Garou: Mark of The Wolves
Rock Howard Character Guide/FAQ
Version 2.0

By Bryce G. (Youkai Kouga on gamefaqs.com)

Notice: This FAQ is to be posted ONLY on gamefaqs.com 
unless the author (me) gives permission otherwise.
Rock Howard, Fatal Fury, and Garou are all copyright
their respective owners.

Update Log

Version 0.1 (6-26-04)- Work begins on FAQ Introduction done. Quick Movelist
            done. Engine info done. All move analysis is complete.

Version 1.0 (8-14-04)- I forgot about this thing for a while lol. It was
            already mostly done, except for a few strategies.. I submitted
            this copy to gamefaqs

Version 1.1 (8-15-04)- Revised Introduction. Marco vs. Rock matchup added,
            new combos, corrected an error about c.C

Version 2.0 (10-5-04)- Major overhaul of guide! Frame data for Rock 
            that I helped extract and post on Fierceslash now in the guide!
            Move info revamped in light of data and other things. Typos
            fixed. Expect the missing frame data numbers filled, more
            matchups, more combos, an increase in the number of chains
            listed, and the finishing of the cancellability guide in
            the future updates!

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
        1.1 Jargon
        1.2 Basic MOTW Engine info
2.0 Quick Movelist
3.0 Rock's Moves
        3.1 Normals
        3.2 Command/TOP Attack
        3.3 Specials
        3.4 Supers
4.0 Strategy
        4.1 Matchups
5.0 Combos/Chains/Setups
        5.1 Chain/Cancellability Guide
        5.2 Combos
        5.3 360 Setups
6.0 Miscellaneous
        6.1 Quick Frame Data Chart
        6.2 Glitches
7.0 Afterword

1.0 Introduction

Garou is an awesome game. Really. It baffles me as to why people play games such
as SvC, but they won't even touch Garou, even though almost every SNK fan says
how Garou is such a great game...

Anyway, this is an FAQ outlining the basic strategies for Rock and outlining his
strengths and weaknesses. Why play as Rock?

+Good mixup
+Above average speed
+Some of the best supers in the game
+The best brake in the game

-Hard to deal with excessive pressure (Marco)
-One of the worst T.O.P. attacks in the game
-Lots of the more powerful moves lag like hell
-Can struggle to do major damage at times

1.1 Jargon

d, df, f, uf, u, ub, r, db = The respective direction on the joystick
A,B,C,D- The respective buttons on the cabinet

Charge- Hold the direction down for 2 seconds, then press the other direction

qcf- quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
qcb- quarter circle back (d,db,b)
hcf- half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
hcb- half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)
360- 360 degree motion

CH- Counter Hit
JD- Just Defend
XX- Cancel

1.2 MOTW Engine Info

For convenience (and because I feel that the other FAQs on gamefaqs left
out quite a bit of information on the engine), I've added engine information
to this FAQ, and I'll probably add it to any future MOTW FAQs I write.

*Evasion Attack Low (AB)- This attack is always an overhead and always has
        lower body invincibility. Use it for evading low attacks and as the
        generic overhead. Super Cancelable and cancelable

*Evasion Attack High (d+AB)- This attack, while not an overhead, comes out
        quick and has high priority and has upper body invincibility. Also,
        most of them can be canceled directly into a super, a trait most
        other moves don't have.

*T.O.P. mode (reaching the orange section of your life bar)- During this 
        time, your health will slowly regenerate, your attacks do more
        damage, and you can do the T.O.P. attack. Rock's is a crossup kick.

        *T.O.P. Attack (CD during T.O.P. mode)- An attack that varies
                from character to character, usually slow and having long
                recovery. However, they all do high guard crush damage.

*Braking moves (press AB at the correct time during your character's brake
        move)- This allows you to halt your move in the middle, allowing
        you to use a followup. Most of these launch and make it easy to 
        combo a super. Rock's is his 360 throw

*Just Defend (block JUST before an attack hits you)- If you JD correctly,
        then you will not be knocked back as far, you gain life, take no
        guard crush damage, and can cancel your guard into an attack.
        A very useful skill to master.

