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~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
  .       .                                                         .       .
  !       !                                                         !       !
  !       !            H I D D E N   M Y S T E R I E S :            !       !
  .       .                                                         .       .
                 ~+~+~+  ~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~   ~+~+~+~   ~+~+~               
  .       .                                                         .       .
  !       !              V A M P I R E   S E C R E T S              !       !
  !       !                                                         !       !
  .       .                                                         .       .
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

.Walkthrough/FAQ, Version 1.1, for the Nintendo DS version of the game
.Last Updated - 9/21/2010
.By Ashlar79 (red13ut@gmail.com)
.Copyright (c)2010 Jeff Allred. All rights reserved. 

                                  ~o&) V (&o~

            ~o~&~o~&(  T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S  )&~o~&~o~

                           1.  Cast of Characters
                           2.  The Donnelly Mansion
                           3.  Miss Pennywell's Shop
                           4.  The Burning Church
                           5.  An Empty Grave
                           6.  Light in the Darkness
                           7.  Blood Bank Robbery
                           8.  Room 102
                           9.  The Mansion Revisited
                          10.  Secrets of the Swamp
                          11.  Perils in the Castle
                          12.  List of Items

                                  ~o&) 1 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                     C A S T   O F   C H A R A C T E R S                     .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
~ CLAIRE DONNELLY:  An accomplished businesswoman who suffers from unexplained
                    headaches and odd visions.  She returns home to Savannah,
                    Georgia, to seek respite from her life in the city.

~ ROSE DONNELLY:    Claire's beloved aunt and caretaker of the old family

~ MISS PENNYWELL:   A local fortune teller whom appears to have offered aid to
                    Aunt Rosie.

~ DEVIN GRAMM:      A mysterious stranger who aids Claire on her journey
                    through the Savannah night.

                                  ~o&) 2 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                   T H E   D O N N E L L Y   M A N S I O N                   .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Check the front door to find a note from Aunt Rosie.  The door is locked;
you'll need to solve a hidden-object puzzle to find the key which the note
refers to.  Tap the area to the right of the porch to begin the puzzle.  

HIDDEN-OBJECT PUZZLES:  To solve hidden-object puzzles, simply find and tap all
of the objects on the upper-screen list.  You can easily navigate the scene
using the directional pad.  If you get stuck, just tap the magnifying glass in
the corner for a hint.  Once you've found all of the hidden objects, you'll
usually receive one or more objects to aid you on your journey.

In this case, you'll get the front door key.  Back at the front door, open your
inventory and use the key in the door lock and enter the house.  In the foyer,
tap the lamp to get the butter knife.  The closet door can't be opened yet, and
if you look at the wall above the stairs you'll notice a spot where a painting
used to be.  Head upstairs to the first floor landing and use the butter knife
to open the jammed drawer, in which you'll find a light bulb.  Don't worry
about the clock puzzle just yet...  Instead, head to the right and investigate
the bedroom.  Use the bulb in the lamp to reveal the clue "120."  Before
leaving the room, solve the hidden-object puzzle by the nightstand to score a
book about Savannah and a painting.  Return to the foyer and use the painting
on the wall above the stairs.

PAINTINGS PUZZLE:  Simply arrange the four paintings in seasonal order (just
as they're listed in the Savannah book): spring, summer, fall, winter.

Now the closet door is unlocked, so enter it and solve another hidden-object
puzzle to get the oilcan.  Head back upstairs to the clock in the hall and tap
it to find another puzzle.

CLOCK PUZZLE:  Arrange the hands to read 1:20, the time indicated by the clue
you saw earlier in the bedroom.

Grab the bird from the clock and go left to a set of double doors.  Place the
cuckoo bird on the empty branch to the left of the doors and enter the study.  
Use the oilcan on the ladder and take the diary from atop the bookcase.
To open the diary, you'll have to solve another puzzle.  

DIARY PUZZLE:  Look at the four shapes on the right edge of cover.  You'll need
to find and tap these four shapes in cover's design.  

The diary shines a bit of light on where your aunt may be, so Claire travels
there next.

