RGM-79(G) Ground Combat FAQ by Wavehawk

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RGM-79(G) Ground Combat GM FAQ

Version 0.81
Copyright Wavehawk 06/01/2003

06/01/03 - Version 0.81
- Minor updates. Noted that the Gyan's shield in RvsZ DX IS
breakable (unlike the original version).
- Whoops! The trivia note on the MAT49 is supposed to say "ALMOST
EXACTLY", not "EXACTLY". There are still enough differences between
the MAT49 and the Ground GM's 100mm gun to be able to tell the two

03/01/03 - Version 0.80
- First version of Renpou vs Zion DX GM FAQ. This partly based on
my original GM FAQ. Set at 65 CPL.

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are copyright 1979, 2001 Sunrise animation and Bandai Co.

I am a longtime Virtual On fan. When Capcom first came out with
the arcade version of Gundam, I was initially skeptical since
their previous mecha game, Kikaioh (Tech Romancer) did not really
appeal to me, mainly due to it's fighting-game interface.
However, I was thoroughly impressed with the result, and
currently Renpou vs Zion is one of the few new non-shooting gun
games I am currently playing.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend reading Donny's general Renpou VS
Zion FAQ first before going on to this MS-specific FAQ, as it
will save you some trouble later on.

Gundam: Renpou VS Zion uses a standard 8-Way joystick and four-
button control interface. Ideally, the stick should be controlled
by the left hand, and the right hand handles the action buttons
(unless, of course, you happen to be double-jointed). Long-time
players of the Capcom games Spawn: The Devil's Own or Heavy
Metal: Geomatrix should feel right at home, as Gundam uses more
or less the same game engine, with a few new twists.

Renpou VS Zion DX has some additional twists as well, such as
manual reload system, Zero-G stages, and the ability for
Federation players to use Zion MS (and vice versa). It also
allows (in a single-player campaign) the ability to 'command'
your wingman MS by pressing the start button.

Here is the control scheme with respect to the RGM-79(G) GM
(Ground Combat Type). Take note that his MS can only be used in
the Ground stages:

   NW  N  NE
     \ | /        G  F  J   O
   W - C - E   T
     / | \
   SW  S  SE

N - North. Walk forward. (Tap twice to dash)
E - East. Walk right. (Tap twice to dash)
W - West. Walk left. (Tap twice to dash)
S - South. Walk backward. (Tap twice to dash)
NW - Northwest. Walk forward-left. (Tap twice to dash)
NE - Northeast. Walk forward-right. (Tap twice to dash)
SW - Southwest. Walk backward-left. (Tap twice to dash)
SE - Southeast. Walk backward-right. (Tap twice to dash)
T - Target selection.
G - Ranged Weapon (100mm Machinegun/Beam Rifle)
F - Beam Saber.
J - Jump Booster.
O - Start button/Order Wingman MS

RGM-79[G] Ground Combat GM
Earth Federation
Mass-Production General Purpose Mobile Suit
RGM-79(G) "GM Ground Combat Type" (Gundam Mass Production Type)
Head Height: 18.0 Meters
Empty Weight: 53.8 Metric Tons
Loaded Weight: 66.0 Metric Tons
Power Output: 1150 Kilowatts
Armor Material: Luna Titanium Alloy
Total Thrust: 49000 Kilograms/Thrust
Sensor Radius: 6000 Meters
Production Run: 42 Prototypes (6 GM Snipers)
180 Degree Turn Time: 1.6 Seconds
Land Speed: 110 Km/H
- Beam Saber x 2
- 100mm Machine Gun x 1 (50rd)
- Beam Rifle x 1
- Shield

- The GM (pronounced 'Jim'), or Gundam Mass-Production (some
sources call it General Purpose Mass-Production), is the
Federation equivalent of the Zion Zaku. The Ground Combat GM is a
specialized MS for ground combat. Like the GM to the Gundam, the
Ground Combat GM is the lower-cost equivalent of the RX-79(G)
Ground-Combat Gundam. It is the 'grunt' MS of the Federation's
side, and though one of the cheapest Fed MS, is still more
expensive than the Zaku. It only really shines in the hands of a
skilled player.
- The Ground Combat GM functions similarly to the RX-79(G) Ground
Combat Gundam, but has no secondary weapon; it can only mount
either a 100mm Machinegun or a Beam Rifle. Equipped with the Beam
Rifle, it is quite similar to the mass-production GM at long
range, albeit lacking the head-mounted 60mm Vulcan guns.
- In Gundam history, the Ground Combat GM actually predates the
mass-produced RGM-79 GM. Only 42 were ever produced, but were
noticably better than the later mass-production GM in terms of
Earthbound combat.
- The Ground Type GM comes in a Desert Tan and Orange color
scheme. The Zion 'captured' Ground Type GM comes in a Forest
Green and Light Gray color scheme slightly similar to the GM
Sniper colors seen in the 08th MS Team.


"I love to reload during a battle..."
- Revolver Ocelot, Metal Gear Solid

There are many problems with the Mass-Production GM. Though built
on the RX-78 Gundam's design, it was considerably weaker in terms
of armor and weaponry. It excels at close combat, but at longer
range, it's Beam Spray Gun was not as powerful or accurate as the
RX-77 Guncannon's, let alone the RX-78 Gundam. The Ground Combat
GM, on the other hand, is a hardier piece of machinery to use,
and more effective. It lacks the 60mm Vulcan equipped on the
RGM-79, but has better armor and a better weapons selection. (And
it looks cooler, to boot. :p )

For the purposes of this FAQ, the RGM-79 Mass-Production GM will
be referred as simply the 'GM', and the RGM-79(G) Ground Combat
GM as either the 'Ground Combat GM', or the 'GM Ground Type'.

- First rule of thumb (for ALL players): Stay alert. It's easy to
lose yourself in what you're doing, so much so that an enemy
could easily get the jump on you. Especially one who's just
respawned and falling from the sky. In the upper-right corner is
the radar. Red dots are your enemies and the green cone is your
MS' field of vision. Be aware of where your enemy is, and keep on
your toes. In DX, the radar is VITAL, as often the enemy MS will
move quickly enough to get around you and attack.

