it to you for $150.  You will not be able 
to give it to Fangmei until her birthday on March 3 however.  Just wait until 
that day arrives and then go to Da Yuan apartments to give her the gift.  She 
will explain that she was actually looking at the dress which she had wanted 
to give to Xiuying, but seeing as the gift is from you she decides to 
treasure it anyway.

Talk 2 - Where are the Heavens?
Back in Aberdeen, ask the man standing outside Hong Kong Souvenirs about the 
Heavens and he will tell you that they hang out at the Beverly Hills Wharf.  
The entrance can be found in the back alleys connecting Queens Street to 
Worker's Pier.  A guard with a large metal pipe is blocking the entrance to 
their territory, however, so you will have to find another way in.  Talk to 
the souvenir guy again to learn that some Heavens members are probably 
gambling at Fortune's Pier.

Talk 3 - Finding Gambling Houses
Talk to Delin, who is likely standing in front of Fortune's Office.  He tells 
you that you can find gambling inside many of the warehouses.  If you see a 
sign with the letter "G" you will know that a gambling house is inside.

Talk 4 - Gambling for Information
Most warehouses have gambling.  Find one yourself or look for a shady-looking 
character and ask him to direct you.  You won't find any Heavens around but 
if you play at least one round the man running the game will probably tell 
you that they meet in Warehouse #8 at around 7:00 PM.  Go there and wait for 


Save before you play and soft reset the game if you lose (A+B+X+Y+Start).

Scene 3 - The Heavens
Enter Warehouse #8 and you will get into a fight with six Heavens when you 
ask to see Ren.  Defeat them in a free battle and two of them will agree to 
take you to see Ren.

Scene 4 - It's a Trap!
You follow the two Heavens to the entrance of Beverly Hills Wharf.  One of 
them shows a special lighter to the guard at the entrance.  When you descend 
the steps you will be immediately surrounded by Heavens.  You can't win this 
fight.  You awake in a boat with Wong, who tells Ryo to rest here for the 
night.  This is where you will be staying for now.  The next morning, Wong 
gives you a Heavens lighter that can be used to get past the guard you saw 

Sub 4 - Where's Ren?
Go straight forward from the end of the planks and turn left after the 
stairs.  Free battle the group of Heavens and one of them will tell you that 
Cool Z might know where Ren is.

Sub 5 - Where's Cool Z?
Battle another group of Heavens and one of them will give you a map of 
Beverly Hills Wharf and tell you that Cool Z is probably at the scrap heap.

Scene 5 - In Need of Money
Make your way south towards the scrap heap.  Sam, Larry, and Cool Z are 
listening to music.  You demand to see Ren.  Sam claims that Ren only sees 
those who bring $500 to donate to the gang.

Sub 5 - Learn From Delin
Go to Worker's Pier and ask the boss about a job.  Carry crates with Delin 
again and afterwards he will teach you a move, the Brawling Uppercut.  Press 
Left, (Left+X) to perform it.  Continue to practice it and Delin will fall 
into the water by mistake.

Scene 6 - Ren
When you have the money, go to the scrap heap.  Sam, Larry, and Cool Z are 
there, and they agree to take you to see Ren.  Ren takes your "donation" and 
pulls a knife on you.  Perform a Command QTE to save yourself.  Ren will be 
so impressed that he gives you a map of where to meet him so he can take you 
to see Yunada Zhu.  If you fail, you will instead receive a beating and you 
will wake up in Wong's boat.

    CQTE: (Left, Right, A)

If you lose the fight in the warehouse:  Fight the group of Heavens nearest 
to the exit of Beverly Hills Wharf, then exit.  Scene 7 will take place.

If you win in the warehouse:  Go to Fortune's Pier for Sub 6.

Sub 6 - The Setup
Ren takes you to the F Warehouse where a deal is going down between Yuan and 
some other men.  Ren shuts off the lights and knocks out two of them.  When 
the lights come back on, the money is missing.  You notice that Ren is gone 
as well.  When you try to go after him you accidentally knock over a shovel, 
alerting the men to your presence.  Free battle them to escape.

Scene 7 - Where's Ren?
Wong and Joy tell you that Ren is at Pigeon Park.

Scene 8 - Chasing the Heavens
Go to Pigeon Park to find Sam, Larry, Cool Z, and Ren tossing around the bag 
of money Ren stole from Yuan.  When you approach they all run away in 
different directions:

Sam runs into the first alley on your right and climbs over the same fence 
Wong went under in Disc 1.  Press X when near the fence to climb over and 
free battle him.  He agrees to take you to Ren.

Larry runs into the alley behind Fu Hoi Diner and through Lai Lai Eatery.  He 
then runs out of the alley and past the stands towards Fortune's Pier.  You 
catch up to him near some crates in this area.  Free battle him and he agrees 
to take you to Ren.

Cool Z lumbers off to the north and ends up trapped in an alley near the 
entrance to Fortune's Pier.  You hold his boom box hostage until he tells you 
where to find Ren.

Ren runs towards Lucky Plaza and jumps over the fence.  Follow him into the 
construction site and through a QTE chase.

    QTE: Down, A, Left, Right, Left, Right
    CQTE: (Up, A, Up)

After you catch up with Ren he will notice the Phoenix Mirror and sense money 
involved.  He agrees to help you in exchange for his share of the loot.  He 
tells you that Yuanda Zhu is in Kowloon.

Scene 9 - Goodbye to Wong
It is now time to say goodbye to those you have met while in Hong Kong.  Wong 
is the first.  You thank him for all his help, and he asks you to be careful, 
wherever you go.

Talk 5 - Goodbye to Delin
Find Delin at the place where he taught you the Brawling Uppercut (near 
Warehouse #1) and say goodbye.  He is sorry to see you go since you two made 
such a great team.

Talk 6 - Goodbye to Zhoushan
Go say goodbye to Zhoushan at the Guang Martial Arts School.  He is deeply 
grateful to you for your help with Zongquan.

Talk 7 - Goodbye to Zongquan
Go say goodbye to Zongquan at the Golden Shopping Mall.  He too thanks you 
for your help.

Talk 8 - Goodbye to Jianmin
Head to Lotus Park and say goodbye to Jianmin.  He tells you that he heard 
about your quest from Guixiang, and that he has done nothing to be thanked 

Talk 9 - Goodbye to Guixiang
Say goodbye to Guixiang, who is standing outside of the Yin Tan Apartments.  
She warns you not to die in vain.

Talk 10 - Goodbye to Zhangyu
Go to Zhangyu's Barber Shop on Three Blades Street and thank him for his 
help.  He advises you that Kowloon is a dangerous place and that you should 
keep DAN of Wude in mind at all times.

Sub 7 - Fangmei's Confession
Go to room 207 of the Da Yuan Apartments and Fangmei will appear.  She starts 
crying and gives you a Lucky Charm from when she was abandoned as a child.  
She also gives you a photo of Master Tao for you to keep.

Scene 10 - Memory of Ziming
Go to the back of Man Mo Temple and you will find Xiuying.  She has a memory 
of her brother Ziming leaving to join the Chiyoumen because they have 
information on who killed their mother and father.  Could he associated with 
Lan Di?

Scene 11 - Learn from Xiuying
Xiuying challenges you to spar with her.  After you free battle her and she 
proves your inexperience, she decides to teach you a move, the Counter Elbow 
Assault.  Press Back, (A+X) to perform it, then practice on Hanhui to get the 
timing right.  You thank Xiuying and then leave for Kowloon.

Sub 8 - Photo of Master Tao
If you didn't already receive Xiuying's photo in Sub 7, you will receive it 
from Fangmei as you are leaving Man Mo Temple.  There is none of the drama 
that occurs in Sub 7, but you receive the picture regardless.

DISC III WALKTHROUGH                                                   21cdis

Ryo is hot on the trail of Yuanda Zhu.  It's time to go to Kowloon and 
continue the search, but there is now a new danger looming...

SECTION 5 - Detective Work                                               

Scene 1 - Bus to Kowloon
The bus arrives in Kowloon.  You exit and wonder where Yuanda Zhu could be.