                                  ~o&) 3 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                  M I S S   P E N N Y W E L L ' S   S H O P                  .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Check the appointment book; you'll see that your aunt recently visited the
shop.  Look inside the gumball machine to find a quarter.  Enter Pennywell's
office and take a look around.  Put the quarter in the crane game and receive a
voodoo doll.  Go through the door to the right and you'll find yourself in the
stockroom.  Check the shelves and solve the hidden-object puzzle there to get a
book on voodoo and the date stamper.  Return to the shop entry, use the stamper
on the inkpad then stamp the appointment book.  The numbers you'll see, 2593,
are the combination to the locked cabinet in the office.  Unlock the cabinet
and look inside to find another hidden-object puzzle; complete it to find a
pair of wire cutters.  Now go back to the stockroom and use the cutters on the
exposed wires to the right of the door.  Exit the shop and look in the
overturned trash can to find an old radio, which contains batteries.  Back in
the stockroom, check out the door on the left.  

VOODOO PUZZLE:  Using the voodoo book, translate the symbols in each of the
three colored circles. The three clues you need to solve this puzzle are Green:
Left Leg, Red: Head, and Blue: Torso.  Place the corresponding pins into their
correct place on the doll and you'll be granted access Miss Pennywell's reading

Use the batteries on the flashlight lying on the side table, then return to the
the back alley and use the flashlight on the dumpster.  Solving another hidden-
object puzzle will give you the wind-up crank.  Use it on the jack-in-the-box
in Pennywell's office.  Take the tarot cards from the jack-in-the-box and use
them on the crystal ball in the reading room.  

TAROT PUZZLE:  The object of the tarot card puzzle is to match the cards up to
their corresponding section on the wheel.  The red cards need to be in the Cups
section, blue in the Swords, purple in the Pentacles, and green in the Swords
area.  To accomplish this you must move cards into the four empty slots in the
center of the wheel and rotate the wheel to place the cards into their correct
groups of three.  The cards must also be in the correct order within each
group: 1,2,3, AND each group must be separated by an empty slot.

                                  ~o&) 4 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                     T H E   B U R N I N G   C H U R C H                     .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

First head into the chapel, approach the altar and tap the bowl to find a new
hidden-object puzzle; solve the puzzle to get the chalice.  Return to the
church entryway and use the chalice on the font to fill it.  Back in the
chapel, go right and douse the flames with the water-filled chalice.  Now look
in the confessional to find sheet music.  Also check the open book lying on the
chair to find a number for a hymnal board.  Go back one screen, head left and
look behind the organ to find the candles.  Place the hymnal number on the
hymnal board to get the stained glass piece, which you need to place in the
window of the door in the church entryway.  

STAINED GLASS PUZZLE:  The aim here is to swap the jumbled glass pieces to form
a complete image.  The only tricky part here is that each piece can only be
swapped with an adjacent piece.  

Enter the coat closet and solve the hidden-object puzzle there to score a
candle lighter.  Go back to the altar, place the candles in the wall sconces,
use the candle lighter on the lit candles, then use it to light the unlit
candles.  Now check the secret compartment to find the sacristy key.  Use the
key on the locked door, enter the sacristy and tap the drawer for another
hidden-object puzzle.  Solving this one will earn you an organ pipe and a
hymnal.  Return to the organ, fit the pipe into the empty spot and place the
sheet music on the organ.  Tap the organ and you'll find another puzzle.

ORGAN PUZZLE:  The aim of this puzzle is to play the correct sequence of notes
on the organ, as shown by the sheet music.  If you need a hint, look in the
hymnal for a guide to the keys.

Take the map piece you find to the map located in the sacristy and fit it into

                                  ~o&) 5 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                         A N   E M P T Y   G R A V E                         .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Tap the gate and rotate the two symbols to read "E-W" (for Ellis Whitmore).
Enter the cemetery and head to the arch monument; tap on it to find another
hidden-object puzzle, for which you'll be rewarded with a chisel.  Take the
brick from the base of the arch as well.  Go to the shed now and use the brick
on the padlock to gain entrance.  Check the shelf and solve another hidden-
object puzzle to receive the book on Romania and a crowbar.  Return to the
front gate and use the chisel on the loose brick to the right of the gate;
you'll find a metal peg.  Take the peg to the mausoleum and use it on the door
to uncover a puzzle.

DOOR PUZZLE:  Here you must slide all of the metal rods into the doorway,
keeping in mind that moving one rod may move other rods as well.  Try each rod
to see how it affects the other rods in the doorway.  If you're stumped, number
the rods from 1 to 5 beginning with the top and tap them in this order:


Enter the mausoleum now and take the screwdriver.  Pry away the boards from the
window using the crowbar, then take a look at the next puzzle.  

