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  Welcome to my FAQ for the Sega Dreamcast game "Giant Gram 2000: All 
Japan Pro Wrestling 3."  Giant Gram 2000 is a  Sega/WOW(formerly AM2 
Division) developed puroresu title featuring wrestlers from the All 
Japan wrestling promotion in Japan, as well as a good deal of legendary 
wrestling figures. Actually only a few of the wrestlers featured in this
title(that aren't Legends, of course) are still in the All Japan 
promotion. If you follow Japanese pro wrestling(puroresu for short)even 
remotely, you probably know by now that 95% of the All Japan roster has 
defected to the Mitsuharu Misawa-run NOAH promotion.

  Without getting into a whole history lesson here, All Japan is 
practically defunct. The only native worker who didn't defect is 
Toshiaki Kawada, and the rest of the roster is made up of middle card 
gaijin like Steve Williams, Mossman, Johnny Smith, etc. So let's just 
be glad that this 3rd(and most likely, last) installment of the AJPW 
series by Sega was actually released.

  There have been quite a few additions, changes, and tweaks made from 
Giant Gram to GG2K. The roster of wrestlers has been greatly increased, 
now including more of the All Japan roster and even some legendary pro 
wrestling figures from Japan and the US like Rikidozan, Bruno 
Sammartino, and Bruiser Brody. The control has been tightened, it's not 
as easy to block every strike your opponent throws now, likewise you 
have to be a bit more precise with your commands when attempting moves. 
There's a greater number of double team moves, and the Burning system 
has been overhauled. It's now possible to activate your Burning while 
standing and pull off a special Burning combo/manuver that's 
devastating. The computer AI is also improved, CPU opponents will 
actually use the One Step Reversal/Burning feature to kick out of falls
this time. 

  Some of you may have read some of my other FAQs, the move list from
the original Giant Gram im particular, so you may know my style of
writing. If not, it's very straightforward, and somewhat robotic. I
try to relay as much information as possible in a way that's easy to
read and comprehend. This is also known as the boring method^_^ BUT
in games like this, where there's little info available about if you
don't live in Japan, the boring style is usually the most helpful.
I also repeat phrases over and over when describing things. Like
commands and alternate commands. If this bugs you , sorry, but I do
it to try and be as clear as possible with my info. Hopefully you 
find this document useful to you, and it helps you enjoy the game
more than before.

When you see page numbers in paranthesis, this means I'm using info
from the game's instruction manual that's from these pages. My
descriptions aren't word for word translations of the stuff on them,
becuase I'm not fluent enough in Japanese to do that. Rather, it's my
paraphrasing of what's on those pages, to the best of my knowledge. I'm
not perfect, and certainly there are people out there who know more 
Japanese than me, so if you see any mistakes, omissions, whatever, be
sure to drop me a line. I'll credit you for the correction, addition,
etc. Any comments are also always welcome. My E-mail is at the top and
bottom of this document.

2.                            CONTROLS

(pgs 5-6)
Control Pad
DPad-     Move wrestler, use in conjunction with buttons for moves
X Button- Strike
A Button- Grapple, Block, Guard
B Button- Throw, cover for Fall
Y Button- Ring in/out, Tag partner, use with DPad to run towards ropes
Triggers- Appeal, use together for Burning and One Step Reversal

Arcade Stick
Stick-    Move wrestler, use in conjunction with buttons for moves
X Button- Strike
A Button- Grapple, Block, Guard
B Button- Throw, cover for Fall
Y Button- Ring in/out, Tag, use with Stick to run towards ropes
C Button- Appeal, use with Z for Burning and One Step Reversal
Z Button- Appeal, use with C for Burning and One Step Reversal
3.                           BASIC GAMEPLAY

Quick Reference Key
"X" The X Button
"A" The A Button
"B" The B Button
"Y" The Y Button
"," used in a string of commands to seperate individual ones : X, A, B
"<-" DPad away from the opponent
"->" DPad towards the opponent
"up" DPad up
"dn" DPad down
"+" hit commands/buttons at the same time: X+Y
"..." wait a short moment before hitting the next command


  THe gameplay in GG2K is certainly tipped to the arcade side of the
scale, but it seems a bit more sim-like than the first. It's not like
AJPW featuring Virtua for the Saturn or anything, but there are a few
factors that seem to have been "toned down." For example, the clock 
isn't as fast as it was in GG. Instead of 5 minutes for a 30min time
limit match, you seem to get a good 8 or 9. And 60min matches can last
a good 12 and beyond. The damage scale seems to make more sense as 
well. Smaller moves don't take off large amounts of energy any more.
Everything seems to have been refined quite nicely. Here's the break-

3 Button System (pgs.6 and 7)

Although you'll be using all of the buttons on your controller, the
3 main offensive buttons are X, A, and B.

X is to Strike(punch, elbow, binta[slap])
A is to Grapple
B is to Throw(Body Slam, Suplex, Power Bomb)

Giant Gram2K uses the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" wrestling method to
determine the priority of moves and attacks:

Strike beats Throw
Throw beats Grapple
Grapple beats Strike

So if you were to attempt a Grapple and your opponent attempts a 
Throw, your opponent's move will have priority and you'll be Thrown.
But if you attempt a Grapple and your opponent attempts a Strike, 
your Grapple will have priority and you'll Grapple the opponent. It
seems like a simple method, but the gameplay in GG2K is so deep you 
hardly release such a simple method is in play.

Once you are in a Grapple with an opponent, the controls change 
slightly, but the buttons maintain the same general usage. Using
the A button and up or down on the DPad/Stick will switch you to a
Side Grapple, hitting A while in a Side Grapple will shift you to a
Back Grapple. The X button is still for strikes, along with some 
simple holds like Sleepers and Headlocks, and the B button is still
for Throws. In a grapple though, you have to use the DPad/Stick along
with the buttons to perform different moves. 

For Example, say you're playing as Misawa and are in a Grapple with 
the opponent. Hitting X will perform a Headlock, hitting up,X will 
perform an Elbow Stamp, and hitting down,X will perform a Jump Kick. 
Hitting B will perform a Body Slam, hitting up B yields nothing, and 
hitting down B performs a Tiger Driver.


 There are two types of combos in the game. True Combos, and Move 
Combos. True Combos are like what you might find in a fighting game.
Hitting a string of buttons will make your character perform a string
of moves. True combos start with, and mostly involve, Strikes and can
end with either a knock down Strike or a Throw. 

True Combo(bottom pg 7)

  A short simple example of a True Combo would be:

X, A, B

 This means you hit the X Button, then the A Button, then B. Again
using Misawa as an example, hitting this button combo would make him

Elbow, Grapple, Body Slam

Timing is important in True Combos, especially when you incorporate
Grapples. Using the simple X, A, B combo and Misawa again, you'd want 
to wait just until Misawa starts to grab the opponent for the Grapple
to hit the B button. If you just hit XAB real fast, you may get the
Grapple, but after that you won't perform anything and the Grapple will
be broken. 

Let's look at a True Combo that's a bit more involved:

X, X, A, <-B

  In this combo you would hit the X button twice, then A, then away 
from your opponent and the B button. You don't want to hit away and B
simultaneously, instead hit away, then B with a tiny pause in between.
Once again, I'll use Misawa as an example of what you'd perform if you
hit this string of commands:

Elbow, Elbow, Grapple, DDT

  Strike buttons can be hit rather quickly, but again you don't want to
just hit XXA<-B real fast. It'd be more along the lines of: 


This next example is just like the first, except there's an extra press
of the A Button in there:

X, A, A, B

The second press of the A button will switch you from a Front Grapple to
a Back Grapple, there are no Side Grapples in True Combos. I just use
"switch" for short when describing the switch from Front to Back Grapple.
So, sticking with Misawa, if you hit this string of commands, you'd

Elbow, Grapple, Switch, One Turn Backdrop

The timing would be:

X, AA...B

  You want to hit the A button twice quickly, then wait until your
wrestler is sliding to the back of the opponent to to hit the B button.