- If your MS has a shield and is moving backward when it is fired
upon, the MS will raise its shield to defend, thus taking no
damage. However, the shield itself will be damaged, and it's only
a matter of time before that is destroyed. I have observed this
with the Gundam and the GM. The Gyan, on the other hand, ALWAYS
has its shield up since it houses its primary weapon, but the
shield is small. Unlike the original game, however, the RvsZ DX
version Gyan's shield CAN be destroyed. The Ground Type GM's
shield is very small and takes only a little damage before

- Donny has noted that in a two-player game, both players
shouldn't attack the same enemy MS. In close combat, it's easy
for one of you to attack a teammate as well as an opponent; the
slashing attacks of the GM's Beam Saber have to be watched
carefully. Thus, if a partner GM is already in close combat, STAY

- CAUTION: In DX, there's a new twist to the game: The addition
of Zero-G space stages. Even veteran players of RvsZ will be
thrown for a loop the first time they experience the stages,
which are true 360-degree environments. If you are easily
nauseated or cannot handle disorientation very well, it is
recommended that you do not play this game.

- In RvsZDX, you will now be asked to select a Ground Combat and
a Space Combat MS prior to starting the game, in that order. You
may also select a 'captured' enemy MS. The Ground Type GM is a
ground-only MS, thus you will most likely be using a different MS
in the space stages.

- The Ground GM has no secondary attack. if you press the
Secondary Attack button combination (G and F), the Ground GM will
signal to his partner. Not much use other than to taunt enemies
or signal teammates for an all-clear. Make sure you DON'T do this
while in the middle of a fight.

- In RvsZDX, you can press the Start button to give orders to our
Wingman. The small set of Japanese words (assuming you're playing
on an Asian RvsZDX machine) on the right-hand side on top of the
Weapon and power HUD displays the status of your Wingman AI. This
is not visible in the original RvsZ or in the two-player Co-Op
game. By default, it is set to NORMAL mode. Pressing the Start
button cycles the orders as follows:
	Attack (At Will - Targeted enemy)
	Attack (Ranged - Targeted Enemy)
	Attack (Melee - Targeted Enemy)

Normal: This is regular AI combat, which is only marginally
helpful. Basically the same as the original RvsZ AI tactics,
which don't work very well in the DX game. The words are in

Attack (At Will): This sets the Wingman to a more aggressive
attack style. They will attack at will, normally the enemy you
were aiming at when you issued the command.

Attack (Gun): Fire Support-Gun. This toggles the Wingman to aid
you by attacking at long range. The drawback is that the Wignman
will be so fixated on gun combat that it will not go into melee
mode when attacked at close range.

Attack (Melee): Fire Support-Melee. This toggles the Wingman to
aid you by attacking at close range. The opposite of the Fire
Support-Gun command, the drawback of this command is that the
Wingman will be fixated on melee combat and will not use its gun
when attacked at long range.

Evade: Issue this command if you want your Wingman to retreat,
for times wherein you do NOT want him to die. The kanji in this
command screen are easy to decipher; if you see something that
looks like two squares (one inside the other), this is the Kanji
for 'leave' or 'flee'.


On the Federation side, the only MS with customizable weapons
layouts are the Gundams RX-78 and RX-79(G), and the GM Ground
Type. The regular GM does not have any alternate weapons layouts.
Take note also that although both the Ground Type GM and GM have
Beam Sabers, the way that they use them is completely different.

- One of two main weapons available to the GM Ground Type. It is
appearance-wise the same as the Ground Combat Gundam's Beam
Rifle, but functions just like the GM's the Beam Spray Gun. As
for all Beam Weaponry, there are a few notes to consider:
* Beam Rifles cannot autofire like autocannon or machineguns,
but are single-shot.
* When at less than maximum ammo count and not in use, long-range
Beam Weapons recharge slowly (at a rate of 1 shot/10 seconds), so
don't waste your shots; make each one count and restrain the urge
to empty your clip.
* Beam Rifles have a slightly slower firing rate than Beam Spray
Guns. The Ground Combat GM's Beam Rifle seems to be similar to
the GM Beam Spray Gun in terms of power and accuracy, which is a
pain. NOTE: If anyone can confirm this for certain, please let me
* Beam Weapons penetrate through enemy and friendly MS alike. Be
aware not only of what you're shooting, but what lies directly
behind your target.
* When confronted with Beam Weapons, the best defense is to NOT
get hit. The Ground Type is slightly slower than the Space Type
but should still be reasonably quick enough to avoid most enemy

- The 100mm Machinegun is the other weapon the Ground Type GM
shares in common with the Ground Combat Gundam. IMHO, it is the
more useful of the two weapons available to the Ground Type GM,
as it functions like the Zaku 120mm Machinegun. It is not as
powerful as a Bazooka or Beam Rifle, but the 100mm gun has its
* Machineguns fire off a short burst of 5-6 shots, and track
better than most weapons. The 100mm Machinegun is fairly
accurate, and an easy match for the Zaku 120mm Machinegun.
* The 100mm Machinegun has a small 50-round ammunition clip,
smaller than that of the Zaku. When empty, you must STAND (i.e.
no movement at all) and press the G button once again to reload.
Because of their ammo-based nature, machineguns reload faster
than Beam Weaponry. The Ground Type GM and Ground Type Gundam
have IMHO the coolest reload animations in the game, but it can
take about 1.2 seconds for the animation to cycle before you're
able to move again.
* If the entire burst connects, the target MS will stagger. If it
was about to fire a weapon it will be cancelled. Very good
counter to Cannon or Bazooka fire.
* MS are usually not knocked down by Machinegun fire. It is
generally good to follow up a Machinegun attack with a more
powerful melee attack if at close range, while the enemy is still

- The Ground Combat GM introduces a new aspect to RvsZ: Manual
reloading. In a nutshell, this means that your ammo-based weapon
will no longer wait for an auto-reload after being emptied; you
will have to load the weapon yourself. The good news is that
other than the new reload animation, there's no real waiting time
when reloading, unlike the few seconds waiting time for other
ammo weaponry. The Ground Combat GM and the Ground Combat
Gundam's 100mm is the only weapon in the game that requires
manual reloading.

- There are two ways to reload. In the first case, your weapon
must be empty. STAND (i.e. do not move) and press the G button to
reload. This is the normal reload. The obvious problem with this
is when you're empty and in the middle of a firefight, you just
can't afford to stand there reloading while an enemy takes a
whack at you.

