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Asked: 2 years ago

I dont want umbreon?

I accidently evolved itom umbreon? Is there any way of changing umbreon back to eevee?

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From: Kalmaro 2 years ago

just like in all pokemon games. Once you evolve it, you're stuck with it.

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No you can't change it back, but you can either use the Eevee password in the cheats section to get another one or you could get lucky and have a swarm happen randomly for another.

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You need to get another Eevee, but you need the umbreon to get Arceus in the post-game, so, is better to have the umbreon in your hero's "pokemon storage"

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Vaporeon - equip water stone
Jolteon - equip thunder stone
Flareon - equip fire stone
Espeon - Link at 70% in Ilusiono
Umbreon - Link at 70% in the dark area
Leafeon - defense around 90 in Greenleaf
Glaceon - defense around 90 in the Ice area

I have seen the game but never played so im sorry about any names i messed up

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You can also find eevee in Aurora every now and then
there is a code for eevee in the cheats

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Okay got new info
Leafeon - defense 94 in Greenleaf
Glaceon - attack 91 in Nixstorm

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