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Giant Gram 2000
for Sega Dreamcast (Japan only)

List of Reversals
version 1.3.1

The list is taken from: 

Giant Gram 2000
Perfect Guide

Soft Bank Publishing
ISBN 4-7973-1406-0

The book is entirely in Japanese. Even if one has no knowledge of the 
Japanese language (like me) it can be helpful if one uses a katakana

Listed below are the "special" reversals in the game. 
Most moves have got default reversals which will be executed when a 
move is reversed and the reversing wrestler has no special reversal 
for that specific reversal point. 

The special reversals usually can be learnt like any other move in 
this game (training matches) and just like the "normal" moves they gain 
levels when they are used in training matches and can be "upgraded" with 
the flame (may be hard to do), weight (not possible for all special 
reversals; reversals which do not knock down the opponent while also not 
"damaging" any part of the body cannot get this icon since they cannot 
end/win a match) and lightning icon (for "bone breaking" reversals 
The special reversals appear towards the end of the on-screen movelist 
of the character (right after the "apronside" moves and outside dives).
The default reversals do not appear in the movelist and cannot be 
levelled up or gain any of the icons (at least there is no chance to 
see or notice if they can).

If a move has got more than one reversal point, a character still can 
learn one "special" reversal only, even if there are special reversals 
for more than one point. Learning a special reversal for one of several 
reversal points has no influence one the other reversal points of that 
move which will remain unchanged and keep their default reversals. 
Diving moves have got two reversal points, an "early" one when the 
opponent leaves the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, and a "late" one, 
when the opponent comes "flying" from the turnbuckle. 
The default reversal for the early point is knocking the opponent off 
the turnbuckle, the default reversal for the second point is moving out 
of the way of the "flying" opponent. 
Although it would be nice to have a special early reversal and a special 
late reversal at the same time, it is only possible to have one special 
reversal for diving moves, either an "early" one or the "late" one. 
There are several special reversals for the first ("early") reversal point 
(see list below) and only one for the second ("late") reversal point 
(read below for more details about the "late" reversal). 
Once a character has learnt a special "early" reversal, it is impossible 
to learn the special "late" reversal in addition to the "early" one and 
if the character has learnt the "late" reversal, it is impossible to 
learn an "early" reversal in addition to the "late" one.

When a special reversal for a reversal point has been learnt, the default 
reversal(s) for the other reversal point(s) remain(s) unchanged.
Once a special reversal for a reversal point has been deleted, the 
"default" reversal becomes active again and it is possible to learn any 
of the other special reversals (but only one per move, regardless of the 
number of reversal points the move may have, see above).

While most special reversals simply replace a default reversal, there 
are also special reversals which activate a reversal point which is 
inactive by default, thus giving an additional chance to escape a move 
and to deliver damage at the same time.
The rolling clutch hold usually has got a late reversal point only 
(just a default, no special reversal available; it just breaks the pin 
attempt early). Some versions of the rolling clutch hold (see below) 
have a locked reversal point, which is activated by learning the 
respective special reversal (Vader's hipdrop). 
Another example is the Hurakanrana reversal for Kawada's reversal for 
the powerbomb reversal Hurakanrana. There is no escape from Kawada's 
reversal by default. To have a chance to escape it one has to learn 
Misawa's reversal which activates the reversal point.

The swinging punch reversals even work againt unblockable (= block 
by fw A) swinging punches.
Kobashi's standing bk fw X lariat cannot be blocked by fw A. It is 
only possible to avoid some damage by bk A. Once a character has learnt 
a swinging punch reversal, fw A will reverse the swinging attack.

