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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
How can i get Mina's event to start ? Open 4
How do I challenge characters to Tag Duels in story mode? Answered 1
How do I do Sherry's quest involving Randsborg? Answered 1
How do I open that door? Answered 3
How do I solve (deck starstrike blast)? Open 1
How do I solve (jacks puzzle)? Answered 1
How do I solve (puzzle 5 in story mode)? Open 3
How do I solve Blitzer and Bolts's riddle? Answered 2
How do I solve Download Puzzle 1? Answered 1
How do I solve download puzzle 3?? Answered 1
How do I solve Download puzzle 4? Open 1
How do I solve download puzzle 5 ? Open 1
How do I solve download puzzle 6 ? Open 1
How do I solve Duel Puzzle Download 2? Answered 1
How do I solve duel puzzles 1 3 4 and 5 at bootleg? Open 4
How do I solve Jack's post-game event? Answered 1
How do I solve nicos puzzles 2 4 5? Open 2
How do I solve spirit world puzzle? Open 3
How do I solve story puzzle #3? Answered 2
How do I solve story puzzle #4? Answered 1
How do i solve the Jack Atlas outfit quest? Open 7
How do I solve the Single lady Side quest? Answered 1
How do i unlock the extra pack 3? Open 1
How do I win the duels in the computers? Answered 2
I'm trynna make my own, any help? Answered 1
Looking for Mina's "single man"? Answered 2
Looking for Sergio. When can I? Answered 2
Mina's Quest...and the Ciphers...Helppp ? Answered 3
Missing Duelist?! Answered 2
Unfinished Duel Puzzles? Answered 1
Unlocking Pulse of Trishula ? Answered 2
What do I do with the Fun Key? Answered 1
What is the best way to avoid getting killed by those damned Ally Salvos that the Ghost army uses on you? Answered 3
Where can I find an opponent? Answered 1
Item Help status answers
Can anyone tell me what action replay codes are for duel runners, D-Wheel Parts, clothing & duel disk? THANK YOU! Open 1
Can someone tell me how to get elsworth's duel disk? Answered 1
Can we buy Rental Decks, like how we buy Structure Decks? Open 1
Can you get a business suit for a male character? Answered 1
Can't reach the item on the rock east of the hideout in "Satisfaction Town" (Chapter 6)? Open 1
Creator god of light, horakhty?? Answered 1
Does this game really lets you get the 3 gods cards of Egypt through regular game play? if so please tell me how. Open 5
Golden hemunculus? Open 1
Help Please? Answered 2
How can i get tag force set? Open 1
How do i get primos outfit? Answered 7
How do i get the hero packs? Answered 1
How do I Synchro summon monsters? Open 3
How do i unlock and aki's riding suit? Open 1
How do i unlock lester's/primo's outfit, laser disk and hood? Open 5
how do I unlock primo hodi? Open 1
How do I unlock the World Championship 11th Edition pack? Open 1
How do you unlock more opponents for CPU Tag Duel and CPU Tag Turbo Duel? Open 2
How do you unlock the Ice Duel Disk? Open 2
How many Monarch monsters are there and how do I get them? Answered 2
How to ride a duel runner? Answered 1
How to unlock LODT? Open 2
I need help with the a certain .... well i'm not sure what it is but it was on WC2010? Open 1
I need to know how to get team Ragnarok clothes & duel runners through regular gameplay! If you know please tell me? Open 1
Is Life Stream Dragon in this game? Answered 4
Is Pole Position (FET-EN050 / DR3-EN170) present in WC2011? Answered 2
Is there a way? Open 1
Is there an easier way to get a Meklord card? Answered 1
Last CPU item and usage of it? Open 3
Malfunction? Answered 1
Password? Answered 1
Possible Duel Runner part glitch? Answered 1
Speed spell in Synchro Warriors? Answered 1
Unicorn pack ? Answered 1
Unlocking the pack "Cyberdark Impact"? Open 1
What card(s) am I missing? Answered 1
What do with missing ring? Open 2
What do you get if you win using all Rental Decks? Answered 3
What packs do you get the earthbound imortals and malefic monsters in? Open 3
What race course is Speed Spell Harpie's Feather Duster on? Answered 1
What's an ideal method of quickly getting DP? Answered 4
when can I find obelisk the tormentor on wifi? Open 1
When is KPC-DG is coming back to Wifi? Open 2
When well primo hodi be aviable for download again? Open 1
Where blizzard dragon in the game ? Open 1
Where can I find (elimentil heros)? Answered 1
Where can I find ALL the drunner parts? Open 2
Where can I find battle ox? *new* Unanswered 0
Where can I find dragunity cards ? Open 1
