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Capcom vs. SNK Pro ----- Changes FAQ V .004
Originally Created: June 15th, 2001 by D. Greene (
Last Updated: June 21st, 2000


Revision History

V. 004 - More details on how to fight E. Ryu and O. Iori (still no full
method). Added to the Groove Point Explanation in "Standard Gameplay Changes".
A few character moves and tweaks (mostly for ratio 3's) added to the "Character
Specific" section.

V. 003 - A few fixes to some incomplete move descriptions (such as Joe's Slash
Kick), lots of changes once again added to many characters for the "Character
Specific" section. Updated "Tricks" section with new info on fighting CPU
versions of O.Iori and E. Ryu.

V. 002 - Lots of changes and tidbits added to many Characters in "Character
Specific" section. A few new notes added in "Standard Gameplay" and "Asthetic"
Sections. New uses detailed for Dan's Dankukyaku. New taunt and EX Beni glitch
info added into "Tricks and Secrets" section. Cleaned up the text in general a
little bit for consistency.


    -- Introduction --

This faq is intended for those who are already VERY familiar with the original
Capcom vs. SNK (I would argue this is also who the game itself was intended
for) who want to know what has changed between the first Capcom vs. SNK and the
updated "PRO" edition. If you want to learn how to play the game from scratch
or find move lists please consult any of the numerous Capcom vs. SNK faqs on The other faq writers are much better at doing this sort of
thing than I am :) Once you are familiar with the first CVS you can appreciate
the changes made to Pro better.

This document is a work in progress, and it will take a lot of input to find
completition because I am too lazy to find everything myself :) If you find a
new change from CvS added to CvSPro that isn't already listed here, or have a
correction or better method/explanation for anything posted in this faq, please
email me at: I'll add it to the faq (I'm going to be
moving pretty soon so if I don't reply to this email address after awhile don't
be mad...I'll answer any emails I read).

All contributers get full credit down in the credits section at the bottom of
the faq.

    + Contents +

- Move List Key
- Standard Gameplay Changes
- New Characters - Joe and Dan
- Character Specific Changes/New Combos
- Tricks and Secrets
- Other Asthetic Changes
- Credits

    -- Move List Key --

Direction button abbreviations

Forward = F
Down Forward = DF
Down = D
Down Back = DB
Back = B
Jump Back = UB
Jump Up = U
Jump Forward = UF (written as "Jump towards" if used to describe starting a

Other Button Abbreviations

Light Punch/Jab = LP
Fierce Punch/fierce = FP
Light Kick/short = LK
Heavy Kick/roundhouse = HK

Special moves (example)

F, D, DF --> LP or FP

This means to do the motion F, D, DF and then press LP or FP to execute this
move. With Ryu, this is an example of how to do a Shoryuken (aka Dragon Punch).

Super Motions (example)

D, DF, F (x 2) --> LP or FP

This means do the motion D, DF, F twice and then press LP or FP to execute the
move. If using Capcom groove, to do a level 3 super move you need to press both
LP and FP simultanious (SNK groove only requires you to press either button by
itself).  With Ryu, this motion is an example of how to do a super fireball.

Combos (example)

(Jump towards) FP, standing FP (cancel) ---> Level 3 Serpent Wave

This means jump towards the opponent and hit them with a deep FP while still in
the air, perform a standing FP when you land, and then cancel the animation for
the standing FP into the Level 3 Serpent Wave. If done correctly, all three
moves should connect and display the correct "hits" number in the display
onscreen to let you know you comboed successfully. Note that the directions for
special moves or supers will not be included when explaining combos as it takes
up too much space and time. If confused over which move to end the combo with,
see the instruction manual or pause the game and check the movelists to see the
motion needed to perform the moves.

See the instruction manual if you need more help, or consult other Capcom vs.
SNK faqs on

    -- Standard Gameplay Changes --

Capcom Groove's super bar now fills when you hit your opponent successfully or
when you block their attack successfully. It no longer fills when you take
damage. SNK Groove's super bar has a slow startup now, when you hold FP+FK to
charge it starts out charging slow then speeds up the longer you hold the
buttons down. SNK Groove fills when you take damage but not when you block
(moves like Vice's Outrage fills SNK super meters like mad when they hit).

Ratio 1's take more damage when hit by higher ratio characters (especially
ratio 3 and 4), they also do much less life to higher ratio characters. All
Ratio 3 and 4 characters inflict significantly more damage on both ratio 2 and
especially ratio 1s (there are some ratio 3 characters combos that instantly
kill a ratio 1 even if they have a completely full life bar, see Character
Specific changes for more details).

Most jumping LP and LK attacks don't stay out for as long as they used to, and
uppercuts in general have less priority as anti air attacks. It's also harder
to chaing from ducking LP and LK into FP and HK in chain combos in general. The
glitches from the first game appear fixed (Only ONE chunk of super bar is
awarded for an entire multi-hit throw, so this means the Capcom multi-hit throw
glitch is fixed at the very least).

Also, corner juggles perform differently with juggles off of special moves or
supers now, many times the juggle will miss unless you execute the super to
juggle super early while you opponent is still high in the sky. Gone are the
days of Chun Li super juggle craziness in the corner.