Scene 2 - Ren's Hideout
Walk forward to find Cool Z waiting in a chair.  He points you towards a 
doorway.  This is Ren's Hideout, where you can stay to rest.  Ren doesn't 
want to wait for you to find Yuanda Zhu, so he decides to take you to Yang, a 
man who used to work for Zhu.  He is in the Great View Building.

Scene 3 - Where's Zhu?
Follow Ren to the Great View Building and up to the second floor.  He will 
tell you to ring the bell, but if you wait long enough, Ren will get 
exasperated and ring it himself.  After seeing the Wulinshu paper, Yang tells 
you how to find Zhu:  Go to the Dancing Dragons Building and meet a man 
dressed in black.  Tell him the password, "dragons don't sleep," and he will 
take you where you need to go.  Upon leaving the shop, Ren announces that he 
will not be coming with you.  He claims that his face is too well known here, 
and that it would be more dangerous if he were with you.

Talk 1 - Where is the Dancing Dragon Building?
When you exit the Great View Building, turn right and ask the woman at the 
restaurant for directions.  She tells you that the Dancing Dragon Building is 
in the Stand Quarter.  Turn around and go back past the Great View Building 
and down the stone steps into the tunnel.  Follow the tunnel and go up into 
the Dimsum Quarter.  Make a right, and then a left, past the Lucky Hit 
Museum.  Ahead is a collapsed staircase, with the path branching to either 
side.  Take the right path and you will see the Dancing Dragon Building. 

Talk 2 - Dragons Don't Sleep
Once inside, you will see a man in a black suit to your left.  Tell him the 
password and he will point you to the stairs.

Talk 3 - The Other Staircase
Tell the man in black on the third floor the password and he will direct you 
towards the other stairs behind him.  He tells you to go up to the seventh 

Scene 4 - Don Niu
On the seventh floor, enter the room with the dragon door.  It seems Yang set 
you up.  Instead of Yuanda Zhu, you find Don Niu, Ren's rival.  He grabs you 
by the throat and says that he is looking for Yuanda Zhu as well.  Just then, 
Ren arrives and takes out the two guards by the door.  He tries to hit Don 
Niu, but his attacks have no effect.  Niu locks you in a room on the fifth 
floor with your hand cuffed to Ren's.

Scene 5 - Breaking Out
On the third day of your imprisonment you decide to make your escape.  You 
fake an illness so the guard will open the door.  Just when he does, you have 
to perform a Command QTE to punch the guard and knock him out.  You aren't 
safe yet, however.  The guard doesn't have the key to your handcuffs, and 
someone's coming.  Do as Ren instructs to get to safety.

    CQTE: (X,A)
    QTE: Left, A, Right, Left, Right, A.

Scene 6 - Hiding
You are safely hidden in a room for the time being, but just as Ren is about 
to relieve himself, two thugs open the door.  When they are defeated you will 
have to run again.  Do as Ren says during the QTE, and then kick down the 
door in a Command QTE.  You have three chances to knock down the door, and if 
you fail, you will be surrounded and have to do it again.

    QTE: Left, Right, Left, A, Right, Down, Left.
    CQTE: (Up, A)

Scene 7 - On the Roof
You escape to the roof where you decide to stay until dawn.  You tell Ren 
about Lan Di, the Chiyoumen, and the two mirrors.  Ren senses money involved 
so he agrees to help.

Scene 8 - Jump to Safety
You come downstairs the next morning and find the elevators.  As you 
approach, Yuan jumps out with a knife.  Perform a QTE to dodge her attacks 
and disarm her.  You aren't safe yet.  Don Niu steps out of the elevator and 
chases you down the hall.  You come to a doorway marked as an emergency 
staircase, but it leads to a broken platform and a dead end, suspended 
several stories in the air.  With Don Niu on your heels, your only choice is 
to jump across the gap to the roof of another building.  Do the Command QTE 
successfully to avoid falling to your death.

    QTE: Down, Right, A
    CQTE: (Up, Up, A)

Scene 9 - Wong and Joy
Cool Z gets Wong and brings him to the Hideout so he can pick the lock on 
your handcuffs.  Outside you meet Joy again.  She is upset that you failed to 
say goodbye when you left Hong Kong.  You leave with Ren, who plans to get 
back at Yang for setting you up.

Scene 10 - Payback
Head to the Great View Building and get your revenge on Yang.  You persuade 
him to tell you about Huang, the wiretapper, who lives in room 902 of the Tea 
Break Building.  He may have some information that could help you.

Scene 11 - Searching for Clues
Go behind the Great View Building and into the Dimsum Qr.  The entrance to 
the Tea Break Building is at the back of Everyone's Restaurant, or Nihao 
Teahouse.  Take the elevator on your left up to the ninth floor and find room 
902.  It is pitch black when you enter, so turn around and flip the light 
switch on the wall.  Then start searching the room.  There is plenty of 
wiretapping equipment, but the only items of consequence can be found in the 
trashcan.  The can is full of cassette tapes, which you will have to listen 
to one by one in the hope of finding some clues.

Scene 12 - Listening to the Tapes
You go through all the tapes, one by one, on Ren's tape recorder, but no 
clues are found.  You have to listen to the last one and hope to find 
something of relevance, or all that time will have been wasted.  This final 
tape consists entirely of recorded phone calls.  You can hear calls about 
previous events in the game, and even hear a call from Joy to GuiZhang Chen 
back in Japan.  You will not hear this one unless you fast forward to 651 on 
the timer, however.  Ordinarily you would miss this call because the vital 
clue on the cassette is found at 591 on the timer.  This is a call from Yuan, 
during which you can hear a talking bird and a ringing bell in the 
background.  These two clues are the only things you have to go on right now.  
Yuan mentions that she is holding someone with information on Yuanda Zhu.  
Could she be talking about Zhang?

Talk 4 - The Blind Man's Clue
Go up Dragon Street towards Thousand White Quarter and a blind musician will 
stop you.  He invites you to stay for a tune, promising to help you 
afterwards.  He does not know Yuan, but he is familiar with the sounds of 
Kowloon.  You ask him about the bell on the tape and he tells you that he has 
heard a bell at the Moon Child Building.  Talk to him again and he tells you 
to go to the Stand Quarter.

Talk 5 - Looking for the Bell
Ask the hostess at Pub Moon Child about a bell and she will tell you that a 
bell can sometimes be heard at the orphanage.  Ask her where the orphanage is 
and she tells you that it's on the eighth floor.  Take the elevator.

Talk 6 - Who Knows About Yuan?
Talk to the girl standing by the door of the orphanage and she tells you that 
Hongji Huo should know about Yuan.  He's the one with the white shirt and 
blue pants.  Head inside.

Talk 7 - Hongji's Clue
If you give Hongji the Afterburner prize, he tells you that Yuan had a 
talking bird with her.  He doesn't know where she is, but his teacher Baifang 

Talk 8 - Baifang's Advice
Ask Baifang about Yuan and she tells you to ask around at bird shops.  Leave 
the room and return and talk to her again and she tells you to go to the 
Three Birds Building in the Dimsum Quarter.  Note: If you leave the teacher's 
room through the door behind her you can play QTE Title and Excite QTE 2 on 
some hidden arcade machines.

Talk 9 - Looking for Rare Birds
Talk to the woman at the South Bird Store in the Three Birds Building, and 
she tells you that rare birds are sold on the sixth floor.  To get there, 
take the left elevator up to the third floor, then switch elevators and go up 
to the sixth floor.

Talk 10 - Where are Talking Birds?
Ask the woman at the Great Bird Store and she tells you to find the Nine 
Birds Shop on the ninth floor.  Take the elevator up to the seventh floor and 
then switch elevators and go to the ninth floor.

Talk 11 - Where is the Nine Birds Shop?
Ask the guy at the end of the hall about the Nine Birds Shop and he tells you 
that they recently moved to the roof.  Take the elevator back down to the 
seventh floor and then switch elevators and go up to the roof.

Talk 12 - Where's Yuan?
Talk to the owner of the Three Birds Shop about his customers and he will 
tell you about Yuan.  She comes around to buy feed during the late afternoon 
or early evening.  Wait for her.