- In the second (and recommended) method, you can reload even if
your ammo clip is not empty (Tactical Reload). In this case, you
STAND and press G and J simultaneously. The reload animation time
is the same as normal reloading. Use the Tactical Reload if you
have a small amount of ammo remaining and you're behind cover.

- In the span of time it takes for you to reload, you're a
sitting duck. It's in this situation I'm thankful for being a
Rainbow Six fan. When you empty your 100mm Machinegun, make sure
your enemy is down, or else head for cover before you reload
(which takes about 1.2 seconds last I checked). Remember that you
must be standing up, not walking or jumping, in order to reload.
If your enemy is still standing when your 100mm gun is empty,
either evade him or attack with the Beam Saber. In either case,
NEVER reload while your enemy's in a position to attack you.

- The 100mm gun is the one of the most utilitarian of the MS
weapons in the game. It has no recoil, and reloads quickly. The
firing rate is the same as the Zaku's 120mm, and though weak it
can still pack a punch in both ranged and close combat.

- The 100mm also has incredibly good tracking; One of the better
tactics I've seen is to side-dash and fire the 100mm at close
range. At close range, you will not dash off to the side but
circle your opponent (due to the Target Acquisition). Using this
in conjunction with the 100mm effectively circles your enemy
while peppering him with machinegun fire. Because of the 100mm
tracking, the gun will remain pointed at your enemy while you
dash. Virtual On fans will recognize this immediately--the
Circular Attack.

- The 2x3 tactic used by RvsZ players was originally developed
because of the Zaku's 120mm Machinegun. Most of the automatic
weapons in RvsZ fire in rapid bursts of 5 shots, depending on how
long you hold down on the firing trigger. A tactic is to fire the
first two shots of the burst, to force the enemy MS to move. As
it dodges, fire the remaining 3 shots, and these will more often
than not connect. The 100mm gun can do this as well.

- The 100mm machinegun can set off Bazooka shells. When a Dom or
Zaku fires off its Bazooka, you can try firing your 100mm gun and
blow up the shell before it reaches you. If you get the jump on
an enemy, this can also set off the shell as it fires; the area
effect of the bazooka explosion will do some level of damage to
your enemy. It doesn't seem to work against Magella Top shells,

- TRIVIA: The 100mm Machinegun used by the Ground GM and Ground
Gundam seems to be partly inspired by an old (1949-issue) French
Army/Foreign Legion submachinegun called the MAT49 (Manufacture
d'Armes de Tulle, Type 49). The magazine housing is unusual, in
that it pivots forward to lie against the bottom of the barrel.
In that position it looks ALMOST EXACTLY like the Ground GM's 100mm
Machinegun (!). This SMG was eventually replaced by the FA-MAS
(Fusil Automatique - Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne) bullpup
rifle in the 1980's. Sharp-eyed Gundam fans will note that the
bullpup GM Rifles seen in Gundam 0083 (3 years after the One-Year
War/RvsZ) are obviously inspired by the FA-MAS. :)

- The original GM Beam Saber is weaker than the Gundam's Beam
Saber due to the GM's lower power output. The Ground Type GM's
Beam Saber is much more powerful than it's Mass-Production
sibling, but has the disadvantage of being a lot slower as well.
Like all melee attacks, the Ground Type GM dashes forward in
close combat, but it has somewhat shorter range than the GM Beam

- The saber used in combination (F, F) starts out with a short
sideways cut from left to right, then the GM stabs the Saber
forward. It is similar to the Mass-Production GM's combo attack.

- The saber used in very close combat (F, F) starts out with a
sideways cut from left to right, then the GM brings the blade
above its head to stab the enemy MS from above.

- Pressing the Jump and Melee (J and F) buttons simultaneously
has the Ground Type GM do a backhanded clockwise spin and slash,
in some aspects like the Dom's spin slash but not as cool, and
much slower to execute. Like the Dom's attack, it's an instant
knockdown if it connects, but due to its slow speed it is
relatively easy to dodge and predict. Only recommended if your
enemy is in very close range.

- The aerial version of the saber is a similar left-to-right
slash. Unlike the 'regular' GM's Aerial attack, the Ground GM's
slash can set up an enemy for a combo melee attack.

- The basic 2-hit combo is a Melee attack following immediately
after the aerial slash (F,F). The aerial side-slash is followed
up by a fast, short, awkward sideways cut that has a small hit
area. Not recommended.

- The second, more damaging attack is when you press Jump and
Melee (J and F) again. The Aerial slash is then followed up with
a shield bash from right to left, and ends with a downward slash
down the centreline. This is by far the most powerful of the
Ground GM's melee attacks, definitely more useful than the
original GM's slash. Keep in mind that once the combo has started
(Shield Bash), you can't cancel the third attack. One warning
about the Aerial J,F,J+F Combo: The Shield Bash (Second blow) is
a short-range attack, shorter than the initial Saber slice. If
you're not careful, your first slash will hit, but the second
(Shield Bash) will miss, giving your enemy time to dodge or even
counterattack before you land the third, vertical slash.

Take note that both Federation and Zion now have access to
'enemy' MS in RvsZDX, so be warned! It is quite possible for a
Ground Type GM to meet another Ground Type GM in combat!

MS-05 Zaku/MS-06 Zaku II/MS-06S Char's Zaku
- For all intents and purposes, the many Zaku variants are pretty
much the same in performance and armor with little difference
between each, save for Char's Zaku. The Ground Combat GM is a
good foil to the Zakus. Although it lacks a secondary weapon, the
100mm Machinegun can match the Zakus foot for foot in terms of
accuracy and reliability. The Ground GM with Beam Rifle is a lot
like the GM with a Beam Spray Gun--more powerful, but lacks the
accuracy of the Zaku's Machinegun or Bazooka. My advice: keep the
100mm gun, as it's the best weapon to use overall.

- The Zaku I fights unarmed, with kicks and punches. Unlike in
the original RvsZ, the Zaku I is meaner, and it's melee attacks
have changed (I swear, the damn thing must be a Virtua Fighter
fan; I got repeatedly knocked down by a Zaku using an Akira Yuuki
signature move). The Ground GM's Beam Saber has more power and
better reach than the Zaku I's melee attacks, but unlike the
original game, you can bet that the DX-version Zaku I won't take
it quietly.