Taunting your opponent adds to THEIR super meter a little bit (around 12%).
Useful against people who like leaving their SNK bar almost charager, you can
taunt to set it to MAX and then run away as their meter runs down...other than
that it's not all that helpful:) (found by James Naumann).

Groove Point System is slightly changed. Using weak attacks will still get you
D or C grade which lower your overall groove points. Using a special move or
fierce attacks usually gets you either a B or an A grade which slightly raises
your groove points (A points occur when your special move hits the opponent as
a counter when they are trying to attack you). S points occur when you
successfully hit your opponent with a normal move, special move, or super at
*any any point* while your oppoenent is still in their super animation. S
points also occur if you hit your opponent with your super while they are
either just about to hit you with a normal attack or while still in the process
of throwing out their special move or super. This means that if you block Kens
shoryureppa, and super him as he comes down you will get credit for an S grade
(it's much more forgiving to get an S grade in CvSPro). If you finish a match
with an S grade, you will be awarded a finest KO, which will cause your GP to
soar. To balance this out, the only way to really get high groove points is to
get a lot of S other moves don't cause the groove meter too move

CPU AI is much improved in 1 player modes...the CPU does a lot of delayed get
ups now and is much more adept at fighting against you in general. Sometimes it
does some pretty impossible three Blanka balls in a row without
landing (!).

All secrets that are unlockable from the first game are already unlocked from
the get go in Pro such as run/dash, hidden backgrounds and EX characters, etc.
A new turbo option has also been added to the options menu to allow you to
adjust game speed. Since there is nothing else to unlock, the Secret mode from
the first game has been removed.

A link mode was added ("Color Convert") that allows you to import your custom
colors from CVS 1, or you can use the "Secret Data" option to create a save
file for CvS 1 with all the secrets unlocked (for the Japanese version these
options only work with the Japanese version of CVS1 only, will not work with
the US CvS).

Each of the characters have been altered as well to either balance out
loopholes or to make some moves better. These will be explained on a move by
move basis in "Character Specific Changes" section below.

    -- New Characters  --

Joe Higashi  -- Ratio 1

Origin: Fatal Fury series, King of Fighters series
Fighting Style: Muy Tai

Special Moves:

Hurricane Upper - B, DB, D, DF, F --> LP or FP

Joe's fireball move, using LP throws one slow moving tornado, using FP throws
two tornados in rapid succession. The move comes out too slow to combo, but can
still cancel from standing or crouching FP into it. The FP version is pretty
easy to super jump over and should only be used while a fair distance away to
cancel your opponents long range fireballs, or when the opponent is getting up
from the ground to trap them there. LP is more effective when used inclose for
general purposes. Both moves are strangely easy to roll through so be warned.

Tiger Kick - F, D, DF  --> LK or HK

Joe's typical dragon punch style anti-air move. He shoots out at around a 45
degree angle and has semi decent priority against most air and standing ground
attacks on the way up. This move can be crossed up pretty easily by characters
with large super jump (such as Benimaru and Chun Li) so be warned. Since this
is the only standard anti air that Joe has you have to make due with it.

Slash Kick - B, DB, D, DF, F --> LK or HK

Joe flies forward and kicks straight out. Not useful as an anti air and has a
huge delay when blocked. Hits very reliable in combos out of
standing/crounching FP due to it's quick horizontal range. Used at a distance
Joe keeps his leg tucked in until close to the opponent where the leg then
entends to hit (before it extends he is vulnerable). This goes over more low
attacks and even low fireballs (such as regular Terry's Power Wave) and lands a

Screw Upper - D, DF, F (x2) --> LP or FP

Joe's lone super move (what's up with that?). It's similar to the Hurricane
Upper except it comes out faster and has almost no range. It can be cancelled
into from an upclose crouching FP, and if done early it is very useful as an
anti air (since the hurricanes have great vertical range and stay out on screen
for a while). If this move misses completely at Level 2 or 3, Joe recovers
while the super is still onscreen allowing him to advance or retreat using the
super as sort of a "shield" in the process (if blocked the second part of the
super disappears, so no shield in that case). Keep in mind that Joe himself has
NO invincible frames at start up (even as a level 3/MAX), so this should not be
used in close when your opponent sticks out a poke (if the poke is out, it will
hit Joe and your super will be stopped). Best used in combos or from a few
steps away from an opponent to counter.

- Initial Impression -

Joe can combo in his super hurricane out of his ducking fierce REALLY easily,
but you have to be super deep (or in the corner) or the second hit misses. The
second hit of his super hurricane stays out on screen to act as a shield
against normal attacks for Joe, but the cheap part is that Joe recovers while
the hurricane is still out! If you opponent is in the corner with no super, you
can throw it out and walk up and throw them while they turtle from your
hurricane shield. Aside from that, he really has very little to work with...his
twin hurricane fireball is good in fireball fights (but who's stupid enough to
get into a full screen fireball throwing contenst with Joe?) but you can't
combo into it...even off of a standing fierce, and both his lunging kick and
his upward knee dp have pretty awful delay and questionable priority against
jump ins. His standing fierce kick though is a nice poke.