Scene 13 - Chasing Yuan
Ren shows up just before Yuan does.  She buys her bird feed and then takes 
the elevator down to the sixth floor.  She tries to get a discount at a chili 
peppers stand before moving on.  Now you have to follow her.  Stay close 
enough to see her, but do not lock on to her or get close enough to give 
yourselves away.  Yuan eventually turns left and enters the Teabreak 
Building.  Follow her.  After she talks to the owner of Glory Diner, she 
moves on to the elevator and takes it down to the first floor.  Wait for the 
elevator and take it down to the first floor.  Do not take the stairs or you 
will lose her.  She exits the building through Everyone's Restaurant.  Follow 
her into the Thousand White Quarter, where she enters the Thousand White 
Building.  You must perform a QTE to avoid being seen.  Follow her into Cafe 
Anna, then the Stand Quarter, and then the Moon Child Building.  Do a Command 
QTE so you aren't spotted.  Finally, follow her up to her apartment on the 
fourth floor.

    QTE: Left
    CQTE: (Down, Y)

Scene 14 - Breaking In
You flip a coin with Ren to see who will barge into Yuan's Apartment.  You 
will lose and have to do it yourself.  Perform a Command QTE to knock her 
back and enter the room.  You knock her out and then search the room for 
Zhu's associate.

    CQTE: (Left, Right, A)

Scene 15 - Hide and Seek
Zhu's associate is tied up behind the left curtain in the back of her room.  
Before you can help him however, you hear thundering footsteps coming your 
way.  Ren tells the bird to say, "Hide in the closet" before he dives behind 
the couch.  Go behind the right curtain to hide.  Don Niu enters and sees 
Yuan on the floor.  The bird says, "Hide in the closet" so Don Niu goes to 
open the doors and grab you.  Just as he does you have to do a Command QTE to 
kick him into the closet, and then a QTE to knock over the shelf and lock him 
in.  Once he is trapped you can return to the hideout with Zhang.

    CQTE: (Up, A)
    QTE: Right

Scene 16 - Zhang's Information
Zhang gives you the Snake Tortoise Stick and tells you where to find Yuanda 
Zhu: On the tenth floor of the Ghost Hall Building in Thousand White Quarter.

Scene 17 - The Ghost Hall Building
The Ghost Hall Building might be the most run down building in all of 
Kowloon.  The elevator and stairs cannot be taken all the way to the top, so 
your only way up is to cross the wooden planks that stretch over the large 
holes in the floor.  Watch your step.  Take the elevator up to the third 
floor, and then the stairs up to the fourth.  (Reminder: save before you 
cross each plank).  When you lose your balance you must press a direction to 
keep from falling.  Take the stairs up to the seventh floor and you'll have 
to cross the planks again.  Take the stairs to the eighth floor and cross the 
planks, then head up to the tenth floor and cross the planks again.  Halfway 
across, You will see the Five Stars Corporation entrance.  Cross the last 
plank to make it to safety.

    4F:  Right, Left, Right
         Left, Left, Right
    7F:  Right, Left, Right, Down
         Left, Left, Up, Right
    8F:  Left, Right, Down, Left, Left
         Right, Right, Left, Up, Left
    10F: Down, Right, Up, Left, Right
         Right, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up

Scene 18 - Five Stars Corporation
Ren arrives, and you must now search Zhu's room for clues.  Here are the item 

-> Ahead of you when you begin searching is a shelf with two turtle shells on 
   it.  Lift the large shell to reveal the Fish Stick.

-> Look on the shelf with the bright orange plate.  Pick up the pot on the 
   top shelf to reveal the Goat Stick.

-> Go to the side of the room where light comes in through the window.  
   Search the left drawer of the desk in the corner of the room to reveal the 
   Rooster Stick.

-> Lying on Zhu's desk is the Wild Boar Stick.

-> On the shelf with the Buddha, slide open the drawer on the right side to 
   reveal a uniform embroidered with the Hazuki name.  The White Tiger Stick 
   falls to the floor.

-> Examine the pot on the shelf to the right of the window to reveal the 
   Phoenix Stick.

-> Take down the "Eight Principles of Yin and Yang banner from over Zhu's 
   desk to reveal the Blue Dragon Stick.

-> Open the right drawer of Zhu's desk to reveal the Four Heavenly Beasts 

Finally, examine the Buddha statue.  It has four holes, one in the mouth, two 
in the eyes, and one in the forehead.  You have to insert the correct sticks 
into the correct holes.  Use the paper you found in Zhu's desk as a guide.

Scene 19 - Yuanda Zhu
The shelf slides over to reveal a small room where Yuanda Zhu is sitting at a 
desk reading.  Before you can explain yourself, Yuan and Don Niu arrive.  Ren 
escapes, leaving you to fight a group of thugs on your own.  When Don Niu 
joins the fight it becomes unwinnable, but Xiuying arrives just in time to 
save you from certain death.

SECTION 6 - Don Niu's Gang                                             21c6do

Scene 1 - Xiuying's Past
You wake up three days later in the Thousand White Convent.  Xiuying has 
treated your wounds.  She tells you about her brother Ziming and how he left 
to seek vengeance.  Wong is waiting outside to take you back to Ren's 

Scene 2 - Where's Zhu?
Joy bursts in and tells you that Yuanda Zhu is being held in the Yellow Head 
Building.  You think that Don Niu will be handing Yunada Zhu over to Lan Di 
soon.  It doesn't pay to go up against Lan Di, so Ren backs out.  You will 
have to find a way to rescue him on your own.

Scene 3 - Entering the Yellow Head
Try to enter the Yellow Head Building via the Thousand White Quarter, the 
Stand Quarter, and the Dimsum Quarter.  Each time you will be stopped by the 
guards, but after the third attempt Ren will turn up.  Having decided the 
potential rewards are too great to pass up, he has changed his mind about 
helping you.  He tells you to try doing the Chawan Sign at restaurants or 
diners nearby.

Scene 4 - Another Note
Go to Nihao Teahouse in the Dimsum Quarter and do the Chawan Sign.  You will 
receive a note from Zhang telling you to go to room 503 of the Moon Child 

Scene 5 - Learn From the Blind Man
Go to room 503 and you will have to spar with a mysterious man in a darkened 
room.  He tells you to rely on your mind's eye to fight him.  When he comes 
towards you, press X in the correct direction to punch him and learn a new 
special move, Predictive Explosion.  He reveals himself to be the blind 
musician you met earlier, only he isn't really blind.  He is very sad to hear 
of your father's death.  They apparently became close friends when Iwao 
visited this area twenty years ago.  You explain your situation, and he gives 
you a picture of a scout for the Yellow Head gang.  If you can impress him, 
he might try to recruit you, which would give you access to the Yellow Head 
Building.  To get his attention, you will need to win at street fights.

Scene 6 - Impressing the Scout: Fight Zhouhong Kong
Head to Star Gazing Point in the Stand Quarter and fight Zhouhong Kong.  
Partway through the fight, you will notice that he is blind in one eye.  
Sidestep into his blind spot when he attacks, and then unleash a fury of 
quick combos on him.  Kicks seem to work especially well.

Scene 7 - Impressing the Scout: Fight Wenyuan Ma
Next go to Small Dragon Garden in the Stand Quarter and fight Wenyuan Ma, a 
master of the passive raid style.  You do not have to beat him, just hit him 
once within 30 seconds.  Do not press anything at the start and he will 
attack you.  Just as he moves, do the Counter Elbow Assault you learned from 
Xiuying (Back, X+A) and the match will be over.

Scene 8 - Impressing the Scout: Fight Enjiang Zhou
Go to the Thousand White Quarter and participate in the street fight near the 
Ghost Hall Building.  You have to fight Enjiang Zhou, the acrobat master.  To 
win you just have to grab him with the B button once within 30 seconds.  Look 
down near your life meter, and when you see the letter B appear, press B to 
grab him.  The scout will approach you, and tell you to go to Dragon Street 
at 7:00 PM.  Go there and wait.

