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Warrior Transformation?

As the question says...
I still don't know how to transform warrior from rank I to rank II - and transform them from rank II to rank III

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From: waterdeepchu 11 months ago

Only the Hero / Heroine and Hideyoshi have 3 forms. Everyone else only has two.
Transforming the warriors is difficult and unintuitive.

To transform Hanbei for instance, you have to get him to 60% link with a pokemon, while also having Kanbei in the same kingdom. The same is true for Kanbei.

For Muneshige, you have to have staraptor at 60%, and also have Ginchiyo on your team, but not in the same or adjacent kingdoms.

In any event, heres a link to the Serebii page that details all of the requirements. Warning: It shows all the art of all the forms of the warlods.

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Only some can go to rank 3 i think 2 of them can the rest can go to rank 2 but free warlord dont transform.

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