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1. Copyright:

This guide is protected under U.S. and international copywrite law.  
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credit to the original author, me.  This work may not be used for any 
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author, me, to which a portion of the gains shall be paid.  Failure to 
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infringment lawsuit.  Copyright 2001,2002 Christopher "Herzon" 

Mobile Suit Gundam: Giren's Greed Blood of Zeon is property of Bandai 
Inc.  Mobile Suit Gundam and other related works are property of 
Sunrise Studios.

Current version: V .55

Revision history:
2/22/01 V .1 Basic format laid out.

3/14/01 V .2 Tech section brought up to date, walkthrough and side 
events sections started.

3/15/01 V .25 Events sections expanded.

3/25/01 V .3 Tech section updated, walkthrough and side events 

4/04/01 V .45 Tech section minor tweaks, walkthrough greatly expanded, 
side events clarified and expanded.

4/09/01 V .5 Tech section expanded, side events added, main walkthrough 
minor additions.

4/12/01 V .55 Tech section expanded, events winding down until I finish 
Part 1 of the game.

3/12/02 V .85 Part 1 finished, Part 2 finished, new events added in 
both sections, pilot section basically complete, few things cleared up 
in the Part 1 section, Gelgoogs added in the tech section, and some 
advanced Part 2 tech.

Next update: ***Look what happens when you get SD Gundam G Gen F, BoZ 
gets set aside for nearly a year.  Anywho, new info just in time for us 
to get ready for a brand new version on the PS2.***
Not sure what to work toward, maybe give the story behind each 
event/decision, or include a section that consists of the event 
selections to recreate the OYW for purists.  Boy, does Zeon not make 
out well if you do that. :)

2. Credits:

Thanks to JL Lee for an excellent walkthrough on the Earth Federation 
scenario and inspiring me to create one for the Zeon scenario.

Please read the other faqs posted by Kain, DuoMaxwell, and DGreen on 
this amazing game at GamFaqs.  Please note that many of the translated 
names, units and pilots, have come from DGreen's SS faq to keep some 
consistency.  Also visit the web site www.boren.org/james/gundam.html, 
there you can find a menu guide complete with scans of all the entries, 
even explains all the items on the unit and pilot screens as well.

3. Introduction:

Giren's Greed is a game where the entire events of the One Year War, 
and beyond to Zeta, are laid out for the player to toy with as they see 
fit.  Don't like the Federation taking a big hit with Operation 
Stardust, stop it.  Don't like Ranba Ral dying against the Gundam and 
Whitebase, don't send him.  The game allows the player to construct a 
variety of what-if scenarios using different points in the storyline as 
a starting place.  Unfortunately, the game can follow the storyline 
quite closely, which for Zeon spells a shortend game.  I won't spoil 
the story at this point in the guide; that comes later.  This guide 
will provide you with the branches of the plot and various side events 
so that you'll be able to craft the story the way you want it to be.  
Zeon will be led to victory the way it should have been.  Zieg Zeon!

Table of Contents:

1. Copyright
2. Credits
3. Introduction
4. One Year War (OYW) walkthrough of events
5. Side events during the OYW
6. Events post-OYW
7. Zeon tech review
8. Zeon characters

4. One Year War (OYW) walkthrough:

The biggest problem with trying to lay out the events of the Zeon 
campaign is that many of them are based solely on how far you have 
progressed in the war.  The story doesn't get rolling until you have 
conquered Kilimonjaro (Africa), or Hawaii (if you develope subs early) 
so you might not see much story until you've gotten a pretty good grip 
on Earth.  There appear to be basically 5 parts to the main story, 
progressing in the following order:

                      Char inflitration/Garma's death
                       Ranba Ral's Whitebase assault
                     Federation counterattack at Odessa
                        Mad Angler/Hunting Whitebase
                Federation attack at Solomn/Solar Ray finale

*Side 7/V Project Infiltration:

                          Kilamonjaro conquered
                       (control >7 strategy points)
                           Side 7 infiltration(2)
                                  3 Turns
                             Report on Side 7
                     |                             |
                    YES(3)                         NO
                     |                             |
                   2 Turns                       2 Turns
                     |                             |
                Char's update(4)              Dozul's update(5)
                     |                             |
                   1 Turn                        1 Turn
                     |                             |
                   Update(6)                  Garma's update
                     |                             |
                   3 Turns                       3 Turns
                     |                             |
                Garma's death                 Garma attacks(9)
                     |                             |
                   1 Turn                          |
                     |                             |
                 Zabi's mourn(7)                   |
                     |                             |
                   1 Turn                          |
              _______|_______                      |
             |               |                     |
            YES(8)           NO                  3 Turns
             |               |                     |
           1 Turn          1 Turn             Garma returns(10)
                               Ranba's All-Stars 
                             |                        |
                            YES(11)                   NO(no apparent)
                             |                        |   (effect)
                           2 Turns                    |
                             |                      4 Turns
                        Ranba update                  |
                    _________|________                |
                   |                  |               |
                 1 Turn               |               |
                   |                  |               |
             Ranba's request(12)      |               |
           ________|________        3 Turns           |
          |                 |         |               |
          No               YES(14)    |               |
          |                 |         |               |
        2 Turns           2 Turns     |               |
          |                 |_________|               |
     Ranba reports(13)           |                    |
          |               Dozul's update(15)          |
        1 Turn                   |                    |
          |                    1 Turn                 |
                            V Project report
            _________________ ______|______________________
           |                 |                             |
           |               2 Turns                       1 Turn
           |                 |                             |
           |          Kishiria's request           "Lt."'s request(16)
         5 Turns(17) ________|________
           |        |                 |
           |       YES(18)            NO
           |        |                 |
           |      2 Turns             |
           |        |               3 Turns
           |  "Lt"'s Alert(19)        |
           |        |                 |
           |      1 Turn              |
               Ma Kube's plan/Odessa defense
                    |               |
                   YES(20)          NO
                    |               |
                    |               |
                  1 Turn            |
                    |               |
             Ma Kube's fate         |
               _____|_____        2 Turns
              |           |         |
             YES          NO(21)    |
              |___________|         |
                    |               |
                  1 Turn            |
                       Kishiria's subs
                     |             |
                    YES(22)        NO
                     |             |______
                   2 Turns                |
                     |                    |
                Char reports              |
                     |                    |
                   1 Turn                 |
                     |                    |
               2nd Char report            |
                     |                    |
                   1 Turn                 |
                     |                    |
               3rd Char report            |
                _____|_____             2 Turns
               |           |              |
              YES(23)      NO             |
               |           |___           |
             2 Turns           |          |
               |               |          |
          Char updates(24)     |          |
               |               |          |
             2 Turns         2 Turns      |
               |               |          |
          Char updates(25)     |          |
               |               |          |
               ??              |          |
               |               |          |
                           Lt's Solomn warning
                                  3 Turns
                             Firing Solar Ray
                            |               |
                           YES(26)          NO
                            |               |
                          2 Turns         1 Turn
                            |               |
                  Deny reinforcement    Degin report
                       _____|_____          |
                      |           |         |
                      NO(27)     YES        |
               _______|           |_________|
              |                     |
            1 Turn                  ??
         *GAME OVER*

(1) Must say YES to Dozul.  He will simply ask you again.
(2) Char Anzable, Dolen, Denim, Gene, and Slender [In Mission]
(3) If YES Denim and Gene die, Gadem [In Mission]; if NO all but Char 
(4) Gadem dies.
(5) Char's mission status changes.
(6) Slender dies, Dolen returns from mission.  Garma Zabi [In Mission].
(7) Funeral for Garma available, +20 morale.
(8) If YES Char "dismissed" from military, mission status changed; if 
NO Char returns.
(9) Garma Zabi [In Mission]
(10) Garma returns, as does Char.
(11) If YES Ranba Ral, Harmon Crowley, Klamp, Accoz, and Kozun Grahm 
[In Mission]; if NO, no one is sent.
(12) Only available if Dom (RR) or Rick Dom researched.
(13) Ranba captures WB, a Guntank, and a Guncannon.  All 5 are given a 
full shield bar(rank promotion), and returned.
(14) Ranba's request for Doms is denied, free Dom placed at Side 3.
(15) Ranba and his all-stars die.
(16) If Garma alive, +20 morale operation is available, "Ranba 
(17) Only if Ranba successfully captured the WB.
(18) If YES Gaia, Ortega, and Mashu (3S) [In Mission]; if NO WB 
supports the attack on Odessa. 1 of each WB, Gundam, Guntank, and 
Guncannon are present in the battle.
(19) (3S) die, told of impending attack on Odessa.
(20) If Yes, Ma Kube [In Mission]. On phase 4 of the Odessa sneak 
attack 50% of the units in Odessa are destroyed by a nuclear missle. 
Odessa sneak attacked during combat this turn. 3 GM's, 6 Fly Manthas, 3 
Dep Rogs, 6 Type-61s, 3 Tin Cods, 1 Big Tray piloted by Revil.
(21) If YES Ma Kube "dismissed" from military, mission status changed; 
if NO Ma Kube returns.
(22) Only available if Ranba Ral failed to capture the WB.  If YES Char 
and Flanagan Boon [In Mission]; if NO Belfast Attack plan available.  
If Char had been dismissed by Dozul, he still remains unusable.
(23) If YES Char and Boon mission status unchanged; if NO Char and Boon 
return, Belfast Attack plan available.
(24) Boon dies, Char mission status unchanged.
(25) Char still in mission, Belfast and Jabero Attack plans available.
(26) Must have constructed Solar Ray. If YES Solar Ray is fired killing 
Degin Zabi and Gen. Revil, 30% losses to Federation fleet. Side 1 sneak 
attacked from Solomn during combat. 1 Guncannon, 1 GM Scustom, 1 GM 
L.armor, 3 GM, 3 Ball, 3 Salamis K, 2 Magellan K. If NO Solar Ray is 
fired 50% losses to Federation fleet, Degin lives? Side 1 sneak 
attacked from Solomn during combat. 1 Guncannon, 1 GM Scustom, 1 GM 
L.armor, 2 GM, 3 Salamis K, 2 Magellan K. If Char still dismissed by 
Dozul, i.e not sent with Mad Angler, he returns.
(27) If YES Kishiria is unusable for the rest of Part 1.  If NO, at end 
of turn Kishiria kills Giren, resulting in a GAME OVER. (Pick YES :)