Scene 9 - The Scout's Photos
Walk towards Ren's hideout and the Scout will stop you.  He leads you away 
from the street and hands you three photographs.  You must defeat these 
fighters before he will talk with you about joining the gang.

Talk 1 - Who are these people?
Cool Z, who is standing guard outside the hideout, can identify the fighters 
in the photographs the scout gave you.  He tells you that the first fighter 
is Greg More, who fights at the Blue Dragon Garden.  The second is Rod Stunt, 
who fights in the Phoenix Building, which you enter from the Tea Break 
Building.  The woman is Chunyan, who fights in the Black Heaven Building in 
the Stand Quarter.

Scene 10 - Fight Rob Stunt
Head to Nihao Teahouse and into the Tea Break Building.  There is a man 
guarding the door to the Phoenix Building.  You need $500 to get in, so you 
may be a little short on cash.  If you are, head to the tunnel connecting the 
Dimsum Quarter with the Thousand White Quarter and continue down the steps to 
find a secluded area where you can gamble.  Play "Big or Small" with any of 
the tables (they each allow a different minimum and maximum bet) until you 
have $500 or more.  Remember to save after each win and reset the game if you 
lose to get the necessary funds as quickly as possible.  Once you have enough 
money, go pay the guard and enter the Phoenix Building.  Afterburner can be 
played on this floor.  Take the stairs up to the fourth floor and then take 
the elevator down to the first sublevel.  Take the stairs down to the fourth 
sublevel and fight Rod Stunt, a Pancratium Master.  You have to win two out 
of three rounds against him.  You win a round by diminishing his energy, or 
by knocking him out of the ring.  Doing the latter can make the fight easier, 
so use a powerful move when he is near the edge of the arena.  You receive 
$1000 for your efforts. 

Scene 11 - Fight Greg More
Take your winnings and head to Blue Dragon Garden in the Stand Quarter.  It 
costs $1000 to get in.  Pay the man and go down the steps to fight Greg More.  
He used to be a wrestler so he uses a lot of powerful moves.  You have to 
fight him in a best of three match.  Do not give him any opportunity to hit 
or grab you, because he can undo all your work by throwing you out of the 
ring with one move.  Keep up a flurry of punches and kicks, and if he is near 
an edge, mix in a Counter Elbow Assault or other powerful move to try to get 
a ring out.  If you are having trouble, just use a flurry of punches (keep 
pressing X without the d-pad) to deliver a fast combo that usually keeps him 
from getting off any attacks of his own.  Keep pressing Y to reverse his 
throws and you should emerge victorious.  $2000 will be your reward.

Scene 12 - Fight Chunyan
Take your winnings from Greg and go to the Black Heaven Building.  Take the 
elevator up to the eleventh floor, and then the stairs up to the twelfth.  
Pay the man at the top of the stairs $2000 and then go down the steps.  
Chunyan is fighting on a platform in the middle of the building.  If she gets 
a ring out on you, you will fall to your death.  Wear her down until she is 
close to losing.  Then, before you can deliver the final blow, you must 
perform a Command QTE to counter her move and knock her off the edge.  She 
ends up barely hanging on, and you will have to pull her to safety.  You get 
$3000 for winning.

    CQTE: (Left, B)

Scene 13 - Meet The Scout
At the top of the stairs the scout tells you to meet him on Dragon Street at 
sundown.  Go there and wait for him.  He gives you a map of the second 
sublevel of the Thousand White Building.  You need to meet him there the day 
after tomorrow by noon.  You take the map and show it to Ren, Wong, and Joy 
back at the hideout.  You can choose to wait the whole day at Ren's hideout 
and then go to the meeting.  If you have anything you want to do in Kowloon, 
this is your last chance.

Scene 14 - Gaining Entrance to the Yellow Head
Head for the Thousand White Building.  Take the stairs at the end of the hall 
up to the third floor, then take the elevator down to the first sublevel.  
Follow the map to the stairs at the other end of the hall.  Take them down to 
the second sublevel.  Go through the metal door ahead of you and into the 
Underground.  Wait until noon.  The scout shows up and tells you that the 
executives are waiting in the room at the end of the hall.  Just as you turn 
your back, Ren jumps the scout and tells you to hurry down the hall.  Go 
through the sewers until you find a metal door.

SECTION 7 - The Yellow Head Building                                   21c7th

Scene 1 - Wong's Help
The door is locked and you are unable to force it open.  Fortunately, Wong 
shows up and agrees to pick the lock if you promise to return safely.  He 
tells you that he heard from Zhang that Yuanda Zhu is being held on the 
seventeenth floor.  He gives you a map of the Yellow Head Building before you 
leave.  Go up the stairs and you will see a door, a room with three 
elevators, and a staircase.  The room contains the executives the scout 
mentioned, and the room with the elevators is locked, so your only option is 
to take the stairs.  Go through one of the doors at the top to reach the 
first floor of the Yellow Head Building.

You are trying to get up to the seventeenth floor but you will not be able to 
take the elevator directly.  Your only option at the moment is the stairs, 
and there is only one working staircase up to the next floor on each level.  
Looking at your map, these are usually either the stairs down the pathway to 
the right of the three elevators next to each other, or the stairs on the 
left end of the T-shaped fork.  Using this information, head up to the third 

Scene 2 - The Third Floor
On the third floor you will have your first run-in with a Yellow Head Guard.  
Ren pushes you out from behind the corner to attract his attention, then 
knocks him out when he isn't looking.  As you proceed you must complete 
several Command QTEs to take out the guards.  If you make a mistake, you will 
have to free battle each one.

    CQTE: (Down, B)
    CQTE: (Right, B, A)

Scene 3 - The Fourth Floor
There are three more Command QTEs on this floor to take out the guards.

    CQTE: (A, Up, A)
    CQTE: (A, Left, X)
    CQTE: (X, Right, Right, X)

Scene 4 - The Yellow Head Hangout
On the fifth floor you will come across the Yellow Head hangout.  You and Ren 
flip a coin to see who barges in and fights them.  You will lose so you will 
have to do it.  There are three men inside, but they don't provide much of a 
challenge.  Ren comes in afterwards and admires your quick work.  One of them 
dropped a transceiver, which Ren picks up.  It might come in handy later, so 
you take it with you.

Scene 5 - Avoiding the light
The goal on the sixth floor is to avoid being seen by the guards.  You have 
to hide behind the crates and only run when the light flickers off.  If you 
make a mistake and the guards spot you, you will have to free battle them to 
get past.

Scene 6 - Outnumbered
Try all the paths on the seventh floor.  Guards block all the staircases and 
you are severely outnumbered.  After you spot the third group of guards you 
will hear over the radio that someone has noticed your handiwork on the fifth 
floor and that all the guards there have been taken out.  They decide to 
gather all the men on the eighth floor and wait for you.  Hurry up to the 
eighth floor and then go strait up to the ninth to bypass the guards.

Scene 7 - The Ninth Floor
When you get up to the ninth floor however, your enemies realize their 
mistake.  They come after you and you must do four Command QTEs to obstruct 
their path.  Once it is safe, hurry up the stairs to the twelfth floor.

    CQTE: (Up, A)
    CQTE: (Right, A)
    CQTE: (Left, Up, A)
    CQTE: (Down, Up, A)

Scene 8 - The Twelfth Floor
On this floor you have to cross a plank and avoid falling off.  On the other 
side you come to a fork where you and Ren decide to split up.  This is 
followed by a QTE battle with some thugs.  Afterwards you have a Command QTE 
before Ren rejoins you.

    QTE: Left, Up, Down, Right, Left
    QTE: X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A
    CQTE: (Up, A)

Scene 9 - The Thirteenth Floor
You find the plank you need to cross just before Don Niu shows up.  You have 
to hurry across the plank before he can get to you.  Once you get across Ren 
removes it so Don Niu can't follow.

    QTE: Left, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up.

Scene 10 - Yuan's Strikes Back
Yuan steps out of a room wielding a chainsaw and chases after you.  You need 
to run away from her and fight your way through some thugs at the same time.  
When you have the choice of going left or right, follow Ren and go right. 
There is a Command QTE at the end to escape.

