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Two Specific Cheat Codes?

Hi fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! fans could somebody help me by trying to get a permanent "No Ban List" cheat code, and a "Unlock All Packs" cheat code please? They would really help especially at least the "Unlock All Packs" cheat for US copy not (J) Japanese, 'Kay? Thanks.

NightRealmLord provided additional details:

All right, first I want to put an emphasis on "PERMANENT" for permanent "no ban list", and second I already used the all cards x3 code I WANT/NEED the "UNLOCK ALL CARD PACKS" cheat (again for US Version not (J) Japanese). So please don't give me the temporary "no ban list" cheat or the "all cards x?" cheat anymore all right? Thanks.

NightRealmLord provided additional details:

All right, first that wasn't my pissed off tone, second I have Autism all right? P.S. This isn't my pissed off tone either.


RoddyAnumber1 answered:

1202ADC0 0000E007
D0000000 00000000

This is the action replay code for No Ban List. Hope it helps if you have action replay.
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RoddyAnumber1 answered:

This code is for 3x all cards
94000130 FFFB0000
221252BE 00000033
D5000000 00003333
C0000000 00000433
D7000000 02124A56
D2000000 00000000
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RoddyAnumber1 answered:

The ban list is not temporary for me. You might need to just keep putting the action replay in and then putting in the cartridge everytime time you want the No Ban List on. 2nd I DIDN't KNOW that you used the 3x all cards cheat already so don't get pissed off at me.
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