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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find dream stone and devil stone?

I need that item to get dialga and zekrom! For other recruitment i already fulfill it
To get dialga although zekrom wasn't...

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From: the_potato2251 2 years ago

Here's how I got the Devil Stone (known in this game as the Conquerors Crystal)
Rank 2 Nobunaga
Rank 2 Mitsuhide
Rank 2 Ranmaru
Have all 3 in Dragnor
Event occurs, you obtain Crystal
Equip it to Nobunaga
Bring them to Violight
Event occurs following month
Cave appears with Zekrom
I would imagine same happens for dream stone with ieayasu, tadakatsu and ina

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You get the Dream Stone and the Devil Stone from random events on the overworld

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I've noticed that you usually get them when you already have all the requirements minus the stone to get the legendary, also I like the put the leader and the guy(s) involving the legendary in the same group on the spot the legendary spawns.

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The other things to get Dialga besides getting dream stone are to have rank 2 Ina and rank 2 Tadakatsu and have 50+ warriors then go to Valora you don't need Ieyasu

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Can someone help me

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I got Ina and Tadakatsu to evolve and I don't know how to get a dream stone. How do i get it respond please.

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Forget the last sentence i am new here.

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Can someone tell me what people mean when they say you recieve the stone the following month

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How do i recieve it

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