  Note that these are just very simple examples of True Combos. You
don't have to stick with just simple button commands. It's much more
effective, and more fun^_^ , to throw some complex commands into your
True Combos. They'll have to be more character specific than the simple
ones, but you can really pour on the hurt with them. Using Misawa one
last time a good combo would be:

-> X, <- X, A, A, -> B, B

Which would yield:

Spin Kick, Back Elbow, Grapple, Switch, Release Tiger Suplex

The timing would be:

-> X, <- X, AA...->B...B

 The upside of performing True Combos is that the timing for the Throws
is changed slightly, which is good for throwing off Reversal attempts.
We'll get into Reversals later. The Downside of True Combos is that 
they start with Strikes, which can easily be blocked, guarded, or
countered with a Grapple. If you get Blocked, the combo is stopped 
outright, if the opponent just Guards however you can continue. If you
don;t know what Block, Guard, etc mean yet. Don't worry, you will.

Move Combos

 Move Combos are much simpler than True Combos. Certain moves have
variations that can be performed by hitting a certain command within a 
certain timeframe during that move. Basically you could equate them to
a chain throw in a fighting game, only much simpler. Some of the 
variations are minor, while some are extreme. And some are a real combo
of moves. 

 I know, let's use Misawa as an example again^_^ A minor variation 
would be:

From Back Grapple:

<- B...B

This would turn a regular German Suplex into a Release German Suplex.
ANother variation of the German Suplex would be the German Suplex Hold.
To do this, you'd just hold the B Button down during the Suplex. This
is known as "Charging." Charging is another minor Move Combo, that 
usually turns moves into holds for Fall attempts. 

A Move Combo that drastically alters the move being performed would be:

Opponent outside ring, Misawa inside:

-> X...A...-> X

The first "-> X" causes Misawa to start his Elbow Suicida move, but
hitting the A Button as he approaches the ropes causes Misawa to fake
the move(called "Feint") and stay in the ring(with a cool little 
acrobatic flourish, no less). The next "-> X" then causes Misawa to
perform his Plancha Suicida. 

So you see, this Move Combo greatly affects how a move is peformed, 
changing it completely to be exact^_^ Learning the timing of the Move
Combos is the key to performing them. Consult my Move List for tips on
the timing of each Move Combo.

Then there are certain moves which can only be performed by comboing it
off of another move. The perfect example would be Misawa's Tiger Driver
'91, which can only performed like so:

Your Burning Guage must be at MAX:

->,dn B...dn B

 The "->,dn B" starts the Tiger Driver(note that you can't use the
Tiger Driver from the Front Grapple to combo into the '91), once Misawa
"dips" his knees to lift the opponent up hit "dn B" and Misawa will
perform the deadly Tiger Driver '91 insteadof the regular Tiger Driver.

Defense (pg 8)

The Defense in GG2K relys mainly on the A Button. There are 3 ways to
Defend yourself:


 Any Strike or Throw in the game can be Reversed, some are easier to
Reverse than others, but they are all reversed in the same manner. At
certain points during a move the word "REVERSAL" will appear on the
screen near the bottom. To successfully reverse a move you have to hit
the A Button when the "REVERSAL" word is on the screen. Some moves can
be reversed at several points during the moves, and sometimes you can
reverse the Reversal. Reversals are the single most important thing to
learn in this game if you want to be successful. Spend some time in
the Practice Mode and just try to Reverse everything your opponent
does. Some wrestlers have individual special Reversals for certain
moves or situations as well.


 Blocking is only effective against Strikes. Hitting "-> A" when an
opponent Strikes at you will block that Strike. A Tekken-like spark
will flash if you successfully block a Strike. Once again, timing is
the most important factor in mastering this technique.


 Guarding is somewhat like Blocking, but there are a few fundamental
differences. You still take some damage from Strikes while Guarding,
and you don't interupt the opponent's combo. Guarding is useful in
setting up a counter, or if you have trouble timing a Block for 
certain Strikes. The Guard is useful for countering when an opponent
throws a flurry of Strikes, after he goes through the combo he'll be
vulnerable or off balance at least. Now you can rush in and grab him
for some damage. With Guarding, you have to be willing to take some
damage in hopes of causing alot of your own.

Burning System (pg 9)

 Above the Stamina Bars and wrestlers' names, is the Burning Guage. At
first, you won't see it. That's because it starts out empty and builds
as you perform and reverse moves during the match. The Guage is 
measured by flames that appear above your wrestler's name. Once the
guage is completely filled, the word MAX will appear in the flames.
Some moves, usually the most damaging, can only be performed when the
Burning Guage is full. With Misawa these moves are the Tiger Driver'91
and Tiger Suplex'85.

  Once the Burning Guage is full you can also activate the "Burning."
There are two forms of Burning, the regular Burning and the One Step
Reversal. While activated, the word BURNING will appear above your 
wrestler's name and a timer of percentage points will appear over
your Stamina. The timer quickly counts down to 0%, when it does your
Burning is over and you'll have to fill your Burning Guage again to
activate it once more. While the Burning is active you can't be 

 You activate the regular Burning by hitting both triggers/C+Z, or
A+B+X+Y as you're standing in the ring. The action will pause and your
wrestler will be shown close up, glowing and with a battle cry below
him. WHen you activate Burning, you gain a full bar of energy.

To activate the One Step Reversal, hit both Triggers/C+Z, or A+B+X+Y as
you're about to get pinned. The One Step Reversal is like one last 
chance to overcome your opponent if you're close to losing. You should
only use it if you have no energy left and won;t be able to kick out of
a pin attempt. The closer to 3.00 the count is when you use the One Step
Reversal, the more percentage points there will be on the timer. Every-
thing else is just like the regular Burning.

 Aside from all the other pluses that the Burning grants you, there's
also the devastating "Burning Combination." To use it you have to have
the Burning active, then hit both Triggers/C+Z, or A+B+X+Y when you're
close to the opponent. Pulling off the Burning Combination is like
trying to pull off a throw, if you're able to Throw the opponent then
the Combination will be performed, if not it won't. Attempting the
Burning Combination uses up the rest of your percentage timer regardless
of if you perform it or not. Check the movelist for the individual
Burning Combinations for the wrestlers.

  In a Tag Match, when both partners are at MAX you can activate the
"Double Burning" feature. Just hit both Triggers/C+Z or A+B+X+Y and
after your wrestler's close up, your partner will climb into the ring.
If you can connect with a United Attack, it will be a more spectacular
one. If you're using one of the real life Tag Teams(Misawa/Ogawa, Team
No Fear, The Movement), the Double Burning feature is the key to
performing their signature moves(Double Tiger Driver, Sandwich Axe 
Bomber, Movement Crusher/Drop). 

Running (pg 10)

 There are two ways to start running at your opponent. Tap towards your
opponent twice, or tap towards the ropes and hit Y. Hit X while running
to perform a Dash Attack. The "<- Y" method will make your wrestler
run and rebound off the ropes then run towards the opponent, the Dash
Attack will do more damage using this method, but it's easier to see
it coming and counter it as well.

