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How do I Synchro summon monsters?

I am a bit lost here.

I get the tuner monster required according to the game as I assemble my deck.

In the match I get the monster, and the required levels monsters on the field.

I can't Synchro summon the monster for some reason. Any ideas/what am I doing wrong?


levelmaster2 answered:

First: Only one tuner can be used in a synchro summon unless the synchro says otherwise (like Red Nova Dragon)
Second: Some synchros require specific type of monsters to be used to summon (like Black Wing Armor Master, Tempest Magician, etc.)
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viperver1 answered:

Also remind yourself of this clause "X tuner(s) + X or more Non-tuner XX monster(s)". This indicates that you need the following conditions but some might indicate an particular monster (ie. Plaguespreader, Junk Synchron, etc), type (ie. LIGHT, DARK, etc) or an archetype of an monster (ie. Genex,Watt,Scrap,etc) so follow them and every synchro should be easier to preform.

Another reason is that the synchro summon can only be preformed on the field and both the tuner(s) and non-tuners required to synchro summon has to match the level too other than the conditions of summoning. For the following example, this is for summoning Junk Guardna:
1. Summon Junk Synchron and special summon level 1 monster.
2. Special summon Quillbolt Hedgehog from the graveyard.
3. Start synchro summon using all 3 for Guardna.

Hope that helps. :)
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jay13badluck answered:

A little late but this is for people that still playing this game and having problems with summoning.
You can only use a LV 3 tuner monster + LV 5 non-tuner monster or LV 3 tuner + LV 3 non-tuner + LV 2 non-tuner as a Synchro Material Monsters not a LV 4 tuner monster + LV 4 non-tuner To summon a LV 8 Synchro monsters

basically no 2 same LV Synchro Material Monsters can be use to summon a LV 8 synchro monster is the other rule in this game
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