Question/Answer FAQ by M.Andersson

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 03/05/02 | Printable Version

Who wants to be a millionaire - 900 questions and answers (v. 2.2)
Sega Dreamcast (UK version)
Written by Magnus Andersson, between December 2001 - March 2002

This FAQ is specially dedicated for my friend
Lisa in Stockholm, Sweden. You are a funny
life-line in real life as well... ;)


1. About this strategy
2. "Error" Questions
3. Lifeline Strategies
4. Questions and answers

1. About this FAQ

You may spread and copy this FAQ in any way you
like, and you may also upload it anywhere on Internet
without my permission. But you are not allowed to
make any changes to the FAQ, and you may not
sell it for own profit.

This FAQ covers exactly 900 questions for the UK
Dreamcast version of 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.
I don't know if there are other versions of this game
available for the Dreamcast, that are designed for
other specific countries. But this FAQ is, in any
case, the UK version. It could also be possible that
the questions are the same for the Playstation and PC
version of the game. I don't know, since I haven't
played those versions. In case you wonder what's new
since the previous version of this FAQ, these are the

* 98 questions and answers were added.
* Some info about the game was added.
* The layout was improved.
* One error question was added.
* One error question was removed.
  (Tom Walker, thanks a million!)

The easiset way to use this FAQ, is to open it in
Wordpad, then use the search option, and type a
short phrase of the question you want to have
answered. For example, if you get this question:

Which Formula One Grand Prix takes place at the
Interlagos cicuit?

Then I sugggest that you make a search on the word
'Interlagos', since that word is something
special for this question. As you understand, if
you make a search on the word 'which', you will
get too many hits, since a lot of questions
begin like that.

This game contains, according the instructions,
more than 1000 questions, so that means that
this FAQ isn't complete. But on the other hand,
I'm very sure this also includes the 'Fastest
Finger' mode, so the standard one player mode
shouldn't have more than 1000 questions
(I also made a statistic calculation, and if
my calculation is correct, there are about
1000 questions (it could be that *exactly*)).
In any case, I dare to say that with these
answers, your own knowledge for remaining
questions, and with three life-lines, your
chances are *very good* to complete the
game itself. This FAQ does not cover the
questions of the 'Fastest Finger' mode.

Since the game is almost completely covered, it
is pretty difficult for me to find questions
that I never have seen before. I will probably
make another update later in spring 2002, which
will be the final update. But please don't get
mad at me if the next final update will be
delayed. I am a university student, so as you
understand, I am a busy person. This FAQ is
just something I have written for fun on my
spare-time. :)

And finally, my apologies about grammar and
spelling mistakes. English is not my native
language (As you could guess from the text
above, I am from Sweden).

Feedback, positive or negative, would be very
appreciated... :)

2. "Error" Questions

So far, I have noticed five "error" questions in
the game. The first error is in this question:

Which was the last state to join the USA,
before Alaska and Hawaii joined in 1959?

According to the game, the answer is 'Arizona',
so you need to select that answer in order to
procede to the next question. That is also the
real answer, but this question is not even close
to the word fair. New Mexico is another
alternative, and *BOTH* states joined the USA in
1912. The difference is only that New Mexico
joined on January 6th, while Arizona joined on
February 14th (The other alternatives are
Pennsylvania, which I believe joined on
December 12, 1787, and Delaware sometime in 1793).
This may be a $250.000-500.000 question, but
even so...! Is the 1 million question about what
Chris Tarrant had for dinner yesterday?

The second error is in this question:

What was the name of George II's wife?

According to the game, the answer is 'Charlotte',
so you need to select that answer in order to
procede to the next question. But the 'real'
answer is in fact 'Caroline'. George II got
married to Caroline of Ansbach, so I don't
understand why the game says that the answer
is 'Charlotte'.

The third error is in this question:

Which is the third longest river in the world?

According to the game, the answer is
'YangTze-Kiang', so you need to select that
answer in order to procede to the next question.
But if you add the source flood to
Mississippi, the answer would be 'Mississippi'.
This question is not very clear.

The fourth error is in this question:

Which cartoon character is associated with the
word 'Cowabunga'?

According to the game, the answer is 'Bart Simpson',
so you need to select that answer in order
to procede to the next question. But the real
answer is in fact 'Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles',
but this alternative does not exist. Bart Simpson
adopted this phrase, and uses it from time
to time, so that's the best answer of the
alternatives, though the answer 'Turtles' would
had been a much better alternative.

The fifth error is in this question:

Copper and zinc are the main components of which

According to the game, the answer is 'Brass', so you
need to select that answer in order to procede to
the next question. The main components of brass are
indeed copper and zinc, but still this question is
not very clear. 'Bronze' is another alternative,
which also contains copper and zinc (It contains
95% copper, 4% tin and 1% zinc), but according to
the game, that's not the right answer.

3. Lifeline Strategies

You have three line lifelines per game,
'Phone-A-friend', 'Ask the Audience' and '50:50'.
You probably know already how these lifelines are
working, so I guess I don't have to explain them
in this FAQ (If you need to have them explained,
listen to the instructions in the game).

First, if you plan to use the 'Phone-A-friend'
lifeline, keep in mind that you get the same
answer for each question everytime. If you would
use your '50-50' lifeline before using the
'Phone-A-Friend' lifeline, the odds will not
increase that your friend will give you the
right answer. There is, so to say, only one
message for each question. Your friends are
giving you the right answer in about 75% of
all cases. My favourite life-line is
undoubtedly "Lisa". I can't remember that she
ever gave me a wrong answer, and some of her
replies are very funny. :)

Second, if you plan to use the 'Ask the Audience'
lifeline, it is the same thing about this
lifeline, the results will be the same everytime.
Do NOT use the lifeline '50:50' after that you
used the 'Ask the Audience' lifeline. The two
alternatives that are most unlikely, according
to the audience, will vanish everytime (the
programmers certainly aren't making it easy for
the players). So using the '50:50' lifeline
after using 'Ask the Audience' is just a waste.
On the other hand, if you use '50:50' before
using 'Ask the Audience', the results may
be different.

Third, if you plan to use '50:50', the two most
unlikely answers will vanish everytime. If the
answer alternatives are four names, and two of
them are sounding different, and two sound
pretty equal, then the computer takes away the
two alternatives that are sounding more
different. The computer works like that
everytime (at least everytime I tried it), so
using the '50:50' lifeline on such questions is
a vaste as well. Try the other lifelines instead
on such questions.

4. Questions and answers

£ ???