STAINED GLASS WINDOW PUZZLE:  The matching hexagons puzzle is one best solved
by process of elimination, starting with the center hexagon and working your
way outward.  If you're stuck, here's the solution:

        RBW   WBG                B = Blue
        GYG   RYR                G = Green
     WBG   GYR   RBP             W = White
     GBP   RBG   WBR             P = Purple
        PYR   GYW                Y = Yellow
        RYP   WYG                R = Red
     WBR   PBW   GBY
     YBR   WBP   GBW
        RYW   PYG
        WYR   GYP
     GBW   RBG   PBR     
     PBG   GYR   RBW
        GYG   RYR
        WBR   GBW

Grab the ruby, take it outside and fit it into the snake statue on the
mausoleum fence.  Tap the fence to reveal another hidden-object puzzle; solve
it to receive the shovel head.  Go back to the shed and use the screwdriver to
unscrew the head from the rake hanging on the wall.  Take the rake handle and
you'll have a complete shovel.  Now return to the arch monument and dig up the
fresh grave to the left of the arch.  Use the crowbar to open the casket; tap
it to find that it's strangely empty.

                                  ~o&) 6 (&o~

~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                  L I G H T   I N   T H E   D A R K N E S S                  .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

First get the pile of shingles lying near the sign, then head to the dock.
Take the oar from the boat and pull the rope to reveal a lobster trap, which
contains a set of gears that you'll need later.  Enter the lighthouse now and
have a look around.  Tap the chair to open another hidden-object puzzle, which
will gain you a fishing pole.  Go through the door to the left and up the
stairs to the second floor.  Take a lure from the open tackle box and it will
automatically be added to your fishing pole.  Tap the chair to find a saw.  Now
return to the workroom downstairs and place the oar in the workbench clamp,
then use the saw on it.  Take the oar pieces to the stairs and use them on the
broken ladder lying on the ground, then take the ladder with you.  Also while
you're here, look at the hole in the floor and use the fishing pole to retrieve
the switchblade from it.  Now you need to go back outside and use the ladder
on the portion of the roof missing shingles, then place the pile of shingles

SHINGLES PUZZLE:  Simply fit the colored shapes so that they all fit within the
space provided.  Here's the solution:

        P P P P G G G G             B = Blue
        P P P R G Y Y G             G = Green
        T T O R R Y V V             O = Orange
        T T O R R Y V V             R = Red
        T O O R R Y Y B             Y = Yellow
        T O O R B B B B             P = Pink
                                    V = Violet
                                    T = Turquoise

Now head back to the dock and use the switchblade on the rope holding the door
shut.  Enter the boathouse and solve another hidden-object puzzle to gain the
book on chemistry and a boat hook.  Return to the 2nd floor and use the boat
hook on the trap door overhead.  Go up to the 3rd floor and grab the fuses
lying on the ground, then use the gears on the lighthouse mechanism.

GEARS PUZZLE:  You need to place the gears so that the mechanism works
properly.  Your gears come in three different sizes, and you can use more than
one of the same size.  Begin by placing a large gear at the bottom left, just
above the gear that's already spinning.  Next put a medium gear to the right of
it, and a small gear above the medium one.  Place another medium gear above
that, and a large gear to the upper-left of the medium one.

Return to the workroom and place the fuses in the fuse box.

FUSE PUZZLE:  The aim here is to match all the colored fuses with slots of the
same color, AND have the numbers in each column of fuses total 100.  Switch
fuse positions by tapping one fuse then another to swap them.  If you need
help, here's a solution:

          26     15     32
           8     37     17
          35     16     21
          12      4      6
          19     28     24

Head back up to the 3rd floor to complete the lighthouse portion of the game.

                                  ~o&) 7 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                     B L O O D   B A N K   R O B B E R Y                     .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
Take the skeleton hand and coffee pot from the reception desk, then head back
to the hallway.  Get the towel from the linen basket here and tap on the
restroom for another hidden-object puzzle, which will garner you the cleaning
solution.  Head left, to the blood bank, and use the coffee pot on the lab

HYDROCHLORIC ACID PUZZLE:  Your goal here is to combine the chemicals in the
correct order to create hydrochloric acid.  Use the chemistry book found at
the lighthouse for help.  To make the acid correctly, select the component
chemicals in this order: H, O, BR, F, Cl.

