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How can i find these pokemon ?

and Hydregion

Lunarace provided additional details:

That is disappointing so here are two new pokemon
and aerodactel

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zeldaeevee64 answered:

whimsicott - equip cottonee with a sun stone and go into battle

serperior - when Servine's speed is at 104, it will evolve into serperior

Hydregion - Zweilous's attack needs to be at 143

Latios and Latias are not in game
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mike100673 answered:

You can only get serperior out of the pokemon on the list.
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Nialara answered:

To get Whimsicott: Find a Cottonee in Greenleaf (or upgrade facilities in Greenleaf to find a Whimsicott), and use a Sun Stone on it to get Whimsicott.

Serperior: Find a Snivy in Greenleaf (or upgrade facilities in Greenleaf to find Servine) and evolve it x2.

Hydreigon: Find a Deino in Dragnor (or upgrade facilities in Dragnor and get a Zweilous) and evolve it x2.

Latios and Latias aren't available in Pokemon Conquest.
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