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This article assumes you are already familiar with Gundam: Renpou
VS Zion DX. For completeness' sake, the controls for Space Combat
are illustrated here:

   NW  N  NE
     \ | /        G  F  J   O
   W - C - E   T
     / | \
   SW  S  SE

N - North. Move Forward. (Tap twice to dash)
E - East. Move Right. (Tap twice to dash)
W - West. Move Left. (Tap twice to dash)
S - South. Move Backward. (Tap twice to dash)
C - Center. Neutral. (Self-explanatory)
NW - Northwest. Move Forward-Left. (Tap twice to dash)
NE - Northeast. Move Forward-Right. (Tap twice to dash)
SW - Southwest. Move Backward-Left. (Tap twice to dash)
SE - Southeast. Move Backward-Right. (Tap twice to dash)
T - Target Selection.
G - Ranged Weapon.
F - Melee Weapon.
J - Jump. Move Upward.
O - Start button/Order Wingman MS


The Dicta Boelcke (Boelcke's Rules) were originally compiled by
Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke in 1916. They were the first and
probably the most successful attempt to lay down ground rules of
air combat, which was quite a new concept at the time of First
World War. These rules were ground-breaking, unique, and
important--although Oswald Boelcke died in an accident, his Dicta
was passed on by his students, most notably his star pupil, the
'Red Baron', Manfred Von Richthoffen (chief inspiration for Char
'Red Comet' Aznable).

Time and again, the Dicta has served aces well; from the Red
Baron in World War I, Erich Hartmann (top fighter pilot of World
War II, with a still-undefeated score of 352 kills), to the early
aces of the Vietnam War. Even modern fighter combat schools such
as the Navy's Top Gun fighter weapons school continue to teach
the Dicta, almost unchanged, to this day.

Although the rules of the Dicta Boelcke were originally developed
for the World War I-era airplanes, they remain fact even in the
age of modern weaponry; High-Tech guided missiles and so-called
'intelligent' weapons systems are nothing without a well-trained
pilot, something the US Navy painfully learned in Vietnam. Time
and again technology has evolved, but the eight basic rules of
the Dicta remain unchallenged.

In the premise of Kido Senshi Gundam, these rules of engagement
become especially true; Most MS combat is done within visual
range, and in space combat, these rules become the lines between
victory or death. The rules are simple, direct, and yet
important. The rules are presented here with respect to the game
mechanics of Renpou VS Zion DX Space Combat, but may also be used
to apply to combat in the ground aspect--albeit to a lesser



Impulsiveness can kill you. Even though speed is of the essence
in this game, it's no good to rush in half-prepared.

Know your enemy. How does he play? What kind of MS does he pilot?
Is he aggressive or passive? Is he a fast, lethal opponent, or
the cold and calculating type? Before challenging anyone, observe
how they play against the CPU or against other players first.

Know the map stage. Is it clear space? Are there obstacles to
take cover behind? Do not MEMORIZE a map; that gives you
familiarity with the map, but lacks flexibility. Be able to view
an old map in a new way, and use that to your advantage.


NEVER break off an attack suddenly, especially if you're still
caught circling your enemy. Do not break for a reload, do not
pause, and above all DO NOT RETREAT when you are ALREADY engaged
with an enemy. Retreating trades off your offensive abilities in
favor of escape--simply put, you make a real nice target when
you're running away from an enemy. Retreat only if you're
outnumbered, outgunned, and have no other hope for victory. In
such a case, you have to be prepared beforehand. (See Dicta #7)

When your enemy is out of ammunition, do not break off your
attack to allow him to reload. ALWAYS go for the kill. You are
under no obligation to be chivalrous; this is a war, you win by
making the other poor schmuck die for HIS country (or Space
Colony, to be exact). Even worse, an enemy might take advantage
of this, proclaim he's out of ammo, and nail you just as you pull


Not every MS in the game is blessed with the horrifying homing
ability of the Gundam or Gelgoog Beam Rifle. Some weapons have
poor accuracy compared to others, and in the case of the GM's
Beam Spray Gun, the accuracy is downright pathetic when compared
to the other Beam Weapons in-game.

