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Asked: 2 years ago

How does the Develop function work?

Hi, sorry to bother you guys, but I was wondering something. What does the Develop option under the Delegate Menu do? And does it take effect when only Warlord s are the ones doing the delegating? Because I tried it for a couple of months and nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

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From: the_potato2251 2 years ago

It is working, it is just a slow process.
If you watch you're money when you advance to the next month, it will change (either up or down) when it passes by a kingdom of yours set to develop. If it's fully developed, you usually gain 2,000-5,000 gold, if it isn't developed, you usually loose 500 gold and it slightly increases the level up bar on an establishment.

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Nothing wrong just let it go for like a year if nothing happends thean i dont know whats wrong but im at the storsies and it is long

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When you delegate warlords to develop, it strengthens the energy og the pokemon in that city and gets you more gold.

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The Develop option is for develop your kingdom.

If has a ponigiri shop, the energy of your pokemon will rise
If has a gold mine, the money will rise
In the post-game, your money will fall because the warriors (and warlords) will use your money to upgrade the wild places and shops.

Ps: In the post-game, I have not notice about rising the pokemon's energy while using this option

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