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Spawn: ITDH Ultimate Secrets FAQ v1.0
by Leonid Genin

Warning: Do not post this FAQ without my permission. Do not use this FAQ for 
any profit making use. If you want to use this FAQ for your site, just ask. 
Spawn: In The Demon's Hand is copyright 2000 by Capcom and Todd McFarlane and
I do not in any way claim rights to any of the 
characters contained within the game. This FAQ is copyright 2001 by 
Leonid Genin.

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This is a FAQ for all people, who alredy count themselves as the cracks of this game,
so I think, that in order to use this FAQ you should already have unlocked all the characters;
if not, just read the other FAQ's of

Part 1:
unlock the characters:
win the boss mode with - unlock this:

Brimstone -   Overtkill
Al Simmons -  Skeleton I
Jessica -     Green Beret A
Sam -         The Mafia
Redeemer -    Hell Spawn
Overtkill -   Army A
Tiffany -     Angels E
Grace -       Soleil
Clown -       Vindicator
Tremor -      Cy-Gor
Spawn -       The Curse
Twitch -      Soldier I
Cogliostro -  Vandalizer
The Curse -   Sub Curse
Cy-Gor -      Wolf I
Soleil -      Angel Teneres
Vindicator -  Vacillator
Vandalizer -  Vaporizer
Hell Spawn -  Gatekeeper
Gatekeeper -  Zombie I

To unlock these characters, you must beat all the levels on boss 
mode multiplay without continuing. To do so, just change the time in options to 20''00.
After doing this so many times you will unlock these:

1 time   -   Spawn I
5 times	 -   Dark Ages Spawn
10 times -   Spawn IV
14 times -   Admonisher
20 times -   Dark Brimstone(to select him hold both triggers and then press A)

Part 2: the items

- Sword of Curse 1+2 check out the other FAQ's
- Lance of Angela
  fight the two player boss mode(both MUST be human), the first as Tiffany, the second as 
  Grace; Tiffany MUST have the Sword of Legend in the hand. At the DA Spawn's level
  the lance will be in one of the boxes.
- Bikini of Steel is in the DA Spawn's level(check out the boxes)
  get it three times to open a ?-gallery
- Spawn Figure is in the Vacilliator's secret level (in the back secret cave behind the wall)
  get it 14 times to open a ?-gallery
- Spawn Comic play as Al Simmons, it's sometimes in the Sword of Curse 1 box
  get it ten times to open a ?-gallery
- SGN ?
  get it five times to open a ?-gallery
- Spawn Earring ?
  get it eight times to open a ?-gallery

after you got all the items and opened all the galleries a new feature will appear in the
gallery mode: ARTWORK

If I missed something you know about, please let me know. 

I thank me, myself & I.

have fun