The general rule in the game is that the farther you are from an
opponent, the higher the chances that you will see his incoming
fire and dodge it.


At the famed Miramar Naval Air Station's Fighter Weapons School
(better known as "Top Gun"), they teach a simple-to-remember
variant of this Dicta Boelcke rule: "Lose sight, lose the fight".
This is true even in the day of beyond-visual range Radar; if you
lose track of where your enemy is, chances are he'll be able to
use your confusion to ventilate your behind.

This is especially important in RvsZDX's space combat stages.
Even old players of RvsZ will be disoriented the first few times
they run through the Zero-G stages, as it's ridiculously easy to
lose track of an enemy out there. Worse still is when you have to
deal with two (and sometimes more) opponents at different angles
from you. Always be aware of where the enemy is.


Trying to hit an enemy MS from the side is quite difficult,
especially if it is dashing away. It presents a smaller target
area, moves relatively fast, may have a shield equipped, and it
also wastes more ammo than you'd like. As mentioned in Dicta #3,
not everyone is a gifted marksman, and trying to hit a quick
opponent with a Beam Rifle? Good luck.

Thus the two best times to attack an opponent is head-on or from
behind. Now nobody in their right mind would charge straight into
an enemy's sights. Even if it presented a bigger target, hitting
a Guncannon head-on is suicide. The only times wherein this would
be practical is if as a counterattack and confident that you can
survive anything thrown at you by your enemy.

Thus, the best tactic is to attack from behind. Your enemy does
not see you, thus has less chance of dodging or counterattacking.
Take note that RvsZ has a warning system, thus your attack is not
completely by surprise. It does however take time for an enemy to
turn and attack, thus you will still have a slight advantage. It
is effective, safe, and downright common sense to have a good
bead on your target when he is in no position to counterattack.


When in desperation, do not panic and flee. As stated in Dicta
#2, an unplanned, panicky retreat trades off your offensive
capabilities in favor of escape, making you an easy target for
your enemy. When attacked, and confident that you can survive
your enemy's attack, counterattack. Side-dash to circle and
counterattack, or if you think you can dash fast enough, give him
a full spread.


Always make sure there's a way for you to back out and take cover
before you attack. This is for times when you may run out of
ammo, or have weak armor, or for any other reason. Even if you're
piloting a Gundam, Gelgoog, or Ziong, do not for one second
believe that you're invincible. Be prepared to make a break for
it if circumstances call for it.


This is probably the primary thing to remember in a game. The
original Renpou VS Zion normally pit two against two combat
situations. This normally wasn't a problem then, but in RvsZDX,
the Computer AI tends to gang up on a weaker opponent, or one
they happen to chance an advantage on. What happens is that a
single MS may be torn apart by two enemies working in concert
(three if you consider the trio of Doms in the Black Forest
Stage). This doesn't even begin to consider the support craft and
Mobile Armors found 'assisting' the enemy MS in a game.

The best way to avoid this is for each pilot to concentrate on
one MS at a time, leaving your wingman (teammate) to at least
keep the other opponent busy. Though it seems a prudent way to
finish off enemies quicker, double-teaming a single enemy MS
isn't really recommended for two main reasons:

- The additional firepower does more harm than good; you're just
as likely to get in each other's way as hit the enemy. This is
especially true in Melee combat.
- Doubling up also leaves some other enemy machine out there free
to nail you and your teammate from behind.

It's especially important to attack in groups when your side is
at a numerical disadvantage.

There are a lot of hotheads, especially those that fly the more
powerful MS such as the Gundam and the Gelgoog, who expect to
take on all opponents at once. Needless to say, the advantages of
their MS are quickly undermined by the way enemy MS can team up
on them.

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