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How do you Delete your Save File?

I rented a copy and there is a save file how do I delete it?

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Well I tried that and it said with the current file active I can't save the new game.

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dragonball_z_52 provided additional details:

Thanks. I took the game back I'll probably just buy it and start a new file that way.

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the_potato2251 answered:

From the main screen,
'A' + 'B' + 'X' + 'Y'
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zeldaeevee64 answered:

On the main menu, there should be a button that says "new game" hope this helps
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zeldalink101 answered:

when it shows the KT logo thing press 'A' + 'B' + 'X' + 'Y' until it ends then it'll say somthing about deleting data and just click the answer u want.
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LegendOfUnova answered:

when you see tecmo koei press A,B,X,and Y all at once then it'll ask if you want to delete the file.
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