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How do i beat realm of memories door 2 level 1?

How do i get to the bomb.

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How do I break the cracked rocks?

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LKDg16 answered:

Okay, this took me a while too. I believe the are you are talking about is where there is a hut, (where if you go in and press the pull/push button on the upper are you get a cool 200 rupees, you can also do the trick on the other hut in the far right of it). Go there, unlock the sides, then you see the bomb, guarded by the rocks you must destroy. Push the block you in front of the bomb (2 blocks right) up, throw the smaller rock, and get the bomb. The bomb breaks the rocks. When you have the bomb, simple go down, right, then right some more, to the place with the cape surrounded by bombs. Bomb the bottom area, then go down through the key-hole door. That's how you do it!
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hobbes1111 answered:

Start by making your way to the capes in the swamp area. Then jump down to get a key. This will let you open the lock to the crystal. Take this to the other pedestals to unlock goods, including keys. On the left side of the map, you'll see the bomb guarded by some locks. If you've opened up the other areas using the crystal, you should have enough keys to open up the locks to reach the bombs.
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