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How to unlock Satan fusion?

would someone please save me the trouble and tell me how to unlock Fallen Satan fusion?

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thanks Megidoladyne. but can I still use the alternative way to make SATAN even though I don't see him in the Cathedral of Shadows?

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I'm not sure about this.. but from my experience Satan was unlocked right after i fused Lucifer. so I'm guessing u'll need to make Lucifer first in order to get Satan to appear in the cathedral of shadows.

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Kishin Ometeotl = (Ronaldo fate 5)

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Megidoladyne answered:

U need Lucifer first. This demon is required to make several demons, including satan, and u got lucifer with AO in fate 5. Here's the demons needed.

Lucifer (lvl99 tyrant):

Tyrant Loki x Divine Metatron ( this is the only way.)


Satan ( Fallen lvl 99)

Tyrant Lucifer x Zaou Gongen
Tyrant Beelzebub x Kishin Zaou Gongen
Tyrant Nergal x Kishin Zaou Gongen
Avatar Anubis x Tyrant Lucifer
Tyrant Belial x Kishin Zaou Gongen
Element Flaemis x Fallen Nebiros
Element Aeros x Fallen Nebiros
Tyrant Lucifer x Kishin Ometeotl ( keita fate 5)

Also, u can make Nebiros (Fallen lvl 86):

Divine Metatron x Dragon Vasuki OR Tyrant Moth x Avatar Anubis OR Dragon Vasuki x Genma Heimdall, then nebiros x aeros o flaemis = SATAN.
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Megidoladyne answered:

SRY, heres an alternative way to make SATAN without LUCIFER:

1o Make a KIshin Zaou Gongen (lvl 93 kishin), how?, take a KISHIN and fuse it with erthys, then erthys again until u reach zaou gongen ( heres the list ):

Ubellurius>Nalagiri>Hitokonushi>Take Mikazuchi>
Zouchoten>Jikokuten>Koumokuten>Bishamonten>Ometeotl>Zaou Gongen. ( to make kishin omoteotl u need ronaldo fate lvl 5. also complete the dera deka event to gain Kishin Jikokouten and hitokonushi will be unlocked if u see and beat him before yamato complete analyze all the poisonous septentriones, in the day 3 or 4) then fuse your Zaou Gongen with Tyrant Tzitmitl and u will get NEBIROS. Then fuse Nebiros with aeros or flaemis to make SATAN.
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Megidoladyne answered:

Mmm.. u only need Fallen Nebiros to unlock Satan. Also satan is lvl 99 so u will need the Remove fusion LV limit.
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