Where can I find Full Throttle? Answered 1
Where can I find Lester's Duel disk? Open 3
Where can I find more tag turbo partners? Answered 1
Where can I find Obelisk Slifer and Ra? Open 4
Where can I find Primo outfit? Open 1
Where can I find Speed Spell Deceased Synchron? Answered 2
Where can I find Tag Force set? Open 1
Where can I find the KC duel disk? Answered 1
Where can I find the rest of the cards? Open 1
Where can I find the speed spells future fusion & gold sarcophagus? Answered 1
Where can I find tune warrior? Open 1
Where can I find Wheelie Breaker? Answered 2
Where can I find yusei hybrid disk? Answered 1
Where can I find yusei,jack and crow new outfit? Answered 1
Where can I get KPC-CG? Answered 1
Where can I obtain the card "Phantom Skyblaster"? Open 1
Where is the card Macro Cosmos? Open 1
where to get Anniversary Art Red-Eyes B. Dragon? Answered 2
Which packs have "blackwing" cards? Answered 2
Why the Cyber Barrier Dragon is not present in the game again? Open 1
Wifi download cards? Answered 1
Will chtonian soldier be in this game ofr once? Answered 4
Plot Help status answers
What's With Misaki? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
(How do i get harald to be my partner)? Answered 2
(How do i get primos costume and him 2 be my partner and laser disk)?? Open 4
(What dose yusea #2 do)? Answered 1
3F and Kraus? Answered 1
A good combination of Yusei and Jack's deck for turbo? Answered 2
A good deck any cards (not turbo)?? Open 4
About change your skin ? Answered 1
About Ghost? Answered 3
About misaki and bruno ? Answered 1
AI Speed? Open 3
Anybody know how to make a good Vilon Omega deck? Answered 2
Anyone knows 100% Duel Statistics? Answered 2
Are there any glitches for this game? Open 2
Balloon lizard? Open 2
Best way to make DP ? Answered 2
Blue coins? Answered 1
Bothersome question maybe? Open 2
Can Anyone Help Me Improve This Dragon Deck? Unanswered 0
Can I buy decks that already left the shop? Open 2
Can someone show me a good elemental hero deck list? Open 3
Can you change your gender after you create your character? Open 1
Can you duel Story Mode Characters in Free Duel? Open 1
Can you give me a deck to beat sherry story mode? Open 2
Can you give me a turbo deck to beat Jack,Yusei and Crow? Answered 3
Can you make the wings of the blackbird frame unfold? If so, how? Open 1
Can you replay story mode with all your cards like in 2010? Open 2
Can you still download banlists and other things? Open 1
Can you trade cards with other people? Open 1
Cant get to the spirit world? Answered 1
Card question? Open 2
Characters Decks? Answered 1
Cheats with out action replay? Open 1
Cocoon Of Evolution? Open 1
CPU Spectator Duel? Open 1
Cyber Prima? Answered 1
D-Cubic question? Open 1
Danipon? Open 1
Dark bribe? Open 1
Dark Paladin deck? Open 1
Deck analysis? Answered 9
Deck Help ? Open 1
Des Mosquito? Answered 1
Does this game have tournament mode for free play like the previous games? Open 1
Does Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant in storm of ragnok? Answered 1
Duel Calculator? Answered 2
Duel Record??? Answered 1
Duel runner help? Open 1
Duel Runner Hints to get ratting S on each Time Attack, Battle and the Battle Royal? Open 3
Dueling Statistics? Open 2
Earthbound Spirit? Open 1
Extra Pack Two? Open 2
Freind codes? Open 4
Game? Answered 1
Gernia question? Answered 1
Good dragunity deck list? Open 2
Good meklord deck? Open 1
Gray Skin? Open 1
Help me pls on finding some people? Answered 1
How can I fit shooting star dragon in blackwing deck? Answered 1
How can I get Crow to tag duel and tag turbo duel me? Open 1
How do I bring out Malefic Paradox Dragon? Answered 2
How do i get darkmagiciangirl ( not outfit ) i don't care if it's a cheat/hack someone knows? Open 2
How do i get into the ship at the port and the locker at the grand pix stadium? Unanswered 0
How do I get the "No Forbidden Cards Deck" duel bonus? Open 3
How do i get the special summon bonus? Open 1
How do i make a tag partner on History Mode? Open 1
How do i summon a Meklord Emperor? Answered 1
How do i turbo tag duel Akiza and trudge? and tag duel Leo and Luna Open 1
How do I unlock CPU opponents in turbo and tag duel mode? Answered 1
how do i unlock more CPU turbo duelists? Open 1
How do i unlock more packs? Answered 3
How do I unlock the battle position bonus? Answered 1
How do I unlock the next race diffculty up? Answered 3