5. Side events during the OYW:

*California conquered -> Submarine research complete: 
Kishiria Zabi asks a YES/NO question at the beginning of the turn.

YES Accept recommendation to attack Hawaii with subs, Hawaii Attack 
Plan is available.

NO Decline to use the new subs.  Must take Peking before attacking 

*Jabero Attack MS Development:
Available 2-3 turns after starting Side 7/V Project Inflitration.

Provides the following MS blueprints:
Tech 7: MSM-04N Aggai
Tech 8: MSM-04G Jyaag
Tech 9: EMS-05 Ag
Tech 10: MSM-08 Zogock

Once all have been completed a special Jabero Attack Plan is available.  
This plan allows the assault of Jabero, but only with the 4 MS types 
gained from this project.  Just to place a note here: these MS are 

*Flanagan Institute:
Triggered once tech levels have reached 7.
Kishiria Zabi asks a YES/NO question concerning NewTypes (NTs).

YES Support her investigation of NT phenomenon.  Flanagan Institute 
available for funding.

NO Ignore her NT investigation.  Will not get some NT units and pilots.

                     Flanagan Institute startup(x1)
                                  3 Turns
                             Report on psycommu
                                  1 Turn
                                  1 Turn
                            Report on NT pilots(x3)
                                  2 Turns
                             Flanagan report(x4)
                                  1 Turn
                            MS Upgrade Project(x5)
                                  3 Turns
                               Talk about NT's
                                  1 Turn
                            Report on NT pilot(x6)

(x1) Available at tech level 7, if YES project continues; if No project 
(x2) Get MAN-03 blueprints.
(x3) Sharia Bull usable.
(x4) Lala Sun usable.
(x5) Gives blueprints for MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai and MS-09R2 Rick Dom II 
once activated and at tech 9.
(x6) Kusco Al usable.

*Side 3 Solar Ray:
Get tech levels to 8.

                      Start Solar Ray construction    
                                  3 Turns
                            Construction complete(s1)

(s1) Gives the option to fire the ray at the battle of A.Baoa.Qu to 
destroy the ships of Degin Zabi and General Revil, who were trying for 
a peaceful settlement to the war.  If the ships are destroyed Kishiria 
will attempt to kill Giren for patricide.

*Exam Project/Inflitration:
Triggered once tech levels are 9.  May also require that Flanagan 
Institute be active.

                            Exam project start
                                  2 Turns
                             NT Pilot request
                     |                             |
                    YES                            NO
                     |                             |
                   3 Turns                       3 Turns
                     |                             |
                Exam update(e1)             Flanagan report(e2)
                   4 Turns
               Assistant's update
                   1 Turn
               Nimbus' request
                   2 Turns
               Special MS report
               |           |
              YES(e4)      NO
             2 Turns
        Report on Nimbus(e5)

(e1) Ifreet Kai blueprints received.
(e2) Marion Welsh available from Flanagan Institute.
(e3) If YES Nimbus [In Mission]; if NO project ends.
(e4) Enemy blueprints for BD's 1 and 2 received.  BD-2(NS) available 
after research on BD-2 complete.  Enemy tech level 8 required.
(e5) Nimbus' mission status changed, unusable for rest of Part 1.

*Pezun MS Project:
Triggered at tech level 9.

                            Start Pezun Project
                              Tech levels 10(p1)
                              MS-11 finished(p2)
                              Tech levels 13(p3)

(p1) Blueprints for MS-10(#1), MS-11(#2), MS-12(#3), and MS-13(#4) 
received once project activated and tech 10.
(p2) Blueprints for YMS-14 received.
(p3) Blueprints for MS-17(#5) received once YMS-14 research complete 
and tech 13.

*Aparas MA Development:
Triggered at tech level 9.