Which food can be double, single, sour and clotted? Cream


How many seconds are there in one minute? 60

Which of these is a feature of St Paul's Cathedral? Whispering Gallery

Which of these characters is said to leave money under children's pillows? Tooth fairy

What is the name of the system of transmitting messages between computer terminals? E-mail

Which of these is the name of a film actor? Jack Lemmon

In the saying, what do you put 'before the horse' when you get things in reverse order? The cart

What is the collective term for a mass of frog's eggs? Spawn

According to the nursery rhyme, what did Little Boy Blue blow? His horn

Which of these words means to catch fish or game illegally? Poach

Which name is given to a book for sticking cuttings, drawings or pictures in? Scrapbook

Which of these is a character in TV's 'Last of the Summer Wine'? Nora Batty

Dots and dashes represents letters in which code? Morse code

Which part of the maple tree is represented on the Canadian flag? Leaf

Which 'Little Lord' is a famous character from children's literature? Fauntleroy

How is 'zero' expressed in a tennis score? Love

Of what is volcanology the scientific study? Volcanoes

Which entrance to a theatre is used by the actors and production staff? Stage door

Which of the following are banned from motorways? Learner drivers

Who has to take a whistle, watch, red card and yellow card everytime he goes to work? Football referee

Which word means both a musical instrument and to 'cook the books'? Fiddle

Which of these is used by a writer as a pseudonym? Pen name

Which of these is the name of a golf tournament? British open

Which of these mythological creatures is a person of extraordinary size? Giant

Who 'packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus', according to the song? Nellie the Elephant

In which of these places would trailer houses be situated? Caravan Park

Which character turns Cinderella from a kitchen maid into a princess, to go to the ball? Fairy Godmother

Which of these structures is also a part of the human body? Bridge

Which of these creatures is also the name of a spy? Mole

Which term in golf means 'three shots under par'? Albatross

Which relative is associated with the 'Agony' column in a newspaper? Aunt

Which of these was the name of a top US rock group? Jefferson Airplane

Which of these is an area of countryside where development is restricted? Green belt

Which of these is a container for fruit conserve? Jam jar

What is the nickname for the part of the arm which tingles if you knock it? Funny bone

Complete the title of the Tennessee Williams play 'Cat on a Hot Tin...'? Roof

Which of these is a type of rap music? Hip Hop

Which of these is a fish? Lemon sole

Eric Clapton is famous for playing which musical instrument? Guitar

Which of these expressions means an easy target? Sitting duck

Which three words make up a polite refusal? No thank you

Who did Simple Simon meet on his way to the fair, according to the rhyme? Pieman

What describes a story that is a long rambling yarn? Shaggy dog

What win prizes when they are drawn randomly from a tombola drum? Raffle tickets

Which of these shapes is associated with Egypt? Pyramid

Which of these is a famous fashion designer? Calvin Klein

Which of these is a popular pet? Guinea pig

Which electrical device is used to dry a person's hair? Hairdryer

Which day comes before Ash Wednesday? Shrove Tuesday

Which specific term means the letters sent by admires to celebrities? Fan mail

What is a four-poster? Bed

What are usually put in a vase? Flowers

Which of these is a ghostly ship which sails round the Cape of Good Hope? Flying Dutchman

Who did the explorer Stanley famously meet on the shore of Lake Tanganyka? David Livingstone

Which of these countries is not Scandinavian? Libya

Which of these was a major event of 1666? Fire of London

What is the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet? Y

What was Little Miss Muffet eating when she was frightened by a spider? Curds and whey

What is the capital of the United Kingdom? London

What kind of party is held by a bride-to-be and her friends? Hen night

What name is given to powdered tobacco, which is sniffed instead of smoked? Snuff

According to legend, William Tell shot an arrow at which fruit on his son's head? Apple

In September 1992, 'Channel 4 Daily' was replaced by which programme? The Big Breakfast

Which of these is a marine creature? Jellyfish

Which of these provided entertainment in the Middle Ages? Jester

What name is given to spectacles for both near and distant vision? Bifocals

Which piece of coloured material is said to enrage a bull? Red rag

Complete the name of the famous fictional twins: Tweedledum and...? Tweedledee

Which phrase means two consecutive failed services in tennis? Double fault

Where does an optician look, when giving you treatment? In your eyes

What is the full name of the raincoat populary known as a mac? Macintosh

What is the name of the bushy tail of a fox? Brush

What is a popular name for a female goat? Nanny

Acording to the Bible, how did the animals go into the Ark? Two by two

Complete the title of this popular American children's series: Sesame ...? Street

In which of these games do players try to 'score a goal'? Football

Which of these chemical elements is not a metal? Helium

Which of these is a yellow flower? Buttercup

Which of these celebrities is famous for their ginger hair? Chris Evans

Which part of the human body is below the ribs and above the hips? Waist

According to the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch what? A pail of water

Which of these body parts is also the name of a part of a shoe? Tongue

Which of these was a piece of wax used to keep a letter closed? Seal

Which of these words is a slang term for food? Nosh

Which of these is the title of a Shakespeare play? Romeo and Juliet

The 'voice box' is sometimes referred to as Adam's...what? Apple

What scores fifty with the throw of one dart? The bull

What is Basil Brush's famous catchphrase? Boom! Boom!

Which expression means a short rest period during the working day? Tea break

What is the organ of hearing in animals? Ear

What naturally adorn the heads of raindeer? Antlers

What is enclosed with a letter when an S.A.E. is requested? Envelope

According to the proverb, an Englishman's home is his...what? Castle

Which of these animals is said to baa? Sheep

Which soft, low, vibrating sound is uttered by a contented cat? Purr

Who was Little Red Riding Hood on her way to see when she met the wolf? Grandma


Which of these is the name of a pirate flag? Jolly Roger

Complete the title of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta: 'The Pirates of...'? Penzance

Who do Christians believe created the universe? God

What are Trappists and Benedictines? Orders of monks

Attila was king of which people? Huns

In which country is the city of Shanghai? China

What term is given to fatigue resulting from a sudden switch of time zones in air travel? Jet lag

Which area on the east coast of England is a favourite holiday destination? Norfolk Broads

How many spaces are there on a standard noughts-and-crosses grid? 9

What is the specific name for the back of a bound book? Spine

Which word means a payment demanded for the release of a prisoner? Ransom

Which of these is a metric unit of weight? Kilogram

Which of these wines is originally from Italy? Chianti

Which of these places has a famous university? Cambridge

What type of garment is a parka? Coat

Which of these types of transport is a cab? Taxi

In which field is Lynda Lee-Potter well-known? Journalism

Complete the saying: 'One swallow doesn't make a...'? Summer

In which sport might one be likely to make a figure of eight? Skating

What name is given to the seat fastened on the back of a horse for riding? Saddle

What type of creature is a Doberman pinscher? Dog

What type of creature is a locust? Insect

Complete the title of the comedy duo: 'Laurel and...'? Hardy

Which of these is a county in the Republic of Ireland? Mayo

Which of these is an award-winnig film of the 1990s? The Piano

In the cricket abbreviation 'lbw', which part of the body is before the wicket? Leg

What is the name for the time traditionally considered the end of Christmas festivities? Twelfth Night

Which of these is traditionally associated with a prisoner? Ball and chain

What is the title of a baron's wife? Baroness

Which of these birds has the largest beak? Pelican

Which politican was once known as 'Red Ken'? Ken Livingstone

The island of Madeira is part of which country? Portugal

Which girl's name is also a type of seasonal song? Carol

An 'eaglet' is a young what? Eagle

According to the popular phrase, which garment might one get 'in a twist'? Knickers

What is the name of the 1960's pop group which originally featured Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson? The beach boys

According to the title of the children's TV series, which of these fairground attractions was 'Magic'? Roundabout

Torbay and Torquay are in which county? Devon

Which of these is often thrown by sportsmen in competition? Hammer

The sport speedway involves the use of which vital piece of equipment? Motorcycle

Which section of the orchestra would feature a double bass? String

Which spacecraft took Neil Armstrong to the moon? Apollo 11

Which informal term is given to an injection? Jab

Which of these is a traditional English folk dance? Morris dancing

Which of these planets shares its name with a metallic element? Mercury

What does 'nil desperandum' mean? Never despair

The 'Great Wall' is a major tourist attraction in which country? China

Which bird is traditionally associated with wisdom? Owl

What is being taken if you are asked to 'Say Cheese'? Photograph

Which word means to show shyness by becoming red in the face? Blush

Which meal of the day is most likely to be 'packed'? Lunch

Slices of which meat would be served in a traditional English breakfast? Bacon

In two-wheeled vehicle drawn by horses was used in ancient warfare and racing? Chariot

