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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get past level 63 Book of Water Magic?

How Do I Get Past This Level When It Just Scrolls? Please Can Anyone Help?

Accepted Answer

From: magpie1950 2 years ago

The second it starts go to the left hand corner, work your way from left to right as fast as you can, taking the river with you. Better if you can keep a pretty straight line. It will want to scroll, keep holding the left button down. Sometimes it gets the better of you, just switch it off and start again !! when you get to the end connect the river to the next section (Stone Balls) When you do this a river will start to flow left to right, follow this. You now have to power up so use the blocks there and the blocks above and to the left. This is the last chamber, and you are there. Hope this helps?

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