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                        SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
           Matsuoka Chie's Ending Translations Version 1.0 
                     Chia-Hooi Lim(
Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
Interchannel. Matsuoka Chie-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 

I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
feel free to send me your comments at :D

Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
Graffiti 2. 

Oct.28, 2000: (Ver.1.0) - Translations complete for all Chie-chan's ending.

[] - Place
P - Player
C - Chie-chan
() - Thoughts
{} - Describe the situation.
-->[] - Notes to understand the translation
"Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.

        H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
P: (... Hmmm. The place where Matsuoka-san live...)
P: (Just as I thought. I have to ride the electric train...)
{I headed for where Matsuoka-san live.)

[Outside Matsuoka-san's Apartment]
P: (I wonder... if she is going to open the door.)
B: Ding, Dong--- -->[Ring Door Bell]
P: (...)
P: (There is no response...)
P: (There is nothing I can do. I better head home...)
C: Ah--
P: Eh...?
P: Matsuoka-san... You went out.
C: You came again...
P: Yes...
C: ...
{We look at each other, but said nothing.}
{I thought about apologizing to her. That is the reason I came here. But--}
{I find it hard to breath. I cannot get myself to say it.}
P: ... I am going home. It is better that way--
C: ... Hey.
P: Eh...?
C: I want you to come with me-- Do you have time?
P: ...
P: Yes... I got the time.
C: I see... Well, let's go?

[Graveyard] -->[Yes, yes, we know the reason]
P: Here is...
{The place we are at is very big and have a lot of tombstones sticking up.}
P: This tombstone is...?
C: This is tombstone of somebody I know who died in an accident...
C: He is the person I wrote the lovesong for. My very first lovesong--
   But, he died in an accident.
P: (... Matsuoka-san's sad love... The person that is in the lyrics of that
   song... )
P: (The love... that is lost in the middle of happiness...)
P: (... I cannot beat this...)
{Honestly, I probably not the only one who thought of it that way.}
C: After that, I lost energy to do any other things...
P: ... Because of that, Southern Black is--- 
   -->[Southern Black is the music band that Chie-chan is in
       when the accident happen. After she met you, she tries 
       to get the band members back together. There was one guy,
       who refused at first, saying that Chie-chan has betrayed them.
       You brought up a very good point to him, saying that the members
       are getting back together, and that he is the one betraying them
       now because he don't want to be in that band anymore. In the
       Sentimental Graffiti 2 Drama CD, the situation is much tense,
       when the band members were really angry with Chie-chan because
       she wants to quit the band, especially when their dream is nearly
       archived. The dream to be a real professional band.] 
C: Yes...
P: ...
{Silently, I look at the tombstone.}
{This is the person who she wrote the lovesong to. After the death of this
person, she could not find herself to sing any more--}
{To that extent, I look at the name of the person she loves.}
C: Do you understand the reason why I bring you here?
P: ... I understand. This grave lies the most important person to 
P: So... I better give up on Matsuoka-san-- That's what you want to say,
C: ...
P: ...Wrong?
C: What are you saying...
P: Eh...?
C: Why don't you realized it!? I...
C: I... am attracted to  you!
P: Matsuoka-san...
C: When I wrote the new love song, I look into my heart, and then, I finally
   realized--- I have fallen in love with you.
{It feels as though this is a dream. I could not believe, she would confess
her love to me--}
C: With you being by my side, with you encouraging me, you save me... It's as
   though I getting my grip on my dream again...
C: With that, I... slowly become in love with you...
C: But...
P: Yes...?
C: I used to like this guy for the past two years...
C: When he died, I thought I will never fall in love with anybody again...
C: Even that... I slowly fall in love with you...
C: ... I cannot trust... my feeling anymore...
P: Matsuoka-san...
C: ... I cannot trust it anymore!!!
{Matsuoka-san's face looked stress obviously.}
P: ...
C: ... At first... I thought it is just my imagination. When I am lonely and
   sad, you kindly approached me and I will become happy...
P: ... Yes.
C: ... After that... I thought it is normal to love a friend...
C: ... When I am feeling uneasy, I want you to be by my side. When I am 
   happy, I want you to be happy with me... I really want to be together 
   with you.
C: ... Not as a friend... With friends, it is not that kind of love!! Loving 
   you just like the way I love him.
C: ... After I thought of it that way... I... became afraid...
{Matsuoka-san, look up to me with her eyes holding the tears.}
C: ... Hey, how did I start falling in love with a person...? Is it
   because he is by my side...? ...Is it because he is by my
   side and being nice to me...?
C: ... If that so, if you are gone... will I fall in love with another 
C: ... Just like when I was with him...
{I don't know how to reply her. Her confusion and worries is painful.}
{I am happy to hear that she loves me. But... because of that, she is 
in pain.}
P: (... It's because she loves me...)
P: ... It is because I am by your side, I promised that I will always be
   by your side forever...
C: ... I cannot believe that... I cannot even believe myself.
P: S, sorry.
C: ... Don't apologize, it's not your fault... ... When you told me that
   you love me... I was very happy.
P: ...T, thanks.
C: But, even though I love you now, I still haven't forgotten about him...
{When Matsuoka-san said that, she looked at the tombstone.}
P: ... I understand.
{That is of course. It is not easy to forgot somebody who can shock her
enough to make her stop singing.}
C: In addition to that... I do not have the confident to continue to love
   you forever...
C: That is why, I want you to come here. I want to you to know my true 
   feelings... that's what I plan...
P: I know... it.
C: Yes. What you had said...
C: ... At a confusing condition like this... am I still qualified? 
   --> [qualified to be your girlfriend.] 
{I am going to reply... Even that, I love you.}
C: Please reply later... I also... want to think more about it...
P: ... Yes, I will also think about it...
C: Whatever is your answer, I will not held a grudge against you--
P: Matsuoka-san...
C: -- See you.
{Even after she have left, I stayed here for a while.}
{What do I want--- I keep asking that to my heart.}