Dan -- Ratio 1

Origin - SFII character art (Sagat's picture), Street Fighter Alpha series
Fighting style - Eh?

Special Moves:

Gadouken - D, DF, F --> LP or FP

Dan's infamous fireball. It doesn't travel anywhere near full screen and
disappears after a second leaving Dan no time to persue. To top it off it has
horrible start up and finish delays and can only combo off of close standing or
croucing FP as opposed to LK.

Koryuken - F, D, DF  --> LP or FP

Dan's dragon punch wannabe move. It's actually better than it's ever been, 
with decent priority and it retains the ability to flash "white" randomly
giving it total invicibility as a counter hit! Poor horizontal range though,
limiting it's combo potential.

Dankukyaku - D, DB, B --> LK or HK (air or ground)

This kinda crap move can only be considered a hurricane kick in Street Fighter
EX :). You can't combo either version worth a crap on the ground. The LK
version hits once using Dan's knee, the HK version hits three times with Dan's
outstetched legs. Both versions have pretty lousy delay when blocked on the
ground. Using the LK version in the air can allow you to juggle the falling
opponent in mid air afterwords with a super if it hits at just the right angle
(do the super when you land if it looks like it might connect in mid air) and
it has decent priority for an air move. The HK version can be used in mid air
when jumping away to reteat quickly...something that might be a good idea with
Dan :)

More tricks with this move from setsuna.lee at forums: you can
cancel a midair LK into the LK version of this move while still in mid air. It
doesn't seem to combo but it is cancelable. Also the LK version of this move
acts as Dan's crossup (?!). For an additional runaway tactic, if you add to the
motion on the ground so that D, DB,B, UB --> LK or HK, Dan will do the move
with a shorter arc and go backwards instead of forwards!

Shinkuu Gadouken - D, DF, F (x2) --> LP or FP

Dan's super fireball is a much improved version of the standard version. It
comes out quicker and hits for decent life. Can be cancelled into from standing
and crouching FP or even a crouching LK (even a level 1 links from the LK). The
level 1 used on it's own can be stuffed pretty easily up close, so this is best
reserved for being used as a level 3/MAX super against jump ins from across the
screen or in combos.

Koryurekka - D, DF, F (x2) --> LK or HK

Dan's uppercut super. Level 1 acts kind of like Ken's Vaccum dragon punch
super...he stands in the place and juggles any opponents above him. Has some
priority against jump in attacks. It's better to reserve higher level supers
for use in combos as Dan goes out into the opponent and then up for the juggle.
This move can be cancelled from standing and crouching FP, crouching LK, or
even juggled from a crouching roundhouse making it pretty useful.

Hishoburaiken - D, DB, B (x2) --> LK or HK

Dan's multi-hitting...errr, frenzy. It can only be used up close and can be
juggled off of the ducking roundhouse but not for much damage. Does decent
damage as a level 3/Max, the initial hit for a level 2 seems to hit weird or
late in the animation and should be avoided as it can be stuffed up close. Try
to combo this off of the ducking fierce whenever possible for the most damage
and hits that Dan can muster.

Chouhatsu Densetsu (means "legendary taunt" ^_^) - D, DF, F (x2) --> LK + START

 Dan's super taunt. He jumps around the screen taunting the opponent
(completely defenseless) for awhile. This move cannot do any pyhsical damage
(only mental damage it seems) and Dan is open to punishment for a ridiculously
long time while in the process of doing it. Strangely, it doesn't seem that
much more useless than some of his other moves...

- Initial Impression -

Dan sucked before...but now there are 4 buttons. To make matters worse (unlike
the other shotos), Capcom saw fit to ONLY give him a ducking roundhouse, no
forward kick to combo specials off of. The most dissapointing part is that you
can't juggle his fireball super off of the ducking roundhouse, it two in ones
but the fireball wiffs even at level 3 :( The good news? He dizzys opponents
REALLY easily...3 or 4 good fierces or so and they see stars. His ducking
fierce is pretty good (it's more like his ducking stong in Alpha 3 only it does
more damage) and it is his best tool for combos. He has a decent combo with
(Jump towards) HK, crouching FP (cancel) --> Level 3 Hishoburaiken ...but the
only way to really get that in is when they are dizzy. He can also combo all of
his supers off his crouching LK, but not specials. He does retain the ability
to taunt in the air and in the ground as in Alpha but be wary...taunting
against someone using Capcom groove causes THEIR super meter to get bigger (not
a good thing if you actually are trying to win...). Other weirdness? He now
auto taunts after both his fierce throw and his roundhouse throw making it so
you can't pursue (although the question is what the hell *would* you pursue
with anyway?).

    -- Character Specific Changes/New Combos --

**** RATIO 1 - CAPCOM ****

* Her standing roundhouse is much faster and has better priority.
* She has two new jumping fierce punches, the normal one hits straight out and
is good for air to air but not for jump ins, pressing down + FP causes her to
do her old two fisted smackdown, but now it knocks down on contact (much like
Kyo's) so you can't combo after it.
* Better anti air priority it seems on her jab dragon punches in both regular
and EX.

