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     Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- (Dreamcast, Windows)
     Concise Guide (Version 1.0 - Text Version)

     Current Update: Saturday, 18 September 2004
     Previous Update: Sunday, 5 September 2004
     Created: Saturday, 28 July 2001

     By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@h_tmail.c_m)

     Note: This FAQ is based on the Windows version of
     Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-, not the Dreamcast
     FYI, I don't have a Dreamcast.

     "anata ni sunao ni narenakute..."
     - Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- for Dreamcast
       (NEIC, 2001.08.23)

1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Nutrition Information
2.1    1st Impression
2.2    2nd Impression
3.   Links
4.   Solution
4.1    1st Play (Saeki Ayana)

"Setsunasa!" (*1)

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     - Chia-Hooi Lim, for the Canary for Dreamcast FAQ.
     - Douglas Cootey, for helping me acquire a movie file
of the circa March-April 1998 Segata Sanshirou (Fujioka
Hiroshi) TV CM of Sakura Taisen 2 for SS that co-starred
Yokoyama Chisa as Shinguuji Sakura.
     - Jean-Luc Barbera of France, for the French
translation of the Disclaimer, and the English translation
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     - NOIR (2001)


     Title:    Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-
               (KANARIA -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-)
     Genre:    Renai adventure (18 kin)
     Rating:   Adult Only (Windows), non-adult (Dreamcast)
     OS:       Windows 95J/98J, Dreamcast
     Maker:    FrontWing
               NEC Interchannel
     On Sale:  4 August 2000 (Windows), 23 August 2001 (Dreamcast)

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     Revision history of this file:

     Version 0.5 (Limited Edition) [? KB]: Wednesday, 1 August 2001

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     This Ecchi game is on two CD-ROMs. The first CD
installs the game. The second CD runs the game.
     The game doesn't allow the player to choose the
install size. After installation, the game occupies about
579 MB.
     The game resolution is typically 640x480.
     The game has an OP movie (76 MB) with an OP song.
     At first glance, IMO the chara designs look a bit like
Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan Yamamoto Youko, because of the
colour (green) and shape of the main heroine's eyes, the
space between her eyes, and her tiny nose. But then many
other recent Windows games also have this AIC style of chara
design. A friend said the Canary chara designs look like
     The main menu has a Music Mode and a CG Mode.
     In Music Mode, the player can play 32 tracks of BGMs
and songs. Reportedly, each heroine has a different ending
     In CG Mode, the player can view up to 89 CG, AFTER the
player has seen and unlocked those CG during the game. Each
heroine has six to 20 CG.
     The game has 10 save game slots.
     When the player starts a new game, the game asks for
the protagonist's family name and personal name in kanji
and furigana. The protagonist's default name is Hazumi
     (Again, I lazily input "Shinjou Hayato" in kanji
and katakana, named after the lucky Sotsugyou Crossworld
     FYI, the game title is Canary in English, but Kanaria
in katakana because Kanaria is derived from the Spanish word


     The player can load or save at almost anytime, but
can't load or save at a multiple choice node. Worse, some
multiple choice nodes have a time limit, like in Sakura
Taisen. The player can load or save at the message just
before a multiple choice node.
     If the player doesn't choose an answer before the time
limit ends, the game advances with one of the answers
pre-chosen by the game programmers.
     The player can press Ctrl to fast forwards the chara's
     The game is practically full voice. The heroines have
voices. The protagonist hasn't. The other male chara also have voices.
     The Canary drama CDs and Canary for Dreamcast
reportedly (according to SION han, who runs MannaKAHO
Kurabu, a Mannaka Yukiko fan page) have the same cast of
seiyuu (voice actors).
     (Canary for Windows and Canary for Dreamcast also
reportedly have the same seiyuu.)

     The game begins on Monday, 20 May.
     (Incidentally, 20 May 2001 was a Monday, but 20 May
2000 was a Saturday. Thus, though the Windows version of
this game came out on 4 August 2000, the game programmers
apparently planned ahead.)
     The protagonist Hazumi Youhei is a High Two student, or
second-last year of high school in North American terms.
Youhei, his sister, and his parents have just moved from
Tokyo to Kotohira, a rural town in Kagawa Prefecture in
Shikoku. They and the heroines of the game are all
musicians. For instance, Youhei plays the guitar.

     (I'll briefly describe the heroines later.)