	  Ending Song by Matsuoka Chie - "Eternal" 

P: ((sigh)... It's already morning--)
P: (Hmm...? Something is in the mailbox...)
{It is a white envelope with nothing written on it-- Inside it, is a ticket.}
{"Southern Black, Live Concert, July 30, Fukuoka Music Hall"}
   -->[Fukuoka is Chie-chan's hometown.]
P: (July 30, that is today...!)
{There is no mention of the sender. I bet, it is her who deliver it 
P: (If the concert is going to be at Fukuoka... I have to leave now--)

P: (Fukuoka, huh...)
P: (The concert place is Fukuoka Music Hall, huh--)
{I found the concert hall almost immediately.}
{I visit the dressing room, to say my greetings to her.}

[Dressing room]
[Animation: Chie-chan tieing her ribbon.]
C: Ah--!
C: You really... came...!?
P: Yes--- I came.
C: ...
P: Matsuoka-san...?
C: Huh... It's weird. I do not intend to have this kind of face facing you...
P: You don't have to force yourself to smile. The feeling that you have
   holding inside you is not that easy to break away from---
C: ...
C: Idiot...!
C: If you said, I am going to cry---!
-->[Tears come out of her eyes.]
P: Matsuoka-san...
C: ...
P: Matsuoka-san--
C: What...?
P: About what I said just now, I take it back.
C: Eh...?
P: I... preferred to see Matsuoka-san smile.
P: I really want to see Matsuoka-san smile. If possible, for a very long
{That is my answer.}
C: ...
P: So... Can you smile?
C: ...
C: Sure...!
P: Have you finished your song...?
C: --- Yes. I really glad you came.
P: Eh...?
C: Because... It is the song that I wrote for you to listen...
P: Matsuoka-san...
C: I... will sing for you.
P: Yes... Thanks, Matsuoka-san...
C: -- Will you promise me only one thing?
P: What...?
C: When I sing on the stage, look at me...
P: Of course. I promised you, Matsuoka-san...
C: Thank you...
{We continue to look at each other--}
{At the moment, the concert staff appear to inform her that the concert is
going to start soon.}
C: I have to go--
P: Yes... I also have take my leave.
{After I left the dressing room, I was directed to the audience seats--}
C: Then---
[Animation: Concert begin]
[End Animation]
C: After I met you, I slowly recovered what I have lost one by one--
C: Standing on stage singing. My Southern Black band members...
C: And also... replacing the most important person by my side.
   -->[This three are the things that she recovered, just in case it is
       confusing to you.]
C: ... Thank you. I really glad I meet you...
[Animation: Chie-chan hug you. At the window shot, she kiss you.]

        B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      

P: Well, I better leave for Fukuoka...

P: (...)

P: It looks like I am going to make it to the live...

[Dressing Room]
P: Matsuoka-san...
[Animation: Matsuoka-san tied her ribbon]
C: I am surprised... You really came.
P: Yes....
C: Rehearsal is going to begin soon, so I cannot slowly talk with you...
C: I will expressed my feeling now on stage...
C: It's because of your encouragement, I finish this song.
C: ... After you listen to my new song, you will understand.
P: Yes... I will be looking forward to it.
P: Well, I better not bother you anymore, I will leave--
C: Yes... See you.
{So, the concert begins. Matsuoka-san looks radiant on the stage.}
{Song with great strength, captivated the audience.}
{As though the sun shines onto her, she looks radiance.}
{... To me, she looks dazzling.}
{Emcee introduced Matsuoka-san's new song, titled "Eternal...?"}
{It is not what I want to expecting.}
{The tempo of the song is slow, and feel as though the sadness will 
continue, but that it will come a time when it will end...}
{That's what she sing.}
P: (Ah... I see..)
{She does not planned to be hurt forever...}
{I bet, a day will come when her pain will be released.}
P: (I will be rooting for you, Matsuoka-san.)
{It's because I am your friend...}

        Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 

        G O O D   E N D I N G					      
P: Matsuoka-san...
[Animation: Matsuoka-san tied her ribbon]
C: I am surprised... I could not believe you would come...
P: Yes...
C: But, even you have came, I have to start rehearsal soon...
P: I see... Have you completed your new song?
C: Yes.. Today, on the stage, I will sing to everybody.
P: I see... I will be looking forward to it.
C: ..
P: Ah... I should not be bothering you, I will take my leave.
C: Is that so...? I'm sorry.
P: See you--
{"Southern Black"'s concert has begun. She look radiance on the stage.
Her song with great strength captivated the audience.}
{As radiance as the sun she stood, I feel as though we are in a different
P: (...Just as I thought, it's great...)
{... That's a lonely reality.}
{Emcee introduced her new song. The title is "Eternal", the song she wants
everyone to hear.}
{The song of lost love. That is sad song.}
{This sadness will remain forever... That's what the song feel like.
P: (Ahhh.. I could not do anything for her...)
{I could do nothing.... to reduce the pain on her heart...}
{I look up to the girl on the stage,... she looks lonely.}


 Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 

	G A M E   O V E R					      

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