                        Start Aparas Development(a1)
                                  3 Turns
                            Assistant's Update
                                  3 Turns
                               Second Upate(a3)
                                  2 Turns
                             Report to Giren
                           |                 |
                          YES(a4)            NO
                         3 Turns
                     Ginias' demise(a5)

(a1) Ginias Saharin [In Mission]
(a2) Aparas I blueprints received. If YES Aina Saharin available [In 
Mission], Norris Packard [In Mission]; if NO Aina Saharin available for 
use, Ginias returns, project ends.
(a3) Aparas II mentioned, Aina's mission status changes.
(a4) Aina's mission status changes back, Aparas II blueprints received.
(a5) Ginias and Norris die.  Blueprints for Aparas III received.  
Aina's mission status changes again, unusable for rest of Part 1.

*Project Astroth:
Triggered at tech level 10.

                           Start Project Astroth
                                  4 Turns
                              "Lt's" Request
                     |                             |
                    YES(t1)                        NO
                   2 Turns
               Report on Visch
                   2 Turns
                "Lt's" report(t2)
              Employ bioweapon
             |               |
            YES              NO
           1 Turn
      Deployed bioweapon(t3)

(t1) Visch Donahue [In Mission]
(t2) Receive blueprints for Rhinoceros MA; Visch mission status 
changed, unusable for rest of Part 1.  Free Rhinoceros unit placed at 
Side 3.
(t3) All ally relations lowered by about 1/4.

*Advanced MS development:
Zeon has two options for advanced MS designs, the Gian and the Gelgoog.  
The Development project is granted once the prototype unit is 
researched, but once one is started the other will disappear from the 
project list, or not appear if the other prototype has not been 
researched yet.  Choose ahead of time which one you want, or it'll be 
Gians for you.

Gian Development Project:
Available after research complete on Gian prototype.  

Provides the following MS blueprints at tech 10:
MS-15S (AG) Anivel Gato Gian
MS-15S (CA) Char Anzable Gian
MS-15S (RR) Ranba Ral Gian

Provides this blueprint at tech 11:
MS-15A Gian

Gelgoog Development Project:
Available after research complete on Gelgoog prototype.

Provides the following MS blueprints at tech 10:
MS-14S (AG) Anivel Gato Gelgoog
MS-14S (CA) Char Anzable Gelgoog
MS-14S (RR) Ranba Ral Gelgoog

Provides this blueprint at tech 11:
MS-14A Gelgoog

*Operation Rubicon:
No idea how to get this one, heard is comes very last in the war, turn 
70+ or so.  This is the strike on Side 6 by the Cyclops Team to take 
out the Gundam NT-1 Alex. Supposed to gain Bernie Wiseman from this 

*Belfast Attack Plan:
Becomes available at the conclusion of the Mad Angler events. This 
includes ending the event early.

*Luna 2 Attack Plan:
Available after Belfast conquered.  Placed in the side events section 
since this did not happen in the series.

*Operation British 2:
Available after Luna 2 conquered.  Drop Side 7 (it disappears from the 
map), on to Jabero, 50% of the units there are destroyed. Think 
resource output of Jabero also reduced by 50%.  Also gain blueprints 
for Zaku IIC.C (variant 3), armed with a nuclear bazooka weapon 
package.  Three free are placed at Side 3 with Anavel Gato piloting one 
of them when operation started.

*Jabero Attack Plan:
Becomes available if you complete the Mad Angler events.  Storywise 
Char locates the underwater entrance to Jabero's port, so you can 
attack due to knowing the location.  Also, becomes available if you 
conquer Luna 2, Operation British 2 will disappear if you invade Jabero 
before starting it.

6. Events Post-OYW:

Well, I'm finally done with Part 2 of the game, and I'll say it still 
has a few events to keep you from just wiping all the other factions 
off of the map.  I'll give this more as a list of items rather than a 
flowchart as most of the events you simply activate without questions.  
Note: This is for the Part 2 starting with Char's Neo Zeon and 
Titans(J) in play.  I don't yet know how to get the "Family Feud" Part 
2 where Garma and Kishiria each form their own Zeon faction to fight 

AEUG thread:          Part 2 start(NZ and T(J) in play)
                                 15 Turns 
                              AEUG activity
                                  3 Turns
                               AEUG report(a1)
                                  2 Turns
                             2nd AEUG report
                                  2 Turns
                              MS discovery(a2)

(a1) AEUG Titans Infiltration project available.(Event doesn't continue 
until started.
(a2) RMS-099 blueprints received.

0083 thread:           Part 2 start(NZ and T(J) in play)
                                 30 Turns
                                Delaz reports
                                  2 Turns
                                Delaz updates(d1)
                                  3 Turns
                             2nd Delaz update(d2)
                                  2 Turns
                             3rd Delaz update(d3)

(d1) Infiltrate Gundam Development Project available.  Event continues 
once activated.  When started Anavel Gato, Kelly Leyzner, Billy 
Graddle, Karius [In Mission].
(d2) All pilots mission status unchanged.  If relations with enemy arms 
dealer high enough, close probably, AGX-04 blueprints received.
(d3) Operation successful. All return from mission, Gato piloting GP-
02A at Side 3.  Blueprints for the RX-79GP02 received.