Falls (pg 10)

  This is what you're going for^_^ The Fall, the pin, the win! To 
attempt to pin your opponent and win the fall, hit the B button when
they're down. Of course, you have no real chance of winning the Fall
until your opponent's Stamina Guage is in the red bar.

  To try and kick out of a pin attempt, hit any of the buttons and
wiggle the DPad/Stick left and right. You should be able to kick out
of most pin attempts until you get below half of your red Stamina Guage
bar. After that you better start thinking about using the One Step

Building a Good Match (pg 11)

 Aside from just winning a match, you want to put on a good show for the
audience. You can do this by starting a match with simple moves and
streches, and building up to your more powerful moves to finish the
opponent off. This is the All Japan style!

  There are four basic steps to building a good match that the audience
will really enjoy(which is your "score" in this game BTW):

1. Start simple, wearing the opponent down with strikes and stretches
2. Begin using more powerful Strikes and some Throws
3. Use some of your more powerful manuvers, begin using Signature moves
4. Build to a big finish, create a good finishing sequence

  A good finishing sequence is a string of powerful, high impact moves.
Sticking with the Misawa theme, a good finishing sequence would be a
Release German, a Release Tiger Suplex, and finally a Tiger Driver. Some
of his most powerful moves performed in such a short period of time
would surely be too much for any opponent to withstand. The bigger and
better your finishing sequence, the more the audience will like the
match. Burning Combinations are great to use as the "finisher" to your
finishing sequence.

Damage (pg 11)

 As you wrestle a match, you will take and give damage to various body
parts. When significant damage has been done to a particular body part,
the screen will flash and the damage meter for that body part will be
shown. When a body part's damage meter reaches 100%, that part is 
broken. If the opponent puts a submission hold focusing on that part of
the body on you, chances are you'll give up.

 Damage is measured for:

Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Leg
Left Leg

Tag Matches (pg 12-13)

There are a few commands that are specific to Tag Matches only. These


Hit the Y button when you're near your partner to Tag them into the
match. You also use the Y button to call your partner into the ring
when you're in a submission hold or being pinned. You can also Tag your 
partner in while you have the opponent in a grapple, back up close to
your partner and hit Y to tag them in as you hold the opponent.

Double Team Moves

  You perform Double Team Moves by hitting A+B, X+Y, A+X, or Y+B. There
are a few different situations that will yield different Double Team

Hammer Throw Attack

  You perform a Hammer Throw Attack when you Tag in your partner while
Grappling your opponent and hit A+B,X+Y,X+A, or Y+B. Your partner and
you will toss the opponent into the ropes and perform a double attack
on the rebound.

Double Attack

  You perform a Double Attack when it's 1 on 2 in your opponents' favor.
Hitting A+B,X+Y,X+A, or Y+B while close to one of your opponents will
cause you to do a Double Attack which is usually a series of Strikes
on both opponents. A Double Attack will knock the opponent's partner out
of the ring.

Spirit Attack

  When all 4 wrestlers are in the ring, hitting A+B,X+Y,X+A, or Y+B will
when you're close to either opponent will cause you and your partner to
perform a Spirit Attack. In a Spirit Attack you each attack one opponent
with a signature move, and your opponent's partner will be knocked out
of the ring. Leaving them open to receive a:

United Attack

  United Attacks are performed when it's 2 on 1 in your favor and you
hit A+B,X+Y,X+A, or Y+B while close to your opponent. A United Attack
is just what it sounds like. You and your partner unite to attack the
opponent. Some wrestlers have special United Attacks that they only
perform with certain other wrestlers as their partners.

Note that when your or your opponent's partner is knocked out of the
ring they'll be unable to re-enter for a certain period of time. During
this time a large red x will appear over their name. This is the time
you want to go for the pin if you can!

On Screen Display (pg 14-15)
Stamina Guage

  The Stamina Guage is located under each wrestlers' name near the top
of the screen. The Stamina Guage is seperated into 3 bars of energy.
You start out in the green bar, you're in tip top shape while in the
green bar. Once all your energy is drained from the green bar, you 
switch to the yellow bar. You're still not in danger of getting pinned
yet, but you're getting close. Once all the yellow energy is gone, you
only have the red bar left. Once you're down to the red bar you're close
to getting pinned.

Burning Guage

  The Burning Guage is located above each wrestlers' name, it's 
represented by flames that build as the match goes on. Once the Guage
is full, the word MAX will appear in the flames. Most wrestlers have
moves that can only be performed while the Burning Guage is at MAX.
Likewise, you can only activate the Burning feature when the guage is

Time Limit

  The Time Limit appears in the very center of the screen at the top.
If you have the Time Limit off, then there will be no time limit shown.
The time will count down as the match goes on.


  At certain points curing a move the reversal sign will flash near the
bottom of the screen in the center. Hitting the A Button while this sign
is on screen will cause the would-be recipient of the move to Reverse 
out of the move with either a counter or just escape.

Move Name

  The name of the move currently being performed, along with the command
for the move are shown at the very bottom of the screen.

Pause Menu

  Hit the Start button during gameplay to bring up the Pause Menu:

Return to Game
Wrestler Select(stay in current Mode)
Style Select   (stay in current Mode)
Title Menu     (return to the main menu)

Title Menu (pg 16)

Arcade Mode  (1-2P)
History Mode (1P)
VS Mode      (1-8P)
Edit Mode    (1P)
Practice Mode(1P)
Watch Mode
Back Up

Rules (pg 17)

You can win a match by:


 You pin the opponent for the count of 3

Give Up

  You make the opponent submit by applying a hold to a broken body part,
or break a body part while in a submission hold

Referee Stop

  If you break 3 parts of an opponent's body, the referee will stop the
match and name you the winner

Time Limit

  IF the Time Limit runs out, the winner of the match is determined by
who has more Stamina left

Post Match (pg 17)

 After the match, the winner will be standing in the middle of the ring
and the referee will raise his hand. The amount of time it took to win
is shown and the winning manuver is shown below it. The winner's name
will have a green O next to it and the loser's name will have a red X.

  In Arcade Mode, the amount of fans you won with the match are shown
on the bottom left, and the total amount of fans you have is displayed
on the bottom right.


The roster in this game is pretty big. I've divided it up into the 3
Main categories: All Japan Wrestlers, Legends, and Secret Wrestlers. 

All Japan Wrestlers
Mitsuharu Misawa
Toshiaki Kawada
Akira Taue
Kenta Kobashi
Jun Akiyama
Yoshinari Ogawa
Takao Omori
Yoshihiro Takayama
Hiroshi Hase
Tamon Honda
Masahito Kakihara
Kentaro Shiga
Stan Hansen
Steve Williams
Johnny Ace
Mike Barton
Johnny Smith
Wolf Hawkfield
Maunakea Mossman


Giant Baba
Jumbo Tsuruta
Bruiser Brody
Gary Albright
The Destroyer
Fritz Von Erich
Bruno Sammartino
Bobo Brazil
Gene Kiniski
Don Leo Johnson

Secret Wrestlers

WRESTLER                      HOW TO UNLOCK

The Killer(Antonio Inoki)     Beat all matches in HMM. 
The Crusher                   Beat Arcade Single mode with Edit wrestler 
Young Giant Baba              Beat Arcade Single mode using Giant Baba 
Giant Crusher                 Beat Arcade Single mode using The Crusher 
Tigre (Tiger Mask)            Beat Arcade Single mode with Misawa, 
                               Kawada, Taue, Kobashi and Akiyama.
Ogami Kongo(Shinzaki Jinsei)  Beat Arcade Tag mode with Misawa/Ogawa,
                               Kawada/Taue, and Kobashi/Akiyama.