    QTE: Left, A, Right, A, A, Right
    CQTE: (Up, A)

Scene 11 - Don Niu Returns
On the fifteenth floor Don Niu will chase you again.  If you miss any prompts 
in the chase QTE, you will have to complete a Command QTE at the end of the 
chase.  If you miss that too, you might fall through the floor and have to 
free battle two thugs.  Regardless of what happens, you will catch up to Ren.

    QTE: Left, Left
    CQTE: (Down, Y)

Scene 12 - Yuan's Revenge
Yuan promised revenge, and on the sixteenth floor she intends to have it.  
Complete a QTE chase to escape.  There are two Command QTEs to stop her at 
the end.

    QTE: A, Left, A, A, Right, Left, A, Right
    CQTE: (Right, A), (Left, X)

Scene 13 - Stopping Yuan for Good
Yuan catches up to you on the seventeenth floor, where Zhu is supposedly 
being held.  It is time to stop running and take that chainsaw away.  Do a 
QTE and a Command QTE to disarm her.  Afterwards she agrees to a hand-to-hand 
battle with you.  As soon as the fight starts, perform a Counter Elbow 
Assault to knock her back and put her on the defensive, then follow it up 
with a quick flurry of attacks.  You will kick her into the elevator, where 
Ren will handcuff her to the rail.  He threatens Yuan with a can of refuse, 
which causes her to reveal Zhu's location: the fortieth floor.  In order to 
get there you will first have to get the elevator key from the watchman's 
room on the eighteenth floor.  Ren kicks the garbage all over Yuan and sends 
her down in the elevator.  Before you can head up the steps however, you are 
surrounded by three thugs.  Ren agrees to take care of them while you go 
after the elevator key.  He gives you the transceiver before you go.

    QTE: Down, Up, Right
    CQTE: Down, A

Scene 14 - The Watchmen's Room
Head towards the place on the map with three elevators next to each other.  
Before you get there, Ren comes over the radio and tells you that he got one 
of Don Niu's men to talk.  You have six minutes before the guards on the 
eighteenth floor make their rounds and discover you.  You have to find the 
room with the key before then.  Head for the three elevators and enter the 
door to the right of them.  You have to free battle three thugs and a black-
suited guard.  Take out the thugs first to make the battle a lot easier.  
Once you have defeated them, go to the metal box on the wall and take keys 9 
and 10.  Then leave the room.

Scene 15 - Taking the Elevator
Go to the IX control box on the wall and open it with the no. 9 key.  Press 
the left-most button to activate the far elevator, and then close the box.  
Head over to the far elevator, which is now active, and call it.  It stops at 
the fourth floor before coming up to your floor.  Six suits jump out and 
surround you.  You have to free battle them, but do not let them attack you 
all at once.  Isolate them and take them out one at a time, even run away if 
you have to.  If you try to take them all on at once this can be a very tough 
battle.  Once they are defeated, take the elevator down to the first 
sublevel.  Get out and open the X control box with the no. 10 key.  Activate 
the elevator nearest to you and take it down to the third sublevel.

Scene 16 - Joy in Distress
You arrive just in time to witness a beating given by a man with very 
eccentric hair and makeup.  Go down the steps and you will see that the 
guards have Joy knocked out and tied up.  To free her you have to defeat 
Baihu, a master of the Tiger Swallow Style.  Survive long enough in Round One 
and you will have a Command QTE to complete.  In Round Two he is tougher, but 
still beatable.  Dodge his attacks with the Y button and hit him with quick 
combos.  Do not let yourself get pinned against the cage walls and avoid 
getting closer to him than you have to.  At the end of Round Two you must 
complete another Command QTE to perform the Demon Drop.  If you make a 
mistake, you have to start over from the beginning.  Afterward there is a 
short QTE, followed by a final Command QTE to defeat him and save Joy.

    CQTE: (Left, X)
    CQTE: (Left, Left, B)
    QTE: Right, Left, Up, A
    CQTE: (Down, X, Up, A)

Scene 17 - Hurry to the Fortieth Floor
You wake up Joy and the two of you go to the elevator on the fifth sublevel.  
While riding up to the fortieth floor, Joy explains that she and Wong came to 
rescue you.  Wong was taken up to the fortieth floor.  The elevator opens to 
reveal an enormous statue of Don Niu's head.  You hear Ren's voice over the 
transceiver: He's coming up to meet you, so go ahead and begin the search for 

Scene 18 - Onslaught
Enter the room with the huge double doors to reveal what appears to be Don 
Niu's office.  Five black-suited guards enter and you have to free battle 
them.  They are very tough if you let them attack you at the same time.  If 
you isolate them and hit them with quick attacks, they should eventually go 
down.  Next you have to get to the rooftop.  Exit through the door in the 
back and be ready for the QTE fight that follows.  Afterwards you can run up 
to the roof.

    QTE: Down, Y, B, X, Up, X

Scene 19 - The Roof
Yuanda Zhu is in his wheelchair with a guard nearby, and it looks like you 
have made it just in time: A helicopter carrying Lan Di has arrived, 
apparently to take delivery of Yuanda Zhu.  Don Niu is holding Wong over the 
edge of the building, threatening to drop him.  Ren and Joy arrive.  Wong 
bites Don Niu in the arm and he throws Wong back onto the roof.  You dive and 
catch him.  Ren and Joy go take out the guard and get Yuanda Zhu to safety.  
Some suits show up at the staircase and Ren goes after them.  Lan Di realizes 
that he isn't getting Yuanda Zhu, so he departs.  Don Niu is angry and now he 
is coming after you.  There is no running from this fight.  It is time to 
take out Don Niu once and for all.  There are a number of strategies for 
dealing with Don Niu, all of which are in the Fighting Strategies section of 
this guide. (see: 32bdon)

Scene 20 - Never Say Die
When the free battle is over Don Niu will be down but not out.  You need to 
complete three Command QTEs to avoid Don Niu's charges.  You realize that 
this isn't going to work forever.  You think back to what Xiuying taught you 
about patience.  There is one final Command QTE to perform the Counter Elbow 
Assault and finish him off for good.
CQTE: (Left, Y), (Left, Left, Y), (Down, Left, Up, Y)
CQTE: (Right, X+A)

Scene 21 - The Forests of Guilin
Back in Ren's Hideout you explain everything to Yuanda Zhu.  He shows you the 
secret of the mirrors and tells you to go to the Bailu Village in Guilin, the 
place where the Phantom River Stone that made the mirrors is found.  The two 
mirrors together show the location of the Qing Dynasty treasure.  It seems 
Ren was right about money being involved.  You must go to Guilin.  Lan Di 
will be going there as well.

Scene 22 - A Sad Farewell
As you leave Kowloon, you say goodbye to Joy and Wong, and promise them that 
you will be safe.

Sub 1 - Return to Wan Chai
If you were a part of the events involving Fangmei, this occurs after Scene 
22.  You go to Xiuying's room but she isn't there.  You are about to leave 
when you see Fangmei, wearing the gift you gave her.  She thanks you for 
keeping your promise to return, and she vows to keep her promise and continue 

Scene 23 - Goodbye to Xiuying
You head to Man Mo Temple, where Xiuying is practicing.  She shows you the 
move, Devil's Triangle, and Hanhui gives you a move scroll describing it.  
She does not wish for you to continue on your journey, but she understands 
how you feel, and gives you half of a Yin-Yang pendant that her brother gave 
her when she was young.

DISC IV WALKTHROUGH                                                    21ddis

Ryo has done what he came to Hong Kong to do, find Yuanda Zhu.  Now he must 
go to Bailu Village in Guilin to continue his quest.

SECTION 8 - The Road to Bailu                                          21d8th

Scene 1 - Arrival by Boat
You arrive at Langhuishan, a small port flanked by stands.  You step off the 
boat and begin your search for Bailu Village, home of the Phantom River 

Talk 1 - Which way to Bailu Village?
Ask the man selling fish about how to get to Bailu Village.  He tells you 
that you have to follow the Yingshuihe River and cross many mountains.  Start 
by following the path he points you to.