How do you do the start dash? Open 1
How do you get achievements? Open 1
How do you get tag team partners? Answered 1
How do you make the monster come out of the card? Open 1
How do you rate other peoples' Duel Puzzles on Wi-Fi? Open 1
How do you RESET your game? Answered 2
How do you unlock the emblems in R4C5 and R4C6? Open 5
How many save slots are there? If I start New Game, will it save my current game? Answered 2
How many wcs coins do you need to download slifer the sky dragon? Answered 3
How to get view mode? Open 4
How to unlock new tag partner? Answered 1
How to unlock STOR, TSHD, and STBL? Answered 2
How to unlock the abillity to use 1 forbidden card? Answered 1
How to unlocker characters's Tag Turbo Duel? Open 2
I want my face back!!? Answered 1
If I use new game + will still be able to buy packs unlocked during story mode? Answered 1
If you're playing on a different language could u change it to english? Open 2
Im having trouble finding out how to earn those stars and blue W coins on the character stat screen can anyone help? Answered 1
Is green baboon glitched in this game? Answered 1
Is there any way to shorten the opponent's time during their turn? Answered 2
Is this game worth it? Answered 1
Jinzo Support Cards? Open 2
Kalin Location ??? Answered 1
Larvae Moth? Answered 1
Max DP action replay code (US)? Answered 1
Missed your timing? Open 2
Missing a few tag team duelists on the list? Answered 1
Missing cards? Open 1
Missing ring? Open 1
Missing Tag team opponent? Answered 1
My Deck?? Open 1
Nobleman-eater bug? Answered 1
NPC lost? Answered 1
On Wifi tournament now It say same type tournament? Answered 1
Opponents don't time out online? Answered 2
Please Have a Question How Unlock The Three Egyption God Cards ? Open 1
Please Have A Question In Free Duel Here Is a Ghost Option Whats Is That And How I Can Open It ? Open 1
Question about this certain card? Open 1
Ranking stuck at 400? Open 1
Released archetypes? Answered 1
Remove password? Answered 1
Rose Witch? Unanswered 0
Shooting quasar dragon? Answered 1
Star chips (meant to add something to my other one) and computers? Open 2
Star chips? Answered 1
Start dash? Open 1
Summoning Shooting Star Dragon? Answered 1
Tag Turbo Duels? Open 2
The location of these people? Answered 1
Two Specific Cheat Codes? Open 3
Unlocking Ragnarok pack.? Answered 1
Unlocking Turbo Duels? Answered 1
Walkthrough? Open 9
Was story mode meant to be "easy"? Answered 1
What are the action replay codes for getting all duel runner frames, clothing & duel disks? Open 1
What cards aren't included in this game? Answered 2
What do u think of my deck? Open 1
What do you keep when you start a new game with exsting data ? Open 2
What exactly is the "The Wicked Finish Bonus"? Open 1
What faces do torunka give? Open 2
What is the Action Replay game ID number (US)? Answered 1
What is the star rating from free-npcs for? Open 1
What neo spacians can be used with NEX? Open 1
What packs are the Blackwing Cards in and how do i unlock them? Answered 2
What packs are yusei's cards in and how do you unlock the packs? Open 1
What three cards come with the game? Answered 1
What's a good pack for DARK monsters besides Phantom Darkness? Open 2
What's up with this? Open 2
Where do I find Mina? Answered 1
Where is regulus and torunka? Answered 1
Where will i find these duelist ? Answered 1
Where/How do i turn in my star chips? Open 1
Which AR Code for Full Card List works? Open 1
Who and where is the duelist between ghost (ghost -01) and misaki/toru tag team? Open 2
Who can tell me? Answered 2
Who do i see about getting into the spirit world? Answered 2
Why can't I get yusei and Jack as tag partners? Answered 1
Why does my Wi-fi connection not work? Open 2
Will I be able to import cards/decks from Reverse Of Arcadia? Answered 1
Will Polar gods be in this? Answered 2
Will the cards that zone used will they be in the game since the game will be realease in may 10? Open 4
Will the US version of the game feature Supreme Victory Booster Pack ? Answered 1
Will there be a way to get the seal of orichalcos? Answered 3
Will there be turbo duels over the Nintendo wi-fi connection? Answered 3
Wow are they still making these? Answered 1
Yugioh card question???. Open 1
Yugioh world championship 2012? Open 2
Zombie World deck not available? Answered 1

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