- The Zaku II and Char's Zaku posess a Heat Hawk which comes out
fast, but roughly equal to the GM's Beam Saber. Zakus usually
aren't much of an opponent individually, but their sheer numbers
and low cost can swamp you. This is especially now with DX's AI
favoring team attacks. Expect a pair of Zakus to gang up on you
with simultaenous attacks. Stunning the Zaku with the 100mm
machinegun is a good set-up for an incoming Beam Saber attack.

- The 120mm Zaku Machinegun (MMP-78) is the standard weapon among
all Zaku. Though it is the second weakest primary weapon for the
Zions in the game (only the Agguy's 105mm and Gouf's 75mm cannon
are weaker), it packs a lot of ammunition (120 rounds for Zaku
I/II, 160 for Char's Zaku) and a sustained burst is powerful
enough to stun an enemy MS without knocking it down (ideal for a
combination attack). It's the same as the Ground GM's 100mm
Machinegun, only it doesn't need to reload as often due to it's
larger capacity.

- On the other hand, the Zaku 120mm gun can't do a Tactical
Reload, so if you manage your 100mm gun well, you'll almost never
find yourself empty. The hail of 120mm ammo will hit hard enough
to throw your aim and cancel the firing of your weapons. The
100mm seems to do the same amount of damage as the 120mm, at
least from observation.

- The 280mm Zaku Bazooka is the second choice weapon of all Zaku
variants, and the one most commonly used by human players. Since
a bazooka has a lot of power and no recoil, it is an easy
favorite for Zion players. One of its other advantages is area
effect; if a bazooka shell explodes, the area explosion will do
some level of damage. Finally, the Bazooka is quite effective at
knocking down opponents due to its power. The drawback of the
Bazooka is that it has a slightly slower firing rate than the
Zaku Machinegun, so use that to your advantage. It is possible to
shoot the shells as they are fired; if you manage to fire your
weapon at the Zaku as it fires the Bazooka, you could hit the
shell as well. This is a lot easier to do with the 100mm gun than
the Beam Rifle, though.

- The Cracker is a Zaku-sized grenade. In DX, the throwing arc
has lessened, thus the Zaku's grenade travels straighter than in
the original game. Its explosive effect covers enough of an area
to damage an MS or at least stun it. It is not as good an
indirect-fire weapon as before, but it's still capable of going
over obstacles such in order to hit an MS on the other side. It
works exceptionally well when two MS are close together, so try
to keep out of range. The Cracker can also be used to knock an MS
out of its jump, so be wary of this. Zakus usually pack only a
pair of Crackers at a time, but this weapon reloads fairly

- The 175mm Magella Top Cannon is only available to the regular
Zaku II (Not to the Zaku I or Char's Zaku II). It is a powerful
artillery weapon, and thus suffers disadvantages from it, such as
slow rate of fire, and the necessity to stand still while firing.
A Zaku is light, thus it has to step back slightly after firing a
shot. A GM could anticipate a Magella Top shot, once the Zaku
fires, quickly sidestep and counter with your gun. It will most
likely hit, as the Zaku will be caught in mid-recovery.

- A Zaku with a Magella Top can go into Sniper Mode, just like
the Ground Gundam (180mm Cannon), Guncannon and Guntank, but it
can only fire the Magella Top in that mode. CPU rarely uses
Sniper Mode, but if it does, remember that an MS in Sniper Mode
(You can tell since it is kneeling down and not moving) is a
sitting duck for a direct-fire or melee attack.

- Another Zaku II-only option are the Missile Packs. This
replaces the Cracker as a subweapon, while the 120mm gun is the
main weapon. The Missile pack carries 6 shots, and it takes
considerably longer than the cracker to aim and fire on the
ground. Since they are housed on the legs, the Zaku must kneel in
order to fire them. They are far more dangerous when fired in
air, though, as a Zaku may let three missiles loose at a time in
mid-air, and these missiles home in rather well. The Ground GM is
not as nimble as its mass-production sibling, but is relatively
fast enough to get out of the way in time. Still, don't get
caught with your pants down.

- Char's Zaku has less armor than the other Zaku, but it packs
more ammunition for its MMP-78 and Bazooka. It is also faster and
more agile than the other Zaku, and it packs Char's trademark
flying kick as well. The speed of the Char Zaku makes it a lot
harder to hit than the other Zakus, and its recovery is at times
inhumanly fast (it's a Newtype MS). This is where the 100mm gun
matters; while it will still take a lot to hit Char's Zaku, the
100mm gun's burst fire will give a higher chance of actually
hitting the enemy than a Beam Rifle can.

MS-07B Gouf
- The Gouf is tough at short-range combat; after all it was
designed for close combat more than any other Zion MS (save for
the Gyan). Thus, its 75mm Hand Cannon is the single weakest
ranged weapon in the game short of the GM/Gundam Vulcan Guns. As
much as possible, avoid engaging in direct close range combat
with this MS, as its Heat Sword and Heat Rod(whip) can do serious
damage to you at those ranges.

- The Gouf is also quite fast--not as fast on its feet as a Dom,
but definitely fast enough to keep your Ground GM on its toes. In
fact, a lot of Gouf pilots in close combat are like the Mass-
production GM pilots--they know that the best kills they can do
are in close quarters. It's SPECIFICALLY designed for close
combat as opposed to the General-Purpose GM. On the other hand,
the Ground GM's a lot tougher than it's red-shirted baby

- The Gouf's Heat Rod can reach up to near medium range, and
unlike most attacks, the whip can flail from side to side, thus
simply sidestepping it is not enough. In DX, the Heat Rod's
recovery time is also much faster than the original; I've seen a
Gouf do two simultaneous lashings of the Heat Rod in one battle--
and this is the AI opponent.

- The Heat Saber is the Gouf's most effective weapon, especially
with the way the Gouf slashes (very wide cutting strokes). But at
long range, the Gouf is a literal pussycat as long as you can
avoid the 75mm cannon (which doesn't do much for it, either). The
100mm gun is a far better weapon, but still don't forget to dodge
the gunfire.