* (EX mode) She can use cannon spiral just like regular Cammy and can combo it
in the same way.
* (EX mode) Loses the Hooligan combo.
* (EX mode) Her mid air dive kick no longer has that horrible rebound when

* His Yoga Tempest super inflicts much more damage than before.
* Less priority on his jumping drill attacks.
* (EX mode) Yoga Inferno seems to do more damage while retaining the same
priority as before.
* Recovers slightly faster from a Yoga Teleport.

* Regular Blanka's ball is much faster and has more priority over ground
* He doesn't bounce as far away when the ball is blocked in regular allowing
him to be punished easier (from Laicram at forums).
* His electric ball super is also much improved and comes out faster.
* No vertical ball for regular Blanka anymore.
* Getting his electricity to come out requires you to really jam on those
* EX Blanka now has the vertical ball!
* Regular Blanka no longer has his suprise forward or suprise back (found by
basic at forums).
* Regular Blanka's Back Step Rolling knocks down if it hits (found by bellreisa
at forums).

**** RATIO 1 - SNK ****

* Regular Yuri's uppercut super has way more invincible frames that it used to
at startup, and will go through many close range ground attacks even as a level
1. Does decent damage now too.
* Upgraded damage for her bitch slap move, even though it appears to have lost
some priority.
* Improved Speed on the startup for the Haoshokoken, better as an anti air.
* The Haoshokoken increases in speed as the level of super used increases. Much
faster and more effective at full screen distance as a level 3.

* (EX mode) Her shoulder charge hits deferently making it easier to anticipate
when to cancel into the upwards Decide Slayer.
* The Gorefest has longer animation after you connect with it allowing you to
juggle with the Tranquility. You can juggle with the LP tranquility anywhere on
screen, not just in the corner.

* (EX mode) He can no longer use his glitch with the Electrigger in 1P Arcade
mode to get mass amounts of Groove Points. No more quick and easy 100 GP
finishes like in CvS...
* (EX mode) His special command throw takes less frames to initate and has a
much faster recovery when missed (found by setsuna.lee at

* Can throw in the silent flash after nearly ANYTHING now in the corner (even
after her two hit Tornado kick).
* Harder to combo into the silent flash on the ground (most of the time the
second hit whiffs even if you are in the corner unless you are super deep).
* The range has been increased on her crouching HK.
* Better priority against air attacks with her crouching FP and it comes out
faster (from Setsuna.lee at forums).
* Universal roll has a faster recovery.
* Ducking FP is harder to combo into in general with regular King, when comboed
into the silent flash the second hit whiffs, and she cannot connect into the
trap shot with it. Only useful to combo into the Venon and Double Strike.

**** RATIO 2 - CAPCOM ****

* Opponents can trade hits with his jab dragon punch as easy as in Super Turbo
now. To hit this consistently with Ryu you now have to wait until the opponent
is SUPER SUPER deep before doing the jab dragon punch.
* The shin shroyuken juggles but only for air counter damage instead of the
full damage it used to if you combo off of the low roundhouse, say
hello to a pixel of life damage. Ditto off of a deep jab dp. You can still
combo for the full damage off of a super deep DB + HK, or crouching LK,  but
even his cross up HK, standing FP, shin shroyuken combo DOESN'T connect (the
standing FP pushes your opponent too far away)!
* His hurricane kick super seems to be improved somewhat, does more damage and
has better priority on the ground.

* New motion for his Ryusenkaku, it is now performed by B, D, DB, LK or HK. He
jumps higher in the air with this move than before and it only hits once, but
it now knocks down making it REALLY useful (the delay afterwards isn't as bad
as if was before when blocked on the ground, but you are vulnerable in the air
for much longer).
* The first hit of his thee hit FP Dragon Punch knocks down, meaning that even
if the next hits whiff you aren't left vulnerable as you are in CvS and the
* All three hits of his FP Dragon Punch connect in the air if used as an air
counter. (found by Laicram at forums).
* Timing on his juggle combo in the corner has changes somewhat, after juggling
with the level 1 shoryureppa, you have to do the vaccum dp super earlier to
juggle (the bottom portion whiffs), but it still hits for decent life.

Chun Li
* Her lighting legs special move comes out much slower than before, you have to
jam on the buttons much faster and for longer than before.
* No longer can juggled multiple level 1 tenshoukyaku in the corner (can still
juggle once after hitting a senrestukyaku in the corner).

* Juggle combos in the corner have changed somewhat. It's still possible to
juggle a level 1 rush punch super into the level 2 somersault kick super
(thanks to Omni on the shoryuken forums for the tip), but is no longer possible
to just juggle levels ones over and over again in SNK.
* His sonic boom has a much longer delay than before.
* His LK somersault kick has lowered priority above him, it is very possible to
knock him out of it with crossups or attacks that land on top of Guile.

E. Honda
* His headbut super now air juggles! Now even as a level 1 you can use it as an
air counter that can hit multiple times.
* As with everyone else, you have to mash on the buttons like mad to make his
hundred hand slap come out, it's not as casual as it was in CvS.