*Guard Crush (block too many attacks)- After you block too many attacks,
        you will start to flash red, and then if you continue blocking,
        you will eventually be guard crushed, which makes you unable to
        perform actions for a little bit. T.O.P. attacks are very good
        for guard crushing the opponent.

*Counter hits- MOTW counter hits cause one of two things: either a generic
        spin animation that always lasts the same number of frames, or it
        launches them into the air. If the attack knocks down, you can OTG
        them (hit them on the ground) once. This OTG is scaled normally,
        so feel free to use a super. Multiple hit moves do not cause
        counter hit effects though, unfortunately... only the first hit..

2.0 Quick Movelist

Command Moves
After Close D, f+D-        Overhead
CD-                        Overhead Crossup Kick (T.O.P. attack)

f/b+C when close-          Koku Sen

Reppu Ken-                        qcf+A
Double Reppu Ken-                 qcf+C
Rising Tackle-                    Charge d,u+A/V
Shinkuu Nage (can be braked)-     360+C
Rassetsu- After Shinkuu Nage brake, keep holding AB, then release
Hard Edge-                        qcb+A/C
Crack Counter (high/mid)-         qcf+B
Crack Counter (low)-              qcf+D
Rage Run Dunk-                    qcb+B
Rage Run Shift-                   qcb+D


Raging Storm   -  qcfx2+A/C
Shine Knuckle  -  qcfx2+B/D                 
Deadly Rave Neo-  hcb,f+A, then A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,qcb+C

3.0 Rock's Moves- Analysis

Please note that all damages listed for multi-hit moves are already
scaled, and that all CH's listed for multi-hit moves is for the last
hit of them.

3.1 Normals


Close A- Rock's fastest normal, it's a quick jab that's good for
       interrupting attacks. Like all jabs in MOTW, this thing is your
       SF: 7 BFA: +6

Close B- A close knee, fast, cancelable, but it's in between C and A in
       speed and priority. For combos C is better, but A is better for
       interrupting attacks. So really this isn't used as much as either
       of them.
       SF: 9 BFA: +2

Close C- Comes out fast, cancelable, and can lead into deadly rave. It's
       the basic Close C. Useful of course, despite the frame disadvantage.
       SF: 9 BFA: -8

Close D- This is really slow for a close move IMO (you can't even combo it
       from anything on non-CH.) I had said in previous revisions of this
       guide that it was safe and may even give you frame advantage, but
       this is not so. It gives a -6 on block and still starts up slow.
       The real strength of this move is that it's an option select move
       It's cancelable, has a command overhead followup, and is even super 
       cancelable (of course that's sort of moot since Deadly Rave's
       cancel properties)! Throw out with discretion though,
       since it's startup is slow. It's THAT useful to me now IMO.
       SF: 14 BFA: -6

Far A- A quick jab. Another poke, not as long-ranged as far B, but less
       recovery, more speed, and frame advantage.
       SF: 7 BFA: +4

Far B- A short kick. This is a good poke, because it's got the longest range
       besides Far D, and it can't be ducked unlike it. Nor does it lag like
       Far C does. But still, the jab, though shorter, give frame advantage
       for pressure.
       SF: 11 BFA: -3

Far C- A hard punch by Rock. Okay speed, and a bit less than Far D, but it
       can't be ducked, unlike D. However, this thing also lags a bit more
       than Far D. An okay poke, but Far B is better. Less disadvantage than
       Close C, oddly enough.
       SF: 14 BFA: -6

Far D- A high kick by Rock. Good speed and okay reach for a Far D, as
       well as excellent anti-air due to it's angle, but thanks also to
       that, it can be ducked by every character (yep, even Grant),
       which hurts it a bit since all Far D's have long recovery.
       And of course if you whiff it, it's not good.
       SF: 15 BFA: -9


Crouching A- A quick jab, it's fast and cancelable, but Crouching B is
       the same speed, has longer range, hits low, and has more frame
       advantage. So this move is kinda moot when you can just do c.B
       SF: 8 BFA: +3

Crouching B- A low kick, almost as fast as Crouching A, longer range,
       and cancelable. I'm sure everyone knows how to use this move.
       The frame advantage on this is too good compared to most other
       character's. Definitely worthwhile.
       SF: 8 BFA: +5