- Fear the Gouf pilot that gets within close quarters. A skilled
Gouf pilot can really put the fear of God into you, as its
weapons assortment in melee combat makes the GM Beam Saber look
pitiful. In fact, the Gouf's Heat Saber is more powerful than the
GM's Beam Saber. Where possible, use your 100mm gun to stun the
Gouf before attacking.

- Once a Gouf gets in close, you usually only have a fraction of
a second to dodge and counterattack before he destroys you.
Remember that the Gouf's Heat Saber comes out just a bit faster
than the Gound GM's Beam Saber. Even then, it's possible that the
Gouf will lash out its Heat Rod and swing it around; this weapon
has a 360 degree attack that can hit even an enemy directly
behind the Gouf, so watch out.

- Try to thwack the Gouf from behind with your Beam Saber. If you
go into close combat with this MS, keep it noncommittal; hit and
run tactics are safer for the Ground GM, as the Gouf can have you
for breakfast in an extended CQB melee. If you must go into melee
ranges, don't play the Gouf's game. Attack it with your gun from
behind and when you connect, don't let up.

YMS-15 Gyan
- The Gyan in DX is far more dangerous in melee than before. Of
course, it now also costs more. Keep as far away from the Gyan as
possible. It's missiles are it's only ranged weapon, powerful
enough, but it's nothing compared with it's Spider Mines and Beam
Saber. The Gyan is similar to the Gouf in the sense that close
combat is its specialty. The Spider Mines it uses are miniature
booby-traps; walk into them and they explode like multiple
Cracker grenades.

- Players don't seem to like using the Spider Mines too often,
but one Gyan tactic is to knock down an enemy, then step back,
launching the Spider Mines over the downed enemy, thus ensuring
another stun hit when you get up. If you see this happen, roll
away (move control stick while still on the ground). One tactic
would be to keep at least medium-range distance, and when the
Gyan launches the Spider Mines, fire your 100mm to set them off
at range. This will set off the Mines and damage the Gyan. You
can also try this with the Beam Rifle, but it's not recommended
to use precious Beam energy just for that.

- The Gyan is also incredibly well-protected. It has a much
tougher shield than the other mecha (since the shield fires
Missiles, it takes a lot more punishment than most other MS
shields). In close-combat, the Gyan is nimble and tricky to deal
with. Try to keep your distance as it does more damage in close
combat than a Gouf, as well as to avoid those Spider Mines.

- The Gyan underwater sucks hard. While this will probably only
happen in vs matches, it's good to know that the Gyan loses most
of its agility and speed when submerged, while the Ground GM only
suffers a small slowdown. In the Belfast and Jaburo(aboveground)
stages, this is the place to get the jump on the Gyan, and
possibly the only stage wherein its a sitting duck.

- In DX, a human-controlled Gyan costs 1/2 the resource bar, so
don't hesitate to pound on it at range. Like the Gouf, however,
try not to get into an extended melee battle with it unless

MS-09 Dom
- As far back as the original RvsZ, the Dom has always been a
pain for the GM player. Thankfully, the Ground Combat GM is a far
better MS to deal with those fast fat b'trds at range. The 100mm
machinegun is a lot better at hitting and stunning Doms than the
Beam Rifle, so stick with it if possible. If you pick the Beam
Rifle, use more conservative tactics. Remember that melee attacks
and air-dash attacks are relatively fast; use this to your
advantage in combatting the fast-dashing Doms.

- If you're equipped with the Beam Rifle, conserve your shots for
times when the Dom has its back turned, is air-dashing straight
at you, or is stunned by your partner's shots. A Dom will often
dodge at the very last second if it can see your shots, thus
don't waste them.

- If you against the Doms equipped with the 100mm, you'll notice
life will be a lot easier. The 100mm tracks the Doms better and
connects more often, so it's the ideal weapon to use against

- My tactic from the original RvsZ was to get as close to the Dom
as possible, then do an aerial Beam Saber attack (jump, then dash
forward Beam Saber). While it's still somewhat valid, the much-
improved AI in DX makes this tactic far more risky to execute.
The good news is that the Ground GM's jumping J+F combination
makes the jump attack far more worthwhile--I once managed to hit
two Doms at once with the first attack, and while the left-side
Dom was still stunned by the initial slash, finished off the Dom
right in front of me.

- Keep in mind that a Beam Saber is a homing attack, thus you
will automatically lock on to the Dom, with a very strong chance
of connecting. This trait of the Beam Saber allows the GM to
catch up to a Dom and slash at it. The initial attack will stun
the Dom, follow it up with a second slash to knock it down.
Repeat as necessary. The Ground GM's homing ability is slightly
shorter than the regular GM's.

- Watch out for the Giant Bazooka. It's the weakest of the
Bazookas in the Zion arsenal (due to game balance reasons), but
it still packs a punch. Especially in knocking GMs out of the
sky. Use your 100mm to set it off in the Dom's face; not only
will it be humiliating for the Dom, the peripheral explosion will
do some damage and stun the Dom as well.

- Remember, the best thing to do would be to keep moving. A
stationary GM is a dead GM, especially when dealing with
something as fast on its feet as the Dom. Use the 100mm to best
effect against your enemy.

MSM-01 Zock
- Don't be fooled by its bulky appearance; the Zock is actually a
highly maneuverable MS, especially in water stages. It fires a
total of eight Beam Cannons, four in front and four behind, so
keep to its side where possible. It also has a head-mounted Beam
Gun that works well in knocking jumping enemies out of the sky,
so don't try to jump-attack it too often, as it will quickly get
wise to you. This giant MA costs 1/3 the resource bar, but you'll
find that like the Dom, it slides pretty well along flat terrain.

- The Zock's 8 Beam Cannon recharge so insanely fast, there's no
chance of it ever running out. This is probably it's greatest
strength, so it goes without saying that if a Zock is looking at
you, you're as good as dead...

- For RvsZ DX, the Zock only turns up in the second half of the
Jaburo stage. At times, you will have the unfortunate opportunity
to fight two Zocks at once, which is a pain.

- Underwater, the Zock can actually fly around like a submarine
(although I've only seen human players do this), and its head-
mounted Beam Gun becomes a forward-shooting Beam Rifle. In this
mode, the Zock is faster and more maneuverable. It can't use the
8 Beam Cannons, but it can 'fly' underwater, becoming a hard
target to hit. Stunning a Zock while it is in this form will
cause it to revert back to its normal (upright) stance.