Axis thread: (In conjunction with Delaz thread)

                       Part 2 start(NZ and T(J) in play)
                                 30 Turns
                               Axis fleet(h1)
                                  5 Turns
                              Haman reports(h2)
                                  5 Turns
                             Gundarium Gamma(h3)
                             Axis fleet departs(h4)

(h1) Haman Khan, Mashimar Zero, Kira Sun, Yuri Hasler available for 
(h2) Lakan Dakaran, Gremi Toto available for use.
(h3) Blueprints for the AMX-002, AMX-003, and AMX-004 received.
(h4) All six Axis pilots leave, maybe due to 80 or so turns, or maybe 1 
turn after T(S) enter play.

Proto Zero thread:        X turns, Titans(S) and NZ in play
                                  4 Turns
                             Assistants report
                                  3 Turns
                            Proto Zero meeting
                            |               |
                           YES(z1)          NO
                          2 Turns
                      Report on Zero(z2)
                          3 Turns
                       Report on NT(z3)
                          1 Turn
                     Zero's Question
                    |               |
                   YES              NO(z4)
                                  2 Turns
                                Zero acts(z5)
                                  3 Turns
                             Lt reports on NTs(z6)

(z1) If YES blueprints for PsycoGundam received; if NO defects to NZ.
(z2) Artificial NT Project available, event continues once started.
(z3) NT-001 available for use, first Zeon artificial NT.
(z4) If YES Proto Zero defects from Titans to you; if NO he remains 
with them.
(z5) Zero kidnaps NT-001, she is gone.
(z6) NT-002, NT-003, NT-004 available for use.

7. Zeon tech review:

Here-in resides a list of Zeon's military might, broken down by the 
tech level required to gain the blueprints for it.  This may not be 
completely accurate, as I am assuming that each area of technology is 
researched at the same rate, but a good rule of thumb for units is that 
the level of general tech be the same as the MS or MA level for the 
respective unit.  Two things of note:

1. I will be trying to give the connections between units.  For example 
once you research the Gouf B.A, you get several new blueprints, like 
the Gouf B.B (variant 2) without having to increase the tech level.

2. Pilot custom units are a good part of Zeon's military, if the pilot 
is anybody, then they probably have at least one custom unit.  Some, 
well many, pilots get killed during the course of the OYW, so you won't 
be able to get the blueprints for their unit if they are dead.  As long 
as the pilot is listed on the pilot list, whether they are on a story 
mission, out fighting, or just sitting around you can get their custom 

Small note, the number in (_) after ship name is the number of hit 
points it has.  Easier to identify them by hit points than name for 
those who can read the Japanese very well.

Level "0": (Initial Blueprints)

82. MS-05.A Zaku I
83. MS-05.B Zaku I (variant 2) <= 82
84. MS-05.B(3S) Black Trinary Zaku I <= 82
85. MS-05.B(RR) Ranba Ral Zaku I <= 82
86. MS-06C.A Zaku II <= 82
87. MS-06C.B Zaku II (variant 2) <= 86
89. MS-06C(CA) Char Anzable Zaku II <= 86
101. MS-06S(DZ) Dozul Zabi Zaku II S <= ??
102. MS-06FS(GZ) Garma Zabi Zaku II <= ??
251. Gatol space fighter
271. Papua space transport
272. Musai (270)
282. Chibe (420)
284. Gwazin (650)
291. HLV

Level 1:

90. MS-06F.A Zaku II space type <= 86
91. MS-06F.B Zaku II space type (variant 2) <= 90
93. MS-06F(SM) Shin Matsunaga Zaku II F <= 90
94. MS-06F(JR) Johnny Raiden Zaku II F <= 90
95. MS-06J.A Zaku II ground type <= 90
96. MS-06J.B Zaku II ground type (variant 2) <= 95
98. MS-06S.A Zaku II officer type <= 90
99. MS-06S.B Zaku II officer type (variant 2) <= 98
100. MS-06S(CA) Char Anzable Zaku II officer type <= 98
245. Dopp fighter
246. Dopp-GZ Garma Zabi Dopp fighter <= 245
247. Dodai bomber

Level 2:

112. MS-06D Zaku II desert type <= 95
113. MS-06K Zaku II cannon <= 95
114. MS-06M Zaku II marine type <= 90
189. MSM-03 Gog <= 114
219. Mazella tank
274. Falmel (290) <= 272
289. U-Con submarine <= capture California base (probably level 0)

Level 3:

97. MS-06J.C Zaku II (variant 3) <= 95
115. MS-06E Zaku II recon type <= 86
116. MS-06V Zaku tank <= 113
222. Gallop land transport
250. Ruggen scout plane
254. Fat Uncle transport plane

Level 4:

