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Where can I find Guan?

where is Guan I can't find him anywhere and can you tell me the area is?

PspGoHacker2 provided additional details:

Thanks KageOni194 but I searched Guan every where in Hot Spring Heights, but all I find with the fire mask is dimetrio, maia, and shuno thats its.

PspGoHacker2 provided additional details:

Where in Dusty dunes and in hot springs heights found him? please replay.


KageOni194 answered:

Hot Spring Heights or Dusty Dunes if im correct...
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SuzieJoeBob answered:

I think KageOni194 was saying the pay-to-dig site in Hot Spring Heights.
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kenziemay55 answered:

Ii found him at hot spring heights but all I found was his head I cant find anymore parts for him
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MeraKnight answered:

I found it in Mt. Krakanak. It has multiple locations and is VERY rare.
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Vertu_Nguyen answered:

I found its head on dusty dunes
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yoppboy answered:

Go to and go to the fossil mueseam go to fire and look up Guan
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spyro5556 answered:

Dusty Dunes I found one I never went to Dusty Dunes in the story but I went their in the post story for the first time and found the head.
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TheFossilMaster answered:

Yes, you can find it in dusty dunes, but fully upgrade your sonar to be able to not find rocks. And anyone who wants a friend, ask me. Glad to help!
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Maxkramer666 answered:

Yep dusty dunes.
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