Return to the hall and go forward, to the courtyard, and take the envelope from
the table.  Also take the broken bone from the trash receptacle.  If you're
ready for another hidden-object puzzle, tap the fountain.  Solving the puzzle
will win you the surgical tape, which will repair the broken bones, and a book
on ancient Greece.  Go back to the blood bank, use the taped bone and skeleton
hand on the skeleton, and take the torn paper from its mouth.  Now go back to
the hallway and turn right, to the patient room.  Get the medical chart from
the table.  Use the cleaning solution on the lightbox, then finish cleaning it
using the towel.  Use the envelope on the lightbox to get another piece of torn
paper.  A third piece of torn paper can be obtained by using the pot of acid
on the fire box in the hallway.  To get the fourth numbered piece of paper,
return to the reception desk and use the medical chart on the file cabinet.

FILE CABINET PUZZLE:  You need to arrange the mixed-up files in their correct
order, first by color (red being first) then alphabetically by letter.
Remember that first in a file cabinet means toward the front of the drawer.
The solution looks like this:

Now go back to the blood bank and look at the door keypad.

DOOR CODE PUZZLE:  To enter the correct code, arrange the torn paper pieces to
fit like a jigsaw puzzle.  You should come up with the code 5-7-4-3.

Tap the empty blood bags to be transported to the next location in our story.

                                  ~o&) 8 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                               R O O M   1 0 2                               .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Your first stop here should be the pool, where you'll find the pool net head.
Tap the pipe housing behind the pool for another hidden-object puzzle, solving
which will earn you a can of spray paint.  Enter the hotel and grab the power
cord from the chair and paint scraper from the desk.  Take a look at the fish
in the tank and remember what it looks like for later.  Look at the security
camera above the doorway and use the spray paint on it, then head back to the
office.  Click the filing cabinet and solve another hidden-object puzzle to get
some paper clips and a book about fish.  Use the power cord on the CPU, which
you can now power on, but you'll need a password to unlock it.

COMPUTER PUZZLE:  Here you must guess the password to the computer.  Remember
that fish in the motel lobby?  Look it up in the fish book you found in the
office.  If you're still having trouble figuring it out, the password is

Check out the guest log and particularly room 102.  When you're finished, go
back outside and use the paper clips on the door to room 102.
LOCK PICK PUZZLE:  The goal of this puzzle is to use the paperclilp to press in
the tumblers all the way without pushing them in too far.  If you do push them
too far, they'll fall back to their original position.  Tap a tumbler to select
it, then tap it again when the meter reaches the level of pressure you want to
apply, red being the maximum.  This puzzle is basically a matter of trial and
error.  I found it a good rule of thumb to stay within the green zone as much
as possible.

Inside room 102, tap the open suitcase and solve another hidden-object puzzle
which will award you with an ice pick.  In the bathroom, take the shower
curtain rod, which will complete your pool net.  Use the paint scraper to
remove the wallpaper from the mirror, then go outside to the parking lot and
use the ice pick on the ice machine.  Look inside to find a hammer, which
you'll use back in room 102 to remove the curtain from the window.  Now return
to the pool and fish out the small key from the bottom using the pool net.
Unlock the safe in room 102 with the small key to end the chapter.

                                  ~o&) 9 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                  T H E   M A N S I O N   R E V I S I T E D                  .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

First take the pliers from the table, then head outside and down to the cellar.
Tap the furnace pipe and solve a hidden-object puzzle to earn a pool rack and
the rancher's manual.  Check out the animal skull; use the pliers to pull the
teeth from it.  Return to the foyer and use the teeth on the lion's head above
the door, then enter the dining room.  Click the table and solve a hidden-
object puzzle; you'll be rewarded with a water pitcher.  Go through the door to
the billiard room and tap the bar stools for another hidden-object puzzle.  
This time, you'll earn a faucet knob.  Grab a pool cue from the wall as well.
Use the pool rack to rack the balls and solve another puzzle:

BILLIARDS PUZZLE:  Arrange the balls so that each edge of the triangle adds up
to the same number.  Swap balls by tapping them.  Hint: The number you're
shooting for is 50.  Here's one solution:


                                     7     8

                                 15     1     5

                              3     6      2     10

                          12     9     11    4      14

Now use the pool cue on the racked balls and take the snow globe from the
floor.  Go back out to the front porch, use the faucet knob on the water faucet
there, then fill the empty pitcher.  Take it back in to the dining room and use
it on the empty pitchers.