     FYI, Kotohira Chou is a real town in Kagawa Prefecture
in Shikoku, and is famous for the Konpiraguu, a Shintou
     (Back in Sentimental Graffiti 1, I wasn't and isn't a
Sugihara Manami fan, so I don't know much about Kagawa

     After the first few days (game time), the player can choose a spot in 
Kotohira for Youhei to go after school. The Kotohira in Canary is 
understandably different from the real Kotohira. The spots in the Kotohira 
in Canary are:
     - Kotohira Shoutengai, the shopping street in downtown Kotohira where 
the idol Megumi "lives".
     - Shinjou Gakki, the music instrument shop where Youhei's cousin Chiaki 
     - Kotohira Gakuen, Youhei's high school.
     - Irorian, the udonya or noodle restaurant where Youhei's classmate 
Mika lives.
     - Jitaku, where Youhei and his sister Eri live.
     - Tera, the Buddhist temple where Youhei's classmate Ryouta lives.

     FYI, in Ecchi games, I dislike anal/kanchou/scatolo,
android/cyborg, bandage, bestiality/kemono (maybe except
Kitsunemimi and Nekomimi), bondage/chain/collar, boys
love/gay/homo/yaoi/801, bukkake/orgy, Burikko, byoujaku,
choukyou/slave, chuuko/widow (miboujin)/wife (hitoduma),
futanari/kaizou, gakuenmono, gigolo, girls love/les/yuri,
grotesque, kichiku/SM, kinshin/mother/nikushin, kyonyuu,
Lolicom/petit/puny, Mah Jong, maid, ninshin (pregnant), nun,
nurse, okama (maybe except the Hokuto no Ken type), school
mizugi, Shouta, slender, slime, tentacles, and
     (I know. Picky, picky.)

     "Etti nano ha ikenai to omoimasu."
     - Andou Mahoro san, Automatic Maiden Mahoromatic


     This FAQ is based on the Windows version of Canary
-Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete-, not the Dreamcast version. The
two most visible difference between the Windows version and
the Dreamcast version are:
     First, the Windows version (developed by FrontWing)
contains pornography, and the Dreamcast version
(co-developed by NEC Interchannel) doesn't.
     Second, the Dreamcast version has an extra heroine,
Hoshino Mai. This means the Dreamcast version has more CG,
voices, events, and endings.

     Later (Sunday, 2004.09.05):
     For quick reference, here is a table of the heroines'
attributes, sorted in order of... one of the attributes.

     Name                Tall   B    W    H    Blood   Birth

     SHINJOU Chiaki      165    87   61   89   O       AUG22
     SAEKI Ayana         160    83   58   85   A       AUG06
     CHIGASAKI Megumi    158    82   56   85   ?       ?
     KATAGIRI Mika       156    80   57   82   AB      JAN01
     HOZUMI Eri          154    78   56   84   O       AUG04

     If anyone's looking for hints, reviews, and solutions of Canary -Kono 
omoi wo uta ni nosete- for Windows, try:

     If anyone's looking for hints, reviews, and solutions of Canary -Kono 
omoi wo uta ni nosete- for Dreamcast, try:

3.   LINKS

     - http://ast.pekori.to/canary/ayana/
     Saeki Ayana Fan Forum, by Rapier.

     The Kotohira Chou category in Yahoo! Japan.

     - http://www.firstsmile.com/music/title/fsca10150.html
     Canary -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- drama CDs.

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   - http://selios.free.fr/
     Selios' Lairs, by Jean-Luc Barbera of France. English.
     "Selios' Lairs is primary a fan site on different
things I enjoy a lot, some of which are not well known
outside Japan or by rare fans worldwide.
     "Les Antres de Selios sont avant tout un site de fan
sur differentes choses que j'apprecie beaucoup, don't
certaines sont tres meconnues en dehors du Japon hormis
de rares fans de part le monde."

   - http://home.attbi.com/~kagamix2/xp-compatible/
     The Japanese Gaming Guide to Windows XP, by Kagami of
USA. English.
     "Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Japanese PC Games on Windows

   - http://www1.cts.ne.jp/~buton/
     Miyabi Koubou, by Tounnkai of Japan.

   - http://www.geocities.com/wavehawk.geo/
     The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine, by Wavehawk. English. A
Tokimemo (Tokimeki Memorial) fan page.

   - http://zanyvg.overclocked.org/
     Zany Video Game Quotes. English. Has very funny quotes
and screen shots from many vidgames, plus movie files of
Segata Sanshirou TV CMs.

     [Ramble OFF]



     (Note: This section is incomplete and under construction.)

     The abbreviations used in this section:

     *         The multiple choice node has a time limit.

     1-2       On a certain game day, at the first (1)
               multiple choice node, I chose the second (2)

     <CG Who>  The answer reveals one of the specified
               heroine's CG in the CG Mode.

     Actually, I'm considering re-writing the below
solution(s) in chart form without using Excel, so it's
easier for other players to simultaneously aim for multiple

     I don't think the Windows version and Dreamcast version
of this game have the same seiyuu, but based on the
Dreamcast version seiyuu, I'm tending towards the two
heroines Saeki Ayana and Chigasaki Megumi. Ayana and
Megumi's seiyuu are respectively Mannaka Yukiko (former SG
Girl) and Yukino Satsuki.