Crouching C- Rock does an uppercut. It's fast and a nice anti-air, on
       top of being cancelable. Its horizontal range is terrible though.
       It's also super cancelable, but it's a bit trickier than other
       ones since it has poor range and if you do it too early you'll
       kara-cancel instead of it connecting.
       SF: 9 BFA: -3

Crouching D- Rock does a sweep. Just a generic sweep, except that its
       range is a little below average. Counter Hit is bizarro.
       it'll do a spin, and not knock down. you can't get anything from
       this because of the recovery time of the move though.
       SF: 12 BFA: -12


Jumping A- Rock elbows downward. Good for interrupting and his throw
        since it doesn't knock as far away (pretty hard to buffer tho).
        a lot can follow but it's better to use Jumping C for jump-ins.
        SF: ?

Jumping B- A sideways kick by Rock. This is Rock's only air to air move
        that's good for people above you Oddly enough, this move can 
        actually chain from a jumping C, adding an extra hit on jump ins.
        A lot of things can follow this, and it has a high priority
        and decent range. Jumping C is kinda better for jumpins
        though, but use this move when you're not jumping in. 
        SF: ?

Jumping C- This is a downward punch by Rock. It comes out fast, okay
        priority, and most everything can follow it. Shine Knuckle and
        Deadly Rave most notably. Chains to Jumping B.
        SF: ?

Jumping D- A downward kick by Rock This move is slow to come out making
        it vulnerable to anti-air, but it makes up for it with its long
        hitstun. But everything that can follow jumping D can be done
        from a jumping C. It has a fairly long range though. It can
        crossup okay as well. But remember, this move is telegraphed
        as hell.
        SF: ?

3.2 Command Moves/T.O.P. Attack

Overhead Followup- f+D after Close D- This move adds to the versatility
        of Rock's close D, and of course is good for mixup between this
        and crouching B. Nothing can follow it though, which hurts the
        moves overall usefulness.
        SF: 26 BFA: -8

Evasion Attack Low- AB- IMO this is Rock's best overhead. It's hard to
        see coming, and he doesn't hop during it, so people will
        sometimes try to sweep, but you have lower body invincibility,
        so they're hit by the overhead. Like all overheads, this is slow.
        Can also be kara-canceled into specials or supers.
        SF: 25 BFA: +4

Evasion Attack High- d+AB- Rock does an elbow. Very fast, high priority
        super cancelable, and good anti-air like all High evade attacks.
        Not very comboable.
        SF: 13 BFA: -5

T.O.P. Attack- CD during T.O.P. mode- Rock's T.O.P. mode attack is kind
        of like Chun-li's crossup kick. Like all T.O.P. attacks, it does
        nice guard crush damage, but if you actually guard crush with
        this, it's totally unpunishable thanks to the SUPER crappy
        recovery. The only advantage to this move is the fact that it
        can crossup, giving Rock more mixup. Use sparingly.
        SF: 33 BFA: -16

3.3 Specials

Reppu Ken- qcf+A- This is Rock's fireball. It comes out fast enough and
     is a pretty good one. That being said though, fireballs in MOTW are
     about as useful as they are in 3rd Strike (Actually, even less so).
     You should only throw them out occasionally or they'll just 
     JD>Guard Cancel. Putting it in a combo is fine though.
     SF: 16 BFA: -3

Double Reppu Ken- qcf+C- The only difference on this one is that it takes
     longer to come out, and it does more damage up close. It does less
     as an actual fireball... But you can use it to counter another fireball,
     and do more damage in combos.
     SF: 17 BFA: 0

Rising Tackle- Charge d,u+A/C- Rock spirals upward shoryuken-like. This move
     comes out fast, but if blocked/whiffed, you WILL be punished. As seen
     by the frame data, it give you a whopping -25. Yeah, that means you
     can eat pretty much any move in the game, even if the person starts
     their counterattack late. As such, it's not a good wakeup attack. It's
     range is also very poor too, making it useless in most combos. The only
     thing it is good for is anti-air, since the only way to airblock is to
     JD. Still, not a good move at all. I guess it's kind of useful to
     throw out in surprise because I certainly wouldn't expect this move
     very often.
     A Version- SF: 8 BFA: -25
     C Version- SF: 8 BFA: -31

Hard Edge- qcb+A/C- Rock charges forward with his elbow in front. C version
     has 2 hits and is way more punishable. A is decent, but use C sparingly.
     A version- SF: 15 BFA: -5
     C version- SF: 21 BFA: -12

Crack Counter- qcf+B/D- This is a counter. B counters high and medium, D
     counters low. JDing is better if you're a master of it, but otherwise
     this move is useful for when people start telegraphing moves. You can
     also use it to build gauge when your opponent is all the way across the
     B version- SF: ?
     D version- SF: ?

