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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get Dialga?

^'Nuff said.

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From: the_potato2251 2 years ago

Make sure Ina and Tadakatsu are rank 2 (You have to have Ieyasu in kingdom with Tadakatsu to rank him up).
Attain 50 warriors
Upgrade everything in Dragnor
*Next Month*
Event will follow, obtaining Conquerors Crystal
Equip it to Tadakatsu
*Next Month*
Event will occur
Dialga will be in Dragnor

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Serebii is correct on this apart from Location it's Dragnor instead.
The crystal is obtained by upgrading Dragnor facilities etc.
The 50 warriors need to be currently with you in your kingdoms

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Does it have to be at level 3 (everything) at dragonor

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Nah, just the wild Pokemon facilities need to be at lv 3

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