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Asked: 2 years ago

Where to find rare Pokemon?

Ok I know that you can enter passwords to get Pokemon that are rare, I want to know if they always appear in a certain spot, like axes will always appear in dragnor. Like, I'm trying to get pikachu for hanbei but want to know exactly which kingdom it will appear in. Is there a specified location or is it just random?

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Um dude... Sneasel appeared in Fontaine for me, same with pikachu. Then again, I was using passwords.

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From: josephyacomine 2 years ago

Here are a list of swarm Pokemon and their locations:

Eevee: Aurora, Pugilis, Valora, Viperia

Audino: Aurora

Pansage: Greenleaf

Pansear: Ignis

Panpour: Fontaine

Emolga: Violight

Anorith: Chrysalia

Drifloon: Spectra

Beldum: Illusio, Valora

Sneasel: Yaksha. Nixtorm

Croagunk: Viperia

Gible: Dragnor, Terrera

These Pokemon only appear in swarms and don't appear anywhere else unless you use passwords, in that case they could appear anywhere.

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They will always appear in particular kingdoms. For example, Sneasel will either Swarm in Nixtorm or Yaksha, but nowhere else. has a complete list of swarm pokemons as well as the possible locations they may appear.

Btw, there is no Pikachu swarm. He needs any of the two areas in Violight at level 2 in order to show up. Thought there may be another condition (like Riolu that doesn't appear in certain episodes).

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