In the christmas song, how many ships were 'sailing in'? Three

Which animals are associated with matadors? Bulls

What is a 'cherub'? Angel

What is the centre of the American film industry? Hollywood

What type of drink is ale? Beer

Complete the title of the famous novel by Anne Brontë: 'Wuthering...'? Heights

What kind of television programme are '15-1' and 'Wheel of Fortune'? Quiz

What kind of instrument is a triangle? Percussion

What type of creature is a pintal? Duck

What would you use to play a game of canasta? Cards

What name is given to a boarding establishment for cats? Cattery

Which of these is a religious cult? Voodoo

Followers of which religion worship Allah? Islam

Which of these is a painful sporting condition? Tennis elbow

What sort of animal do you 'talk the hind legs' off when you talk endlessly? Donkey

Which colour commonly precedes 'belly', 'fever' and 'hammer'? Yellow

Which letter immediately precedes J in the alphabet? I

Where does a patient normally go to consult a GP? Surgery

How many spaces are there on a standard noughts-and-crosses grid? 9

Which of these is a common garden flower? Forget-me-not

What is the world's fastest passenger airliner? Concorde

Which confection consists of coloured spun sugar held on a stick? Candyfloss

Which of these is another word for a lie? Fib

What is the main tent of a circus? Big top

Mount Etna is on which island? Sicily

The French horn belongs to which section of the orchestra? Brass

What is shown around the clock on the television channel CNN? News

What is the sensation experienced when feeling returns after numbness? Pins and needles

What describes Joseph's dreamcoat, in the title of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? Amazing

What is a jitterbug? Dance

What type of person might be described as a shrimp? Small

Which of these is most likely to perform a pirouette? Dancer

Who created the characters Mrs Tiggywinkle and Peter Rabbit? Beatrix Potter

Which feature of a church is specifically used for christenings? Font

Which structure is built to hold back water? Dam

What is the capital of Italy? Rome

Which word follows 'butter', 'kidney'  and 'baked' to make types of food? Bean

Which of these is a skilled repairer of chimneys? Steeplejack

Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a crab? Cancer

What term is used to describe a reckless crossing of a street? Jaywalk

What word means a youth in attendance at a wedding? Pageboy

What is the name for a sailing vessel with parallel twin hulls? Catamaran

With which sport is the Argentinan Diego Maradona associated? Football

Which man's name is associated with the machine that chooses winning premium Bond numbers? Ernie

Which of these is the title of a famous magazine, founded in 1841? Punch

With which sport is Henley associated? Rowing

Which objects do you associate with grandfathers and cuckoos? Clocks

In which county is the town of Penzance? Cornwall

Which two initials are often printed on the top of British taps? H&C

What type of animal is a heifer? Cow

Viv Richards is famous for playing which sport? Cricket

Which of these words is a title given to the Emperor of Japan? Mikado

What is the name given to a person who drops an easy catch? Butterfingers

Which word follows 'butter', 'kidney' and 'baked' to make types of food? Bean

Which of these is a popular food? Jacket potato

What is the day after Pancake Day? Wednesday

Which food could be described as porterhouse or T-bone? Steak

Which of these is not a capital city? Venice

Which of these is a type of funges? Toadstool

If you were on the dodgems at the fair, what would you be riding on? Bumper cars

Which of these musical instruments is played by plucking strings? Harp

The island of Maderia is part of which country? Portugal

Which of these animals can also be called an ox? Cow

How many times does the letter E appear in the word 'September'? Three

Which commonly-used prefix means 'opposed to' or 'against'? Anti

What is an anchovy? Fish

What is the name for each individual compartment of a honeycomb? Cell

Which animals are also known as swine? Pigs

Which of these creatures resembles an alligator? Crocodile

Which term applies to a small, cheap restaurant specializing in fried foods? Greasy Spoon

Navy, royal and sky are all shades of which colour? Blue

Which of these pop groups has seven members? S Club 7

Which of these is traditionally smoked by North American Indians? Peace Pipe

What term is used for an awkward or delicate matter? Hot potato

What is a galleon? Large sailing ship

Scarlet is a shade of which colour? Red

Which letter is used to indicate one's vote on a ballot paper? X

What name is given to a person with two distinct personalities? Jekyll and Hyde

Which match or round of a knockout competition precedes the semifinal? Quarter-final

Which phrase means a vivid description in writing? Word picture

Which mythical carpet is able to transport people through the air? Magic carpet

Which letter of the alphabet sounds like a line of people waiting for a bus? Q

In mythology, which large wooden animal fooled the Trojans and led to their downfall? Horse

Which hot drink is sometimes known as 'char'? Tea

Which of these abbreviations refers to senior citizens? OAP

What do sixteen ounces equal? Pound

A fang is a large sharp what? Tooth

In New York, what was 'Sing Sing'? Prison

An acre is a unit of measurement of what? Area

Where on the body would a contact lens be worn? Eye

Complete the title of the famous Shakespeare play 'The Merchant of...'? Venice

What name is given to a person who imitates another? Copycat

Which of these words can precade 'fall', 'man' and 'stool' to form new words? Foot

Which of these phrases is used to mean the hectic routine of modern urban life? Rat race

In which city is the famous Battersea Dogs' Home? London

What name is given to a self-employed person? Freelance

Which of these is a former Spanish coin? Piece of eight

Which food is a vegetarian version of a hamburger? Veggie burger

What is the name for an institution teaching girls social graces? Finishing school

What name is given to drawings scibbled on the walls of public buildings? Graffiti

What is the name given to a speaker which reproduces low frequencies? Woofer

Which of these is a book of the Bible? Numbers

Who starred in the film 'The Sound of music'? Julie Andrews

Which of these means 'as fast as possible'? Posthaste

What is Frasier's surname in the TV comedy? Crane

On which day of the week is 'Songs of Praise' normally broadcast on BBC1? Sunday

John Major's campaign of leading a responsible, law-abiding life was called 'Back to...' what? Basics

Scurvy was a disease caused by lack of which vitamin? C

Which of these phrases is used to refer to a useless object? White elephant

Which of these animals is a wild dog? Jackal

Which of these means vigorous, physical labour? Elbow grease

What name is given to the control column in an aircraft? Joystick

What is the name of the plant used in brewing beer? Hop

Which of these dog breeds shares its name with a clip for papers? Bulldog

Which of these takes part in steeplechases? Jump Jockey

Which of these dates occurs in a leap year? February 29th

Which fruit supposedly 'keeps the doctor away', if eaten everyday? Apple

What are the small bits of coloured peper thrown over a bride and groom? Confetti

Who traditionally wears 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'? Bride

Which of these is a fairy tale character? Snow White

Pyrophobia is a fear of what? Fire

Franscati is a whine produced in which country? Italy

What first name was adopted by the singer Antoine Domino? Fats

Which book contains all the regulations for the road-user in Britain? Highway Code

Cleopatra was the queen of which country? Egypt

Which animals live in a warren? Rabbits

Which of these is a major feature of Arizona? Grand Canyon

Which feature of a church is specifically used for christenings? Font

What is the name of Superman's girlfriend? Lois Lane

What is formed when water freezes? Ice


In the Bible, who dreams of a ladder reaching to heaven? Jacob

A view over New York greets the person at the top of which structure? Empire State Building

