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What is the requirements for team attack?

I need some help about team attack. My best vivo at the moment is aeros, but i'm having a hard time finding what team would allow him to use his team attack. I tried tanstro, hoplo, lambeo, and daspleto, but still no luck. Anyone know what's the requirement to do team attack? Do they need to have the same elements, size, attack range, or something? I've open the link that ekaru gave, but i still don't understand how to read it. Is there any better guide for team attack? Thanks b4.

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Siovan answered:

Dcoughier is right, however, I am lazier about selecting my teams. Compatible dinos wil have the diagonal shine effect slide across the Dino medals when they are team compatible. I just start swapping dinos onto the team until I get the shiny medal effect. Then I slip one of those into one of the two backup slots on the team and continue swapping dinos into the primary spots until I have 5 dinos I can live with as a team. Also, you can look at the possible attack each Dino has. Most of them have a team skill, but some are loners-those guys won't have a team skill showing at all; at least it was like that in the original. Hope this helps.:)
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dcoughler answered:

Haven't tried this in the sequel yet, but in the first game, team attacks were usually enabled by having the same element, the same time period, the same region, or the diet.
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