reversed     combo   combo   reversal           damage    wrestler(s)    
move           1       2

armlock                      front flip &           0      Tiger Mask
armlock (gi)                 legbar                 3      Divine Grace
Hurakanrana                  "Ganzo" bomb          30      Kawada         
(powerbomb reversal)
Hurakanrana                  Boston crab        4+4*X      Kobashi
(powerbomb reversal)
Hurakanrana                  Hurakanrana            8      Misawa
(=powerbomb reversal)
reversal "Ganzo" bomb               
apronside                    stun gun Acecrusher   30      Ace 
kick                         captured  suplex      10      Takayama       
kick                         dragonscrew            5      Kawada, Hase,
                                                           Akiyama, Mossman,
                                                           Sky High Edge
kick                         "dragonscrew" style    5      "Shinzaki"
kick (gi)                    ankle lock             4      Kakihara,  
                                                           Albright, Grace
              X (gi)         STF                    5      Albright
              X (gi)         legbar                 3      Kakihara
kick                         dragonscrew            5      Kawada, Kobashi, 
                                                           Akiyama, Omori,
                                                           Hase, Williams, 
                                                           Mossman, Hyper, 
                                                           Tiger, Edge,
              fw bk X (gi)   figure four leglock    3      Master

kick                         reverse dragonscrew    5      Kawada, Kobashi, 
(spinkick)                                                 Akiyama, Omori,
                                                           Hase, Williams, 
                                                           Mossman, Hyper, 
                                                           Tiger, Edge,
              fw bk X (gi)   figure four leglock    3      Master

shoulderthrow                rolling clutch hold   10      Ogawa
(early powerbomb, tigerdriver, 
double underhook DDT, etc. reversal)
shoulderthrow                land behind opponent   0      Misawa, Tiger Mask
(early powerbomb, etc. reversal)

swinging punch               wraparound DDT        10      Ogawa
swinging punch               exploder              30      Akiyama
swinging punch               German suplex         30      Killer
               B             released G. suplex    35      Killer
               charge        hold for pin           0      Killer
swinging punch               dangerous backdrop    30      Williams
swinging punch               "chokeslam"           30      Taue
               fw bk B       "chokeslam"           40      Taue
swinging punch               half nelson suplex    30      Kobashi
swinging punch               uranage               30      Hase
               see technical guide for combos              Hase
swinging punch               duck and go behind     0      Kawada, Ace,
                                                           Barton, Smith,
                                                           Mossman, Albright,
                                                           Hyper, Tiger, 
                                                           "Shinzaki", Edge,
                                                           Tiger Mask, Master,
swinging punch               reverse full nelson    3      Misawa
               fw dn B       tiger driver          45      Misawa
                       dn B  tiger driver 91       91      Misawa (level up!)
swinging punch (gi)          iron claw              3      Fritz von Erich
swinging punch (gi)          waki gatame            5      Kakihara
swinging punch (gi)          waki gatame            3      Grace

diving (early)               counter golden left   20      Barton
diving (early)               counter "chokeslam"   20      Taue
diving (early)               catching Ace crusher  20      Ace
diving (late)                kenzan                10      Cyclops
diving (early)               high angle Tamon's    30      Honda
                             power do (pinning powerbomb)
diving (early)               dragon screw          10      "Shinzaki"
                             to outside

double brainbuster           double DDT            30      Baba
cannot be learnt in training but can be obtained by combining moves
pickup                       small package hold     3      Ogawa
pickup                       low blow               3      Cyclops

chokeslam (Taue)             backflip escape        0      "Shinzaki"
including corner fw fw B move

hammerthrow                  counter 16 mon        40      Baba
                       (near rope reversal for running attacks)
hammerthrow                  evasive cartwheel      0      "Shinzaki"
                       (late reversal for some punches and kicks)
hammerthrow                  high strike point     25      young Baba
                             counter 16 mon
                       (near rope reversal for running attacks)
hammerthrow                  rolling clutch hold   10      Ogawa
hammerthrow (gi)             waki gatame            3      Grace
                       (early reversal which avoids being hammerthrown)

full nelson                  ???                    3      Wolf

brainbuster                  giant DDT             20      Baba
brainbuster                  small package hold     3      Ogawa, Shiga,
                                                           Hyper, Tiger,
brainbuster                  land behind opponent   0      Misawa, Akiyama,
                                                           Hase, Ace, Barton,
                                                           Smith, Mossman,
                                                           "Shinzaki", Edge,
                                                           Tiger Mask
brainbuster (gi)             waki gatame            3      Grace