Which company was co-founded by Bill Gates? Microsoft

In which fictional town is the cartoon series 'The Flintstones' based? Bedrock

What was Wanda in the title of a film starring John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis? Fish

What was celebrated on day 359 of 1999? Christmas Day

Which of these sports is played with an oval ball? American football

What do the initials TA stand for? Territorial Army

Who was nicknamed 'The Iron Duke'? Wellington

What name is given to the assignments set by teachers for pupils to complete after school? Homework

Who or what is a 'hobo'? Homeless person

What does the letter D stand for on the gear stick of an automatic car? Drive

What is a 'cormorant'? Bird

Which of these would be most likely to be 'pasteurised'? Milk

'Clean and jerk' is a style of which sport? Weightlifting

What type of creature is an oriole? Bird

With which sport is the French city of Le Mans associated? Motor racing

Who wrote the stories about 'The Famous Five'? Enid Blyton

Mary the First belonged to which royal house? Tudor

What is the name of Princess Anne's son? Peter

With which instrument was the musician Louis Armstrong associated? Trumpet

Which animals are renowned for building dams across streams? Beavers

A person with large gentle dark eyes is said to be what? Doe-eyed

Which of these can be measured in hogsheads? Beer

The word 'ma'am' is a contraction of which word? Madam

What was the name of the old slave written about by Harriet Beecher Stowe? Uncle Tom

The island of Madagascar lies off which continent? Africa

What type of animal is a dromedary? Camel

What is the capital of Portugal? Lisbon

Somebody 'ravenous' is very what? Hungry

Which part of the body is most commonly affected by cirrhosis? Liver

What is measured in units called 'bars'? Pressure

Which of these was a famous US film actress? Mae West

What was the first name of President Truman of the USA? Harry

Which organ of the body is affected by hepatitis? Liver

What is the surname of Dicken's title character Martin? Chuzzlewit

What is the usual Noth American spelling of the word 'labour'? Labor

In which country was the trade union Solidarity founded? Poland

An ayatolah is a high-ranking religious leader chiefly in which country? Iran

What is 'kazoo'? Musical instrument

What kind of strike by workers is sudden and unofficial? Wildcat

Which of these is a correct spelling? Embarrassment

Molasses is produced by the processing of which food? Sugar

What type of creature is a pike? Fish

Which of these would deal in buying and selling property and land? Estate Agent

In Japan, what would you do with 'tofu'? Eat it

Where in the body is the 'hamstring'? Knee

Which extinct bird is associated with being extremely dead? Dodo

What is a high pile of snow blown by the wind? Drift

Who or what is 'caprice'? Model

What did the ancient Egyptians make from the papyrus plant? Writing material

The island of Guam is in which ocean? Pacific

Which of these TV sergeants served in Walmington-on-Sea? Wilson

Who gave his name to a type of burner used in laboratories? Bunsen

What is Gabon? African country

In which country is Alicante? Spain

What is a cheque said to do, when there is not enough money in the account to cover it? Bounce

What type of music is 'boogie-woogie'? Piano jazz

Which short story, with animals as characters, conveys a moral? Fable

What is the name of the O'Hara plantation in 'Gone With the Wind'? Tara

The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of which Australian state? Queensland

In 1999, who was named BBC Sports Personality of the Century? Muhammed Ali

What is an untruth told in order to be tactful? White lie

Which of these is a family in the TV soap 'Emmerdale'? Dingle

What type of drink is Riesling? Wine

Which island makes a country with Trinidad? Tobago

The zulu people are native to which continent? Africa

Which of these is a sparkling white wine? Champagne

In which ancient city did the Vestal Virgins live? Rome

Which entertainer had the nickanme 'Satchmo'? Louis Armstrong

Who is the lead singer of the group Pulp? Jarvis Cocker

Which of these refers to a small brown spot on the skin? Liverspot

Methane is a type of what? Gas

In which part of the UK are the Cairngorm mountains? Scotland

Who is married to the comedienne Dawn French? Lenny Henry

Once used on board ship, what was a 'cat-o'-nine-tails'? Whip

What is a male goat called? Billy

What are the radio waves used in television broadcasting known as? Airwaves

Which river flows through the city of Bath? Avon

Which word describes a nose with a high prominent bridge? Roman

Which professionals might well belong to the NUT? Teachers

What would you do with a Campari? Drink it

What name is given to an open-sided wehicle which delivers milk? Float

Which of these words desribes a person who is a 'dab hand' at a particular activity? Expert

Which sign of the zodiac is represented by creatures that are legless? Pisces

What is the Latin American dance that uses small steps and swaying hip movements? Cha-Cha

Which animal is the largest ape? Gorilla

Which word means a collection of wild animals kept in captivity? Menagerie

What is the specific name for commemorative stamps franked on their day of issue? First day covers

Which of these can describe a woman's figure? Hourglass

What do you metaphorically keep 'to the grindstone' when working very hard? Nose

What would someone do with a 'nacho'? Eat it

What is the name for the part of the body protected by the rib cage? Thorax

What kind of food is a gherkin? Cucumber

What is the basis of a pina colada cocktail? Rum

What nationality is the designer Giorgio Armani? Italian

Which type of swimming was first contested at the Olympic Games in 1984? Synchronised

In the 1920s, which discovery made Howard Carter famous? Tutankhamen's tomb

With which sport is Nadia Comaneci associated? Gymnastics

In which country did the rock group U2 originate? Ireland

On which continent is Ayers Rock? Australia

What is an espadrille? Shoe

In which city was the sitcom 'Cheers' set? Boston

What flavour is the liqeur Midori? Melon

Which actor starred in the 1935 film 'Captain Blood'? Eroll Flynn

The Scilly Isles are part of which county? Cornwall

What colour is the kernel of a pistachio nut? Green

Which of these is a small currant cake? Chelesa bun

Which breeds of dog are used for herding sheep? Collies

The German 'Gesundheit' is equivalent of which English phrase? Bless you

Which British singer was born Harry Webb? Cliff Richard

Which shop sells hardware such as tools and household implements? Ironmonger

What are Suez, Panama and Kiel? Canals

In Greek mythology, which sea nymphs lured unwary sailors on to rocks with their singing? Sirens

What is a 'hyacinth'? Flower

In which US state is Houston? Texas

Saxony is a region of which country? Germany

Which part of the body would interest a trichologist? Hair

A white feather is a symbol of which character trait? Cowardice

Tartare sauce is typically eaten with which food? Fish

With which sport is Stephen Hendry associated? Snooker

Which of these scales does not measure temperature? Richter

In which of these sports is the equipment commonly referred to as 'tackle'? Fishing

What was the first name of President Pompidou of France? Georges

What name is given to a young horse? Foal

What is a stormy petrel? Small seabird

The Big Issue is a newspaper sold by and in order to assist whom? Homeless

Into which container are voting papers posted in a general election? Ballot box

'Trestle' and 'gateleg' are two types of which furniture? Table

According to the saying, what is 'clear' when dangers have gone? Coast

Which model is the mother of four of Mick Jagger's children? Jerry Hall

Which Prime minister did Tony Blair succeed? John Major

Which word means three or more notes sounded simultaneously? Chord

Which style of wooden house, with wide projecting eaves, originated in Switzerland? Chalet