Hyper                         Beat Historic Match No.12 
Mangler (Hashimoto Shinya)    Beat Historic Match No.13
Cylops (Chono Masahiro)       Beat Historic Match No.18 
Diablo (Super Brodie)         Beat Historic Match No.2 
Tiger Erechthion              Beat Historic Match No.8  
Divine Grace (Gracie)         Beat Historic Match No.9 
The Master(The Great Muta)    Beat Historic Match No.23 
Sky High Edge (Hayabusa)      Unlock Ogami Kongo, then beat Arcade Tag 
                               with Omori/Takayama,and Vader/Williams. 

Thanks to GameFAQs for the Secret Wrestler info.
5.                             ARCADE MODE

  Arcade Mode is the port of the Arcade version of the game in Japan. 
Your goal is to win 8 matches and pick up as many fans during those 
matches as you can. If you gain enough fans you'll get to enter your name
in the Top 10. You also unlock some secret wrestlers by beating Arcade
Mode with certain wrestlers.

Select Arcade Mode from the Title Menu:

Select Single or Tag style matches
Select your wrestler(s)

6.                             HISTORY MODE

 History Mode has replaced the Tournament Mode from the last game as the
key to unlocking the game's secrets. In History Mode you must recreate 12
of the greatest matches in All Japan's history(in Sega's opinion anyway,
heh). You do this by performing specific moves when prompted to. 

  Each match has a certain number of "hits." These are the total number 
of moves you have to perform. The counter for these hits is located in 
the bottom-right of the screen in big green numbers. When a "hit" is
about to come up, the numbers will start to blink. After a few seconds
the move you have to perform shows up in the top-center of the screen,
along with a small timer underneath it. You have to perform the move
listed within the amount of time given or you'll MISS! the hit and lose
percentage points. If you do perform the specified move within the time
given, you'll get an OK! for that hit and gain percentage points and 
fans. The key to unlocking secrets is to beat all of the Historic Matches
with more than 80% Accuracy and gaining more than the listed number of
fans. It's possible to recieve BONUS points every now and then as well,
I guess these are for performing moves that actually took place between
the "hits" you must complete. Beat the first 12 and you unlock the 2nd
set of twelve, now you can play the matches in the first 12 from the 
other wrestlers points of view!

<UPDATE 1/5/04>

  I've finally added the "hits" you need to perform in the Historic
Mode. There's already a couple of FAQs on GameFAQs that show how to
beat the Historic Matches, and I highly recommend you check them out,
but I still wanted to add all the moves to my guide so it would feel
"complete." Please note that I'm using the same system for showing
move commands here as I do in the Move List. Check it for the key.


1. Rope Moves: To easily get an opponent in the position you need to 
               perform rope moves, or throw them outside, just Grapple(A) 
               and push them against the nearest side of the ring. Attack 
               as soon as you can after automatically letting go. You can 
               also walk so your back is against the ropes and Grapple(A)
               then DDT <-(B) the opponent and wait for them to get up.

2. Corner Moves: An easy to get the opponent's back to the corner is to
                 back into a corner yourself, then Grapple(A) and DDT<-(B)
                 (or any other move that throws them behind you) them
                 and wait for them to get up. Attack as soon as they do.

3. Diving Moves: When attempting a top rope/diving move, the opponent
                 must be close to the center of the ring. It doesn't
                 have to be the exact center, but no part of their body
                 can be close to the ropes. Use DDTs and Body Slams to
                 position them. If you know a diving move is coming up,
                 soften the opponent up with some big moves so they're
                 less likely to dodge your attack.

The matches are as follows:

Match 1
Giant Baba vs Stan Hansen 4/2/82

Goal: 10500 Fans
      80% Accuracy

10 Hits

10. Russian Legsweep     (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
9.  Jumping Arm Breaker  (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(B)
8.  Chops                (X)(X)(X)
7.  Stomach Kick          dn(X)
6.  Chops                (X)(X)(X)
5.  Chop                 (X)
4.  Chops                (X)(X)(X)
3.  Arm Lock             (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(X)
2.  Chop                 up(X)
1.  32-Mon Kick          (A), ->(B), <- <-/-> ->(X)
    Pin Fall

Match 2
Jumbo Tsuruta/Giant Baba vs Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody 4/20/82

Goal: 7200 Fans
      80% Accuracy

8 Hits

Jumbo Tsuruta
8. Elbow Stamp           (A), up/dn(A), (X)
7. Headlock              (A), (X)
Giant Baba
6. Double Front Kick     (A) near your corner, (Y), (A)+(B)
5. Vertical Chop          ->(X)
Jumbo Tsuruta
4. Jumping Knee Butt     (A), ->(B), <- ->(X)
Giant Baba
3. Russian Legsweep      (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
2. 16-mon kick           (A), ->(B), dn ->(X)
Tag to Tsuruta
1. Jumping Knee Butt     (A), ->(B), <- ->(X)
2nd Pinfall              (do whatever moves you need to win)

Match 3
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Stan Henson 4/18/89

Goal: 5000 Fans
      80% Accuracy

9 Hits

9. Binta                  ->(X)
8. Headlock              (A),(X)
7. Elbow Stamp           (A), up/dn(A), (X)
6. Stomping Rush         ->(X) opponent's back near corner
5. Jumping Knee Butt     (Y), (X)
4. Body Slam             (A), (B)
3. Standing Cobra Twist  (A), up(X)
2. Sledge Hammer         (A), dn(X)
1. Corner Hammer Throw   (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner

Match 4
Mistuharu Misawa vs Jumbo Tsuruta 6/8/90

Goal: 14800 Fans
      80% Accuracy

15 hits

15. Dropkick             -> ->(X)
14. Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
13. Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
12. Elbow Suicida        -> -> (B) opp. back near ropes, ->(X)
11. Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
10. Surfboard Stretch    (A), up/dn (A), (B)...(X)
9.  Arm Lock             (A), up/dn (A),  <-/->(X)
8.  Missle Kick          -> ->(X) opp. down
7.  Front Suplex         <-(B)
6.  Spin Kick            ->(X)
5.  Diving Body Press    up(B) opp. down
4.  Elbow                up(X)
3.  Jump Kick            (A), dn(X)
2.  Spin Kick            ->(X)
1.  German Suplex        (A), up/dn (A), (A), <-(B)

Match 5
Mitsuharu Misawa vs Stan Hansen 3/5/94

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

12 Hits

1.  Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
2.  Headlock             (A), (X)
3.  Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
4.  Sleeper Hold         (A), up/dn (A), (A), (X)
5.  Arm Breaker          (A), up/dn (A), <-/->(B)
6.  Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
7.  Back Elbow           (A), up/dn (A), (A), ->(X)
8.  Front Suplex         <-(B)
9.  Diving Elbow         <-/->(X) opp. down
10. Facelock             (A), up/dn(A), (B)...dn(X)
11. Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
12. Rolling Elbow        <- ->(X)

Match 6
Mitsuharu Misawa  vs Toshiaki Kawada 12/9/95
Kenta Kobashi        Akira Taue     

