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How do I continue (The Living Legend)?

It seems as though I need to find the Pact in Lazvil Hills in a cave, but I'm almost positive that I've already found it. I talk to the little boy in Alistell's weapon shop, but he keeps giving directions to a cave that I've already looted. Can anyone clarify where is talking about?

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Here is a list of all the Pact's I've found: Fire Pact, Death Pact, Firelight Pact, Sunlight Pact, Thunderstar Pact, Meteiorite Pact.

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You're right Idonaho. He said there is a cave and the pact. Somehow I figured it was in the cave. It's to the right of the cave where you find the soldier trapped by the mudslide and Mana Sight is needed. Thanks.

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You don't have the pact he's talking about. You don't actually go inside the cave, I'm also fairly certain he doesn't even tell you to, it's around the vicinity of the cave's entrance
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