117. MS-06R-1.A Zaku II space type <= 90
118. MS-06R-1.B Zaku II space type (variant 2) <= 117
119. MS-06R-1(SM) Shin Matsunaga Zaku II space type <= 117
129. MS-07A Gouf <= 95
191. MSM-04 Aggai <= 114
201. MAX-03 Azzam
202. MA-04X Zakero <= 201
223. Dabuda mobile base

Level 5:

120. MS-06R-1A.A Zaku II space type <= 117
121. MS-06R-1A.B Zaku II space type <= 120
122. MS-06R-1A(3S) Black Trinary Zaku II space type <= 120
130. MS-07B.A Gouf <= 129
131. MS-07B.B Gouf (variant 2) <= 130
132. MS-07B(MQ) Ma Qube Bouf <= 131
134. MS-07C Gouf <= 130
135. MS-07H "flying" Gouf <= 130
195. MSM-07 Zugock <= ?? (191)
253. Gau air transport
290. Mad Angler submarine <= 289

Level 6:

103. MS-06F2 Zaku II space type <= 90
123. MS-06R-2.A Zaku II space type <= 120
124. MS-06R-2.B Zaku II space type (variant 2) <= 123
125. MS-06R-2(JR) Johnny Raiden Zaku II space type <= 123
133. MS-07B3 Gouf custom <= 130
136. MS-08TX Ifreet <= ?? (C, H, or all Goufs)
203. MA-05 Bigaro <= 202
205. MAM-07 Grabro <= 203

Level 7:

126. MS-06RD4 Rick Dom type <= 138
138. MS-09 Dom <= ??
139. MS-09(3S) Black Trinary Dom <= 138
140. MS-09(RR) Ranba Ral Dom <= 138
144. MS-R09 Rick Dom <= 126 (there is a Casavel Diukum (Char) custom)
192. MSM-04N Acguy <= 191 (1st Jabero attack MS)
196. MSM-07S Zugock officer type <= 195
197. MSM-07S(CA) Char Aznable Zugock officer type <= 196
208. MAN-03 Brau Bulo (must start Flanagan Institute for NTs)
252. Jyaco space "bomber"
276. Armored Musai "K" (320) <= 272
280. Zanzibar (400) 

Level 8:

92. MS-06F.C Zaku II space type (variant 3) <= 90/203
127. MS-06Z Zaku II newtype test <= 86 (NT research)
193. MSM-04G Jyaag <= 191 (2nd Jabero attack MS)
200. MSM-10 Zok <= ??
286. Dolos MS carrier

Level 9:

104. MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai <= 90 (Must do MS Upgrade Project)
128. MSN-01 Zaku II Ziong test type <= 127
137. MS-08TX/EXAM Ifreet EXAM type <= 136 (Must do EXAM Project)
141. MS-09F Dom Tropen <= 138
146. MS-09R2 Rick Dom II <= 144 (Must do MS Upgrade Project)
194. EMS-05 Ag <= ?? (3rd Jabero attack MS)
206. MA-08 Big Zam <= ??
211. Aparas I (must start Aparas project)

Level 10:

88. MS-06C.C Zaku II (variant 3)
147. MS-10 Pezun Dowage <= 138 (Pezun MS #1)
148. MS-11 Magnetic Coating Zaku II <= 86 (Pezun MS #2)
149. MS-12 Gigan <= ?? (Pezun MS #3)
150. MS-13 Gashu <= 195 (Pezun MS #4)
151. YMS-14 Gelgoog prototype <= 148
152. MS-14S(CA) Char Anzable Gelgoog <= 151 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
153. MS-14S(AG) Anivel Gato Gelgoog <= 151 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
154. MS-14S(RR) Ranba Ral Gelgoog <= 151 (Must do Gelgoog Project
166. MS-15 Gian prototype
167. MS-15S(CA) Char Anzable Gian <= 166 (Must do Gian Development)
168. MS-15S(AG) Anavel Gato Gian <= 166 (Must do Gian Development)
169. MS-15S(RR) Ranba Ral Gian <= 166 (Must do Gian Development)
199. MSM-08 Zogock (4th Jabero attack MS)
209. MAN-08 Elmeth <= 208
211. Aparas II (continue Aparas project)

Level 11:

46. RX-79BD-2(NS) Nimbus Blue Destiny 2 <= must complete BD-2
142. MS-09G Dowage <= 138
155. MS-14A Gelgoog <= 151 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
170. MS-15A Gian <= 166 (Must do Gian Project)
190. MSM-03C Higog <= 189
212. Aparas III (continue Aparas project)
213. Rhinoceros (follow Astroth project, "Whiteting" events)
278. Musai "S" (360) <= 272

Level 12:

156. MS-14B Gelgoog Officer Type <= 155 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
157. MS-14B(JR) Johnny Raiden Gelgoog <= 156 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
158. MS-14B(SM) Shin Matsunaga Gelgoog <= 156 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
159. MS-14B(3S) Black Trinary Gelgoog <= 156 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
160. MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon <= 156 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
171. MS-15B Gian Officer Type <= 170 (Must do Gian Project)
172. MS-15B(JR) Johnny Raiden Gian <= 171 (Must do Gian Project)
173. MS-15B(SM) Shin Matsunaga Gian <= 171 (Must do Gian Project)
174. MS-15B(3S) Black Trinary Gian <= 171 (Must do Gian Project)
175. MS-15C Gian Cannon <= 170 (Must do Gian Project)
176. YMS-16M Zammel <= ??
198. MSM-7E Zugock <= 196
204. MA-06 Val Varo <= 203

Level 13:

161. MS-14F Gelgoog Marine Type <= 155 (Must do Gelgoog Project)
162. MS-14FS Gelgoog Marine Officer Type <= 161 (Must do Gelgoog Proj)
163. MS-14FS(SG) Cima Garahau Gelgoog Marine <= 162 (Must do Gelgoog P)
177. MS-17 Galbaldy Alpha <= 151 (??)
179. MS-18E Kampfer <= ??
181. MAN-02 Ziong <= 128
283. Thebe (540) <= 282

Level 14:

143. MS-09H Dowage Kai <= 142
182. MSN-02 Perfect Ziong <= 181
281. Zanzibar Kai (480) <= 280

Level 15:

180. MS-21C Dra-C <= 86 (??)

Level 17:

285. Gwanzan (800) <= 284

Level 20:
Note: these are just lumped here since I was at 20's when I did the 
events in Part 2.

54. AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra <= event
55. AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra Kai <= 54
184. AMX-002 Noil Ziel <= event
186. AMX-003 Gaza <= event
188. AMX-004 Qubeley <= event

8. Zeon Characters:

These are the men and women that can make or break a battle for you.  
Some of these people are nothing more than warm bodies (Denim, Gene, 
Slender come to mind), but they usually add a little more punch to the 
units they're piloting.  I will try to cover how you get people that 
you don't start with, there aren't many, but this will probably not be 
fully complete.  This is pretty much who you have to work for you in 
the game, so I'll try to give you a little insight as to who are the 
duds, and who are the studs.

NOTE: all names that are preceded by an * indicate characters that can 
die a story death, which means you should be able to save that all as 
well.  Funny thing is, most of these same people defect to Char's Neo 
Zeon at the start of Part 2, whether they died or not!  Defections do 
not occur until the faction enters play.

54. Giren Zabi: your leader, he dies, you lose. If you use him he's 
awesome as a leader with his command radius, and his combat stats 
aren't bad either.

55. Dozul Zabi: good leader, excellent melee combat skill. Use him in 
MS units you make use of the melee attacks.  Defects to Axis in Part 2.

56. Kishiria Zabi: good leader, decent ranged attack skill.  Decent to 
use in a capship for fire support.

*58. Garma Zabi: Decent leader and combat skills, use him in the 
frontlines while you have him if you don't plan on saving him.

60. Conscon: decent leader, ok ranged attack, capship or transport 
pilot all the way.

61. Tawning: same here, place in capship to make use of him.

62. Barom: another mediocre ship captain, put him to work in space.

63. Ma Kube: decent leader, good melee skill. Use him where you need an 
extra pilot, MS aren't a bad idea when doing close combat.

64. Char Aznable: it's Char, of course he's excellent!  Turn him lose 
in a variety of MS, you won't be sorry, but your enemy will.  Defects 
to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2, of course!

65. Lala Sun: NT gained through Flanagan Institute, decent leader, 
excellent combat skills. Best used in space with NT MAs, but her skills 
are good anywhere.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

66. Sharia Bull: NT gained through Flanagan Institute, good leader, 
excellent combat skills. Like Lala use where needed, he only helps.  
Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

67. Dolen: only a decent leader, mediocre at best combat skills, put 
him in a capship for something to do.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in 
Part 2.

*68. Denim: first victim of the Gundam, and none-to-soon. Pretty bad 
stats, really a seat warmer for somebody better, but might as well use 
him.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*69. Gene: another early victim of the Gundam, and not really a loss.  
Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*70. Slender: next to fall to the Gundam's rampage, good that he's the 
one taking it for the team.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*71. Ranba Ral: this veteran is a good leader and very good pilot.  Try 
to save him from death at the hands of the Gundam.  Defects to Char's 
Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*72. Harmon Crowley: Ranba's wife and transport captain, decent leader, 
ok combat skills.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*73. Klamp: member of Ranba's team, decent stats, useful if you can 
keep him alive.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*74. Accoz: member of Ranba's team, again, decent stats, really need to 
save them all from the Gundam.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*75. Kozun Grahm: last member of Ranba's team, decent leader, good 
stats.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*76. Gaia: leader of the Black Trinaries. Good leader, good combat 
skills. I'd recommend saving the 3S team from death by Gundam, they're 
solid pilots.  Defects in Part 2.