* Air Super grab does significantly less damage than before.
* Zangief is now the anti air king, standing roundhouse has pretty insane
priority now (even better than before)
* Spinning closelines are more effective against ground attacks and seem to
come out faster.
* His level 3/Max super spinner does much more damage than before.
* Faster Vanishing Flat, can sometimes link with the LP spinner after it hits
or is blocked (only way out of this is to jump at the right moment). It also
has improved speed and better priority. Still not as effective as it was in
Super Turbo...

* His crouching LP and LK are much slower and harder to combo off of with
normal straight punches (normal M.Bison seems to combo easier with his downward
sweep punches). Much more fair now in EX mode.
* (EX mode) His Final Punch (hold for 60 seconds) seems to take off
considerably less life than it used to.

* Toned up damage on her level 3/MAX supers, especially with the Darkness
* Longer delay on her ground fireball.
* Less range on all of her mid attacks, forcing you to poke with her fierces at
a disatance and making her chains harder to do.
* Can only juggle off a jab dragon punch into her dragon punch super with level
2 and 3 (level 1's whiff)...makes her SNK a lot worse...
* Her darkness illusion goes full screen (found by jchensor at

**** RATIO 2 - SNK ****

* R.E.D kick performs differently, the HK version now travels in a shorter but
much higher ark. It's just as useless as ever, only use seems to be if you
happen to do the move at the exact same time as the opponent jumps in (R.E.D.
kick will go over the top of them, hit and knockdown).
* Better priority and faster speed can be observed on the standing LP (from
Setsuna.lee at forums).
* His crouching LK has less range than before, it will whiff if just Kyo's
white shoes overlap your opponents sprite (his pants have to overlap for the
hit to connect).
* The second hit of his alternate wicked chew  3 hit mixup combo (done with a
reverse motion where Kyo uses his elbow as an overhead) comes out faster. It
also has better recovery if you do not follow it up with the ground punch.
* More priority against air attacks with the first hit of his wicked chew
(especially the FP version), less priority against ground attacks it seems.
* His Fireball (aka Dragon Punch move) often whiffs if used as an anti air
against opponent who don't attack...especially the FP version. Weird. It does
however, knock down on the first hit meaning that Kyo is not punished if the
second hit whiffs.
* (EX mode) He can no longer combo into his LK New Wave Smash (two kick
launcher) off of crouching LK.
* When juggling with the level 3/MAX serpent wave, the opponent flies higher
after the first three hits and the second part comes out much faster, after the
inital three hits you have to hold the button down a little longer than you
used to for the last three hits to connect.
* You can combo into the serpent wave in a few new ways if you do NOT hold down
the button after executing it: try (Jump towards) FP, standing FP (cancel) -->
Level 3/MAX Serpent Wave...or with EX mode try (Jump towards) HK, standing FP
(cancel) --> New Wave Smash 2 hits (use LK version) --> Level 3/MAX Serpent
Wave for a mid air juggle.

* Can no longer combo into his Deadly Flower from LP and LK, only FP.
* Much Improved priority on his Fireball (aka Dragon Punch move). The first hit
of the fierce version knocks down so that Iori is not left vulnerable if it
doesn't get all the hits.
* Faster special throw...still a bitch to combo after though and it still has
pitiful range :(
* Wine Cups super comes out closer together, and doesn't allow Iori as much
time to charge his SNK bar when blocked (can still link from a MAX wine cups
into his MAX Maiden Masher if it hits from a distance).
* Dark thrust recovery seems a bit better.
* Much harder to combo off of his crossup, doesn't seem to "pull" your opponent
towards you after a hit as much as it used to.

* (EX mode) Her Swan Fandago super comes out a lot faster. Seems to make the
last hit miss when used as an anti air juggle tho. This also makes it possible
for characters like Zangief to roll past it, as it was virtually impossible in
the old CvS. (note added by bellreisa at forums).
* Lands on the ground faster after the Deadly Ninja Bees.

* Can now follow up a level 3/MAX Buster Wolf with a level 1 Power Geyser from
anywhere on screen (also can follow up with a LP Burning Knuckle if you don't
have a super stocked). Can also be done if you land a VERY close level 2 Buster
* You can now combo into his Power Wave Into any fierce including crounching
(this also works for EX Terry now making his fireball usefull).
* EX Terrys FP Power Wave  has much more range than it has before and it comes
out faster making it useful for snuffing standing ranged pokes, regular Terry's
LP Power Wave comes out slower and his FP version faster.
* The Universal roll on the ground is slower than before and has slightly
longer recovery.
* You can also combo into his LP burning knuckle from any fierce after it
connects, so no more penalty for missing a fierce combo into the power geyser
when a burning knuckle comes out...
* His burning knuckle seems to come out faster, his crackshoot seems a little
* His crouching HK comes out slower and has less priority.

