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How do you get Meklords/Machine Emporers in the game?

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thomashernadez asked for clarification:

Hi! I already unlock all World Championship Edition 1-10 packs but i still don't unlock World Championship Edition 11 packs. I need someone please figure out this problem for me. Thanks in advance.

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Bladenyte answered:

The Meklords are in the World Championship 11 pack. which is gotten by unlocking the World Championship 1 through 10 packs. It is pretty much the final pack most people will unlock.
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viperver1 answered:

Unlock more packs and eventually, you'll end up getting the Machine Emperors/Meklords. There is much less chance of getting one from an random pickup.
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Adam_Ace answered:

World Championship Packs I honestly don't know which one but to unlock the WC packs you have to unlock opponents for WC and WC Tag Mode (Usually have to them 3 times each)
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adrian459 answered:

guys the game didn's come out yet if your talking about the U.S.A one
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thanedark answered:

I agree with the others, P.S. The game is not region locked it does not have to be american to be played as in the usa
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Tennese2 answered:

Action replay codes is my way
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Matsuni_Aquas answered:

If you're needing it to beat Ghost in Chapter 6, I think it really means "Let Ghost summon a Meklord Emporer and then beat him."

I just used Amazoness Chain Master to take his and beat him with it anyway, for good measure. XD

But hmm....maybe you have to unlock the regular packs too?
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NekoDin answered:

You have to unlock World Championship Pack 11
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Q_and_A answered:

You need to unlock 9 cpu tag turbo duelists to unlock world championship 11
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