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Asked: 3 years ago

how do I teach (use) Right-cut Scroll?

i press on it to teach Raynie but nothing happens?

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From: Kraleck 3 years ago

The Right-Cut, Left-Cut, Sleep Gas and Roll-Cut Scrolls are for Marco.
The Darkshield, Slumbering, Poisoner's, and Piercing Scrolls are for Raynie.

Scrolls are character specific. There are other characters and scroll-like items for them (Stocke and two other characters get Pacts, one gets Cores, and one gets Books).

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To teach scrolls to Raynie or Marcus you need to travel to the "A New Mission" node in AH: Ch. 1

Then, head north and into the training room (just to the left of the passage down to the infirmary). There will be an extra soldier standing in that room along the left wall who takes scrolls and teaches the skills.

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