* Improved vertical priority on his dragon punch.
* Can cancel into a regular fireball from any of his two standing fierces.
* Lower Priority on his level 1 Ryoku Ranbu...even if done very close to the
opponent if they have a roundhouse out it will likely trade hits instead of
* Improved Speed on the startup for the Haoshokoken, better as an anti air.
* (EX mode) His special EX level 3/MAX super punch has nearly twice as much
range as before...can hit from nearly a three character distance away!
* (EX mode) Can no longer combo into his 3 hit auto combo special from the
crouching LK (from Laicram at the forums).
* His Hienshippukyaku also goes fullscreen on HK, the second part of the kick
no longer misses a lot after the first hit connects like it used to. (found by
bellreisa at forums).
* The Haoshokoken increases in size as the level of super used increases. Much
bigger and more effective as a level 3. (found by bellreisa at

* He can now combo into his footstomp (down, down, short kick) off of his
normal crouncing LP or LK or even the first hit of his in close standing FP. In
EX mode, this makes for some very stylish combos such as (Jump towards) HK,
crouching LK (cancel) --> footstomp (cancel) --> Phoenix Flattener!
* (EX mode) His kick launching super (Phoenix Tornado Kick) takes off a LOT
less life than it used to, tho it does retain the ability to juggle after a
level 2 or even a level 3/MAX with the level 1 Phoenix Flattener for decent
* Lowered priority on his level 1 Phoenix Flattener. It will trade hits a lot
more than it used to.
* Kim's Hangetsuzan hits "higher" now; it feels a bit like the KoF version.
This means it's harder to do stuff like Cannon Spike him out of it after he
buffers it from a Roundhouse sweep... (found by bellreisa at
* Less priority on his footstop when used on it's own, it hits slightly
different now and doesn't seem to "pound the ground" as forcefully as it used
to (found by Laicram at

* His charging shoulder special has a much faster startup when using the LP
* Can no longer combo from LK into the double body combination in regular mode.
* Raiden's Shoulder Ram goes farther: half screen on LP, full screen on HP.
(found by bellreisa at forums).

* Toned down priority on many of her moves.
* Longer delays at the end of her bird attacks or any of her annu mutsube or
Lela musube.
* Annu mutsube has shorter distance.
* Seems to have altered timing on her death combo.
* Less recovery after her healing super.
* Nakoruru's Mutsubes (both of them) are slower (she can't do low short x 3 +
stand fierce + Annu Mutsube anymore, as the Mutsube doesn't land in time). Her
Hawk Dive is definitely slower (it can't combo anymore), but still pretty fast.
(found by bellreisa at forums).

**** RATIO 3 - CAPCOM ****

* (EX mode) Faster recovery on his Psycho Crusher.
* Much improved faster universal roll with quicker recovery.
* More horizontal movement on the Somersault Skull Diver, after pressing any P
in mid air you can retreat quite a distance with his arms stretched out.
* (EX mode) His devil reverse now hits in front of your opponent instead of
behind. Why the heck is this still called devil reverse when it doesn't hit
from the reverse side? (found by Bastion at forums).
* Slightly more delay on his blocked LK version of the scissor kick (found by
ultima at forums).
* If his level 3 scissor kick super is blocked, the final three hits don't
conncect, allowing the opponent time to retaliate with a projectile super on
the rebound.
* Slighly less delay on a blocked LP version of his 2 hit Psycho Impact. Vega
bounces back slightly after both hits connect if performed correctly (found by
bellreisa at forums).

* Much faster Fireballs when using FP, slower fireballs when using LP.
* (EX mode) Can combo into a super after the second hit of his standing
roundhouse (can cancel the first hit into a special move still). This allows
for (Jump towards) HK, Standing HK 2 hits, level 3/MAX High Tiger Shot
super...that's a lot of damage.
* Improved priority, speed, and recovery time on his Tiger Uppercut.
* First hit of his Tiger knee knocks down the opponent even if the second hit

* His standard jump is faster (found by Laicram at forums).
* His jumping HK crosses up VERY easily (found by Laicram at
* Improved Speed off the wall, all moves off the wall are much faster than
* There are changes to 3 of his normal attacks. His F+HK (normal vega) is
faster and has a new blur animation to his foot. His jumping straight up short
sticks straight out(new). His standing HK is new and can combo off of jumping
HK (sweep might be a better option) (found by Laicram at
* Can two in one into his specials such as the wall grab out of DB+HK. Can also
two in one out of a crouching FP (found by Laicram at

**** RATIO 3 - SNK ****

* His counters now counter ANY physical attack move in their range...including
supers. I did a shin shroyuken up close against CPU Geese, and he high
countered it and threw my ass to the ground. Scary.
* Recieved the typical tonedown in that he cannot combo reppukens off the short
in either EX or regular.
* All that time spent practicing Rising Storm pays off :)  Geese's has the most
damaging combo in all of Pro so far with (Jump towards) HK, standing FP, level
3 Rising instantly kills ratio 1's, and takes off 95% of a ratio 2's
full life bar. WOW!
* Regular Geese's single reppuken is much slower and he has a longer delay when
throwing it.
* Regular Geese can no longer combo into his double repukken from the first hit
of standing roundhouse.
* Can cancel his forward+FP move into a counter at various new points in it's
animation (can still be cancelled into a reppuken upon contact as in CvS 1).
* (EX mode) The first hit of his double reppuken no longer "holds" them in
place but instead pushes them back. This means that the second hit is no longer
guaranteed, even off a clean low Fierce. (found by bellreisa at

