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Weapons and their locations?

Can anyone who knows tell me the locations of all the weapons they know? and also what does AK-47 GL(1) mean? it does the same for the M16A1 GL

Kid8080 asked for clarification:

Hey I only need the M16A1 Gl To finish Toys! Can anyone please tell me where to find it, Like what lvl it's on and where at on that lvl.

idealdefence asked for clarification:

Does anyone know exactly where the m1891/59 unscoped is? It is my last gun


andodel answered:

I presumed that meant how much ammo the GL had, but I could be wrong.
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MaxCHEATER64 answered:

I know for the M16 thers 2 (two) types of GLs, mayby that's what it means. Also, the first level and the Afgan renegade level (seconed? mayby first?) there's RPG's.
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Bombardingfire answered:

The M16Gl-1 is the rifle part of the gun and the M16GL-2 is the actual grenade launcher. Same for the AK-47Gl-1(2). Here's the list of all the weaponslocations that I can remember:

1)The Recovery Job- M14, M14-SC, M14-Sup.,AK-47, Ithica Model 37, Mk 22 Mod 0
2)Breaking Free- Makarov, PPSH-41, M10, M10-Sup., M72 Law, M40, M40-Sup., PPS-43, AK-47____*Not all weapons are correct. Some may be mixed up.
3)On the Run-MK 22 Mod 0, M14, PPSH-41, Ithica Model 37, MI891/59, Dragunov
4)Coastal Run- PPSH-41, AK-47, M1891/59, M1891/59-SC
5) To The Rescue- Helicopter only (vehicle level)
6)Welcome to the Jungle- M79, M16A1-GL, AK-47, Makarov, PPSH-41, Ithica Model 37, Remington 870, M1891/59,M1891/59-SC, XM-22
7)Hung Out to Dry- Dragunov-Sup.,Makarov, AK-47SC, SKS, AK-47, M1891/59, M1891/59-SC
8)Behind Enemy Lines-Ak-47, RPG, RPD, SKS, M60, Makarov, M16A1-SC
9)New Alliance- RPG, RPD**(vehicle level)
10) Light it up- Helicopter (vehicle level)
11) River Raiders- Vehicle, M16A1, M16A1-SC, XM-22, PPSH-41, PPSH-41-Sup., PPS-43,MK 22 Mod 0
12) Last Heli Out- M16A1-SC, PPSH-41,Ithica Model 37, Remington 870
13)Stolen Wings- Stealth Jet (vehicle level)
14) To The Motherland-M40, MAT-49, PPS-43, AK-47, PPSH-41, Remington 870
15)The Payback-M40-Sup., MAT-49, AK-47, Makarov, PPs-43, PPSH-41
16) Cold Feet- M16A1, MK 22 Mod 0, AK-47, M10, MAT-49, PPS-43, PPSH-41, Ithica Model 37.

***If I forgot any, please tell me. I know that I forgot the AK-47(GL), but I'm pretty sure that its in level 8. Also, the Xplosive- Xbow is in the weapons room.***
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Rancorman7 answered:

LVL6 Welcome to the Jungle has a Suppressed Makarov in the Caves.
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M1a1GFAQ answered:

The M16A1 GL and the AK47 GL are the standard issue,but it has a grenade launcher taking the place of the grenades.GL stands for Grenade Launcher
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