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Evolving Warlords?

How do you evolve warlords?

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milalyr answered:

Almost every unique warlord (besides the hero character) will not evolve until the post-game episodes.

In most cases, the warlord must simply obtain a high link (usually 55-65%) with the Pokemon considered their "Perfect Link". This is often the Pokemon itself or its evolved form, but in a few cases, the warlord needs to find their Perfect Link Pokemon first.

There are sometimes other requirements for each specific warlord, like cataloging every Pokemon of a specific type into your Gallery, or not having that warlord be in the same nation as a certain other warlord.
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pokemon5468 answered:

Go to and type in on the search bar Pokemon Conquest warlords unique. Most evolve from a high link with their main pokemon's final evolution.
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