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How do I transform the following Warlords? Mitsuhide, Gracia, Tadakatsu, Magoichi.

Please do not direct me to Serebii.

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Emoxes answered:

Mitsuhide: You need to get 60% link with Lapras AFTER beating his story (you do not need to do this in his own story).
Gracia: 60% link with Gothorita (or Gothitelle I believe).
Tadakatsu: Reach 80% link with Megatross and have Ina and Iesayu in the same nation... basically do this in Iesayu's story.
Magoichi: Have 60% link with Grovyle or Sceptile, have 3 unique female WARLORDS in the same nation, and do not have Masamune in the same or adjacent nation.
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Mi10tic_Fan answered:

A correction to the previous answer: Mitsuhide's link with either Lapras or Articuno must be at 70%, not 60%
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