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Evolving Haunter, Kadabra, Scyther, Sneasel, etc. How do they all evolve in this game?

Basically, I need info on how to evolve anybody that wouldn't normally evolve by leveling up or using evolution stones. Please help!

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milalyr answered:

Trade Evolutions (Haunter, Kadabra, Machoke, Boldore, Gurrdurr) - Raise the Link % to a high amount (usually 60%) and then have that Pokemon defeat a warrior in a way that makes them recruitable after battle (Super Effective move, within 4 turns, etc.)

Trade Evolutions with Items (Scyther, Onix, Dusclops, Rhydon) - Same as Trade Evolutions, but there no Link requirement; Just have the Pokemon hold the Metal Coat/Reaper Cloth/Protector before going into battle. (I haven't done this myself yet, so the part about no link % requirement is not confirmed.)

Sneasel is a standard Item Evolution. Have it hold the Razor Claw and go into battle. HOWEVER, it also has to have 175 Speed. This makes it a little unique (no other item evolutions require specific stats).
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Skyre21 answered:

This would help.

It would seem for pokemons like Haunter, Kadabra, Machokes, etc would require:
-Raising the Pokemon to a specific Link % (No idea what though) and battle against a Warlords and defeat it.

Pokemons like Scyther, Onix, etc would require:
Item hold (Like Metal Coat, etc) which can be purchased from a travelling merchant
(This guy mentioned it;

You can see the rest of the other methods for yourself on the given site.
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Magus733 answered:

I thought you had to get them to whatever percentage or stat amount, and link battle another player. There is no link trading, but you can still fight your 6 v 6 teams. And the items to evolve remain the same from previous games, and again, you take them into combat holding that item at the appropriate link percentage. They should evolve after.
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the_potato2251 answered:

Only way I've had work everytime is that when they've reached whatever link value they need, take them into a fight in which you are about to wipe a warlord out entirely (You're fighting them on there last land) and kill any warrior on the field with pokemon you want to evolve.
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