Rage Run Dunk- qcb+B- Rock charges forward, hopping up and attacking at the
     last moment. This move is one of his overheads, and probably his fastest,
     but also most telegraphed one. You can try and play mindgames with it
     in pressure strings, training them to block it, then popping in a Rage
     Run Shift into something.
     SF: 28 BFA: -3

Rage Run Shift- qcb+D- Rock charges forward, but instead of doing the overhead,
     he'll cross over to the opponent's side. This move is really easy to stop,
     so you should use it after a poke string or something. Rage Run shift
     into Shinkuu Nage is useful too.

Shinkuu Nage- 360+C- It's Geese's old throw! Does tons of damage. Can be braked,
     and always should be braked. Once braked it can be followed up by P-Power
     Shine Knuckle for tons of damage (up to 65 damage!) anywhere, or any other
     super besides Deadly Rave if you're in the corner. The problem with this
     move is that its startup is slow as hell. I mean, like it's the same speed
     as Q's command throw. As such, it can only be used in the most extreme
     punishment situations. Or as a surprise Whiff = LOL YOU JUST ATE A SUPER
     Yeah, if this move was faster, Rock would be a lot higher up in the
     official tiering though considering what you get for the risk.
     SF: 14

Rassetsu- Hold AB after braking Shinkuu Nage, then release- The followup to
     Shinkuu Nage. You need to time this right for it to hit outside of the
     corner. This and Shinkuu Nage together do almost as much as S-power
     Raging Storm (more than it in T.O.P. mode). Other followups do more,
     but not that much more, and this one is the easiest to connect.

3.4 Supers

Okay, keep in mind that although I say P-power supers are better, you get
more damage off of TWO S-power supers than a single P-power super!

Raging Storm- qcfx2+A/C- This is Geese's old raging storm super, now
     used by Rock. He bends over and a flame of energy engulfs him.
     it's decent anti-air, but it's the worst of his repertoire of
     supers. Of course, that doesn't mean it sucks... all of Rock's
     supers are good.

     S-Power- This version comes out quicker than P-Power, but on the
           other hand suffers GREATLY from a lack of invincibility
           frames. A lot of normals can stuff it pretty easily. This
           is also your generic OTG super. If one CH's in the corner,
           you can follow it up with a second one for nice damage.
           Hits: 1 Damage: 33 CH: Floats
           SF: ? BFA: -23

     P-Power- This version, while slower, has many more invincibility
           frames and can be delayed. Not as useful though IMO since it
           does less damage than P-Power Shine Knuckle and is less
           Hits: 4 Damage: 46 CH: N/A
           SF: ? BFA: -51

Shine Knuckle- qcfx2+B/D- A straightforward charge that comes out fast.
     The S-power is good, but the P-Power is more useful.

     S-Power- This version hits as you charge, so it's range is much
           shorter than P-power, but still better than Raging Storm's
           S-Power horizontal range. It also is not stuffed as easily
           as Raging Storm, so it's more applicable, but at different
           situations than S-Raging Storm. Also, less frame disadvantage
           on block as well. But you'll still be punished pretty bad.
           Hits: 5 Damage: 32 CH: Floats
           SF: ? BFA: -13

     P-Power- Unlike the S-Power version, this one only hits once during
           the actual charge (greatly extending its range), then Rock
           does an elbow into a Rising Tackle. The opponent doesn't even
           need to be grounded for this one, making it the super of
           choice for after a Shinkuu Nage brake! Because of the WAY
           better range and fast speed, this super is his 2nd most useful.
           Also a vacuum super, meaning you can only block it if you
           block before the flash. Too good.
           Hits: 9 Damage: 47 CH: N/A
           SF: vacuum BFA: -15