Which expression describes something that has happened before? Dejá vu

Which country was formerly led by General Pinochet? Chile

What kind of food is 'Muscovado'? Sugar

Which of these is a tree? Monkey Puzzle

Which of these is a climbing plant, typically up trees and walls? Ivy

What is the name of Raymond Briggs's fictional bogeyman? Fungus

At which racecourse is the Derby run? Epsom

What type of musical instrument is a Stradivarius? Violin

Which type of book is a written account of a person's life by another? Biography

Veal is the flesh of which young animal? Calf

Hans Andersen's Ugly Ducking was really which type of young bird? Cygnet

Which sport is especially associated with a clubhouse known as a pavilion? Cricket

What was the name of the Lone Ranger's horse in the TV series? Silver

In which film does James Stewart have a giant invisible rabbit for a friend? Harvey

Set in Egypt, which of these is a film starring Brenden Fraser? The mummy

Which cheese is a part of a Greek salad? Feta

What does the letter F stand for in the acronym UEFA? Football

'Apples and pears' is cockney rhyming slang for which of these? Stairs

What was the surname of the Wild West brothers Wyatt and Virgil? Earp

Which of these birds is native to Australia? Budgerigar

A tattler is a person who particularly likes to do what? Gossip

What is the name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Quasimodo

What type of savoury treat is a Scottish oatcake? Biscuit

In which city is La Scala opera house? Milan

Morello and maraschino are varieties of which fruit? Cherry

The musical 'Mamma Mia' is inspired by the songs of which pop group? Abba


In which country was Ulrika Jonsson born? Sweden

Which Shakespearean character utters the line, 'Out damned spot'? Lady Macbeth

The character Hawkeye appeared in which US sitcom? M*A*S*H

Who stars in the TV series 'Murder She Wrote'? Angela Lansbury

Who produced most of the James Bond movies? Albert Broccoli

Which two letters identify characters in the James Bond movies? M and Q

In which country is Seattle? USA

What type of creature is a spoonbill? Bird

'Limey' is American slang for what? British person

In which city is the Fitzwilliam Museum? Cambridge

Which fabric is made from the flax plant? Linen

In the wartime abbreviation SOE, what did the E stand for? Executive

What is a 'cowslip'? Flower

Which fictional detective lives in the village of St Mary Mead? Miss Marple

Who played the title role in the 1992 film 'Hook'? Dustin Hoffman

What does the '.com' at the end of an Internet address signify? Commercial

Which of these people is a famous boxer? Chris Eubank

Which group of musicians play Caribbean instruments made from empty oil drums? Steel band

A 'stylus' is part of which of these pieces of equipment? Record player

Which TV soap features the character Jimmy Corkhill? Brookside

In which famous building is Poets' Corner situated? Westminster Abbey

Which of these words means both a sweeping implement and a variety of shrub? Broom

Who wrote the play 'Death of a Salesman'? Arthur Miller

Who plays Dot Cotton in 'EastEnders'? June Brown

Who composes the steps and dances for a piece of ballet or music? Choreographer

What is the literal English translation of the French phrase 'tête-á-tête'? Head to head

Who wrote the novel 'Howards End'? E.M. Forster

What sort of person would be most likely to use a 'piton'? Mountaineer

The cor anglais belongs to which family on instruments? Oboe

Mount Vesuvius overlooks which city? Naples

Which element is the main constituent of soot? Carbon

What is a young whale called? Calf

The port of Leith is part of which British city? Edinburgh

A true Cockney must be born within the sound of the bells of which church? St Mary-le-Bow

Bill Sikes is a character in which Dickens novel? Oliver Twist

Which of these is the name of a magazine and a cocktail? Cosmopolitan

Who is the Great Uncle to the Wombles? Bulgaria

What goes between Newcastle and Tyne for the correct name of an English city? Upon

Who painted 'The Laughing Cavalier'? Frans Hals

Lake Geneva lies on the border of Switzerland and which other country? France

What is the capital of the Australian state of Queensland? Brisbane

Which explorer had a five hundredth anniversary celebrated in 1992? Columbus

Who wrote the novel 'Hollywood Wives'? Jackie Collins

What is another name for a forward roll? Sommersault

What is the main ingredient of the dish hummus? Chickpeas

Which hat takes its name from a poem by Robert Burns? Tam-o'-shanter

Which designer created the 'New Look'? Christian Dior

Which fruit is used to make Eve's pudding? Apples

Who starred in the 1968 film 'Bullitt'? Steve McQueen

Which is the most important stone in an arch? Keystone

Which Tudor theatre was reconstructed and reopened in 1997? The Globe

Christian Lacroix is best known as what? Fashion designer

Of the Queen's four children, who is last in line to the throne? Anne

What nationality was the scientist Fahrenheit? German

In cooking, what colour does turmeric turn ingredients? Yellow

Which of Beethoven's symphonies is known as 'The Choral'? Ninth

Who wrote the novel '20.000 Leagues Under The Sea'? Jules Verne

In chess, which piece can only move diagonally? Bishop

If a Frenchman asked you to so something 'tout de suite', when should you do it? Immediately

Roy Keane left Nottingham Forest to join which football club in 1993? Manchester United

In which city is Heriot-Watt university based? Edinburgh

Who wrote the novel 'Jurassic Park'? Michael Crichton

With which of the arts is Lesley Garrett associated? Opera

Which type of entertainment was associated with Billy Smart? Circus

Gaz Coombes, Danny Goffey and Mickey Quinn form which pop group? Supergrass

Which of these was a member of rock group The Rolling Stones? Bill Wyman

Which year did the queen call her 'annus horribillis'? 1992

The word 'cerebral' refers to which part of the body? Brain

How many children does Tony Blair have? Four

On which continent are the Atlas Mountains? Africa

With which sport is Kapil Dev associated? Cricket

When David Cook became a pop singer in the 1960s, which county became his new surname?  Essex

Which area of mathematics concerns points, lines, curves and surfaces? Geometry

On which continent is the country of Rwanda? Africa

Which TV series featured an enemy called the Master? Doctor Who

With which sport is Maurice Greene associated? Athletics

Which of these is a form filled out for the Inland Revenue? Tax return

According to the title of a novel by J.D. Salinger, where was the catcher? In the Rye

What colour are the flowers of the oil-seed rape? Yellow

Which stretch of water separates European and Asian Turkey? Bosporus

The chinook is a wind which blows in which mountains? Rockies

What is essential equipment for playing a game of ducks and drakes? Stones

According to the saying, which of these works hard? Trojan

The Melbourne Cup is the highlight of the racing season in which country? Australia

What kind of food is the Italian 'provolone'? Cheese

Which of these countries has the largest population? Brazil

Who is credited with writing the song 'Auld Lang Syne'? Robert Burns

Which TV drama series is set around Sun Hill station? The Bill

Who is married to the actor Michael Williams? Judi Dench

Which seaside resort shares its name with Hercule Poirot's loyal associate? Hastings

'Mortician' is the North American term for what? Undertaker

What takes off and lands on a 'pad'? Helicopter

What type of creature is a 'Plymouth Rock'? Chicken

What shape is the mesh of chicken wire netting? Hexagonal

In which country did saunas originate? Finland

A ferret is the domesticated version of which animal? Polecat

What is the specific name for the factory where coins are struck? Mint

Who starred in the film musical 'Singin' in the rain'? Gene Kelly

Which country was ruled by Good King Wenceslas? Bohemia

Who wrote the novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'? Oscar Wilde