PITCHERS PUZZLE:  The aim of this puzzle is to fill each vase with the correct
object to form a sequence of different column heights.  Check your book on
ancient Greece for the key to solving it.  If you're having trouble, here's the
solution: number the vases from left to right and fill each with the following

1: Flower bouquet
2: Single rose
3: Blue pebbles
4: Water

Be sure to take the left arm from the drawer below the vases.  Now go back to
the foyer and head upstairs to the study.  Place the snow globe on the pedestal
there and take the right arm from the drawer.  Return to the billiard room and
attach both arms to the figurine by the chair to get the pendant.  Go back down
to the cellar now and fit the pendant onto the large trunk's clasp.  Take the
pile of books from inside.  The books will be used on the bookshelf in the
study, which will open another puzzle.

BOOKSHELF PUZZLE: Here you need to group all books of the same color together.
To do this, you must swap groups of books by tapping them; groups of books can
only be swapped if they have the same number of books, or if they're side by
side (groups can have differing numbers of books).  It doesn't matter which
color groups go where, just work on one color group at a time.

Take a look at the map that's revealed and you'll find yourself at yet another
spooky location.

                                  ~o&) 10 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                   S E C R E T S   O F   T H E   S W A M P                   .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Start this area by going inside the camper and tapping on the table to find
another hidden-object puzzle.  This one will award you with an airboat
throttle and the Notre Dame book.  Exit the camper and go forward, to the
signpost.  Tap the plant to the left for another hidden-object puzzle, from
which you'll get a pick axe.  Head left now, to the bridge, and get the rope
lying to the right of it.  Return to the camper and take a look at the garage.
Use your pick axe on the boulder blocking the doorway.  Step inside and tap the
work bench for another hidden-object puzzle, which will earn you a stool.  Tap
the wall chart for another puzzle.

KNOT PUZZLE:  To solve this puzzle, stop the spinning wheels so that they show
the steps to tying a lasso knot in the correct order.  Check the rancher's
manual you found earlier back at the mansion to see what the three steps look

Solving the puzzle will transform your rope to a lasso.  Now go back to the 
signpost, head right to the dock, and take a look at the airboat. Use your
airboat throttle on it to blow away the nearby reeds, then use the lasso on the
newly revealed boat.  Grab the cage from inside the boat, then go back to the
camper.  Inside, look at the snake and use the cage on it.  Now you should have
the snake catcher.  Return to the signpost, use the stool on it, then use the
snake catcher to score the machete.  Go left, to the bridge, and use the
machete on the foliage to the left to reveal a path.  Follow it to a crank
mechanism, which you should tap to extend the bridge.  Exit and go across the
bridge to end the chapter.

                                  ~o&) 11 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                   P E R I L S   I N   T H E   C A S T L E                   .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

Enter the cell to the right and take the mace.  Exit the dungeon to the ground
floor hall and go upstairs to the second-floor hall.  Examine the table here
and pick up the mirror shards.  Take the stairs up the the 3rd floor hall; take
the Scorpio coin from the table and move forward, to the master bedroom.  Take
the clock face from the pillow and use the mirror shards on the mirror frame.

MIRROR PUZZLE:  Repair the mirror by placing the shards correctly within the
frame, like a jigsaw puzzle.  When you put a piece in the right place, it will
lock into position.  Grab the mural piece from the mirror when you finish.

Go through the double doors to the balcony and get the trowel from the plant.
Tap on the wall gate for another dialogue scene, then examine the gate
mechanism built into the balcony.  Exit the master bedroom to the 3rd floor
hall and go to the far right; you'll find yourself in the archery room.  Take
the helmet lying on the table and use the mace on the coat of arms.  Go back
down to the 2nd floor hall and take the door on the right, which leads to the
banquet hall.  Use the helmet on the suit of armor to get the sword.  Go
through the double doors in the back and grab the bar of soap by the sink,
then tap the oven for a hidden-object puzzle, which earns you a torch.  Take
the sword up to the archery room and place it on the coat of arms.