*77. Ortega: another 3S, good skills. Just keep the 3 of them together 
units will die quickly.  Defects in Part 2.

*78. Mashu: last of the 3S team. Good like the other 2, best to keep 
them around. Defects in Part 2.

*79. Gadama: capship pilot, decent leader, ok combat skills.  Not quite 
a seat warmer, but of limited use if you have better.

*80. Flanagan Boone: assists Char in the Mad Angler events.  Pretty 
good leader, good combat stats, a good guy to keep around if you 

81. Takuwan: decent pilot, you'll need him by the end of the war.

82. Demitri: another decent pilot, fills in for all those who died.

83. Shimus Al Babarov: Zeon hat lady, use her just to say you have a 
pilot in the MS. Her skills are pretty bad, but better than nothing.

84. Akahana: decent pilot, not much to say.

85. Doan: decent pilot, good filler if you want a stack of three.

86. Ronmel: decent leader, pretty good combat stats.  Make use of him.

*87. Steiner: leader of Cyclops Team, good leader, decent combat 

88. Bernie Wiseman: get him in Operation Rubicon, don't know how yet.

*89. Mikhal Misha: member of Cyclops Team, decent all around skills.

90. Bittar: good leader, decent combat stats.  Team him with Cima and 
Ronmel from the beginning for good effect.

91. Augille Delaz: good leader, good ranged attack. Put him in 
important capships or transports to keep him active.

92. Cima Garahau: very good pilot, high stats all around.  Keep her 
active and she'll serve you well.

93. Anavel Gato: the stealer of the GP-02A is a very good pilot, combat 
skills are all good. Keep him in the frontlines to teach those Feds to 
fear the Nightmare of Solomn.

95. Kelly Leyzner: decent pilot, ok leader.  Middle of the pack, but 
will make an impact on the units he pilots.

97. Johnny Raiden: the Red Lightning is confused with Char often.  He's 
not quite as good as Char, but very good pilot, decent leader.

98. Shin Matsunaga: another very good pilot, keep him bashing Feds to 
make for a brighter spacenoid tomorrow.

*99. Ginias Saharin: mad scientist behind the Apsarus MA, decent 
leader, mediocre combat skills, zero endurance.  Put him to use in 
secondary areas, not really fit for heavy combat or he'll take forever 
to return after being defeated.

100. Aina Saharin: gained during the Apsarus project, pretty mediocre 
in stats.  Comes in later in the war, use where you can just because 
you've lost so many good pilots.

*101. Norris Packard: steward for the Saharin family.  Decent leader, 
good pilot, makes it hard to lose him at the end of the Apsarus 

102. Nimbus Stazen: infiltrator of the EXAM project.  Decent leader, 
good pilot, with favor to melee combat.

103. Marion Welsh: NT that is used to construct the EXAM system, gain 
her by not sending pilots for the EXAM system.  Like most NT's she has 
very good ranged attack and dodge skill, little lower melee.  Put her 
to good use.  Defects to Char's Neo Zeon in Part 2.

*106. Garcia: member of Cyclops team, decent skills, noticeably useful.

108. Karius: ok leader, decent combat stats. Not that great but useful.

109. Billy Gladdle: decent all around stats, nothing note-worthy here.

110. Draiza: a capship captain, good leader, decent combat skills. 
Nothing all that special.

111. Yuri Hasler: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Good 
leader, decent ranged skill, use him while you have him.

132. Apollie: Char wingman, decent leader, decent combat skills.  
Defects to AEUG in Part 2.

134. Roberto: Char's other wingman, decent leader, decent combat 
skills.  Also defects to AEUG in Part 2.

142. Haman Khan: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Very good 
all around, give her a NT unit, the Qubeley preferred, and she's death.

143. Mashimar Zero: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Decent 
leader, in general good stats, send him into the fray.

144. Kira Sun: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Like Mashimar 
pretty much, definitely use her.

145. Gremi Toto: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Ok leader, 
good combat stats, becomes an NT at S rank.  More NT goodness put he in 
a Qubeley and off he goes.

146. Lakan Dakaran: gained in Part 2 when Axis fleet arrives.  Like 
Mashimar and Kira, though a little weaker in melee, suit him up.

150. Visch Donahue: decent leader, good melee and dodge skills.  
Deserves a place on the battlefield.

151. NT-001 (Leyla Raymond): gained in Part 2 when dealing with Proto 
Zero once Titans(S) enter play. Good stats all around.

152. NT-002: nameless artificial NT that is gained in Part 2 if you 
tell Proto Zero NTs are only weapons. Decent leader, good combat 
skills. Place in those tasty Qubeleys that Haman Khan developed for 

153. NT-003: another nameless artificial NT. Pretty good for being 

154. NT-004: yet another nameless artificial NT. Similar to NT-003 but 
of the opposite sex.