Deadly Rave Neo (P-Power only)-hcb,f+A, then A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,qcb+C-
           Another one of Geese's old supers. Rock charges at the
           opponent and pummels them, finishing off with an energy blast.
           This is no doubt Rock's best super. It has excellent range,
           speed and range that rivals Shine Knuckle (you have to have a
           grounded opponent for this though..), and nice damage. Oh, but
           that's not all. It also has canceling properties of a special
           move. What this means is whenever you can cancel a normal into
           a special, you can get a Deadly Rave Neo. Again, another
           vacuum super like P-Shine Knuckle. It's comboability, damage,
           and range makes it an excellent super.
           Hits: 15 Damage: 59 CH: N/A
           SF: vacuum BFA: -2

4.0 Strategy

Now that you're acquainted with Rock's moves, you should get how to play with
him. He has 4 overheads, 2 low attacks, a command throw, a crossup, and 
reversals. Pretty nice mixup, enough to get in a lot of good hits. Use his
mixup well, and set up 360s.

Far D and Crouching C are your mainstays of anti-air. Raging Storm and d+AB are
decent as well.

Shine Knuckle and Deadly Rave Neo are your main supers. Shine Knuckle is fast,
and in P-Power does not need to hit grounded opponents. Deadly Rave Neo's
special cancel properties make it extremely easy to land.

Rock's easy to play as really... just make sure not to be predictable...

4.1 Matchups

For those of you not familiar to what matchups are, a matchup is a ranking
out of 10 of how many games each character would win versus each other if
the players are of an equal skill level based on their character's ability
alone. For example, 5-5 each player has about an equal chance. 6-4 is
advantageous but still winnable for the disadvantaged character, 7-3 is
still winnable, but a LOT harder. 8-2 and 9-1 will probably not be seen,
but that's almost no chance of win for the disadvantaged character. Not
a lot of matchups in ANY GAME are rated 9-1.

So anyway, these are Rock vs. (insert character here), so you can get an
idea what you're going to be up against should you fight someone using
the character.

Rock Howard vs. Marco Rodriguez (Khushwood Butt)

Marco is a rushdown whore and this is bad news for Rock. A good Butt
player will pressure the hell out of you with c.B, f+A, braked shoryuken
and j.B. Guessing wrong on any of these can potentially lead to eating a
shin shoryuken. The f+A can be canceled on reaction too. Rock is more
of a poke character or pressure character. Marco's c.B beats his c.B by
a SIGNIFICANT amount of frames and outprioritizes it I believe.
Everything Rock has is too slow to deal with his c.B so you're forced to
block or take risks doing stuff like reversals. But you can't turtle too
long or you'll be guard crushed. If he jumps for his mixup you'll have
an easier time because he can be dealt with via Rock's decent anti-air.
But ground you're going to have a hard time with.

Your goal is not to let him get in. Of course naturally easier said
than done with Butt's fast dash, dash reversal and so on... This is
a bad matchup for Rock.. I'd say like 6-4 in Butt's favor.

5.0 Combos/Chains/Setups

All combos/Chains/Setups were tested on Terry unless stated otherwise

5.1 Chain/Cancellability Guide

Rock's Known Chains:
j.C -> j.B

This section is coming next version...

5.2 Combos

In all these combos, j.D or j.C are pretty much interchangeable, so I'm just
putting j.C for those ones. Note that if you use j.D though, you won't be able
to follow it up with j.B

B&B combos

*j.C, j.B, s.C XX qcf+A

*(in corner) j.C, j.B s.C XX qcf+C or qcb+C

Super Combos

*j.C, d+AB XX qcfx2+B/D

*j.C, s.C XX Deadly Rave Neo

*(in corner) j.C, Close A, c.C XX qcfx2+B/D

*CH s.A, s.D XX qcfx2+B/D

5.3 Rock's Shinkuu Nage


Rock's command throw does gobs of damage just alone and with Rassetsu, plus it's
an unblockable brake. Passing it up is just too good. Unfortunately, it has that
long whiff time as well, and comes out slow. As such, you should use appropriate
setups to minimize the risk of being countered by your opponent, such as a basic
jump-in attack. But make sure you use one that doesn't knock too far away
such as j.D, or it will whiff. So j.A is actually good for this.

Kara canceling his overhead kick evasion attack is another decent one.