- With the Zock's two-faced design and front-back 8-way Beam
Cannon, it's next to impossible to tell which is its front and
which is its rear. You will have to try and attack this MA at an
angle (avoiding the 8 Beam Cannons) and at its sides, where it is
most vulnerable. The one good thing is that the Zock is large, so
hitting its side is difficult but not impossible.

- Once again, the 100mm gun helps, but it does less damage than
one would want. This is one of the cases wherein the Beam Rifle
is actually better; if you can reasonably hit a large target like
the Zock, it's the way to go.

MSM-03 Gogg
- The Gogg has a different sort of Beam Cannon; instead of
straight powerful beams, it shoots a shotgun-like spray of beam
shot that has fairly good range as well as damage. It is rather
slow on the ground, but packs very thick armor and a pair of
homing torpedoes/rockets that can also be a serious problem.

- Even though they're called "Torpedoes", these weapons can
easily leap out of the water and act like normal rockets with no
penalty at all. They're not exceptionally hard to dodge, though.

- The Gogg, like the Z'Gok and Agguy, excels underwater. However,
this dumpy-looking Marine Mobile Suit is a bigger and relatively
easier target to hit than the Z'Gok or Agguy partly due to its
size and its slower movement. The Gogg's weakness becomes readily
apparent when it engages aboveground; despite its power it packs,
it is the slowest Zion MS in the game.

- Even though it's slow, the Gogg packs a punch at close range.
It only needs to hit you once or twice to do serious damage, so
as with all enemies, flank it first before attacking. Beware the
sudden forward rush attack ("The Headbutt of Love", as Gogg fans
call it). In DX, the AI is smart enough to use this attack A LOT
in close combat, so watch it.

- With the 100mm machinegun, the Gogg is a sitting duck. Though
it can dodge, the MS' wide girth will make it an easy target to
track and hit. It's not all that hard to hit the Gogg with the
Beam Rifle, either. On the ground and out of the water, the Gogg
is rather easy to hit, but don't get too cocky or careless.

- Confirmed. The "Standing Gogg" bug that happens in the original
RvsZ no longer happens in DX. The Gogg is no longer prone to
'freezing' in place for periods of time, and is more aggressive.

MSM-04 Agguy
- Otherwise known as "Huggy Bear". The Agguy is the cheapest of
the Marine Mobile Suits. It has retractable claws for close
combat and a 105mm Autocannon that is slightly weaker than the
Zaku Machinegun but not as accurate. Finally, a hand-mounted
Rocket Cannon rounds out the set.

- The Agguy is not an exceptionally difficult MS to deal with;
but woe be to whomever underestimates this scruffy little
machine. It's the Zion's Economy Marine Mobile Suit, cheaper than
the Z'Gok, Gogg, and Zock MS.

- The Agguy is Zion's cheapest marine MS, and only turns up in
the second half of the Jaburo stage. It's not as dumpy as the
Gogg, but isn't altogether too difficult at range. Like the Zaku
I, however, the Agguy in DX is meaner and packs a punch at close

MSM-07 Z'Gok/MSM-07S Char's Z'Gok
- Keep AWAY from the Z'Gok. ESPECIALLY if it happens to be done
in Char's trademark crimson-red color scheme. Its close-combat
attacks are fast despite its heavy-looking appearance, and it can
dish out serious amounts of pain with just one two-hit combo. It
also has the advantage in the water, with it's slow but accurate
Beam Cannon and the 240mm Rockets.

- The Z'Gok's 240mm Rockets fire in a 6-shot burst and come out
relatively quickly, slower than a Machinegun but faster than most
of the ammo-based big guns...and packing enough power to knock
down most MS.

- It's hard to nail down a Z'Gok since it dodges so well for a
large machine. Char's Z'Gok is even more nimble.

- Underwater, the Z'Gok is king. When jumping underwater it uses
no Jump Booster fuel and thus can hover around indefinitely if it
wanted to, underwater. Obviously, you do NOT want to deal with
this MS underwater.

- ALWAYS try to force the Z'Gok onto land. The Z'Gok on land is
still a fearsome opponent, but not nearly as bad as it is
underwater. In fact, the regular Z'Gok is noticably slower
aboveground; its Beam Cannon comes out slower, and it moves
slightly slower than it would in water. Use this to your
advantage. The 100mm Machinegun, as usual, makes for a good
weapon against the Z'Gok in close combat.

- Char's Z'Gok is the real threat; in the original RvsZ, it was
as fast as Char's Gelgoog(!), but in DX this has been toned down
somewhat. It does not seem to suffer the loss of movement that
the normal Z'Gok has when fighting on land.

- Like the Gogg, the Z'Gok also has a charging headbutt, but I
rarely see it actually connect. It's a good dash maneuver,
though. In the Belfast stages, I often see Z'Goks doing this in
order to cover long distances underwater in a hurry. Maybe it's
similar to the Zock's underwater flight mode.

MS-14A Gelgoog/MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
- Nothing desribes pain like a Gelgoog. It's like confronting the
Zion equivalent of the Gundam, except that the Gelgoog looks a
LOT meaner. It even has more or less the same loadout: Beam
Rifle, Beam Naginata that acts as both melee weapon and shield.
The only thing lacking is the paired 60mm Vulcan.

- The Twin Beam Naginata is a nasty dual-purpose weapon. It's a
damaging melee weapon, but when it's spun by the Gelgoog, it also
becomes a powerful anti-Beam weapon shield. Unlike regular
shields, it will not shatter with damage, and the Gelgoog is
perfectly safe from damage. Don't try to charge in, as the
spinning blades can shred you. It's better to sidestep and try to
go for a shot angle at the Gelgoog where the spinning Naginata
does not protect. In DX, the Gelgoog can no longer spin the
Naginata indefinitely.

- The shield mounted on the Gelgoog's back also acts to reduce
damage to the its back area. Thus, it's a bit more difficult
trying to nail it from the rear. You'll have little choice but to
destroy the shield if you want to start damaging the Gelgoog from

- FURTHER TACTICS PENDING, or if some Gelgoog ace decides to duke
it out with my Ground GM one of these days. :)

MSN-02 Ziong
- Since the Ziong is a dedicated Space-Combat MS, the Ground Type
will likely never meet it in combat.