COAT OF ARMS PUZZLE:  Tap each section of the crest till you see the correct
component symbol of the Romanian crest.  If you need help, look at the book
about Romania which was found at the cemetery.  Here's the solution:

                             Eagle          Cow

                             Lion           Eagle


                                   Two fish

Solving the puzzle gets you a fire poker.  Exit the archery room and head back
down to the ground floor hall and put the clock face on the grandfather clock,
then take the hook from near the chimes.  Now go to the far left to the wine
cellar.  Tap the shelves to find another hidden-object puzzle, which will earn
you a vine; this will automatically join with the hook to form the grappling
hook.  Now go back upstairs to the 2nd floor hall and enter the door on the
left, which leads to the ballroom.  Tap the drums to open a hidden-object
puzzle, which will gain you a bell and a book about chess.  Use the grappling
hook on the animal head near the chandelier to get the left antler.

Exit through the double doors to the courtyard and examine the ground; use the
trowel to dig up the dirty statue.  Now return to the ground floor hall and go
to the coffin room, to the far right.  Fit the mural piece into the mural;
take the right antler from the hidden compartment.  Go back to the 2nd floor 
hall and use both antlers on the moose head above the doorways; take the lever
from its mouth.  Return to the ground floor hall and enter the room to the
right of the stairs, the washroom.  Use the bar of soap on the tub, then put
the dirty statue in the tub.  Take the newly cleaned statue to the table in
the middle of the ground floor hall and fit it into place.  Grab the black
queen from the hidden compartment.

Return to the 3rd floor hall and take the far-left doorway, which leads to the
game room.  Use the torch on the wall near the painting and enter the hidden
passage to the ballroom balcony.  Take the sun pendant lying there, go back to
the 3rd floor hall and use it above the barred doorway on the left.  Now tap
the doorway for another hidden-object puzzle, this one earning you a box
cutter.  Take it to the 2nd floor hall and use it on the box lying on the table
to get a bunch of pipes.  Return to the washroom and use the pipes on the wall

PIPES PUZZLE:  Arrange the pipe segments so that water can flow between the
two pipes on the edges of the screen.  To do this, tap each pipe segment to
rotate it into the position you want.  Keep in mind that all segments must be
connected to one another and there can't be any open ends.  Here's the

XXX-XXX-XX   XX-XXX-XXX-XX              X = Pipe
         X   X   X       X            -/| = Connection between pipes
         |   |   |       |
         X   X   X       X
     X                   X
     |                   |
     X                   X
     X   XX-XX   XX-XXX-XX
     X   X   X   X
     |   |   |   |
     X   X   X   X
     X   XX-XXX-XX   XX-XX
     X   X   X       X   X
     |   |   |       |   |
     X   X   X       X   X

Solving the puzzle will activate the courtyard foundtain, so go there now and
find the tongs that should be there.  Return to the game room and use the fire
poker on the blazing fireplace, then use the tongs to retreive the key from it.
Take the key down to the dungeon and unlock the cell on the left to encounter
a hidden-object puzzle.  Solve it to get the moon pendant.  Take it up to the
3rd floor hall and use it above the barred doorway on the right, in which
you'll find the second lever.  Return to the banquet hall and use the Scorpio
coin on the stone plaque on the wall.

ZODIAC PUZZLE:  The object of this puzzle is to group the zodiac symbols into
two main categories: man and animal.  Two of the symbols will fit both
categories and should be placed in the overlap section.  It doesn't matter
where the symbols are placed.  If you're not sure which goes where, here's some

Twins           (Gemini)
Water bearer    (Aquarius)
Warrior         (Aries?)
Man with scales (Libra)
Discus thrower  (??)
Archer          (??)

Crab            (Cancer)
Scorpion        (Scorpio)
Sea goat        (Capricorn)
Bull            (Taurus)
Lion            (Leo)
Two fish        (Pisces)

Mermaid         (??)
Centaur         (Sagittarius)

You'll be rewarded for your effort with the decoder card for the Notre Dame
book.  Go back down to the coffin room and use the bell on the wall there,
which will activate a puzzle.

BELLS PUZZLE:  Play the bells in the correct order to unlock a secret.  To find
out the right sequence, place the decoder card in the top left corner, where it
will lock into position.  The correct sequence is E-C-A-D.