Scene 2 - Muddy Stream
As you walk through the Green Field it starts to rain.  You hurry on and see 
a white deer being pulled downstream by the strong current.  A girl is 
chasing the deer along the bank.  She dives in and grabs the deer.  You dive 
in after them.  Despite warnings that she may drown, she refuses to let go of 
the deer.  You are both pulled downstream by the fierce current...

Scene 3 - Shenhua
You wake up on the riverbank the next morning.  You learn from the girl that 
her name is Shenhua, and that she lives in Bailu Village, or the Village of 
the White Deer.  She was trying to keep the deer from drowning because it is 
the guardian of her village.  She agrees to take you to Bailu Village.

Talk 2 - Talking with Shenhua
As you walk, Shenhua asks you where you are from, and you tell her that you 
came from Japan.  She has never heard of it so you explain that it is an 
island country to the east of China.  You ask her about Bailu Village and she 
tells you that you have to cross two mountains to get to it.  She explains 
that she and her father have lived in Bailu Village their whole lives.  After 
this conversation you can talk to her about Bailu Village, the villagers, 
legends from Japan, or tell her to hurry on.

Talk 3 - The Fragrant Olive Trees
As you pass through the woods, Shenhua shows you the olive trees.  She tells 
you that "Guilin" comes from "gui", the olive trees, and "lin", the woods.  
Afterwards you can talk to her about flowers, the mountain path, her father, 
the forest, or tell her to hurry on.

Talk 4 - The Butterflies
You continue walking through a place with many butterflies and flowers.  She 
tells you that the butterflies have come here to drink water that has 
collected after the storm.  Afterwards you can talk to her about anything not 
previously discussed, or tell her to hurry on.

Scene 4 - It's Getting Dark
Shenhua warns you that the wind has shifted and that it will be getting dark 
soon.  You should hurry through the woods.  Simply mimic Shenhua's motions as 
you follow her though a QTE chase.  You come to a cliff that you must climb.  
Afterwards there is another QTE chase.  You eventually stop at a spring that 
is surrounded by fireflies.  Shenhua warns you about sticking your hand out 
carelessly because a snake might bite you.  You have a final QTE chase before 
you reach the Crag.

    QTE: Up, Down, Up, A, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, X 
    QTE: X, Down, A, X, Right, Left, Right, A, Up, Left, Left, Right, X, 
         Down, Right, Left, A
    QTE: Up, X, Left, Right, Down, Up, X, Right, A, Up, Right, Left, Right, 
         X, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, A

Scene 5 - The Cave
You enter the cave and discover that someone had been here recently and made 
a fire.  You can still use it but you don't have enough wood to last until 
morning.  Head into the cave and collect some firewood.  Afterwards you can 
talk to her.  You watch the fire while she gets some sleep.  After a few 
hours you go out and do some Tai Chi.  Shenhua wakes up and says you can get 
some sleep while she watches the fire.  A few hours later you wake up to find 
Shenhua singing.  You agree to watch the fire until morning.

I recommend that you try to finish the rest of the game on your own.  You 
have less than two days left to go and it is pretty self-explanatory.  I also 
don't want to ruin the ending for you.  If you really need help however, the 
rest of the walkthrough can be found in the secrets section.  Good Luck and 
congratulations on making it this far.


Moves                                                                  31move

NOTE: Lt = While holding the Left Trigger

STARTING MOVES                                                         31asta

X       - Tiger Knuckle
R,X     - Elbow Slam
        - Rain Thrust
L,X     - Twist Knuckle
        - Upper Knuckle
R,R,X   - Elbow Assault
R,L,X   - Katana Mist Slash
L,R,X   - Pit Blow
        - Sleeve Strike
X+A     - Big Wheel
R,X+A   - Twin Hand Waves
L,X+A   - Backfist Willow
R,R,X+A - Avalanche Lance
Lt+X    - Mistral Flash
L+X+A   - Swallow Flip
A       - Crescent Kick
        - Trample Kick
R,A     - Hold Against Leg
L,A     - Side Reaper Kick
R,R,A,A - Tornado Kick
R,L,A   - Thunder Kick
        - Surplice Slash
L,R,A   - Hook Kick
        - Against Cascade
R,L,X+A - Brutal Tiger
L,R,X+A - Dark Moon
Lt,A    - Cyclone Kick
Lt,X+A  - Windmill
B       - Overthrow
R,B     - Sweep Throw
L,B     - Vortex Throw
R,R,B   - Mist Reaper
L,L,B   - Demon Drop
R,L,B   - Shoulder Buster
L,R,B   - Tengu Drop
B       - Darkside Hazuki
B       - Back Twist Drop

LEARNED MOVES                                                          31blea

X+A     - Iron Palm (Replaces Big Wheel)
B+Dir   - Wild Throw
R,X+A   - Lunging Strike (Replaces Twin Hand Waves)
Y+B     - Hind Blow
L,L,X   - Brawling Uppercut
L,X+A   - Counter Elbow Assault
B       - Predictive Explosion

MOVE SCROLLS*                                                          31cmov

Wise Men's Kung Fu:
$100    - Stepping Strike
$100    - Oblique Air Kick
$200    - Twin Palm Thrust
$200    - Dragon Spin
$300    - Double Storm Kick

FREE    - Stepping Strike
FREE    - Mantis Combo
FREE    - Horse Shoe Kick
FREE    - Oblique Air Kick**

Lucky Hit: (Dragon Street)
Prize   - Heel Sweep
Prize   - Monkey Roll Drop

Thousand White Building:
$100    - Oblique Slam
$150    - Diagonal Wipe
$200    - Rear Foot Sweep
$200    - Dragon Spin
$250    - Serpent Coil
$300    - Double Storm Kick
$500    - Machine Gun Fist

FREE    - Demon's Triangle

*Special thanks to Adam Doran for the move scroll information
**Special thanks to Ben Lawrence for the Oblique Air Kick information.

Fighting Strategies                                                    32figh

GENERAL STRATEGIES                                                     32agen


There is more to offense (most of the time) than just pressing buttons as 
fast as you can.  Patience is an important asset, especially against a single 
opponent.  Sometimes it takes a while to adapt to your enemy's fighting 
style.  You have to take a lot of things into account before you can decide 
how and when to attack.

Think about who you are fighting.  Most of the punks you meet on the street 
are not very well trained in the martial arts.  You can afford to take risks 
when fighting them, and take your time to unleash complex and powerful moves 
with great payoffs.  This is not always the case however.  You do come across 
several highly skilled and highly trained enemies, with whom you cannot 
afford such extravagance.  It is not uncommon for players to make several 
attempts before beating such opponents.  Do not worry.  This will give you 
time to adapt to an enemy's style and formulate an appropriate strategy.

Always remember that when you are battling a single opponent you do not have 
to make the first move.  Let your opponent strike at you, and then launch a 
counter attack.  Your enemy is most vulnerable when he is attacking, and you 
should take advantage of this whenever possible.  The devastating Counter 
Elbow Assault, which you learn on your journey, is very useful for countering 
an enemy's attack.

When you are facing multiple opponents there are two main strategies that 
work.  The first is to use attacks with a wide range to hurt many opponents 
at once.  The downside to this is that enemies will surround you and not let 
you get off a move that takes a long time.  The other strategy is to focus on 
a single enemy and concentrate all your offensive efforts on him.  If you 
attack quickly enough you can push him back away from the rest of the group 
and make it a one-on-one fight.  Most of the enemies that attack in groups 
are weak on their own, so this gives you a big advantage.


Never underestimate the power of a good defense.  Although the Y button is 
less versatile than it was in Shenmue I, there are still some enemies that 
you cannot defeat without it.  Dodging with Y can put you in a good position 
to catch your opponent in the back or side as he attacks the air you just 
vacated.  Learn how to dodge attacks proficiently, and no one can stand in 
your way.