* His Wing Slice comes out faster on the ground and has less delay in regular.
* His Kaiser Wave also comes out faster.
* Genoicide Cutter is faster and has more priority, the HK version travels
really high in the air so you can no longer cross it up easily. It can even
catch high jumpers like Benimaru.
* (EX mode) His Dark Smash on the ground comes out slightly faster and has
better priority.
* (EX mode) His Rugal Execution grab has more priority on the ground (even
against high priority specials such as Dan's LK Dankyaku). It has a longer
delay when missed or blocked though.
* Can juggle into his Total Annihilation super in the corner from just about
anything in both regular and EX. This includes the super press, the gigantic
pressure super, his air or ground dark smash in EX, or his Rugal Execution in
EX. This makes for some pretty messed corner combos such as regular Rugal's
(Jump towards) HK, crouching HP (cancel) --> Super Press --> Total Annihilation
level 1 for the juggle... this can take around 75% of a ratio 2's characters
life bar using only one level of super...
* He cannot combo out of a crouching LK into his super press...he can however
still combo off the crouching LK into his Genocide Cutter or Total Annhilation
super (found by Laicram at

* They added a new delay after his missed drill super (he swings his arm
instead of just lowering his hand) making it easier to punish him.
* All three of his Serpent Slashes have increased speed allowing you to use
them as counters outside of combos for poking.
* It's harder to combo into the serpent slash from his crouching HK (timing
must be during the first part of animation).
* If you press and hold down the Punch button for the Serpent Slash, the cancel
with HK the taunt will be faster and Yamazaki will recover sooner.
* He loses his overhead hit (F+LP in the original CvS).
* Hydra's Judgement with FP no longer knocks down after the second hit.
* (EX mode) Gains the overhead hit that regular mode lost (found by Laicram at forums).

**** RATIO 4 - CAPCOM ****

Evil Ryu
* Much improved damge over the previous game. His fierces seem to take off as
much as solid ratio 2 combos!
* Teleport is faster to execute and recovers sooner.
* Timing on his dragon punch super juggle has changed. You now have to hit your
opponent while they are very high onscreen for the juggle to connect. Only
juggles as a level 2 or 3 (the dragon punch super can still be juggled after
low hitting knockdowns, such as after a crouching HK, or a level 1 shinkuu
hadoken in the corner) (notes added by bellreisa at forums).

* Can combo into his reverse "charge" fireball off of a ducking fierce, it
takes off more life.
* Can cancel his jumping forward FP or FK in mid air into his level 3 air
fireball! Not sure if he could do that in the first CvS?
* He no longer has his hop kick. Not a bad thing! It makes it much easier to
perform Raging Demon.
* Timing on his dragon punch super juggle has changed. You now have to hit your
opponent while they are very high onscreen for the juggle to connect. Only
juggles as a level 2 or 3 (move can still be juggled after low hitting
knockdowns, such as after a crouching HK) (notes added by bellreisa at forums).

**** RATIO 4 - SNK ****

Orochi Iori
* Speed massively toned down, he's not much faster than regular Iori now.
* Cannot combo into the deadly flower from LP or LK.
* Easier to combo into his dragon punch super off of the second hit of the
deadly flower in the corner.

    -- Tricks and Secrets --

* With regular Kyo, perform a level 1 Final Showdown [ D, DF, F (x2) --> LP].
While the super is being performed rapidly tap the LP button for the duration
of the move, when the super is finished, Kyo will shake his finger at the
opponent and taunt. He is very vulnerable while this taunt is out, so don't do
this if the opponent blocks the super or if the super connects when you are
near a corner. Note this can be used to taunt even if the level 1 finishes your
opponent, making Kyo the only character who can taunt after scoring the
finishing hit on an opponent.

* EX Benimaru's step kick (F + LK) has a glitch to it. If you do the move from
the 1P side he will take about 2 steps (covering a large distance) and then
release the kick, if you do the move from the 2P side he will take one step
(very short distance) and then release the kick. (found by setsuna.lee at forums).

* Yuri supposedly has a new hidden win pose, I have yet to see it so maybe it's
really rare just like her hidden win pose in CvS 1. Can anyone confirm this and
provide more details?

* Dan has a special intro taunt when fighting against Sagat, also if you
actually manage to beat Sagat with Dan (might want to set the difficulty lower
for this one...) he has a special win quote.

* Joe's taunt against Sagat is different than normal (what is it with the new
characters only special taunting against Sagat?).

* Get to the last boss with over 85 groove points to fight Shin Gouki. He is
more powerful than regular Gouki and can throw two air fireballs at once. Not
sure if you need a lot of super finishes to get him to appear, but to get 85
groove points by the end of the game it's pretty much a given that you would
need a lot of super finishes.