Rage Run Shift after some pokes is alright too. Especially if you use the
overhead a lot. C Recovery Roll into 360 is useful as well.

The hardest one would be after the final D hit of Deadly Rave Neo. Deadly Rave
Neo does 29 damage from that part, plus the throw will reset scaling and gives
you another 20, plus a followup. This one actually isn't really worth learning
at all, because it's much easier to just finish the Deadly Rave and it doesn't
do that much more damage anyway.

What can follow the Shinkuu Nage?

Now that you know some decent setups from scrubby ol' me, I'll tell you what
can follow it. The weird thing about the Shinkuu Nage is that it has two arcs
that will occur after launch. I believe it's the range that you throw them at
that affects this... anyway, here's a list of all the good followups with all
the damages, ranked in order from least to greatest.

Short Arc
9-  Rassetsu
10- A Hard Edge/Reppuken
16- C Hard Edge/Double Reppuken
29- S-Power Raging Storm
34- P-Power Raging Storm (some hits will whiff unless you time it right)
49- P-Power Shine Knuckle (hits for 41 usually)

Long Arc
9- Rassetsu
49- P-Power Shine Knuckle (usually hits for 41)

Everything from Short Arc and...
11- A Rising Tackle
13- C Rising Tackle

6.0 Miscellaneous

6.0 Quick Frame Data Chart

What is the point of frame data? Why, it tells you how fast a move is.
Also, if you know the frame advantage/disadvantage, you can know for sure
which moves are completely safe, and which ones aren't. For example, in
one of my revisions of this guide, I put Close D saying that it probably
gave you the advantage on block. However, this is not true, as shown by
the numbers below. It gives a -6.. eep.

The frame advantage on block is how many frames you can move before or
after they move. Vacuum means it has 3 startup frames, and hits immediately
after the flash, making it so you MUST block before the flash.

SF = Startup frames- how many frames until the move can actually hit the
         opponent. The number is the earliest possible time it can connect.

BFA = Blocked frame advantage- how many frames you can move before or after
         the opponent if the attack is blocked. There are 60 frames in a

|   Move   | SF  | BFA |
| sc.A     |  7  | +6  |
| sc.B     |  9  | +2  |
| sc.C     |  9  | -8  |
| sc.D     | 14  | -6  |
| s.A      |  7  | +4  |
| s.B      | 11  | -3  |
| s.C      | 14  | -6  |
| s.D      | 15  | -9  |
| s.D, f+D | 26  | -8  |
| c.A      |  8  | +3  |
| c.B      |  8  | +5  |
| c.C      |  9  | -3  |
| c.D      | 12  | -12 |
| AB       | 25  | +4  |
| d+AB     | 13  | -5  |
| CD       | 33  | -16 |
| qcf+A    | 16  | -3  |
| qcf+C    | 17  |  0  |
| qcb+B    | 28  | -3  |
| qcb+A    | 15  | -5  |
| qcb+C    | 21  | -12 |
| d,u+A    |  8  | -25 |
| d,u+C    |  8  | -31 |
| qcfx2+A  |  ?  | -23 |
| qcfx2+C  |  ?  | -51 |
| qcfx2+B  |  ?  | -13 |
| qcfx2+D  |  V  | -15 |
| hcb,f+A  |  V  | -2  |

You can get most of the frame data for all the characters except Gato
at http://www.fierceslash.com

6.1 Glitches

All I've got to put in this section right now is one glitch:

Rock T.O.P. Whiff glitch: If your opponent is in the corner and as a T.O.P
   attack is about to hit, and they have an active hit frame at the time
   (that means they attacked and it's at a point when it can connect), then
   his T.O.P. attack will mysteriously whiff.

7.0 Afterword

This FAQ is to be posted ONLY on gamefaqs.com unless the author (me)
gives permission otherwise. Rock Howard, Fatal Fury, and Garou are
all copyright their respective owners.

Thanks to SNK for making this great game (NOW MAKE A SEQUEL DAMMIT)

Thanks to Fierceslash for the strategy forum and their attempts to
    resurrect the fighting game scene for SNK games.

Thanks to SRK.

Thanks to you for reading my ghetto guide for a game no-one plays
   (though I hope there will be more soon :-(  )