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

16 Hits

16. Kesagiri Chop        up(X)
15. Rolling Chop         <-(X)
14. Combo Kesagiri Chop  (A), <-(X)
13. Power Bomb           (A), dn(B)
12. Sleeper Hold         (A), up/dn (A), (A), (X)
11. Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
10. Release Tiger Suplex (A), up/dn (A), (A), ->(B)...(B)
9.  Tiger Driver         -> dn(B)
8.  Diving Body Press    up(B) opp. down
7.  Face Lock            (A), up/dn (A), (B)...dn(X)
6.  Rolling Elbow        <- -> (X)
5.  Power Bomb           (A), dn(B)
4.  Moonsault Press      up(B) opp. down
3.  Guillotine Drop      dn(X) opp. down
2.  Kobashi Backdrop     (A), up/dn (A), (A), (B)
1.  Moonsault Press      up(B) opp. down

Match 7
Toshiaki Kawada vs Mitsuharu Misawa 1/22/99

Goal: 3200 Fans
      80% Accuracy

22 Hits

22. Roundhouse            (A), ->(X)
21. Elbow Rush            (A), <-(X)
20. Dash High Kick        (Y), (X)
19. Front Kick            dn ->(X)
18. Elbow Stamp           (A), up/dn(A), (X)
17. Dash High Kick        (Y), (X)
16. Step Kick             (A), dn(X)
15. Jumping Knee Drop     up(X) opp. down
14. Rolling Back Chop     (A), up/dn(A), (A), <- ->(X)
13. Release German Suplex (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)...(B)
12. Kamengiri             up(X)
11. Dangerous Backdrop    (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)...dn(B)
10. German Suplex         (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)
9.  Stretch Plum          (A), up/dn(A), dn(X)
8.  Step kicks            (A), dn(X)
7.  Corner High Kick      (A), ->(B), (X) opp. back near corner
6.  Ubisegiri              -> dn(X)
5.  Sheer Drop Brainbuster ->(B)...dn(B)
4.  Power Bomb            (A), dn(B)
3.  Front kick            dn ->(X)
2.  Yamengiri             up(X)
1.  Sheer Drop Brainbuster ->(B)...dn(B) 

Match 8
Mitsuharu Misawa vs Vader 5/2/95

Goal: 65000 Fans
      80% Accuracy

15 Hits

15. Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
14. Headlock             (A), (X)
13. Combo Elbow          (X)(X)
12. Elbow Rush           ->(X) opp. back near ropes
11. Running Elbow        (Y),(X)
10. Elbow Suicida        -> -> (B) opp. back near ropes, ->(X)
9.  Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
8.  Missile Kick         -> ->(X) opp. down
7.  German Suplex        (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)
6.  Double Arm Superplex ->(B) opp. back near corner
5.  Diving Body Press    up(B) opp. down
4.  Top Rope DDT         -> <-(B) opp. back near corner
3.  Rolling Elbow        <- ->(X)
2.  Mount Elbow          up(X) opp. down, near feet
1.  Burning Combination  L+R at MAX, L+R near opp.

Match 9
Jun Akiyama vs Takao Omori 9/4/99

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

16 hits

16. Head Lock             (A), (X)
15. Elbow                 (X)
14. Jumping Knee Attack   (Y), (X)
13. Jumping Knee Attack   (Y), (X)
12. Arm Breaker           (A), up/dn(A), ->(B)
11. Low Dropkick          -> dn(X)
10. Double Arm Facebuster -> dn(B)
9.  Corner Jumping Knee   (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner, up(X)
8.  Release German Suplex (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)...(B)
7.  Jumping Knee Attack   (Y), (X)
6.  Exploder              -> <-(B)
5.  Jumping Knee Attack   (Y), (X)
4.  Sheerdrop Brainbuster ->(B), dn(B)
3.  Diving Knee Attack    dn ->(X) opp. down
2.  Exploder              -> <-(B)
1.  Exploder              -> <-(B)

Match 10
Kenta Kobashi/Jun Akiyama vs Takao Omori/Yoshihiro Takayama 10/30/99

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

16 hits

16. Jumping Knee         (Y), (X)
15. Corner Jumping Knee  (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner, up(X)
14. Double Tackle        (A) near your corner, (Y), (A)+(B)
13. Kitchen Sink         <-(X) your back near ropes
12. Charging Chop        ->(X)
11. Hold Kesagiri Chop   (A), <-(X)
10. Rolling Chop         (A), up(X)
9.  Jumping Shoulder     (A), ->(B), (X)
8.  Thrash Kick          dn(X)
7.  Machine Gun Chop     ->(X) opp. back to corner
6.  Corner Jumping Knee  (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner, (X)
5.  Thrash Kick          dn(X)
4.  Power Bomb           (A), dn(B)
3.  Combo Elbow          (X)(X)
2.  Rope Elbow           ->(X) opp. back near ropes
1.  Burning Lariat       L+R at MAX, L+R near opp.

Match 11
Jun Akiyama vs Mitsuharu Misawa 2/27/00

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

17 Hits

17. Elbow                    (X)
16. Jumping Knee Attack      (Y), (X)
15. Elbow Stamp              (A), up/dn(A), (X)
14. Jumping Knee Attack      (Y),(X)
13. Exploder                 -> <-(B)
12. DDT                      (A), <-(B)
11. Sleeper Hold             (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
10. Tombstone Pile Driver    dn(B)
9.  Diving Elbow             ->(X) opp. down
8.  Exploder                 -> <-(B)
7.  Neck & Arm Bridge        -> <-(X) opp.down
6.  Exploder                 -> <-(B)
5.  Exploder                 -> <-(B)
4.  Jumping Knee Attack      (Y), (X)
3.  Exploder                 -> <-(B)
2.  Sheer Drop brainbuster   ->(B)...dn(B)
1.  One Hand Clutch Exploder <- dn(B)

Match 12
Kenta Kobashi vs Vader 2/27/00

Goal: 16300 Fans
      80% Accuracy

19 hits

19. Jumping Shoulder Tackle (A), ->(B), (X)
18. Thrash Kick             dn(X)
17. DDT                     (A), <-(B)
16. Corner Jumping Knee     (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner, (X)
15. Corner Knee             (A), ->(B) opp. back near corner, (X)
14. Bodyslam                (A), (B)
13. Guillotine Drop         dn(X) opp. down
12. Sleeper Hold            (A), up/dn (A), (A), (X)
11. Horizontal Chop         (A), ->(X)
10. Diving Shoulder Attack   -> ->(X) opp. down
9.  Kobashi Back Drop       (A), up/dn(A), (B)
8.  Thrash Kick             dn(X)
7.  Machine Gun Chops       ->(X) opp. back near corner
6.  Rolling Chop            <-(X)
5.  Rolling Horizontal Chop (A), up(X)...(X)
4.  Release German Suplex   (A), up/dn(A), <-(B)...(B)
3.  Rolling Chop            <-(X)
2.  Moonsault Press         up(B) opp. down
1.  Dash Lariat             (Y), (X)

Match 13
Giant Baba vs Stan Hansen 4/2/1982

Goal: 90% Accuracy

10 Hits

10. Elbow Stamp          (A), up/dn(A), (X)
9.  Knee Lift            (A), <-(X)
8.  Elbow Stab           (A), up/dn(A), (B)...(X)
7.  Stomach Kick         dn(X)
6.  Sleeper Hold         (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
5.  Counter Elbow        (A), ->(B), (X)
4.  Hansen Elbow Drop    up(X) opp. down
3.  Western Lariat       <- ->(X)
2.  Hammer Throw to Post 1. -> ->(B) opp. back near ropes 
                         2. (Y) exit ring
                         3. (A), ->(B) Hammer Throw to railing
                         4. Run after opp. and (A), ->(B) HT to Post 
1.  Apron Sleeper Hold   ->(X) in ring, as opp. climbs onto apron 