frontneck                    small package hold     3      Ogawa, Shiga,
(e.g. DDT)                                                 Hyper, Tiger,
frontneck                    northern lights       25      Akiyama, Hase
                             suplex (pin hold)

headlock                     backdrop              10      Grace

powerbomb                    Hurakanrana (pin)     10      "Shinzaki", Edge,
                                                           Tiger Mask
powerbomb (low spirit)       head scissors whip     8      Misawa
powerbomb (?50%)             Hurakanrana (pin)     10      Misawa
two on one powerbomb ?       head scissors whip     8      Misawa
cannot be learnt in training but can be obtained by combining moves

rolling clutch               hipdrop               20      Vader

leg grab (gi)                triangle hold          5      Grace
(wrestler down; 
grabbed by legs for leg submission or being dragged around) 

leg catch                    jumping high kick      5      Misawa, Kawada,
(e.g. dragoscrew,                                          Ogawa, Edge,
captured suplex (kick reversal, see above))                Tiger Mask

corner hammerthrow           counter 16 mon        16      Baba, Hyper,
attack                                                     Tiger, young Baba
c. h. a.                     counter elbow          8      Misawa, Tiger Mask
c. h. a.                     counter kick          10      Taue, Takayama,
                                                           Hansen, Barton, 
                                                           Rikidozan, Tsuruta,
                                                           Brody, Jonathan,
                                                           Diablo, Giant,
c. h. a.                     double footed         10      Kawada, Hase,
                             counter kick                  Shiga, Vader, 
                                                           Ace, Wolf, Brazil
c. h. a.                      ???                  10      Ogawa
              X              second rope           10      Ogawa
                             missile kick

outside throw                ?? hold on rope and ??   0    Smith
                             ?? climb back ?? 
This reversal does not seem to be learnable.

opponent down                "headbutt",             10    Honda
down X headbutt              this is a reversal
reversal, should work        for a reversal
for the last headbutt in 
Honda's front grapple x combo as well

superplex                    rolling clutch hold     10    Ogawa
(corner moves)
superplex                    reverse calf branding   30    Akiyama
superplex                    top rope diving         20    Shiga
                             swing DDT

back grapple throws          overhead kick           10    Kawada
b.g.t.                       ? back kick             10    Master
b.g.t.                       reverse chin crusher    10    Ogawa
              B              rolling clutch hold     10    Ogawa
b.g.t.                       rolling clutch hold     10    Shiga, Mossman
b.g.t.                       donkey kick              6    Cyclops
b.g.t.                       ? (like standing up X)  10    "Shinzaki"
b.g.t. (gi)                  legbar                   3    Grace

backdrop                     elbow stamp rush       2*3    Baba, Taue, 
                                                           Honda, Destroyer,
                                                           von Erich, 
                                                           Kiniski, Crusher,
                                                           young Baba
              B              grapevine takedown      32    Baba, young Baba
backdrop                     reversal press           8    Misawa, Kawada,
                                                           Akiyama, Ogawa,
                                                           Tiger Mask
backdrop (gi)                legbar                   3    Kakihara, Grace


(gi) = give up, the move can be used to make the opponent submit (whiteout)

"back grapple throws" reversals do not work for all back grapple throws; 
see below ("backdrop") for details

"backdrop" is not an accurate name for the "reversed move" category. 
The reversals listed as reversals for a "backdrop" may also work for 
some other moves. Actually "backdrop" is not the real transcription from 
the perfect guide. There are some kanji which I cannot read but 
considering that they include the reversal press and work as reversals 
for backdrops, I listed them as "backdrop reversals".
I have created a character with Grace's "backdrop" reversal and Ogawa's
reversal for some back grapple throws (reverse chin crusher).
Ogawa's reversal works for tiger suplexes and full nelson suplexes (maybe 
some more) but not for German suplexes. Unlike what one might expect the 
character uses Grace's "backdrop" reversal and not the default reversal 
for German suplexes.
Unfortunately I cannot read Japanese so I cannot make a clear statement 
regarding the "back grapple throws" and "backdrop" reversals. 
So it may take a bit of trying to find the best reversal(s) when building 
a character. 