Which of these musical instruments is traditional in India? Sitar

The tourist resort of Bodrum is in which country? Turkey

In Britain, the financial year starts and ends in which month? April

Which British coin has a portcullis on the reverse? One penny

Which round road sign with a red border displays a red cross on a blue background? Clearway

What kind of insect is a hairstreak? Butterfly

In the Bible, what did Jesus feed to the five thousand? Loaves and fishes

To which country does the Caribbean island Martinique belong? France

With which song did Ken Dodd top the charts in 1965? Tears

In which century was the Battle of Hastings? Eleventh

Dry ice is a solid form of which gas? Carbon dioxide

Which of these countries is in Asia? Kazakhstan

What is the highest rank in the British army? Field Marshal

Which word identifies the letter 'M' in the phonetic alphabet? Mike

Which island is the commercial and cultural centre of New York? Manhattan

In the TV series 'Upstairs, Downstairs', what was the first name of the butler, Mr Hudson? Angus

'Ich Dien' is the motto of whom? Prince of Wales

What kind of food is a 'love-apple'? Tomato

In which board game do competitors compete for 'pie wedges'? Trivial Pursuit

Which of these elements was discovered by Marie Curie? Radium

Kenneth Kaunda was president of which country? Zambia

Which of these is a Muslim place of worship? Mosque

What is a hornet? Wasp

As what is Jeremy Paxman best known? Broacast Journalist

What is the specific name for the area represented by a British MP in Parlament? Constituency

Which girl provided the title of the Bachelors' 1964 chart-topper? Diane

What nationality was the man after whom John O'Groats is said to be named? Dutch

Which American composer wrote the 'Maple Leaf Rag'? Scott Joplin

A man's three piece suit consists of trousers, jacket and what? Waistcoat

The actress Frances Tomelty was married to which rockstar? Sting

In the rhyme, who marched his 10.000 men up to the top of the hill and down again? Duke of York

What was the title of German emperors? Kaiser

Which of these names means to cancel a stamp with a postmark? Frank

Who sculpted the works 'The Kiss' and 'The Thinker'? Rodin

In which city is the Crucible Theatre? Sheffield

What is the piece of metal that swings inside a bell to sound the strike? Clapper

Which type of dancing features in the title of a hit Patrick Swayze film? Dirty

The liqueur drink 'crême de menthe' is usually which bright colour? Green

Which word specifically refers to a keeper of a museum or art collection? Curator

Which closely-cropped hairstyle was first established in America in the 1940s? Crew cut

What is the profession of the person running proceedings at Sotheby's and Christie's? Auctioneer

Which of these is the name of a fielding position in cricket? Extra cover

Who was Arnold Schwarzenegger's unlikely twin in the film 'Twins'? Danny DeVito

Which title is conferred upon the eldest son of the British monarch? Prince of Wales

The word 'anorak' comes from which language? Eskimo

Which New York thoroughfare is known for its theatres? Broadway

Which of these skirts is part of traditional Alpine costume? Dirndl

Which city are devout Muslims supposed to visit at least once? Mecca

Where is Monte Carlo? Monaco

In which organ are islets of Langerhans? Pancreas

Which of these planets is nearest to the sun? Mercury

Nacre is an alternative name for which substance? Mother-of-pearl

In which county is the city of Ripon? North Yorkshire

With which event is athlete Steve Backley most associated? Javelin

How many faces does a dodecahedron have? Twelve

Which 'Carry On' star was married to John Le Mesurier? Hattie Jacques

Which area of London is said to take its name from a ball game? Pall Mall

In which field of the arts was Enrico Caruso famous? Opera

Who was Neil Kinnock's deputy leader of the Labour Party? Roy Hattersley

Which Atlantic Island is popularly known as the 'Emerald Isle'? Ireland

In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of whom? Daedalus

Which Somerset 'Gorge' is famous for its limestone caves and its cheese? Cheddar

Geoffrey de Havilland is most associated with the design of what type of transport? Aeroplanes

What is the collective term for a group of price-controlling companies? Cartel

What nationality is the pop singer Bjork? Icelandic

On which radio station is the drama serial 'The Archers' broadcast? Radio 4

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is a centre of which religion? Sikhism

If you fell and broke your femur, which part of your body would be affected? Thigh

In which US state is the Great Salt Lake? Utah

What is the third largest US city? Chicago

Which three letters identified 'O' level exams, taken by pupils in the UK until 1988? GCE

What would you do with a 'rollmop'? Eat it

Who became British Prime Minister in 1964? Harold Wilson

Which word is the noun in the title of the 'Catatonia' song 'I Am The Mob'? Mob

In which country is taramasalata a traditional dish? Greece

Of which US state is St Paul the capital? Minnesota

Which European country has a Queen called Beatrix? The Netherlands

Which specific people work in an area nicknamed a 'manor'? Police constables

Who played Michelle Fowler in 'EastEnders'? Susan Tully

Crewe is a town in which English county? Cheshire

Who was the lead singer of the pop group Spandau Ballet? Tony Hadley

Who was the first Roman emperor? Augustus

In which branch of the British armed services does a 'squadron leader' serve? Air Force

What colour is Teletubby Dipsy? Green

Which football club plays home games at Goodison Park? Everton

What is the nationality of a person born and brought up in Copenhagen? Danish

CH is the international car registration for which country? Switzerland

In the Bible, which of these characters did Jesus restore to life? Lazarus

Who directed and starred in the film 'Unforgiven'? Clint Eastwood

Which animal is represented by the constellation Ursa Major? Bear

Nicosia is the capital of which country? Cyprus

Bill Haley's backing group were known as what? Comets

In which city is the medical drama 'ER' set? Chicago

Where does a famous London flower show take place every May? Chelsea

Which of these stations features in the board game Monopoly? Marylebone

Keelhauling was a traditional method of punishing which people? Sailors

Which of these organisations has its headquatres in Belgium? NATO

Who played Bobby Ewing in Dallas? Patrick Duffy

Which novel is based on the adventures of Alexander Selkirk, shipwrecked in 1704? Robinson Crusoe

Which of these countries does not border France? Netherlands

What type of mammal is a marmoset? Monkey

Who became Mrs Fortensky when she married a builder in October 1991? Elizabeth Taylor

'Parklife' was a chart-topping album for which group in 1994? Blur

Which cartoon character is associated with the word 'Cowabunga'? Bart Simpson

Who wrote the novel 'The Prince of Dorian Gray'? Oscar Wilde

In Japanese costume, what is an obi? Sash

What is the capital of New Zealand? Wellington

What is the scientific study of oceans called? Oceanography

Bunker Hill was a battle fought during which war? American Revolution

A 'quire' is a measure of what? Paper

What kind of dessert is a pavlova? Meringue

Which car manufacturer makes the 'Mégane' model? Renault

The 'Decalogue' is another name for which part of the Bible? Ten Commandments

What is the unit of currency in Denmark? Krone

Who or what is 'Tetris'? Computer game


Which country hosted the 1994 World Cup football finals? USA

Which state in the USA has the highest population? California

Who won the Best Song Oscar for 'You'll Be In My Heart' from the film 'Tarzan'? Phil Collins