Match 14
Stan Hansen   vs  Jumbo Tsuruta  4.20.82 
Bruiser Brody     Giant Baba

Goal: 90% Accuracy

12 Hits

Stan Hansen
12. Elbow Butt           <-(X)
Bruiser Brody
11. One Arm Bodyslam     (B)
Stan Hansen
10. Elbow Stab           (A), up/dn(A), (B)...(X)
9.  Knee Lift            (A), <-(X)
Bruiser Brody
8.  One Arm Bodyslam     (B)
Stan Hansen
7.  Dropkick              -> ->(X)
Bruiser Brody
6.  Stomping Rush         ->(X) opp. back to corner
5.  Guillotine Drop       dn(X) opp. down
Stan Hansen
4.  Hansen Elbow Drop     up(X) opp. down
Bruiser Brody
3.  Dropkick              (A), ->(B), -> ->(X)
Stan Hansen
2.  Knee Drop             dn(X) opp. down
1.  Hansen Elbow Drop     (X) opp. down
2nd Pinfall               do whatever moves you need to win

Match 15
Stan Hansen vs Jumbo Tsuruta 4.18.89

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      14 Hits

14. Head Lock            (A), (X)
13. Arm Lock             (A), up/dn (A), ->(X)
12. Outside Throw        -> ->(B) opp. back to ropes
11. Hammer Throw to Post 1. -> ->(B) opp. back near ropes 
                         2. (Y) exit ring
                         3. (A), ->(B) Hammer Throw to railing
                         4. Run after opp. and (A), ->(B) HT to Post
10. Sleeper Hold         (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
9.  Knee Lift            (A), <-(X)
8.  Elbow Butt           <-(X)
7.  Knee Lift            (A), <-(X)
6.  Back Drop            (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
5.  Knee Drop            dn(X) opp. down
4.  Elbow Butt           <-(X)
3.  Over the Rope        1. -> ->(B) opp. back near ropes
     Brainbuster         2. ->(B) as opp. climbs onto apron 
2.  Counter Elbow        (A), ->(B), (X)
1.  Hansen Elbow Drop    up(X) opp. down

Match 16
Jumbo Tsuruta vs Mitsuhara Misawa 6.8.90

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      21 Hits

21. Head Lock               (A), (X)
20. Bodyslam                (A), (B)
19. Jumbo Lariat            (A), ->(B), (X)
18. Bodyslam                (A), (B)
17. Jumping Knee Butt       (A), ->(B), <- ->(X)
16. Severe Cobra Twist      (A), up(X)
15. Hammer Throw to Railing (A), ->(B) outside ring 
14. Double Underhook Suplex (A), <-(B)
13. Sleeper Hold            (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
12. Jumping Piledriver      -> dn(B)
11. Flying Bodypress        (A), ->(B), ->(B)
10. Dropkick                -> ->(X)
9.  Bodyslam                (A), (B)
8.  Ultra Jumping Knee      dn -> (X) opp. down
7.  Power Bomb              (A), dn(B)
6.  Bodyslam                (A), (B)
5.  Boston Crab             ->(X) opp. down, near feet
4.  Jumbo Lariat            (A), ->(B), (X)
3.  Jumbo Lariat            (A), ->(B), (X)
2.  Delayed Back Drop       (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
1.  Jumping Knee            (Y), (X)

Match 17
Stan Hansen vs. Mitsuharu Misawa

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      16 Hits
16. Arm Lock             (A), up/dn(A), (X)
15. Stomping             (X) opp. down
14. Kneelift             (A), <-(X)
13. Arm Breaker          (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(B)
12. Sledge Hammer        (A), dn(X)
11. Hansen Elbow Drop    up(X) opp. down
10. Outside Throw        -> ->(B) opp. back near ropes
9.  US Football Tackle   dn ->(X)
8.  Bodyslam             (A), (B)
7.  Hansen Elbow Drop    up(X) opp. down
6.  Stomach Kick         dn(X)
5.  Drop Kick            -> ->(X)
4.  Football Tackle      dn ->(X)
3.  DDT                  (A), <-(B)
2.  Elbow Stamp          up(X)
1.  Power Bomb           (A), dn(B) charge for pin if you want

Match 18
Toshiaki Kawada  vs Mitsuharu Misawa 12.9.95
Akira Taue          Kenta Kobashi

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      20 Hits

20. Back Drop             (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
19. Yamengiri            up(X)
18. Cross Armbar          -> <-(X) opp. on ground near head
17. Knuckle Punch         -> <-(X)
16. Ubisegiri             -> dn(X)
15. Arm Breaker           (A), up/dn (A), ->(B)
14. High Angle Bodyslam   (A), (B)
13. Atomic Whip           (A), up/dn(A), (A), ->(B)
12. Enzuiguri             (A), dn(X)
11. Dynamic DDT           (A), <-(B)
10. Dynamic Kick          dn ->(X)
9.  Corner Nodowa Otoshi  -> ->(B) opp. back to corner
8.  Nodowa Otoshi         -> <-(B)
14. Dash High Kick        (Y), (X)
15. Power Bomb            (A), dn(B)
16. Stretch Plum          (A), up/dn(A), (A), dn(X)
17. Enzui Lariat          (A), up/dn(A), (A), ->(X)
18. Yamengiri             up(X)
19. Dynamic Bomb          (A), dn(B)
20. Nodowa Otoshi         -> <-(B)

Match 19
Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada 1.22.99

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      21 Hits

21. Arm Lock             (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(X)
20. Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
19. Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
18. Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
17. Elbow Stamp          (A), up/dn(A), (X)
16. Elbow Suicida        1. -> -> (B) opp. back to ropes
                         2. -> (X)    opp. outside
15. Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
14. Spinning Backdrop    (A), up/dn(A), (A), (B)
13. Running Elbow        (Y), (X)
12. Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
11. Rolling Elbow        <- ->(X)
10. Elbow Rush           (A), ->(X)
9.  Elbow Stamp          (A), up/dn(A), (X)
8.  Tiger Driver         (A), dn(B)
7.  Tiger Driver '91     -> dn(B)...dn(B)
6.  Tiger Suplex '85     (A), up/dn(A), (A), -> <-(B)
5.  Rear Elbow           (A), up/dn(A), (A), ->(X)
4.  Elbow Butt           (A), up(X)
3.  Missile Kick         -> ->(X) opp. down
2.  Rolling Elbow        <- ->(X)
1.  German Suplex        (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)

Match 20
Vader vs Mitsuharu Misawa 5.2.1999

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      14 Hits

14. Corner Body Blows      ->(X) opp. back near corner
13. Front Suplex           <-(B)
12. Vader Attack           (Y), (X)
11. Corner Vader Hammer    -> ->(X) opp. back near corner
10. Corner Vader Attack    (A), ->(B), (X) opp. back near corner
9.  Short Range Lariat     <- ->(X)
8.  Big Crunch             (A), dn(B)
7.  Lariat                 (A), ->(B), (X)
6.  Sheer Drop Brainbuster ->(B)...dn(B)
5.  Big Van Crush          -> ->(B) opp. down, near head
4.  Sheer Drop Brainbuster ->(B)...dn(B)
3.  3rd Degree German      (A), up/dn(A), (A), -> <-(B)
2.  Moonsault Press        up(B) opp. down
1.  Short Range Lariat     <- ->(X)