4.1  1ST PLAY (Saeki Ayana)

     MAY 20
   * 1-X. Wakatta, nani ga hoshinda? <CG Sena>

     (If the player Time Over this node, Youhei unpacks his
belongings by himself.)

     2-1. RONGU [long] no shoujo ni... <CG Ayana>
   * 3-X. Onegai shimasu.

     (If the player Time Over this node, Chiaki telephones
Jun for Youhei anyway.)

     MAY 21
     <CG Ayana>

     MAY 22
   * 1-X. ... DASA

     (If the player Time Over this node, Mika abuses Youhei

   * 2-X. Shikata nai na, tsurete itte yaru ka. <CG Sena>

     (If the player Time Over this node, Youhei takes Eri to
the welcome party anyway.)

     MAY 23
     1-X. Ganbarimasu.

     MAY 24
     1-X. Sore ga zenzen...

     MAY 27
     1-X. Ayana wo sasotte kaeru.

     MAY 28
     (The player can now choose a spot in Kotohira for
Youhei to go.)

     Kotohira Shoutengai.
   * 1-X. Sankousho wo toru. <CG Ayana>

     (If the player Time Over this node, Youhei takes an
adult magazine. If the player Time Over the second node, the
protagonist keeps reading the magazine.
     In the Dreamcast version, Ayana's skirt completely
covers her underwear.)

     MAY 29
     (Eri's wake up call has a cat (nekomimi) version and a
maid version.)

     Kotohira Gakuen.

     (If you're aiming for Chiaki, go to Shinjou Gakki. If
you're aiming for Megumi, go to Kotohira Shoutengai.)

     1-X. Yamu made matsu to suru ka.

     (If Youhei really, really wants to go home before the
rain stops, Youhei has to choose that answer several times
before the game allows him to go home.)

     2-X. Koutei.
     3-X. Rouka.
     4-X. Bushitsu.
     5-X. Koutei.

     (The objective is to wander in the school until Youhei
automatically returns to the bushitsu (club room).)

     <CG Mika>

     (The results of the three choices are the same: Mika
abuses Youhei. If Youhei chooses the first answer, Mika's CG
stays on-screen. If Youhei chooses the second answer, the
screen becomes black. If Youhei chooses the third answer,
Mika's CG stays on-screen, but the event quickly ends.)

     MAY 30
     (Whether Youhei goes to Kotohira Gakuen or Kotohira
Shoutengai, he meets Ayana. I chose the shopping street.)

     Kotohira Shoutengai.

     MAY 31
     (If Youhei goes home, the game reveals one of Eri's CG (panchira).
     If Youhei goes to Kotohira Gakuen, he meets Ayana. I
chose Kotohira Shoutengai, so that Youhei meets Megumi. If
he goes to Kotohira Shoutengai and doesn't meet Megumi, and
you want him to meet Megumi, reload.)

     Kotohira Shoutengai.
     1-X. Na, nan no you desu ka? <CG Megumi>

     (If Youhei chooses "NA, NANPA desu ka?", Megumi
seriously abuses him with her Megumi Quiz anyway.)

     JUNE 1
     1-1. Hikigatari shiteru onna ni yarareta.
   * 2-1. Suki wo mite osoikakaru. <CG Megumi>

     (Youhei and Ryouta street-fight with Megumi.)

     JUNE 2
     1-3. Mazui.

     JUNE 4
     Kotohira Shoutengai. <CG Megumi>

     JUNE 5
     (If you're aiming for Eri, go to Kotohira Gakuen.)

     Kotohira Shoutengai.
     1-1. Iku.

     (If Youhei chooses "Ikanai", nothing happens, and he
goes home and sleeps.)

     JUNE 6
     Kotohira Gakuen.

     (Youhei goes to the bushitsu and meets Ayana.)

     JUNE 7
     Kotohira Gakuen.

     (Youhei meets Eri. I think Youhei has to clear this "go
home together" event before other heroines' event scheduled
at the Kotohira Gakuen can happen.)

     JUNE 8
     (Youhei automatically goes to the bushitsu and meets
Ayana, Mika, Jun, and Ryouta to discuss who's tasked as the
vocal (singer) of the band.)

     1-1. Judge gurai shite yaru ka.

     (June 9 is a Sunday, but they agree to go to the
karaoke box "after school" anyway.)


     (Youhei meets Ayana and Sena.)

     JUNE 9
     (Youhei, Mika, and Ryouta automatically goes to a
karaoke box.)

     <CG Mika>
     1-1. Mou ikkyoku utatte kure yo.


Don "Sailormoon haters unite!" Chan, contributor of:
Cheat Happens

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