Which relative is a Russian 'babushka'? Grandmother

In Britain, which term means a judge or the magistrates in court? The bench

Which group of islands has the Spanish name 'Islas Malvinas'? Falkland Islands

Which animal is said to 'farrow' when it gives birth? Pig

Which of these countries does not border the Baltic Sea? Hungary

Which comet was clearly visible from Earth in 1997? Hale-Bopp

Which African river is blocked by the Aswan Dam? Nile

What kind of animal is Kathleen Hale's fictional creation Orlando? Cat

The River Rhône flows through France into which stretch of water? Mediterranean

Euskara is a language spoken by which people? Basques

In Asian cookery, what is a 'tandoor'? Oven

Portree is the main town of which Scottish island? Skye

In 1987, which team did Arsenal beat to win the League Cup for the first time? Liverpool

For which international team did the cricketer Basil d'Oliveira play? England

Which of these composers had the first name Antonio? Vivaldi

Which of these is a type of Italian ice cream? Cassata

Which tree has catkins sometimes known as 'lamb's tails'? Hazel

Which famous London building faces Queen Victoria's Memorial at the end of The Mall? Buckingham Palace

What was the name of Marie Curie's husband? Pierre

The BGC vaccine is used against which disease? Tuberculosis

What is a common name for any CB-radio user? Breaker

What is the principal diet of the aardvark? Termites

Which group recorded the album 'Dark Side of the Moon'? Pink Floyd

Which of these led a rebellion against William the Conqueror? Hereward the Wake

What was the name of the dog who famously found the stolen World Cup in 1966? Pickles

In snooker, which ball has been potted if the point score goes from 29 up to 35? Pink

Which of these is a marine snail and an evergreen plant? Periwinkle

What colour are the flowers of the laburnum tree? Yellow

What type of furniture is an 'escritoire'? Writing desk

Which of these actresses was married to Frank Sinatra? Ava Gardner

What was the name of Rodney's wife in 'Only Fools and Horses'? Cassandra

Which of these is a pleasure resort in Brooklyn, New York, famous for its amusement park? Coney Island

What was the first name of the German engineer Daimler? Gottlieb

In 1980, which rock star appeared on Broadway in 'The Elephant Man'? David Bowie

Where are the administrative headquarters of Derbyshire? Matlock

Heraklion is the capital of which Greek Island? Crete

The adjective 'vernal' refers to which season? Spring

What nationality was Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mother? American

With which country are the Magyar people most associated? Hungary

What was the first name of the French novelist Proust? Marcel

Which country represents a letter in the phonetic alphabet? India

What type of creature is a 'mandrill'? Monkey

Which of these features does a 'mudskipper' possess? Fins

Which town or city in Northern Ireland is on the county Down and county Antrim border? Belfast

In the opera 'Carmen', where does the heroine work? Cigarette factory

What does the letter C stand for in the abbreviation GCHQ? Communications

What is China's most populous city? Shanghai

In the UK, 'Bluewater' is the largest what? Shopping centre

Which of these fictional characters was created by John Mortimer? Rumpole

In 2000, which MP celebrated his fiftieth year in the House of Commons? Edward Heath

Which Northamptonshire park features in the title of a Jane Austen novel? Mansfield

What kind of weapon was the medieval ballista? Catapult

Who directed the film 'It's A Wonderful Life'? Frank Capra

Which saint was the first Christian martyr? Stephen

If you land 'in the rough' which sport are you taking part in? Golf

What was the first name of the poet Lord Byron? George

According to Frederick the Great and Napoleon, an army marches on what? Its stomach

In Greek mythology, who abducted Helen and took her to Troy? Paris

Which sport features in the 1980 film 'Raging Bull'? Boxing

In which month is Father's Day in Britain? June

Algeria was once a colony of which European country? France

Which animals are famously run through the streets of Pamplona? Bulls

Which of these drinks is made by fermenting a solution of honey? Mead

What would be studied by a nephologist? Clouds

In mythology, what kind of creature was Cerberus? Dog

Kiev is the capital city of which country? Ukraine

In which ocean is Samoa? Pacific

Which of these countries has never won football's World Cup? Netherlands

Albert Einstein won which Nobel Prize? Physics

In which month was the Queen Mother born? August

Graphite is a form of which element? Carbon

What was the Roman name for the city of York? Eboracum

Old Father Time is traditionally depicted with an hour-glass in one hand and what in the other? Scythe

Which artist had the first names Pierre August? Renoir

Who composed the music for the ballet 'The Rite of Spring'? Stravinsky

Which teeth are your 'third molars'? Wisdom teeth

The father of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis held which prestigious post? Poet Laureate

Lake Taupo is the largest lake in which country? New Zealand

In the TV series, what type of box was Dr. Who's TARDIS? Police Box

In which country is the ski resort of Zermatt? Switzerland

Iago is a character in which Shakespeare play? Othello

In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar', Mark Antony addresses the crowd as 'Friends, Romans....'? Countrymen

Which vehicle is named after a Hindu god? Juggernaut

What is the surname of Macaulay Culkin's character Kevin, in the 'Home Alone' films? McCallister

Which Indian city's official name is Mumbai? Bombay

Which Welsh university was attended by Prince Charles in 1969, in preparation for his investiture? Aberystmyth

Which spirit is made from molasses? Rum

What was the first name of the composer Delius? Frederick

In which month did William Shakespeare die? April

Northumberland and which other English county form the border with Scotland? Cumbria

Jazz musician Miles Davis was famous for playing which instrument? Trumpet

Which of these animals is an amphibian? Toad

Which weather area is situated off the coast between Scotland and Norway? Forties

Who composed the operatic aria 'Nessun Dorma'? Puccini

What nationality were folklorists the Brothers Grimm? German

Where was General Gordon assassinated? Khartoum

In Britain, which workers belong to the trade union known as the UDM? Miners

What nationality was the guitarist Andrés Segovia? Spanish

Which English city is famous for its Goose fair? Nottingham

Who was the designer of Elizabeth II's coronation robe? Norman Hartnell

Where was the pop singer Ricky Martin born? Puerto Rico

In which city is Didsbury? Manchester

Which composer wrote 'Finlandia'? Sibelius

On which continent is the Aral Sea? Asia


What was Field Marshal Montgomery's first name? Bernard

Which planet was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh? Pluto

In Greek mythology, who was the ferryman who brought the dead to Hades? Charon

Which of these Steve Martin films was based on the story of Cyrano de Bergerac? Roxanne

What are 'Oxford bags'? Trousers

What nationality was the composer Dvorak? Czech

A festival devoted to music by Benjamin Britten is an annual event that takes place where in the UK? Aldeburgh

Easter Island is a dependency of which country? Chile

What was the real surname of the author Lewis Carroll? Dodgson

What was the first name of the writer P.G. Wodehouse? Pelham

Which branch of physiology and medicine is concerned with hormones? Endocrinology

Which king was intended victim of the Gunpowder Plot? James I

Which ancient Greek historian's work featured in the book 'The English Patient'? Herodotus

Which of these is a range of mountains in Turkey? Taurus

Who starred as a former American football hero in the sitcom 'Evening Shade'? Burt Reynolds

In which century did George IV reign in Great Britain? 19th

Which hotel featured prominently in the TV soap 'Dynasty'? La Mirage

Which animal shares its name with an edict, or order, from the Pope? Bull

On which planet is the volcano Olympus Mons? Mars

Whic of these musical terms can be called a 'measure'? Bar

A skull-and-crossbones sign on a vehicle means that it is carrying what type of material? Toxic