Match 21

Takao Omori vs. Jun Akiyama 9.4.1999

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      19 Hits

19. Elbow Smash           up(X)
18. Grapple Elbow Smash 2 (A), up(X)...(X)
17. Arm Lock              (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(X)
16. Arm Breaker           (A), up/dn(A), <-/->(B)
15. Kushi Elbow Smash     (X), (X), (X)
14. Axe Bomber            (Y), (X)
13. DDT                   (A), <-(B)
12. Elbow Smash           up(X)
11. DDT                   (A), <-(B)
10. Piledriver            (A), dn(B)
9.  Bodyslam              (A), (B)
8.  Diving Elbow Drop     up(X) opp. down
7.  Top Rope Brain Buster ->(B) opp. back near corner            
6.  Grapple Elbow Smash   (A), up(X)
5.  Flying Heel Kick      <- ->(X)
4.  Axe Bomber            (Y),(X)
3.  Full Nelson Bomb      (A), up/dn(A), (A), up(B)
2.  Diving Knee Drop      dn(X) opp. down
1.  Axe Bomber            (Y),(X)

Match 22

Takao Omori         vs.  Kenta Kobashi 10.30.1999
Yoshihiro Takayama       Jun Akiyama

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      23 Hits

Takayama (must tag in)
23. Big Boot             dn ->(X)
22. Corner Jumping Knee  (A), ->(B), (X) opp. back near corner
21. Knee Lift            <- ->(X)
20. Big Boot             dn ->(X)
19. Drop Kick            -> ->(X)
18. Axe Bomber           (Y), (X)
17. DDT                  (A), <-(B)
16. Piledriver           (A), dn(B)
15. Sleeper Hold         (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
14. Big Boot             dn ->(X)
13. Guillotine Legdrop   dn(X) opp. down
12. Elbow Smash           up(X)
11. Grapple Elbow Smash 2 (A), up(X)...(X)
10. Kushi Elbow Smash     (X),(X),(X)
9.  Full Nelson Bomb      (A), up/dn(A), (A), up(B)
8.  Diving Elbow Drop     up(X) opp. down
7.  Big Higher Demolition  1. Put opp. in submission hold
                           2. Spirit Attack both opp.
                           4. (A)+(X)/(Y)+(B) both MAX
6.  Flying Heel Kick      <- ->(X)
5.  Dropkick              -> ->(X)
4.  Crossface Lock combo  (A), up/dn(A), (A), dn(X)...<- ->(X)
3.  Sandwich Axe Bomber   1. Tag to Omori, put opp. in submission hold
                          2. Spirit Attack
                          3. (Y)+(B)/(A)+(X) United Attack 3
2.  Big Boot              dn ->(X)
1.  Corner Jumping Knee   (A), ->(B), (X) opp. back near corner

Match 23
Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jun Akiyama  2.27.2000

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      18 Hits

18. Elbow Rush          (A), ->(X)
17. Dropkick            -> ->(X)
16. Elbow Suicida       ->(X) opp. outside
15. Missile Kick        -> ->(X) opp. down
14. Flying Lariat       (A), ->(B), (X)
13. Elbow               (X)
12. Sleeper Hold        (A), up/dn(A), (A), (X)
11. Elbow Stamp         (A), up/dn(A), (X)
10. Running Elbow       (Y), (X)
9.  Facelock            (A), up/dn(A), (B)...dn(X)
8.  Diving Bodypress    up(B) opp. down
7.  German Suplex       (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)
6.  Kushizashi Elbow    (A), ->(B), (X) opp. back near corner
5.  Elbow Butt          (X),(X),(X)
4.  Tiger Driver        (A), dn(B)
3.  Release German      (A), up/dn(A), (A), <-(B)...(B)
2.  Tiger Driver        (A), dn(B)
1.  Rolling Elbow       <- ->(X)

Match 24
Vader vs. Kenta Kobashi 2.27.2000

Goal: 90% Accuracy
      16 Hits

16. Corner Vader Hammer  -> ->(X) opp. back near corner
15. Short Range Lariat   <- ->(X)
14. Hook Punch           ->(X)
13. Front Suplex         <-(B)
12. Body Blow            dn(X)
11. Vader Hammer         (X)
10. Vader Attack         -> ->(X)
9.  Headbutts            (A), up(X)...(X)
8.  Reverse Splash       (A), ->(B), (X),wait for hit dn(B) <corner>
7.  Short Range Lariat   <- ->(X)
6.  Vader Hammer         (X)
5.  Head First German    (A), up/dn(A), (A), -> <-(B)
4.  Head First German    (A), up/dn(A), (A), -> <-(B)
3.  Corner Vader Hammer  -> ->(X) opp. back near corner
2.  Chokeslam            -> <-(B)
1.  Vader Attack         -> ->(X)

7.                                VS. MODE

VS. Mode is where you can play a quick match with a friend or two, or set
up an entire tournament or carnival for some longer lasting action. The
First two options are simple enough, your basic Single and Tag Match.

  The One Night Tournament is where you can setup a single elimination
tournament for up to 8 players.

  The Champion Carnival is like a mini-league. You select up to 8 
wrestlers, who then have a series of matches against each other. Instead
of single eliminaton, each wrestler is awarded points for the outcome of
his matches. 

A Win is 3 points
A Draw is 1 point
A Loss is 0 points

  The World's Strongest Tag Team is just like the Champion Carnival, 
except with Tag Teams.

Starting from the Single option, hitting Left on the DPad would scroll
through the match options in this order:

Singles Match
Select Player/COM setup

Select Wrestlers

Select Arena or Hall

Tag Match
Select Player/COM setup

Select Wrestlers

Select Arena or Hall

One Night Tournament
Select 4 or 8 Man Tournament

Select Left 2/4 Slots

Select Right 2/4 Slots

 A Button toggles between player controlled wrestler slot(PLY) or 
computer controlled wrestler slot(COM). Up/dn moves cursor from slot to
slot, and <-/-> scrolls through list of wrestlers.

Champion Carnival
Select 4, 6, or 8 Man Carnival

 A Button toggles between player controlled wrestler slot(PLY) or
computer controlled wrestler slot(COM). Up/dn moves cursor from slot to
slot, and <-/-> scrolls through list of wrestlers.

World's Strongest Tag Team
Select 4, 6, or 8 Team Carnival

 A Button toggles between player controlled team slot(PLY) or computer
controlled team slot(COM). Up/dn moves cursor from slot to slot, and <-/
-> scrolls through list of wrestlers.

8.                               EDIT MODE

  Edit Mode is where you can create and train a wrestler, it's much
improved over the original game's Edit Mode. There's more moves to learn,
costume accessories, and there's a couple key additions like the ability
to unlearn moves. Much of the information in this Section was generously
sent to me by Alvin Muolic, the creator of the FAQ for the original GG,
and I just did some simple rearranging, renaming, or additional bits of
info. A big, Big, BIG THANK YOU to Alvin for the info.