Look in the open coffin for another hidden-object puzzle.  This one will land
you the white queen, which should complete your pair if you got the black queen
earlier.  Now return to the game room and use the pair of queens on the chess

CHESS PUZZLE:  To solve this puzzle, you need to place all eight queens  on the
board so that no queen attacks another.  If you aren't sure how the queen can
attack in chess, check the chess book you found earlier in the ballroom. Here's
one possible solution:

         |x|Q|x| |x| |x| |            x = black space
         | |x| |x| |x|Q|x|            Q = queen
         |x| |Q| |x| |x| |
         | |x| |x| |Q| |x|
         |x| |x| |x| |x|Q|
         | |x| |x|Q|x| |x|
         |Q| |x| |x| |x| |
         | |x| |Q| |x| |x|

Take the corkscrew from the drawer and head back down to the wine cellar.  Use
it to open the wine bottle and get the third and final lever.  Now go back to
the bedroom balcony and use all three levers on the gate mechanism.

GARDEN PATH PUZZLE:  Tap the rings to create a path to the exit.  Tapping each
ring will move two rings at a time; this puzzle is mostly a matter of trial
and error.  Tapping the outer ring moves the center two rings, tapping the
middle ring moves the outer two, and tapping the center ring moves it and the
outer ring.  Work on getting the light gray exit paths toward the top of the

After solving the puzzle, watch the closing scene and congratulate yourself on
completing the game!                          

                                  ~o&) 12 (&o~
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~
!                                                                             !
.                          L I S T   O F   I T E M S                          .
!                                                                             !
~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~ ~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~&~o~

