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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the first DM character i can get?

where is the first Dark Magic character token? and/or what level unlocks the first DM character i can get?

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From: TGSnowwy 3 years ago

I don't know who all the Dark Magic users actually are, but here are the ones I know about.

After Year 5, Chapter 2 you can clear Duelling Club: Dumbledore's Army to unlock Duelling Club: Hogwarts Staff. Clearing that will give you Professor Snape, who can definitely use Dark Magic.

If you can't clear them (Snape can be difficult), try Umbridge in 5:1 or Phineas Nigellus Black in 5:4 (don't know if they're Dark or not).

In Yr 6, Chapter 4, I believe one of the character tokens gives you several Dark characters at once, like Salazar Slytherin and/or Death Eater.

You can check my guide for the locations:

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