  After selecting Edit Mode from the Title Menu, you have the following
four choices:

-Wrestler Create (Select the look, fighting style, and name of your 
 --Select Technical, Power, or Submission type of wrestler
  ---Name wrestler
   ----Name wrestler's Catch Copy("THe Great One", etc)
    -----Do you want to keep this wrestler? <Yes> <No>

-Load Wrestler (Load a previously created and saved wrestler from GG2K)

-Load Edit Wrestler from original Giant Gram (If you have a created
 wrestler from the original Giant Gram saved on a VMS, you can load it
 from here)

-Title Menu (Go back to the Main Menu)

There are three screens to play with after you load your wrestler:

-The default screen is called the "status" screen
-The screen you get by pushing the L trigger is called the "locker room"
-The screen you get by pushing the R trigger is where you edit your 

Status Screen

At the status screen, the orange bars (from left to right) are:

-train wrestler (pick an opponent and learn moves/improve your wrestler)
-save wrestler
-load wrestler
-delete wrestler
-return to main game menu

On the left side of the screen, the following information is shown:

-Amount of time you've played this wrestler
-The wrestler's level
-Popularity (roughly corresponds to the fans you've won over)
-Power (from E to SS (E, D, C, B, A, S, SS), though I suspect that SSS
 is available)
-Wrestler affliation/alliance(the guy you've trained with the most)
-Signature Moves (max of two; the two moves you've used the most)

On the right side of the screen, the wrestler type is shown (e.g., 
"suplex type"), underneath that is a graph showing your wrestler's
ability in the 4 move categories:


On the very bottom right corner of the screen is a graph of your 
wrestler's body, if you are damaged in a certain part of your body
the graph will turn red in that area. You should wait and heal a 
little if any of your boy parts get too damaged.

Locker Room

At the locker room screen, the following options are:

-Shop (select masks, shirts, elbow pads, gloves, pants, boots for 
 your wrestler; as your wrestler goes up in experience, the number 
 of choices you have for each category increases. At the bottom of
 the screen is the percentage in the category you've unlocked)
-Change Signature Move Name (the two moves you've used the most)
-"Serif" (change your burning move text, interview speech text, and
 eye-catch copy text)
-Name (modify or change your name)
-Catch Copy (your wrestler's "other" name or description; an example 
 would be calling The Rock, "The Great One", or some other wrestler 
 "Crusher of Dragons")
-Modify Wrestler's Weight

Moves Screen
The edit moves screen lists the following:

-Combine/Trade Moves (pick two moves you don't want and get a new one;
 if you get the option to select "yes" or "no" (hai/iie)then it's 
 worked, and you get a level one version of some move. 
-Delete Move(don't like a move you've learned? delete it)
-Appeal (pick your appeal moves)
-Two "Platon" (Covers a range of moves you can assign: Hammer Throw 
 Attack, Double Attack, Spirit Attack, and two United Attacks)
-Tag Attacks (pick your two tag attacks: one for when you're tagged 
 in by your partner, the other for when the opponent is down)
-Tactics (assuming this is for AI controlled wrestlers; notice the 
 color corresponds to the life bar. Reads from top to bottom as  
 "aggressive", "normal", and "defensive").

  To use your Edit Wrestler in different game modes, load him from the
blank boxes at the bottom of the wrestler select screen.

9.                             PRACTICE MODE

  Practice Mode is where you can hone your skills. If you're having
trouble pulling off a certain manuver, or want to learn the Reversal
timing of something, or just fool around, Practice Mode is here for you.

Select Single or Tag Match

Select wrestlers

Once the Practice Mode starts, hitting Pause will bring up the following

1P Pause

Return to Game
Your Position
 -stay the same
 -center of the ring
 -near the ropes
 -near the corner
 -edge(opponent outside ring, you near ropes)
 -Apron side(you near ropes, opponent climbing onto apron)
Opponent's Position
 -down, face up
 -down, face down
Wrestler Select
Style Select
Title Menu

While the game is paused in Practice Mode you can up the Stamina Bars by
holding down the L Trigger, and increase the Burning Guage by holding 
down the R Trigger.

10.                              WATCH MODE

  Watch Mode lets you watch the computer go up against itself in a Single
or Tag match. Watch mode is good for finding out new moves, learning the 
timing of various manuvers, and it;s good for getting familiar with the
gameplay as well. I'll definitely be using it to watch some of the secret
wrestlers I unlock.

Select Single or Tag style match

Select wrestlers

Select Arena or Hall
11.                                BACK UP

               (Save)  (Load)

[File Description]

/Port A\  /Port B\  /Port C\  /Port D\
 slot 1    slot 1    slot 1    slot 1
 slot 2    slot 2    slot 2    slot 2

*The game doesn't auto load or save, so be sure to always Load when you
first start the game, and Save when you're about to quit.
12.                                OPTIONS

Level:          Easy  Medium  Hard 
Stamina:        1P 50% 75% 100% 125% 150%
                2P 50% 75% 100% 125% 150%
                3P 50% 75% 100% 125% 150%
                4P 50% 75% 100% 125% 150%
Stamina Guage:  Showing    Hidden
Reversal Point: Showing   Hidden
Time Limit:     30min 60min No limit
Screen:         Normal    Wide
Puru Puru Pack: Off    On
3 Pinfall Mode: Off    On
All Japan Mode: Off    On
Sound:         (Hit A for sub menu)
                Audio:      Stereo/Mono
                Sound Test: Sound Effect
                            Background Music
                Volume:     Sound Effect
                            Background Music
                Return to Defaults
                Exit Sound Menu
Key Assign:    (Hit A for sub menu)
                1P Type 1/Type 2/Type 3
                2P Type 1/Type 2/Type 3
                3P Type 1/Type 2/Type 3
                4P Type 1/Type 2/Type 3

                Type 1  Y: Various
                        B: Throw
                        A: Grapple
                        X: Strike
                      L/Z: Appeal
                      R/C: Appeal
                  Burning: L/Z+R/C or A+B+X+Y
              Double Team: A+B/A+X/B+Y/X+Y

                Type 2  Y: Grapple
                        B: Appeal
                        A: Various
                        X: Strike
                      L/Z: Throw
                      R/C: Appeal
                  Burning: B+R/C or A+X+Y+L/Z
              Double Team: A+X/X+Y/A+L(Z)/Y+L(Z)
                Type 3  Y: Appeal
                        B: Grapple
                        A: Strike
                        X: Various
                      L/Z: Appeal
                      R/C: Throw
                  Burning: Y+L/Z
              Double Team: A+B/A+X/B+R(C)/X+R(C)
                Return to Defaults
                Exit Key Assign Menu

Return To Defaults 
Exit Options

13.                          MISC. TIPS AND TRICKS

  This is the section for any little tidbits of info that I don't know
where else to put.

From RiGGS(johnnyclef@earthlink.net):

  I found this out by accident the 2nd day I had it.  After the second
wrestler(s) step(s) into the ring, hold all A+B+X+Y until the formal
introductions.  Instead of the introductions, you'll bumrush the 
opponent(s) and then taunt to add insult.  When you start the match,  
they'll have a chunk taken off their life.   Pretty funny IMO

14.                              THANK YOU'S

Alvin Muolic--For the big, large, huge amount of info on the Edit Mode.
              Be sure to check out his FAQ for the original Giant Gram
              game on the DC. I seriously can't thank you enough^_^

RiGGs(johnnyclef@earthlink.net)--For the skip intro trick

GameFAQs--For the Hidden Wrestler list, and for just being a great site
          to boot!

15.                             NEXT REVISION

  So, I'm playing GG2K again. My next big update will deal with the Edit
Mode. I intend to get a huge amount of info about it in here, so it 
might take a while. I know, I know, it's a couple years too late for all
that you say. Better late than never I say :)

16.                       ABOUT THE AUTHOR

This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 

  If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
mind a few things:

1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
can send it to you, or if I can help you with a part not covered in the
FAQ yet.  I don't really have a set schedule for these things, and you 
can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs. 

2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
ones that are covered in the FAQ. 

3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
track of cheat codes or anything.

  Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I won't
be getting back to you, sorry.

My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net