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How to get rayquaza shiny?

We must do it with nobunaga right?but how to do it

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TheCrowbar09395 answered:

With Nobunaga yes, you can get Rayquaza (it is always shiny I believe) in the Dragon Nation. You must also have all other legendary pokemon.
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the_potato2251 answered:

You must have all other Legendary pokemon, which includes Arceus. Do keep in mind, you can only get him in the final hero episode after beating all other episodes.
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sagamacaro answered:

I don't know this certainly, but you might also need reshiram so for now, not japaneese games must wait ;(
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KaSlider answered:

You need all the other legendaries, including Reshiram wich you can get with a code in the US, Nobunaga at rank 2 and he only spawn in the special chapter the 2 heroes of ransei
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