If all else fails:

Here is one strategy that I swear by in almost every fight.  Simply smash the 
X button as fast as you can.  This tactic is so simple that many people 
overlook it.  The game has many powerful and moves that sometimes just aren't 
effective in battle.  However, there is a built-in combo of eight consecutive 
X's that delivers a sequence of almost every hand move in rapid succession.  
Using this combo you are able to attack so quickly that your opponent may 
block some of your attacks, but cannot launch any attacks of his own.

DON NIU STRATEGIES                                                     32bdon

Even if you know what to do, Don Niu can still be difficult to defeat, and if 
you make a mistake on any of the Command QTEs you have to redo the entire 
battle.  If you have tried it, you probably realize that simply attacking him 
will not work.  He has some very powerful attacks and throws that can do 
devastating things to your energy meter.  To help you through this fight, 
here are some tips and strategies that work.

The Y button allows you to dodge his attacks and if you press it when he 
tries to grab you, you will be able to throw him off.  This is critical in 
almost every strategy for fighting Don Niu.  It may be helpful to continually 
press the Y button whenever you are not attacking him.  This will help you 
avoid being grabbed and it gives you a good ability to avoid his attacks.

Don Niu is a huge foe and even if some of your attacks go through, they will 
not do a significant amount of damage to him.  Any attacks which do not 
connect will likely be blocked and then countered with a powerful attack from 
one of his fists.  Instead, let him attack you.  As soon as he lashes out 
with a big sweeping punch or three-stomp combo, dodge behind him with the Y 
button and hit him quickly with a few punches and kicks.  Then back off and 
prepare to repeat the process.  

You can also try to first dodge backwards with Y followed by a three-kick 
combo with A.  Immediately afterwards, hit Back and Y again to dodge his 
counter-attack.  If Don Niu blocks your move, simply press back and Y and 
restart the sequence.  This strategy keeps you from getting hit or grabbed 
very often, while your kicks slowly wear him down.*

Remember, do not change your mode of combat if it is working for you.  It is 
very easy to get overconfident and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

*Submitted by Robert Dockter

Saving                                                                 33savi

Unlike the previous Shenmue game, you can save your progress at any point 
where it gives you the option to, or at any point where you are in free-quest 
Mode.  To save during your quest you must go to the VMU icon under the items 
menu, accessed by pressing the Y button.

It is recommended that you save your progress on a regular basis, as well as 
before and/or after difficult parts of the game.

To save your game to a VMU, you will need 4 blocks of memory for a system 
file, and 18 blocks each for up to three game files.

Making Money                                                           34maki

PART-TIME JOBS                                                         34apar
There are two kinds of part-time jobs available to you in Shenmue II.  You 
can carry heavy crates across a room three or four times a day for pay of 
only $10 per crate, or you can work a lucky hit stand for the owner and keep 
half of your winnings.

Carrying crates is simple enough, just go to the boss and ask if you can work 
for him/her, then work together with a partner to carry crates from one side 
of a warehouse to the other.  Move as your partner tells you or else you will 
drop the crate.  You can probably make $60 per shift, and you can work 
multiple shifts throughout the day.

To work a stand, ask the owner about a part-time job with the Y button.  You 
play against customers by dropping a ball and trying to get it into a space 
with a bull's-eye instead of an X.

GAMBLING                                                               34bgam
Ordinarily gambling would be a great way to lose your hard-earned money, with 
only a small chance of real success.  However you can easily make a ton of 
money in relatively little time by finding a gambling place and remembering 
to save before you gamble and soft reset the game when you lose 

PAWNSHOPS                                                              34cpaw
You can make money from pawning your collections and certain items you 
obtain.  Here are the pawnshop locations:


    Honest Pawnshop:            Queen's Street

Wan Chai:

    Green Market Pawnshop:      Green Market Qr.

    Carmain Pawnshop:           South Carmain Qr.
    Shine Pawnshop:             South Carmain Qr.

    Accounts Settled Pawnshop:  Wise Men's Qr.
    Center Pawnshop:            Wise Men's Qr.
    Golden Flower Pawnshop:     Wise Men's Qr.
    Lucky Pawnshop:             Wise Men's Qr.
    Wise Men's Pawnshop:        Wise Men's Qr.

    White Dynasty Pawnshop:     White Dynasty Qr.


    Great View Pawnshop:        Thousand White Qr.
    Kowloon Pawnshop:           Thousand White Qr.

Remember that different pawnshops will pay different amounts for your items 
so if you want to get the best price you may have to shop around.

Arcade Games*                                                          35arca

Afterburner   - Afterburner is found inside the Phoenix Building in the 
                Dimsum Quarter of Kowloon.  You can only play it when it is 
                time to impress the scout by beating Rob, Greg, and Chunyan.  
                Take $500 to the Teabreak Building and look for the big guy 
                guarding the door to the Phoenix Building.  Pay the man and 
                he will let you in.  On the main floor you will find 

Darts         - Darts is a common game throughout Shenmue II, and can be 
                found many places, including the Pine Arcade in the Golden 
                Quarter of Wan Chai.

Excite QTE 2  - Excite QTE 2 can be found on the 1st floor of the Pine Arcade 
                in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai.  You can also play it in 
                Kowloon by going to the eighth floor of the Moon Child 
                Building and entering the orphanage.  It can be found in a 
                small room behind the teacher's room.

Hang On       - Hang On can be found in room 222 of the Yellow Head Building 
                in Kowloon.

Neo Darts     - Neo Darts can be found on the first floor of the Pine Arcade 
                in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai.

Outrun        - Outrun can only be found on the first floor of the Pine 
                Arcade in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai.

QTE Title     - QTE Title can be found on the first floor of the Pine Arcade 
                in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai. You can also find it on 
                the eighth floor of the Moon Child building, in the back of 
                the Moon Child Orphanage.

Slot Machine  - You can play the slots on the second floor of the Pine Arcade 
                in the Golden Quarter as well as the Golden Quarter Slot 
                House.  They can be also played in Kowloon on the first floor 
                of the Dimsum Building.

Space Harrier - Space Harrier can only be found on the first floor of the 
                Pine Arcade in the Golden Quarter of Wan Chai.

*Special thanks to Adam Doran for the Arcade Game information.

Secrets*                                                               36secr

*Unless otherwise stated, all secrets are courtesy of Adam Doran.  Very 
Special thanks to him.

BAD ENDING                                                             36abad

On June 31, the game ends, regardless of your progress.  Most players should 
complete the game by March or April, so this is unlikely to be a problem.  If 
you want to see the bad ending though, just pass your time until the 31st.  
There are two good ways to do this.  You can continually fail Zangyu's test 
at the barber shop, or you can always choose to negotiate when the time comes 
to sneak into the temple.  Both these events will cause you to skip a day.  
Do it repeatedly to hurry through the game and see the bad ending.

MEDALS AND THE DUCK RACES                                              36bmed

As both of these secrets are intertwined, they will be discussed 

There is a limited window of time in which you can unlock the duck races and 
earn all three medals.  This window begins when you first learn about the 
four Wude and begin residing with Xiuying, and ends when you meet with Yuanda 
Zhu's associate and begin your search for Ren of Heavens.

To get the Bronze Medal, first head to the Green Market Quarter.  Go to the 
Come Over Guest house and face as if you have just walked out of the door.  
You will see an alley to your right.  Go down the alley and disregard the 
first left turn.  You will then be forced to turn right.  Face strait down 
the alley and look left.  You will see a shop with a window, and a man 
stacking boxes.  To the right of that window is a white opening.  Head 
through it and into the vacant lot and you will notice a table in the middle.  
On the table are three boxes of toys and the Bronze Medal.  Pick them up.  
Now have your last look around the vacant lot because once you leave the 
quarter this area will be boarded up and you will be unable to return. 

To get a Silver Medal you will need to have picked up the Bronze Medal first.  
Collecting the Bronze Medal removes the barrier that stops you from going up 
to the third floor of the Pine Arcade in the Golden Quarter.  However, before 
you head there you will need to become acquainted with two people:

     IZUMI: She can be found working the counter at the Tomato Convenience 
            Store in the Golden Quarter.  If you talk to her she tells you 
            why she is in Hong Kong, and the two of you become acquainted.

