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Where can I find Zorua?

I have Kotaro, but i can't find it.

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pokemonfan345 answered:

When you get Kotaro in your current squad ( the one wth your charecter/whoever special episode it is) it will randomly apear somewhere in Ransei. If you want help with every pokemon ever on any Pokemon game go to
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Lunarace answered:

In the CHEATS there is a code for Zorua
it takes a month for the code to activate after u put it in
u can only use the code once so save it before going in to battle
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hotshotgames answered:

enter the password:
then proceed to the next month, it will appear somewhere in Ransei.
Take Kotaro there and link up!

keep in mind that this can only be done once, so save before putting the code in and don't save again til you have successfully linked. Also bring all other warriors that you think should have a Zorua.
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Arkmenhah answered:

When you have Kotaro, Zorua will show up randomly on Yaksha. When entering battle, it will come disguised as one of the enemies, just link with the one who shows a golden medal. If you have weak pokemon, you can try attacking them so their illusion goes off
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