Kawada's Hurakanrana reversal "Ganzo" bomb only works for the powerbomb 
reversal Hurakanrana. It does not work for "normal" (= non reversal) 
Hurakanrana or Misawa's low spirit powerbomb reversal head scissors whip.
The same goes for Kobashi's powerbomb reversal Hurakanrana reversal 
Boston crab.

The armlock reversals are for breaking already applied armlocks (pressing 
buttons rapidly) and do not work to prevent getting into an armlock.

When learning Master's spinkick reversal reverse dragonscrew, the 
"normal" kick reversal is learnt along with it. I think when learning the 
"normal" kick reversal, the spinning kick reversal reverse dragonscrew is 
also awarded at the same time. In the movelist of the character screens, 
only the "normal" kick reversal dragonscrew is listed (but not the 
spinkick reversal reverse dragonscrew). 

Cyclops' diving moves reversal (kenzan; lying on back pulling up the legs 
to cover the body) works against flying moves with a "belly landing" by 
the opponent (e.g. moonsault, shooting star press, etc.; pinning dives).

Wolf's full Nelson special reversal is for breaking already applied full 
Nelson holds (pressing buttons rapidly) and does not prevent getting 
into a hold (like the armbar reversals above).

The (default) early reversal for headlocks is a backdrop. To execute it, 
one has to press the reversal button as the headlock is about to be 
Once the wrestler is in a headlock, the only escape (besides rope break 
and the opponent letting off) is by pressing buttons rapidly. 
Grace's headlock reversal listed above is a reversal once the headlock 
has been applied. Instead of the default reversal (hammerthrow) to break 
the hold a backdrop will be executed to get out of the headlock. 
This reversal (backdrop) can be reversed (either by default or any of 
the special reversal in listed above).

Vader's rolling clutch hold reversal hipdrop does not work with all 
versions (different commands) of the rolling clutch hold. 
As far as I know it does not work with Ogawa's back grapple fw B rolling 
clutch hold and the comboed rolling clutch hold in the back grapple 
throw reversal (Ogawa) or Shiga's and Mossman's back grapple throw 
But it works with the shoulderthrow reversal rolling clutch hold and 
the superplex reversal rolling clutch hold. 
Usually  the shoulderthrow reversal rolling clutch hold has no chance of 
escape before one can try to break the pin (= reversal point) but once 
a wrestler learns Vader's reversal, there is a reversal point and 
thereby a chance of escape before the pin. 

To get the tiger driver 91 combo in the swinging punch reversal combo 
the "normal" (= standing fw dn B) tiger driver has to be levelled up to
level 30.
Levelling up the tiger driver in the swinging punch reversal combo does 
NOT give the character the tiger driver 91 combo in the reversal combo.

The first uranage in the swinging punch reversal combo has to be 
levelled up to level 30 to get the high angle/dangerous uranage combos 
for all uranage in the swinging punch reversal combo. 
I am not sure if levelling up the "normal" (=standing, non reversal)
uranage to level 30 also gives the high angle/dangerous uranage combo 
for the reversal uranage.

To get the double brainbuster reversal double DDT combine:
1. front grapple back B Giant DDT
2. front grapple down X COMBO B Giant DDT

To get the two on one powerbomb (??) reversal head scissors whip combine:
1. head scissors whip (Misawa's low spirit powerbomb reversal)
2. reversal press (backdrop reversal)

Corrections, comments, questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome.


Soft Bank Publishing for the helpful guide

SEGA/WOW Entertainment for making such a great game

The real life counterparts of the wrestlers in GG2000 for doing what they 
do to entertain us

The authors of and the contributors to the FAQs for Giant Gram and 
Giant Gram 2000 for helping me with the game

The contributors to the GG2000 message board at, who are too 
numerous to mention individually, for helping me with the game for providing the helpful site

last but not least:

Spencer Olson aka "blixa",, for his valuable help with 
translations I would never have been able to do myself and his further input.