  THE MANSION (1)             .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Key                         Front porch                 Front door
~ Butter knife                Foyer                       First floor landing
~ Light bulb                  First floor landing         Bedroom
~ Savannah book               Bedroom                     Foyer
~ Painting                    Bedroom                     Foyer
~ Oilcan                      Foyer closet                Study
~ Cuckoo bird                 First floor landing         Study doors
~ Aunt Rosie's diary          Study                       Study
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  PENNYWELL'S SHOP            .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Quarter                     Shop entry                  Pennywell's office
~ Voodoo doll                 Pennywell's office          Stockroom
~ Voodoo book                 Stockroom                   Stockroom
~ Date stamper                Stockroom                   Shop entry
~ Wire cutters                Pennywell's office          Stockroom
~ Batteries                   Shop alley                  Reading room
~ Flashlight                  Reading room                Shop alley
~ Wind-up crank               Shop alley                  Pennywell's office
~ Tarot cards                 Pennywell's office          Reading room
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE CHURCH                  .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Chalice                     Altar                       Confessional
~ Sheet music                 Confessional                Organ
~ Hymnal number               Confessional                Organ
~ Candles                     Organ                       Altar
~ Stained glass piece         Organ                       Church entryway
~ Candle lighter              Coat closet                 Altar
~ Sacristy key                Altar                       Altar
~ Organ pipe                  Sacristy                    Organ
~ Map piece                   Organ                       Sacristy
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE CEMETERY                .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Chisel                      Arch monument               Cemetery gate
~ Brick                       Arch monument               Storage shed
~ Romania book                Storage shed                Castle archery room
~ Crowbar                     Storage shed                Arch monument
~ Metal peg                   Cemetery gate               Mausoleum door
~ Screwdriver                 Mausoleum                   Storage shed
~ Ruby                        Mausoleum                   Mausoleum fence
~ Shovel head                 Mausoleum fence             Storage shed
~ Shovel                      Storage shed                Arch monument
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE LIGHTHOUSE              .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Pile of shingles            Lighthouse porch            Lighthouse porch
~ Fishing pole                Lighthouse workroom         Lighthouse stairs
~ Oar                         Dock                        Lighthouse workroom
~ Gears                       Dock                        Lighthouse 3rd floor
~ Lure                        Lighthouse 2nd floor        Lighthouse 2nd floor
~ Saw                         Lighthouse 2nd floor        Lighthouse workroom
~ Oar pieces                  Lighthouse workroom         Lighthouse porch
~ Ladder                      Lighthouse stairs           Lighthouse porch
~ Switchblade                 Lighthouse stairs           Dock
~ Chemistry book              Boathouse                   Hospital blood bank
~ Boat hook                   Boathouse                   Lighthouse 2nd floor
~ Fuses                       Lighthouse 3rd floor        Lighthouse workroom
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE HOSPITAL                .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Skeleton hand               Reception desk              Blood bank
~ Coffee pot                  Reception desk              Blood bank
~ Towel                       Hallway                     Patient room
~ Cleaning solution           Hallway restroom            Patient room
~ Pot of acid                 Blood bank                  Hallway
~ Envelope                    Hospital courtyard          Patient room
~ Broken bones                Hospital courtyard          W/ surgical tape
~ Surgical tape               Hospital courtyard          W/ broken bones
~ Taped bone                  Hospital courtyard          Blood bank
~ Ancient Greece book         Hospital courtyard          Mansion dining room
~ Medical chart               Patient room                Reception desk
~ Torn paper (4)              Blood bank                  Blood bank
~ Torn paper (3)              Patient room                Blood bank
~ Torn paper (7)              Hallway                     Blood bank
~ Torn paper (5)              Reception desk              Blood bank
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE MOTEL                   .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Pool net head               Pool                        Room 102 bathroom
~ Spray paint                 Pool                        Front desk
~ Power cord                  Front desk                  Motel office
~ Paint scraper               Front desk                  Room 102 bathroom
~ Paper clips                 Motel office                Parking lot
~ Fish book                   Motel office                Motel office
~ Ice pick                    Room 102                    Parking lot
~ Pool net                    Room 102 bathroom           Pool
~ Hammer                      Parking lot                 Room 102
~ Small key                   Pool                        Room 102
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE MANSION (2)             .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Pliers                      Foyer                       Cellar
~ Pool rack                   Cellar                      Billiard room
~ Rancher's manual            Cellar                      Swamp garage
~ Teeth                       Cellar                      Foyer
~ Empty water pitcher         Dining room                 Front porch
~ Faucet knob                 Billiard room               Front porch
~ Pool cue                    Billiard room               Billiard room
~ Snow globe                  Billiard room               Study
~ Water pitcher (full)        Front porch                 Dining room
~ Left arm                    Dining room                 Billiard room
~ Right arm                   Study                       Billiard room
~ Pendant                     Billiard room               Cellar
~ Pile of books               Cellar                      Study
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE SWAMP                   .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Airboat throttle            Camper                      Airboat dock
~ Notre Dame book             Camper                      Castle coffin room
~ Pick axe                    Signpost                    Garage
~ Rope                        Bridge                      Garage
~ Stool                       Garage                      Signpost
~ Lasso                       Garage                      Dock
~ Cage                        Dock                        Camper
~ Snake catcher               Camper                      Signpost
~ Machete                     Signpost                    Bridge
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
  THE CASTLE                  .WHERE FOUND.               .WHERE USED. 
  ________________________    ________________________    _____________________
~ Mace                        Dungeon cell                Archery room
~ Mirror shards               2nd floor hall              Master bedroom
~ Scorpio coin                3rd floor hall              Banquet hall
~ Helmet                      Archery room                Banquet hall
~ Sword                       Banquet hall                Archery room
~ Clock face                  Master bedroom              Ground floor hall
~ Mural piece                 Master bedroom              Coffin room
~ Trowel                      Bedroom Balcony             Courtyard
~ Bar of soap                 Kitchen                     Washroom
~ Torch                       Kitchen                     Game room
~ Hook                        Ground floor hall           Wine cellar
~ Right antler                Coffin room                 2nd floor hall
~ Vine                        Wine cellar                 Wine cellar
~ Grappling hook              Wine cellar                 Ballroom
~ Left antler                 Ballroom                    2nd floor hall
~ Bell                        Ballroom                    Coffin room
~ Chess book                  Ballroom                    Game room
~ Dirty statue                Courtyard                   Washroom
~ Monkey statue               Washroom                    Ground floor hall
~ Black queen                 Ground floor hall           W/ white queen      
~ Lever (1)                   2nd floor hall              Bedroom Balcony
~ Fire poker                  Archery room                Game room
~ Sun pendant                 Ballroom                    3rd floor hall
~ Box cutter                  3rd floor hall              2nd floor hall
~ Pipes                       2nd floor hall              Washroom
~ Tongs                       Courtyard                   Game room
~ Key                         Game room                   Dungeon
~ Moon pendant                Dungeon                     3rd floor hall
~ Lever (2)                   3rd floor hall              Bedroom balcony
~ White queen                 Coffin room                 W/ black queen
~ Pair of queens              GF hall/ coffin room        Game room
~ Corkscrew                   Game room                   Wine cellar
~ Lever (3)                   Wine cellar                 Bedroom balcony