Who was the youngest daughter of Nicholas II of Russia? Anastasia

A sword is featured on the national flag of which of these countries? Saudi Arabia

In which centuary did Joan of Arc live? 15th

In which decade was the musical 'A Chorus Line' first performed? 1970s

Who was the author of 'The Forsyte Saga'? John Galsworthy

In which country was Albert Einstein born? Germany

The Duke of Windsor was governor of which group of islands during World War II? Bahamas

Who was the first host of TV's 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium'? Tommy Trinder

Which Wimbledon tennis champion later became a minister of religion? Margaret Court

Which talk show hostess starred in the film 'Hairspray'? Ricki Lake

As what is the American Saul Bellow best known? Novelist

The word 'invertebrate', which desribes 95% of all known living creatures, means what? No backbone

What was the meaning of Mussolini's title 'Il Duce'? Leader

Who wrote the novel 'Persuasion'? Jane Austen

Which of these islands is the largest? Great Britain

Who was Oliver Cromwell's son who succeeded him as Lord Protector? Richard

Who did Queen Victoria say spoke to her as if she was 'a public meeting'? Gladstone

Which of these provided the voice of Tex Tucker in Gerry Anderson's TV series 'Four Feather Falls'? Nicholas Parsons

Edward Burne-Jones was most associated with which artistic movement? Pre-Raphaelite

Which legendary Greek soldier took ten years to return from the Trojan year? Odysseus

Which continent is home to the Quechua people? South America

The adjective 'cervine' refers to which animal? Deer

Which New Zealand city has the highest population? Auckland

What does a selenographer make maps of? The moon

Which region occupies the 'toe' of Italy? Calabria

In Greek mythology, who turned the companions of Odysseus into pigs? Circe

The Cranesbill is a wild species of which plant? Geranium

In the ancient world, what was a trireme? Boat

What was the name of the army camp in which Sergeant Bilko served? Fort Baxter

Which type of food do you associate with Banbury? Cake

In Shakespeare's play 'Love's Labour's Lost?', what type of character is Costard? Clown

Which is the only island county in England? Isle of Wight

What is a minneola? Fruit

What was the first name of the Dickens character Mr Pickwick? Samuel

The extinct moa was a bird native to which country? New Zealand

Which flower has a name which means 'little sword'? Gladiolus

Which Formula One Grand Prix takes place at the Interlagos cicuit? Brazilian

What is the real Welsh surname of English singer David Bowie? Jones

As what is the musician Kurt Masur well known? Conductor

Which of these letters is worth eight points in a Scrabble game? X

At the olympics, India won six consecutive gold medals in which team sport? Hockey

What is the second highest rank in the British army? General

Which 'wake' features in the title of a James Joyce novel? Finnegans

Spokane is a city in which US state? Washington

Who directed the 1996 film 'Fargo'? Joel Coen

Which is the fourth planet from the sun? Mars

'Linden' is an alternative name for which tree? Lime

How many playing pieces does each player have in the game backgammon? Fifteen

What was the real first name of the fashion designer 'Coco' Chanel? Gabrielle

Who was Foreign Secretary between 1989 and 1995? Douglas Hurd

Which Liverpool family made history in 1983 when mum gave birth to female sextuplets? The Waltons

As what did Dame Ellen Terry become famous? Actress

The Caribbean island of Curacao belongs to which European country? Netherlands

Montevideo is the capital city of which South American country? Uruguay

What kind of company was founded by Victor Gollancz? Publishing

Who would use a maulstick in their work? Artist

Who wrote the children's classic 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase'? Joan Aiken

What nationality was the cellist Paul Tortelier? French

Who was the male star of the film 'Bringing Up Baby'? Cary Grant

The Storting is the parlament of which country? Norway


The Battle of Waterloo was fought during the reign of which British monarch? George II

Which was the last state to join the USA, before Alaska and Hawaii joined in 1959? Arizona (Very unclear question, read above!)

In which gospel is the genealogy of Christ traced back to King David and Abraham? Matthew

Who became Queen of Denmark in 1972? Margrethe

What surname was taken by the Duke of Edinburgh when he became a British subject? Mountbatten

Which animal has a breed called Brittany? Dog

What is a 'necropolis'? Burial site

Which comedian had a top forty hit in 1961 with 'Don't Jump Off the Roof, Dad'? Tommy Cooper

Which metal is the main constituent of the alloy pewter? Tin

Which novelist introduced pillar boxes into Britain? Anthony Trollope

In which month is the Duke of Edinburgh's birthday? June

In which sport is the Swalec Cup competed for? Rugby Union

What is the meaning of the anatomical adjective 'intercostal'? Between the ribs

What was the name of George II's wife? Charlotte ('Wrong' answer! Read above)

The Brenner Pass lies at the border between Austria and which other country? Italy

Who played Miss Marple in the 1980 film 'The Mirror Crack'd'? Angela Lansbury

The Crimea is a region of which modern day country? Ukraine

Lutetia was the ancient name for which city? Paris

What was the first name of the philosopher Hobbes? Thomas

Which city is the legislative capital of South Africa? Cape Town

The Peasants' Revolt was an uprising during the reign of which king? Richard II

Bernard Schwartz was the original name of which actor? Tony Curtis

In which county is Chatsworth House? Derbyshire

What describes the habitat of an albatross? Marine

Which of these towns was not one of the original Cinque Ports? Winchelsea

What does a dipsomaniac crave? Alcoholic drink

With which party was the politican Rab Butler associated? Conservative

In which US state is Fort Knox gold depository? Kentucky

Which is the third longest river in the world? YangTze-Kiang

Pearl is the birthstone associated with which month? June

Which word means somebody who collects coins and medals? Numismatist

In which city is Oscar Wilde buried? Paris

Which of these men was not Poet Laureate? Robert Browning

Mogadishu is the capital of which country? Somalia

Copper and zinc are the main components of which alloy? Brass

Stephen Sondheim wrote a musical called 'Sunday in the park with...' who? George

What is the capital city of Latvia? Riga

In 1981, who rode Shergar to victory in the Derby? Walter Swinburn

Who was the female star of the classic film 'Double Indemnity'? Barbara Stanwyck

Of which Pacific country is Nuku'alofa the capital? Tonga

Which king was married to Caroline of Brunswick? George IV

Which organ of the body is affected by Bright's disease? Kidney

Terence Nelhams is the real name of which 1960s singer? Adam Faith

Which ancient philosopher is said to have lived in a tub? Diogenes

£1 Million

The world's highest dam, the Rogun, is in which country? Tajikistan

In which year did David Livingstone become the first European to see the Victoria Falls? 1855

Which creatures suffer from the Isle of Wight disease? Bees

In which city is Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'The Last Supper'? Milan

What does a hagiologist study? Saints' lives

Where are the headquarters of the Royal Photographic Society? Bath

In the Bible, what was the name of Cain's son? Enoch

What is the total value of all the tiles in a scrabble game? 187

What type of creature is a kokanee? Fish

Which country won the first World Cup football tournament in 1930? Uruguay (NOTE: If you still have the "phone-a-friend"
lifeline, be sure to use it! Listen to what "Lisa" has
to say... *grin*)

The currency of which country is divided into 100 'halala'? Saudi Arabia

In the ancient Rome, how often did the 'ides' occur in the year? Every month

What nationality was the world chess champion José Capablanca? Cuban

What name is given to the first Sunday in Lent? Quadragesima

What is the name of the villainous cat in the Disney film 'Cinderella'? Lucifer


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