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What red bricks are found on what levels?

I was wondering if anyone knows what all the red bricks are and on what levels they are found? Partial lists welcome. Thank you.

ussminneapolis provided additional details:

1- Gotham Theatre... X4 STUD MULTIPLIER (300,000)
2- Joker Getaway... STUD MAGNET (5,000,000)
3- Arkham Estate... FAST BUILD (5,000,000)
4- Arkham Asylum... X6 STUD MULTIPLIER (800,000)
5- Ace Chemicals... X2 STUD MULTIPLIER (100,000)
6- Juggernaut Chase... REGENERATE HEARTS (200,000)
7- The Batcave... MINIKIT DETECTOR (250,000)
8- Assault The VTOL... INVINCIBILITY (20,000,000)
9- Attack On Lexcorp... RED BRICK DETECTOR (250,000)
10- Robot Sky Battle... BIG HEADS (5,000,000)
11- Gotham Metro... X8 STUD MULTIPLIER (4,000,000)
12- Brawl At City Hall... X10 STUD MULTIPLIER (20,000,000)
13- Wayne Industries... GRAB EXPERT (5,000,000)
14- The Final Battle,,, SUPER GOONS (5,000,000)

Accepted Answer

Laurileth answered:

I have all of the red bricks so I can list them all from looking at the menu in my game but the problem is I don't remember which ones were found where. The detectors help you find the stuff you're still missing. Fast Build is really nice to have too. Stud Magnet and Stud Multipliers together help you get a ton of studs really fast for buying the stuff on the Batcomputer and getting True Hero. Super Goons makes the enemies harder so I guess you'd only use that when you've totally beaten the entire game.

x2 Stud Multiplier - found at Ace Chemicals
x4 Stud Multiplier
x6 Stud Multiplier
x8 Stud Multiplier
x10 Stud Multiplier
Red Brick Detector
Minikit Detector
Regenerate Hearts
Stud Magnet - found in Joker Getaway
Super Goons
Fast Build
Big Heads
Grab Expert
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