* Have your Groove Points top 60,000 and get about 4 or 5 super finishes by the
end of the 3rd match to fight either Morrigan (if you are using Capcom Groove)
or Nakoruru (if you are using SNK Groove).

* It's confirmed that there is a way to fight against CPU versions of both
O.Iori (using SNK groove) and E. Ryu (using Capcom groove). It takes place
after the 3rd match (in place of Nakoruru). Personally I have witnessed this 4
times in Arcade mode while meeting the following requirments: get 7 or 8 super
finishes by the end of the 3rd match (finish the 3rd match with a super finish,
does not have to be a finest KO), and end up with anywhere between 71,000 and
85,000 GP. The hidden boss will show up roughly 1-10 times when you get
challenged by Nakoruru upon meeting these conditions. I highly suggest using
Terry in SNK, as his power geyser can be thrown out immediately after blocked
special moves and super combos to get you easy finest KOs (which send your GP
soaring and makes doing this much easier). Pretty hard to see, but that's all
the info to go on so far...things that can be eliminated from the steps:

- You don't need to win every single round (if one of your characters is
knocked out once, you still have a chance for your partner to come in and
finish the round with a super and the hidden boss can still appear).

- You don't need to win EVERY round with a super finish (each time I fought him
I flubbed up one of the rounds and finishes with a special move instead). Most
need to be finished with supers to meet the requirements.

- You do not need to finish the last match with a finest KO...though you may
still need to finish it with a super. Once I counted exactly 7 super finishes
using Terry, did not get a finest KO to end the 3rd match and got over 80,000
GP and O.Iori still appeared. (However, each time orochi iori appeared I did
get multiple finest KO throughout the three matches...).

Easy ways to get finest KOs against the CPU (at level 8 difficulty) are against
Dan and Ken (turtle until you block their level one dragon punch supers and
then nail them with a super while they are coming down to land to finish the
match). Use EX Kim's level 3 Phoneix Kick or EX Ryo's level 3 Tenchi Hao Ken
punch super against regular jumping attacks...if you hit them while they are
trying to stick out a jump in attack you will get a finest KO easily as these
supers take off a LOT of life.

For more info on how to get S points like no tommorrow see the "Standard
Gameplay Changes" section for more detailed info. If you know the exact method,
please email me at: (super props to Alejandro on the
Gamefaqs forum for not only pointing me in the right direction, but for helping
narrow this crazy easter egg down some).

    -- Other Asthetic Changes --

- Life bar is now green for the entire match.

- Endings changed, now each character you pick on your team is interviewed and
gets to give their own quote during the ending sequence (the previous screen
that showed Dan and Joe winning the tournament has been replaced with this).

- Characters flash blue on a reversal instead of white.

- Backgrounds have a few more subtle details in them. It's easier to bring down
the support beams in the stage with Takuma and Duck King in the background.
There are now two places where shadows appear in the outside nightcuble stage, 
crowd in the shopping district has more animation, etc.

- Lots of new after match winning quotes, characters will address other
defeated oppenents specifically (i.e. if Ryu beats Joe, he may have a comment
to make about Muy Tai, if Yuri beats Ken she may ask Ken directly what's
wrong). Also, multiple members of your teams sometimes taunt at once instead of
just the first charcter all the time.

- The main logo for the game on the title screen now has a lot of blue features

- At the end of the intro sequence, at the title logo, the announcer only says
"Capcom vs. SNK" at the title screen instead of stating the whole title as in
first game. (found by basic at

- In the intro animation new images can be seen flashing on screen of Joe and

- Lots of subtle new animation frames added to all characters, compare Mai in
regular CvS to the Mai in CvS Pro if you want to see what I mean (females may
not want to do this ^_^).

- During King's intro at the start of the match, she kicks her hat at a lower
angle than in the first CvS.

- When you select a character they taunt instead of saying their names, some of
these are pretty funny (Dan says "Let me show you the legend" in Japanese ^_^).

- Balrog (Vega in the US) has a new win pose where a snake extends out from his

    -- Credits --

- Capcom for making such a fun and mostly balanced fighting game. SNK for
providing the awesomest character designs ever. And whomever green lighted such
a psycho crossover game such as this in the first place. Thanks!

- Brian, for dragging his feet a little bit on the upcoming move to give my
currently unemployed self enough time to write this faq (not that I can really
complain about having all this free time to play CvS while I wait ^_^).

- Various people on the forums for providing many move changes,
hints, corrections, and other tidbits. I tried to give specific credit whenever
possible, but it's hard to keep track of where I first saw some of this stuff
(of course, I didn't give credit to the stuff I posted on there as that would
be redundant ^_^).

This faq was written and maintained by D'Ary Greene in June/July of 2001.
Please distribute it freely. Normal faq etiquet applies, please leave this faq
as is, and don't needlessly copy information from it to place in your own faq.
The world only needs ONE mostly useless Capcom vs. SNK PRO changes faq, not
two. Please don't change anything or correct my spelling errors (everybody
already knows I can't write worth a shit so you wouldn't be helping any by
doing this). Please email with any gameplay corrections or clarifications to so I can keep the faq updated and accurate.  Hope this
document proved to be of some use.