MA-08 Byg Zam
- The Byg Zam can only be found in the ground half of the Solomon
stage. Though it is (technically) a walking MS, Solomon is still
considered a Space Stage. Thus the Ground Type will likely never
meet it in combat.

MA-04X Zakurello
- Since the Zakurello is a dedicated Space-Combat MA, the Ground
Type will likely never meet it in combat.

MAM-07 Grublo
- This is the Marine Mobile Armor that turns up in the Belfast
stage underwater. It's not very easy to down, but neither is it
extremely difficult; you have more to fear from the Z'Goks in the
same stage. It attacks with torpedoes, Beam Cannon, and it's
arms, but it also keeps swimming around in figure-eight arcs.
In DX, it's a more difficult target to strike, and its melee
attack now hits with more accuracy. The fact that the Z'Goks are
still a tough opponent make it even harder.

- The Grublo being a marine MA, it cannot get aboveground.
Preferred tactic: wait for the Z'Goks to get aboveground and
fight them there; at the very least you'll have reduced the
number of problems you have to deal with. In the first game, this
was a 'lazy' tactic, since the Grublo wasn't much of a threat.
But now, the MA is more aggresive.

- The Grublo's missiles in DX can now home in on you; this means
that they can actually go OVER obstacles to hit you--annoying
since they usually hit from a direct vertical angle, where you
can't see them.

MAN-03 Braw Bro
- Since the Braw Bro is a dedicated Space-Combat MA, the Ground
Type will likely never meet it in combat.

MAN-08 Elmeth (Lala Sun's MA)
- Since the Elmeth is a dedicated Space-Combat MA, the Ground
Type will likely never meet it in combat.

Unlike in the original RvsZ, The DX version will put you through
a different sequence of stages depending on which stage you
select first (Side 7, Takla Makan, Solomon Space, or Jaburo). I
haven't plotted the map sequence yet. Since the Ground Type GM is
only accessible in the ground stages, the space stages are not
included here. I'm not aware of any additional ground stages in
the game.

Side 7 Stage:
- In the original RvsZ, Side 7 was the easiest stage in the game.
This is no longer true in RvsZDX, with the more aggressive AI. In
CPU mode it starts off with a Zaku I and a Zaku II, both carry a
Machinegun. Your partner will be either a regular GM, but will be
replaced by a Guncannon. Once one Zaku is down, a Zaku (Missile
Pack) will appear. When two or three Zaku are destroyed, Char's
Zaku (Machinegun) will enter. Avoid the open hills if possible;
stay behind the cover of the buildings while Zion drops in front.

- In any stage, DON'T leave your AI partner alone, as the enemy
AI will trounce on him! Separate the battle so that you face off
one and your wingman takes on the other MS.

- Use the buildings as cover as much as possible. Ducking behind
a building makes you a bit more difficult to hit from the Zaku
machineguns or bazookas. When behind cover and you're using the
100mm Machinegun, Tactical Reload whenever you feel you don't
have enough ammo. Every second counts.

- Try jumping on top of one of the buildings and shooting from
there. But be careful as the Zakus may get the same idea and
surprise you as you jump. Remember also that the buildings will
sometimes crumble due to damage.

Grand Canyon Stage:
- The CPU match usually starts off with two Zaku IIs, either one
with a Machinegun and one with a Bazooka, or both with Bazookas.
As with Side 7, when two or three Zaku are destroyed, Char's Zaku
(either Bazooka or Machinegun) will enter.

- If you start off atop one of the canyon mountains, start off
the match by jumping across to the next cliff. While doing so,
swap your target and look for the Zaku on your left.

- Alternately, you start at the bottom of the mountains and
cannot see your opponent. If this is the case, move towards the
right and be prepared to dodge a bazooka shot, or to take a
potshot at the incoming Zaku.

- Most of the close-combat battles will likely take place along
the river found at the bottom of the canyon. The water is a nice
touch but doesn't seem to affect movement at all. However, the
tightly boxed-in canyon walls are not for the claustrophobic.

New York Stage:
- The CPU match usually starts off with two Zaku IIs, either one
with a Machinegun and one with a Bazooka, or both with Bazookas.
As with the previous two stages, when two or three Zaku are
destroyed, Char's Zaku (Bazooka) will enter.

- The area behind curve of the colosseum wall is open area.
Outside, there are some tall skyscrapers, as well as a smaller
colosseum-like crater in the ground, wherein you can also engage
your enemy. The skyscraper area, like the buildings in Side 7,
provide some degree of cover from enemy attacks, but the heights
of most of these buildings make it fairly impractical to jump
atop them and snipe.

Takla Makan Desert Stage:
- If you select the Ground Combat GM or Ground Combat Gundam and
start off at the Takla Makan Desert Stage, you'll be treated to a
new opening cutscene, which is IMHO much cooler than the Mass-
Production GM's opening in the same stage. Bask in the coolness
of Ground Combat GMs marching into battle. :p

- The CPU game starts off either with the Azzam floating fortress
or Gallop hovercraft. For MS, it has either two Zaku IIs
(Bazooka) or one Zaku II (Bazooka) and one Gouf (2vs CPU game).
Your teammate will be a Ground GM. When two Ground GMs are lost,
either a Guncannon or a Guntank will drop in. Take note of this;
since you're a GM, you'll occasionally need help from the Guntank
or Guncannon's cannons for this mission.

- Starting off, you can immediately see the two Zion MS and
either the Azzam or Gallop in view. The second the round starts,
your targeting reticule will lock on to the closest enemy (in
this case, the Zaku). Don't waste time or ammunition, close the
distance as quickly as you can without getting hit.

- This stage appears as a 'dustbowl'. Huge sand dunes border the
sides while the center area is mostly open ground with a few
dunes here and there.

- I usually fire off the 100mm gun first, it has a high chance of
hitting the first Zaku. You cna do the same with the Beam Rifle,
but the Zakus have a tendency of dodging these attacks.

- You can try to take potshots at the Azzam, but according to
Donny, it's worth relatively few points. On the other hand, the
Mobile Armors are more aggressive in DX now, and can really ruin
your day if you're not careful.