    EILEEN: She can be found practicing martial arts on the ocean side of the 
            fountain in Pigeon Park, Aberdeen.  She offers you a sparring 
            match, but you decline.

After you have talked to both Eileen and Izumi, head to the third floor of 
the Pine Arcade in the Golden Quarter.  You will be stopped by a man dressed 
in white.  He asks whether you want to "Participate" or "Watch."  If you ask 
to participate, you will be led into a room where Eileen is waiting for you.  
You have to best her in a fight.  She is a tough opponent, but if you 
succeed, you will be rewarded with the Silver Medal.

Return to the third floor for another fight, this time with Izumi.  She is 
harder than Eileen and has some very powerful moves in her arsenal.  There is 
also an in-fight Command QTE that you will have to do.  This QTE can happen 
more than once, so remain alert.

    CQTE: (X+B), (Y+A)

After you defeat her, she tells you to come by the Tomato Convenience Store.  
There's something she wants to show you.  You will find that you can now 
press the X button when standing in front of her counter.  This takes you to 
the Duck Races.  Here you can gamble on the ducks, but to get the Gold Medal, 
you will need your own duck.

Head to the back of Man Mo Temple, and press the X button in front of the 
tree to practice catching leaves.  You must grab two leaves at the same time.  
Repeat this three times, catching a total of six leaves.  You do not have to 
make these catches consecutively.  Once you do this you will see a feather 
fall.  Catch it and you will subsequently capture your own duck.

Take your new duck to the Tomato Convenience Store and enter it into the duck 
race.  If you win the race with this duck, you will be given the Gold Medal.

WALKTHROUGH CONCLUSION                                                 36cwal

SECTION 9 - The Journey Continues                                      36c9th

Scene 6 - The Next Morning
You wake up at 8:00 AM to good weather, just as Shenhua predicted.  You 
continue on your way.

Talk 5 - The Mountains
Shenhua talks to you about the mountains here.  You can talk to her about 
Japanese mountains, the fact that you are now going downhill, the wind, or 
tell her to hurry on.

Scene 7 - Landslide
You encounter a landslide that has blocked your path.  Shenhua thinks there 
is a way around but she doesn't know which way to go.  Return to the fork you 
passed earlier and take the untraveled path.  At the next three forks, go 
left, right, and then left.

Scene 8 - The Stepping Stones
You come to a stream you have to cross.  Perform a Command QTE to hop across 
without falling in.  Afterwards you find a sign pointing you to Bailu 
Village.  Follow the path until you come to another stream.  Do another CQTE 
to cross successfully.

    CQTE: (Left, Right, A)
    CQTE: (Left, Right, A, Right, Left)

Scene 9 - The Guardian Statues
Go left at the next fork.  Then either go left, left, or right, right.  This 
takes you to a fork with three guardian statues.  Shenhua is relieved that 
you have led them back to the original path and that she knows the way from 
here.  Afterwards you can talk to her about the landslide, drinking water, 
what she uses this path for, the path you are on, the land god, or tell her 
to hurry on.

Sub 1 - Detour
Shenhua stops at a fork in the path.  She tells you that it will be a detour, 
but you can go see an area with beautiful flowers up ahead if you want to.  
If you choose to go you can talk to her about what is ahead along the way.  
Once you arrive you can talk to her about the yellow flowers, your memory of 
flowers, the distance to Bailu Village, or tell her to hurry on.

Scene 10 - The Spider Tree
You come upon a tree with branches that resemble a spider's legs.  Shenhua 
tells you that this is the halfway point in your trip to Bailu Village.  You 
can talk to her about the path, whether or not she is tired, what sort of 
animals live in these woods, any dangers in Guilin, her house, village life, 
the weather, or tell her to hurry on.

Scene 11 - Five Colors Spring
You come to a spring.  Shenhua tells you that it is called Five Colors Spring 
because its color changes five times every day.  You continue on the path to 
find that it has been blocked again.  You have to go back to the fork.  Lead 
the way down the path.  Go the following directions at the next five forks: 
right, left, right, right, and right.  Along the way you will stop a few 
times to collect herbs to treat Shenhua's father's illness.

Scene 12 - Rocky Area
You come to an area with strangely shaped rock bridges that you must cross.  
They become increasingly narrow as you go, so be careful not to fall.  If you 
get too close to the edge you will have to perform a QTE to keep from 
falling.  When you reach a gap in the bridge, there will have a Command QTE 
to jump across.  On the other side Shenhua sees a sign pointing you towards 
Bailu Village.  At the next fork go right.  You then come to a fork which 
Shenhua recognizes.  You are back on the right path and Shenhua will lead you 
the rest of the way.  You can now talk to her about the stone lions you saw, 
what Bailu Village looks like, her father's illness, village medicine, the 
forest, or tell her to hurry on.

    CQTE: (Up, Up, A)

You come to a fork where you must decide which direction to go.

If you choose LEFT, Sub 2 will occur, and you will then have the option of 
viewing Sub 3, before going on to Shenhua's House.

If you choose RIGHT, Sub 3 will occur before you go on to Shenhua's house.

Sub 2 - Dandelions
You and Shenhua come to a field of dandelions.  You mention that you used to 
blow them when you were younger.  Soon afterwards, Shenhua concentrates and 
hundreds of dandelions begin to fly into the sky.

Sub 3 - Waterfalls
You and Shenhua come to a fork in the path.  You both hear what sounds like 
waterfalls coming from the left path.  You can choose whether or not to check 
it out.  If you choose not to, you will continue on to Shenhua's house.

Scene 13 - The Shenmue Tree
As you approach Shenhua's house, you stop at the Shenmue tree.  Shenhua has a 
vision of her parents, in which they decide to name her Shenhua after the 
tree's flower.

Scene 14 - Tea Break
You talk with Shenhua over tea.  This brings up a memory of your father.

Scene 15 - The Mirrors
After dinner, go into the bedroom and look on the desk.  You find a diagram 
of the dragon and phoenix mirrors.  You will need to see Shenhua's father to 
ask him about this drawing, but he is away at the stone pit.  Shenhua offers 
to take you there tomorrow when she goes to bring him food.

Scene 16 - Hurry to the Stone Pit
While walking with Shenhua, she notices that she can no longer hear the 
birds.  This worries her and she runs to see if her father is okay.  Follow 
her into the cave and down the steps.  When no one answers her calls you go 
further into the cave.  Go up the steps and through the door.

Scene 17 - Letter from Shenhua's Father
Follow the path up the steps.  You find a letter on the stone table. 
It tells Shenhua to go with the one who holds the Phoenix.  He has left the 
Sword of Seven Stars.  Go forward to the pedestal and place the sword in it.  
You are unable to do so but Shenhua does it with ease.  This causes a 
pedestal to rise out of the rock.

Scene 18 - The Giant Mirrors
Place the Phoenix mirror in the stand, sit back, and enjoy the ending 



Credits                                                                41cred

I wish to thank...

-> Yu Suzuki, SEGA, and all the creative men and women responsible for making 
   this game.


-> Olly Dean for helping me beat the game the first time and inspiring me to 
   write this guide.
-> Adam Doran for secrets information, including the duck races, medals, and 
   arcade machine locations.
-> Catch22 for detailed information on the extra scenes with Fangmei.
-> Juan Cristbal Jimenez Herranz for identifying the lack of the dandelion 
   scene in the disc 4 walkthrough.
-> Robert Dockter for his strategy on fighting Don Niu.
-> Ben Lawrence for the missing Oblique Air Kick information.
-> Shenmue Dojo for their help with in-depth character information.
-> Prima Games for guide ideas.

Revisions                                                              43revi

v0.1a - 07/08/2002 - Started Writing.  Added table of contents and began 
                     writing Section I.

v0.1b - 07/09/2002 - Added info to Location and Character sections.

v0.2a - 07/09/2002 - Whole of Disc 1 Walkthrough written.  Whole of Section I 
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v0.2b - 07/09/2002 - Spelling errors corrected.

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This will be the final iteration of this guide.  I offer my greatest thanks 
to everyone who assisted in its creation, and it is my hope that readers will 
continue to find it helpful in the future.