- The Ground GM's Beam Rifle or 100mm doesn't do quite enough
damage to the Azzam to matter much (Believe me, I've TRIED).
IMHO, going after it with a GM would be risky, considering the
Zaku or Gouf that's on your tail. Try to take shots at the MA,
but leave the actual kill to the Gundam/Ground Gundam or
Guncannon MS.

- Avoid the small 'cages' that the Azzam drops onto you on
occasion. They act like the Gouf's Heat Rod, electrocuting your
MS for great amounts of damage if you touch the bars. I
previously noted that standing in the center of the 'Cage'
lessens the damage, but this is not so. Your best bet is to avoid
these altogether, or jump out of the way before it closes on top
of you. Not only will you be shocked like a fried eel, it will
also leave you a sitting duck for enemy MS to take potshots at.

- You cannot destroy the Gallop Land Battleship; the best you can
do is take out its turrets, but the craft itself cannot be

- In the 1-player game, after downing a Zaku, the Gouf makes a
flashy entrance from above the highest mountain peak before
leaping off and joining the fight. This is a beautiful
opportunity; once he leaps, aim and fire off a shot from your
100mm Gun or Beam Rifle and watch him fall.

Black Sea Forest Area Stage:
- The CPU game starts off with two Doms and will keep piling up
Doms on you until the end of the match. In this stage there are
two forested hills and a wide valley between them. Your partner
for this is a Groudn Combat Gundam. Sorry, no G-Fighter (for the
Federation players) to help you out this time around in DX.

- This is a tricky battle, especially for the short-range GM. The
Doms are more powerful, have better armor AND are faster. The Dom
has an additional advantage in this stage due to its hovering
movement, allowing it to skate from one hill through another
smoothly. On the other hand, the 100mm evens up the score. Teh
battle is still tight, but better managed now.

- The old tactic I used in this stage was jumping. Lots of times.
That's no longer as effective as it used to be, given the much-
improved AI. The new tactic I use, coupled with the 100mm
Machinegun, is to sidestep and counterattack with the gun. The
100mm gun's accuracy makes it a better choice against Doms than
the Beam Rifle, as it hits more often and reloads faster.

- Use the Ground GM's aerial Melee combo when you have the
chance, to maximize the damage dealt to a Dom.

Odessa Stage:

Belfast Stage:
- This is one of two underwater stages in the game (Jaburo being
the second). Enemy MS are a Z'Gok (or two) and the Grublo, a
large underwater Mobile Armor. Destroy the Mobile Armor and
another Z'Gok or a Gogg replaces it. Fed forces start aboveground
and must make their way toward the lake to engage the Zion MS.

- One of the immediate dangers of underwater combat is that the
water is thick with silt and mud. This makes visibility rather
poor. This becomes even more of a problem for the GM since the
Z'Gok and Gogg are not only heavily armored, but are powerful at
both long-range and melee combat.

- The Gogg isn't too difficult since it's slow and big; keep a
reasonable mid-range distance and fire the Beam Spray Gun at it;
More often than not the Gogg will just stand there and take it,
and if it dodges it's quite easy to catch up to.

- The Z'Gok is another matter entirely. In the water, it's fast
and deadly, as well as quick enough to dodge your shots. Also,
since it uses no Jump Booster fuel when underwater, it can hover
almost indefinitely. Avoid its Beam Cannons and try to get it
from behind, not an easy task in itself.

- There is a large open chamber on the Federation side of the
stage, a launch bay (which are also in the Jaburo and Solomon
stages). It's flat ground inside, much like an arena. If you're
going up against the Zgok, goading it into this arena would be
somewhat of an advantage (out of the water). But if this is a VS
battle and you're up against a Dom, forget it.

Jaburo Stage (Above):
- This is the second underwater stage in the game. Zion MS here
are the Gouf, Gogg, and the Z'Gok. Your partner will be a
Ground Combat Gundam, but will later be replaced by a Gundam
(Beam Rifle).

- Unlike with Belfast, you have little choice but to get your
feet wet in this stage; waiting for them to come to you still
works, but not as well since there's almost no cover to hide
behind except the pit directly behind the Federation start
position (Similar to the one in the Belfast stage).

- Same tactics apply, except that you have to keep moving. The
island in the center of the river is a prime sniping area to be
on, but it's also easily attacked from below, so be sure you know
where the two Zion MS are; It won't do for you to draw a bead on
the Z'Gok down below while a Gouf pilot with an evil gleam in his
eye sneaks up behind and whacks you one with his Heat Rod.

Jaburo Stage (Below):
- This is a cavern stage, taking place inside the underground
city of Jaburo. Zion MS here start off with two (woefully
underappreciated) MSM-04 Agguy MS. Later on, MSM-07S Char's Z'Gok
and/or the MSM-01 Zock replaces the downed Agguys.

- There are two ways to go about this stage: Destroy the Agguys
and Char's Z'Gok will appear, followed by a Zock. Hit the Char
Z'Gok as much as possible, but concentrate more on the Zock and
how to destroy it. If you destroy the two Agguys and Char's
Z'Gok, you'll have two Zocks to worry about, and that can be a
SERIOUS problem when you pilot a GM.

- The ideal attack sequence should be this: Agguy, Agguy, Agguy,
Zock, Char Z'Gok. Although you should not ignore Char's Z'Gok,
it's the Zock that is most dangerous, and costs more fo the enemy
resource bar. Attack the Zock from the side or slightly at an
angle to avoid its powerful 8-shot Beam Cannons. Once the Zock is
down, then attack Char's Z'Gok. Remember however that another
Zock will appear, so be careful.

For any further queries or comments, please email
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These FAQs I have worked on as of this writing. All game FAQs are
available exclusively on GameFAQS. I have also written some
material for GURPS.

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Gundam: Renpou vs Zion DX (Arcade):
- RGM-79(G) Ground Combat GM FAQ
- The Dicta Boelcke: 8 rules for success in space combat

- Thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for his FAQ on Gundam: Renpou vs
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additional notes on the Azzam.
- Quantum amusement, for actually bringing this gem of a game
here instead of yet another fighting game.
- Remember, GMs RULE! Pound any Zaku fanboy who tells you any
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